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Geo Godley Tom Martin London UK sun 18 sep 2022 georgegodley*com vlog*com

Geo Godley Tom Martin Soho London UK sun 17 sep 2022 georgegodley*com vlog*com 720p [8K 480]

Geo Godley Tom Martin London UK sun 18 sep 2022 georgegodley*com vlog*com 
-Intro, jokes, Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars slap
-5min protest covid fraud genocide, David Icke
-7 pov, get mic off next time. Not vaccine so not anti vax, anti fraud & genocide. I know 5 or 10 people who died from MRNA covid clot shot. my uncle died right after, my lady friends uncle died, housekeepers ex husband stage 4 cancer death..
-10min UK column, 11min bullet points.
-11m45 EU settelment scheme gov own data admission, deaths went up, rude website.
-12m Loud effeminate obnoxious laugh, buy/ sell books. 1000 records, valuable at the moment [maybe not in future]
-13m45 Brighton beach photography attack conflict. bad stabilizer. De escalate. Talk, dont walk off, dont raise hands. HOLD BY BODY. Dont look hands expose.
-18m 2nd hand vynil records, analog to digital anyway, surround sound, sick of mediocre audio. £25 vynil. Even £5 x 1000 = £5,000. HMV, viva, vevo. No Spotify.
-21m15 loud obnoxious effeminate laughs. David Icke not conspiracy theorist not discredited. Bojo the clown. Russia Ukraine war somethings wtong.
-23min 2 at a time walking sticks. Fair use very nice music. Huge increase old young injuries.
-24m30 Bikers. BBBBPPPPP.. fart noises. REVVING UP ENGINES.
-25m50 enjoying great restet? Pat Condell tweet: “God save the king unless he continues to promote wef great reset agenda in which case he can go f himself”. Average intelligence person, Doesn’t now he’s being used.
-28m climate fraud refuted, Digi ID, cashless tyranny, health apps [food rationing]..
-29m25 loud obnoxious effeminate laugh.
-30m EUgenics, Debbie Hicks cashless, ambulance noise
-31m be ready to leave EU tyranny, 32m loud obnoxious effeminate laughs, pan table, camera,
-33 surviving haha clap, pocket laugh
-34m Sadowitz banned from Pleasance for tallywhacker, 34m40 walking stick pov
-36 athletic hamstrings quads from high heels.
-37m Vegan pizza cauliflower. Chotto, cross contamination. -37m energy levels.
-38m wheelchair.. pov bar Italia.
-39 Tommy robinson: “a trans kid is like a vegan dog.” Illegal to expose pets to veganism despite fake meat tasting the same!?
-40 why cant dogs eat chocolate? [kill deadly pit bulls w/ chocolate].
-41m Chris Sky Milo yanopoulos teeth. Never presume. 42m world tour just say no t-shirts. No drinks, no google, stop mentioning goggle. Qwant, Brave.
-43m50 Facebook fail meta glitch.
-44 never emails night. 44m50 iiiiiii, rumble, odysee.. 1k, 5k, tom cruise Justin bieber, dont want trouble,
-46 pimlico boring dull culturally vacuous, soho life, so-ho tally-ho, private country party, soho house soho school
-48m00 loud obnoxious effeminate laugh, cam pan, -49m20 top, hahahahah, waiter ambassador hotel Romania water level every sip
-50m hahahahahahah pub crawl cheer, walking stick pov dont take any more covid shots, havent taken any, spoken to me twice, remember rejects rejectors unavailables,
-52m royal wedding funeral,
-54m20 loud obnoxious effeminate laugh HAHAHAHAHAH, royal adopted, throne thought id be next haha
-55m you get laid
-56m50 HAHAHAH
-58m40 loud obnoxious laugher puts foot on chair to tie shoe lace, wipes chair w/ pants
-59m17 HAHAHAHA Hatun tash, 59m50 weirdo HAHAHA Indian weird flamboyant clothes, salman Rushdie….
