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Try telling that to the neighbors.. theyr’e like “what do you DO over there?!” “Youtubers ‘work’ in their underwear”

My life or lack thereof.. what a waste living in
central London. Anything creative means work
around the clock. That ends today. Balance.

solemn mood dazed too much editing & computing. Endless technical challenges, errands & de-cluttering/ cleaning.. is vidcon an opportunity or same result as last gatherings? 10 timezone jetlag & thousands of dollars for what, didn’t we already do that to no avail? how do you say fück you at a yoütube gathering? “email me”.
Hey guys, thank you for the moral support, you’re the best

& always not nice dealing with antisocial amrikistan compatriot shitlisters.

It’s always nice to see people like Anna’s colleague on the way back from lunch.

How can u poison yourself?

Green park cutie

as did this one in the public square. Shoulda recorded the conversation, she was up for it. moving house, job at 6 a.m, someone stole her cx520 overexposes in dual record mode even with ae shift on..

Met this luscious lady on my way to the gym on thursday 1 july. Great conversation about difficulty getting american visas, studying in London..really made my day

Back to the ol drawing board..

Busker guitarist Paul & hottie actress
friend. Hey Paul don’t forget okay!

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