-1h Malala
-1h02 crime, why do police always park in front of bar Italia? Long Island audit facebook public photographers conflicts..
-1h06 sausage surpluss, tinder, bumble,
-1h07 rasta hat poke conflict story
-1h09 spanish stunner smoker, 5G brain & hypoxia hypercapnia microplastics mask
-1h10m most number of covid shots 4 or 5 a year, stew petrers, mainstream media censorship
-1h12 lymphedema swollen legs mrna spike protein jab side effect? Polite way to ask. Skin condition, exczema
-Cody Webber worsened exczema after 3 covid shots, amazingatheist deep fat fried, covid shots, leg side effect
-1h15 age of consent 18 grannies joke
-1h17 blowing smoke. How come they dont charge you to sit here. “Bj$ 5”
-1h19 bar tender, oxygen tanks from jab?
-1h20 thanks for the footage Iou, ambulance blue lights on face like arrested trouble lol
-1h22 dont blowjob & drive
-1h23 hey I got a joke for you.. NHS national Harold Shipman -just kidding [just in case but gov admits its own data..] another walking sticks lady..
-1h24 neon yellow guy, “sapeur” African fashion, if its google I dont want it, {sneeze[ I’m allergic to goggle.. [coz they lied cheated & stole 13,000 of my videos]
-1h28 blm corruption mansions 2% annual yearly tax $250k on $10M home, royal family no inheritance tax to perserve loot, net worth, 500M & 42B.. 9:30pm
-1h31 cheap food why man.. links.. 1h33 addiicted to alt indie new media websites keep up to date
-1h34 tinder
-1h36 does sony A1 stop after 1 hour? No.. inconsiderate smokers.. passive smoke, 1h37 John G
-1h38 that should be in airplane mode when its on your privates.. negligent careless or annoying, not keeping that sht on next to my balls. Magnet rig take off when not in use..
-1h40 I dont touch Amazon [any globalists who pushed & benefited from covid/ climate fraud genocide tyranny]
-1h41 teleprompter, David Icke rock star “British Alex Jones”, Steve Bannon
-1h48 rode vmx audio fali crackle, 10 oclock, test headphopnes
-1h51 release
-islington comedy gig
-1h53 turkey sticker flirt plastic bag crackling noise lol, rode vmx audio faill crackle [test phones], sparkle gif outro END

transcript in progress
Intro: Owot?! Aah.. The hell?! Haven’t seen you in a while.. yea I was thinkin of you earlier I was like what happened to that guy haha.. Should I keep talking to him? He doesn’t seem.. All there. No, it’s not that, It’s just yeah, yeah, yeah, there at all. Haha.. How you been? Good, I’m just writing some jokes. I’ve got a few myself. They’re offensive jokes. Just stay away from the religion thing, though, ‘cause you know you’re you’re dealing with unstable.. well its the same with race, gender, sexuality, politics.. there are a lot of psychos out there.. there are no safe subjects f you’re gonna actually say something against what people say. I’m gonna put film mode on, just a minute. 1min I was testing out some black jokes on a black neighbor. Haha oh no. & he was laughing, ok  I know a couple but.. yeah, but then the next day he basically got aggressive.. changed his mind? Yeah, changed his mind the next day. Sht! Yea, sht. So even when you manage to get someone laughing against their will, Yeah. ’cause you’re saying they’re here come the jokes about you and your people. And then you get the laugh & that doesn’t mean it’s ok you know s ince Will Smith laughed & then went up there & clumped the comedian [chris rock]. You know it was a low moment in history really. I thought it was bullsh******** ‘cause they’re both actors, and his wife was laughing.. aparently someone did an analysis where they could see Chris Rock afterwards his eye was twitching & they said that was very hard to fake. Shows confusion, genuine confusion afterwards and.. I just find it really hard to believe that he would use a four letter word. Did he say it? Did he say f-? Keep my wifes name outcho f-ing mouth, yea.. I find it hard to believe someone of that stature would do something like that without prior approval. Cause he’s a non swearer Will Smith. yeah, he’s a gentleman, that’s the other thing. He’s got a story about when his grandmother reading his poetry and saying “come on we brought you up better than this William, what’s with all the swear words? & from then on he left it out & he did very well. I mean he’s got 350 million dollars that guy & he knows how to be commercial & successful & pallatable. He’s had alot of hits, yea, hit movies. & they’re catchy, still catchy.. what? even though he’s the worst person. Is he? you cant deny, thats the great thing about recording something & getting there. Whether its— no matter what anyone says. TM: [TMI too much info] : “You know like Gary Glitter, p***phile, look at the comments on his videos though, & its going “that is a piece of genius”. The guy is a genius, it doens’t matter what he did” musically? There it is, you cant touch that. The music? Yea. & its the same with will smith, [nice comparison wtf?] You cannot fault his pop songs. Pop songs?! Yea, they’re well produced. Oh ok yea but he had help, he didn’t produce them himself.. I think he wrote them himself though. Yea its a team effort all that stuff, yea ok well done.. I like the criticsim of his movie “happiness” “pursuit of happiness” happyness.. there was a criticsm it said the conclusion is happiness is being Gordon Gecko, you know, of wall street, cause at the end he makes alot of money & thats the big deal.. yea.. & the other shameful thing about the Will Smith situation is he actually had a go at stand up comedy himself, made a documentary about it. So he knows how difficult standup comedy is. He did well.. He had a room full of his friends & family & they were all laughing & liking so it wasnt a tough gig for him but nonetheless & hes likeable & had support but nonetheless I mean as someone who had to think about it how’m I gonna get laughs, he should have apologized to all comedians. for what? For slapping the comedian after he laughed. Thats bad. Will Smith laughed, & then he went & smacked. Yea thats outrageous have some self awareness.. if you know anything about how all that system works, you dont do something like that without prior approval cause it could be the end of your career, so I think.. it kind of is the end of his carreer though isnt it? 5min not if its agreed upfront. I can imagine he’ll do some gritty independent film next where he redeems himself, plays a rape victim. & theyre saying his wif lost her hair from the covid shot maybe.. [allopecia side effect]. I went to the protest yesterday, man. For hours. Black lives matter? No, covid FRAUD, genocide, genocide. Where is that? Bank of England in bank Station and David Icke. So about 3 hours they spoke ‘cause there’was six speakers and I was like this almost the whole time, {arms & hands above head] ok I brought it down a little bit but to get a good shot. I was like this so long. I even put it on my head to rest it. Yea. And today, I’m so sore here [shoulders] its like a workout you know.. oh yea, stress position. Its like the muscles.. was there anything interesting? Did you learn anything? Yes, & I have to listen to it again. I can’t wait. Well i mean you don’t feel like doing it right away? ’cause I wanna put it up tomorrow, day after. But every time I go, I learn something new, unbelieveable. About the same type of thing but theres developments, there new developments every time because it’s only once every couple months, you know. I have to say that all the talk about covid shots causing death.. Yeah, yeah, they did. & going to be causing increases in death..  I’m not hearing so much of that talk anyore among the populists?. get the mic off next time, be able to take  the mic off..  7min. Sort of like people aren’t quite dying as much as the anti vaxxers would like. [its the vaxxers that want to kill becasue they knew it was unsafe & defective, the anti vaxxers were trying to prevent death]. We’re not anti vaxxers, man. It’s not a vaccine. Yeah, yeah you know what I mean. it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s the numbers are HUGE, HUGE. All I’m hearing is 40% increase in all cause mortality between 17 and 65. Well as a general rule, right, not to mention all the everything, all the evidence and all that, but you look at yellow card scheme and VAERS right, you just put, so there’s some numbers there, you just put, you gotta add a couple zeros on that ’cause this 1% according to the Harvard studies. 8min That’s an estimate . Yeah, but OK. But pretty damn appalling. [continued]

1h03m Less beggars, less troublemakers, they pushed the drug dealers up to Goodge street & kings cross.. Camden.. also they’ve been cracking down on people selling drugs from their flats in Westminster. And they’ve been cracking down on people scrounging off council flats so they’re strict about who’s supposed to be there or not.. and so isn’t it nice that there are very few weirdos around.. aggressive beggars around.. they’re taking some sort of zero tolerance approach to it & its working. Whether they’re giving them asbos, anti social behavior orders to stop them coming into the west end, so they have to stay down in Victoria where th hostel is or something, ‘cause they closed the hostels around here which helped.. 1h04m but they’re definitely fewer low level criminals around. Why do the police always park in front of bar Italia hahaha no cause it looks like something’s going on all [the time], something bad is always going on, or they’re trying to make a statement.. yea I think its to get coffee.. point of view.. do you watch these videos of people who like to film police stations.. who start arguing, yea it comes up on my Facebook.. yea it is interesting but.. its a bit of a waste of time.. yea after a while.. its interesting to see & hear an expert..1h05m cause they know their stuff & so its funny to hear one of them say to the police officer “oh fcuk off” or something right,& the police officer says there’s no need to use that offensive language, and the guy says “well actually police can’t be offended” right? Some case law or other.. although to say “fcuk off” is a criminal offense, a police officer should be used to it & is considered to be not so easily offended. So its interesting but I wouldn’t recommend doing it. If you ever get wrongfully arrested don’t give them any lip. As Gavin mcinnes says just quietly seethe & wait till the lawyer gets there. I went through a lawyer to do my eu settlement scheme. I don’t know if I told you, but I hired an immigration lawyer to do it for me.. 1h06m great, is it gonna pay off? Did they get it done? They said to wait, it takes 3 to 4 months.. did they know what do do/. Yea yea.. I wanna be ready to leave in case.. there is a bit of a sausage surplus, too many men.. here? Yea, not enough hot chicks around. It’s only quarter past 9. You didn’t try tinder. Oh uh no never tried tinder or bumble. But you know bumble.. yea its a woman & they’re.. well the idea is that only women can make first contact. And control everything I know.. it was revealed that despite that men still send 70% of messages.. 1h07 so its still begging.. see that rasta guy? You know what happened, during [after] the lockdown they had this crazy football thing going on here, everybody was partying, he was standing next to me, [uhuh], somebody went like that to his hat & it looked like I did it cause i was next to him & the guy who did it ran away. He thought I did it & he goes, motherf—, [agression] he was about to f-ing hit me, he thought I did it. Someone knocked his hat & made it look like it was me cause I was standing next to him. & luckily another guy was like “no no he didn’t do it, but he looked at me / went like this.. [dirty look] & I was thinking just standing next ton that guy is dangerous, if I wasn’t standing next to him I wouldn’t have a problem. Yea he’s uh.. volatile. No, well he’s got a very aggressive demeanor, in that he’s always trying to do jokes. He’s a standup comedian. Oh! That’s good.. yea.. but he’s very high on cue & he does puns but sometimes he lose people in the puns. But he’s seen me around, right, so right now before you came here I saw him go in, & I just went like that [nodding] & I made it ambiguous so I’m not going like that [nod] he has to do it back to me, I made it look like I’m nodding to some music or something & went like that, he didn’t nod back, he just went.. He’s very difficult to make laugh, he’s a very tough crowd. to make laHahaf [sounds like love] when you test your jokes on him yea? No no but he’s not even acknowledging, he’s not going hey, whatever, he sees me around.. sometimes he doesn’t say goodbye, he just goes.. she’s beautiful, I like this one here.. what do you think of her? The Spanish one there.. 1h09m .. she’s not too much to my liking.. her face, & her body, she took my sticker yesterday, she’s a stunner, her face is like man, you haven’t seen here have you? No, I don’t know anyone.. haha I wanna frame it right.. I thought you’ve seen her around, I just wanted your opinion cause I thin ashes the best looking.. the only women in my life are my mum & waitresses. yea.. & I’m happy with that.. why’s he wearing a mask? See, he wears a mask [outdors when even criminal Fauci said there’s no asymptomatic transmission is not the driver of plandemics [he is]] & he’s got 5G on his brain, not smart because 5G’s a lot more dangerous, & the mask is dangerous. the mask is dangerous cause it gives hypoxia [& hypercapnia, micro plastic inhalation] & 1h10m 5G is dangerous because it gives brain cancer a lot of people/ doctors/ [& scientists] are saying.. yea, well were not really seeing, as you say its only been a year & a half.. so people aren’t gonna be dropping dead with mad cow spongiform encephalopathy.. it hasn’t been a year & a half well okay.. since people started getting the shots.. some of them will still be going. what’s the most number of shots some people have had in the uk? 4? its 4 isn’t it, it was the 2, it was the booster, & now its the 2nd booster so it’d be 4 total now in September. So they’re all supposed to be getting their 4th one now. In australia its th 5th.. what about Israel? I think.. but its funny how people twist it, they’re like, its the 5th booster! Plus the 2! 1h11m hehe its not the 5th booster.. a, ya, because.. Stew Peters, you know Stew Peters? Yea, I haven’t been.. he said that’s 5 boosters plus the 2 in the beginning, he didn’t, no its 2 & 3, its not 5 & 2.. so is he getting it wrong? I think that 1 time he exa.. right cause he is earnest.. oh yea.. although yea, there’s so much information there’s bound to be some inaccuracies right.. & these doctors that he has on never seem to break through do they, I mean none of them have broken through say to the daily mail or even gateway pundit, I mean they just seem to stay on that kind of periphery, & why is that, thats going on? They won’t let them.. mainstream media won’t.. some of these people are finding things out.. 1h12m see this is lymphedema from the jab, this could be lymphedema from the jab, swollen legs [womans ankles & legs twice the size of her man’s]. Thats just swollen everything. Yea but the jab does that, its lymphedema. It could be from the jab but you know its rude to ask her.. can you imagine I can’t really.. well yea uh.. I have a certain way I do it, I go up, I don’t say “hey is that from the shot?” I say excuse me here’s some information about the covid situation, & then I say “I hope you didn’t get hurt from it”. Oh yea subtle, cause this skin condition that I’ve had fo ryears which I’ve just treated successfully.. exczema? I won’t say what it is but.. cause this other guy got eczema. About 1 in 100 people have got it you can see it. Cody Webber, saturnine films, he said he got exczema after 3 jabs. I put a cocktail of substances together to treat this skin condition of mine & I’m thinking wow, nobody told me in 35 years about this skin condition, I could spot people in the street with the skin condition & say to them excuse me, you’ve got why I had, I’ll treat you—, here’s my card, here’s a sample, try it yea, if it works then buy some more. But it does mean stopping people in the street & saying you’ve got a skin condition, fortunately mostly women have it.. oh yea.. so your’e not gonna get beat up.. 1h14 [continued..]

TECH NOTES default width=”560″ height=”384″ changed to 800-450. 8K sonyA1 Rode vmx fcpx exp 4K, qtime exp 720p & then 480p on old laptop. Maybe that’s why failed on Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon. also failed but file was visible & embed worked next day. Avoiding Vimeo since covid fraud genocide mRNA dealiest clot shot censorship warning [see previous post] And “makrya” [=”far” in greek] from youlube since they lied cheated & stole 13,000+ fullscreen network partner georgegodley videos & perpatrated the covid fraud genocide.
-Huge hypestat numbers contradict low alexa rank & 60 daily video view count [fraud?] ; could be alt indie links page visits, bots or unknown.
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