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WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com Outline & transcript in progress..

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.>
world premiere monday 25 july 2022 10:30pm utc. Outline & transcript coming up.

OUTLINE [in progress]
-more ruthless than a military schedule 22m08 40m
-ASTRAZENECA KILLED MY HUSBAND -Vaccine widow [accidental blurred manual focus button press because sony has no lock/hold protection 44m33, 45m30]
-youre brainwashed! Outdoor Masquerade mask charade 46m55
-Harrods 48m50
-THE COVID “VACCINE” KILLS 49m10- 51m10*****
-stick your poison “vaccine” up your ass t-shirt 49m20
-Nick Leicester square dancer, drummer, Piers Corbyn pal 56m50
-Jill 2h11m-17m ERIC LEVY NHS starvation killing,
-Why marxism? Haiko 2h31m20
-Piers Corbyn speech 3h19m28 ERIC LEVY elder abuse killing*****
-Debbie speech telegram keepitcash 3h35m40*****

Saturday 23 July 2022. Thanks for visiting vlog dot com, video, dairy dot org, diary dot tv & a hundred domains. Just going to the protest. Hope I make it on time ’cause they keep running away at 1:00 o’clock. Wasn’t gonna do it ‘cause you don’t get much out of it, shush.. you don’t get much out of it but I guess it’s not about you getting things out of it, is it? It’s about others getting things out of it, apparently. So uh.. but it’d be nice if it was a give and take situation, you know it would be nice if it was reciprocal is all I’m saying ’cause, you know, all this time, money, memory does take.. imagine if I had to edit it. I’m putting it up unedited I think ’cause I like, I either to do a good job editing or not at all. I could do a rough cut but. I’ll try & cut out some.. I like to keep it running. Like those boring streamers that do 10 hour streams and expect you to watch the whole 10 hours, as if.. when you’re just watching 10 minutes.. We need the short version.. anyway okay.. Let’s go, it’s in Buckingham Palace at 1:00 o’clock,  let’s go. Oh, God. Should be on the beach. Was gonna [brighten]. Was gonna go back to Brighton, I went there for the heat wave. last Monday, took a day off. See but I’m working Saturday, this is work. Oh sh, ok, what was I gonna say? Yea, do you swim in 70 degree temperature? That’s the question ‘cause it’s 70 degrees in Brighton [Britain] here, it’s about 80F [in London]. In Brighton it’s 10 degrees less. The dictatorship [technocracy totalitarian tyranny] of that place [“the governance of China” book]. Backlit. So I think I should get a taxi ‘cause the bus will take forever. Otherwise I would take the bus, but.. and I don’t know which one goes to Buckingham Palace. So the queen doesn’t stay in Buckingham palace, nobody does, it’s empty. Who has to dust that? How many people have to dust that? Taxi. They’re not bothered are they.. Even with the Uber scam, the globalist pigs taking over everything. Don’t do any globalist sh*t, you know, support the local businesses. Lets ask him.. Do you go to Buckingham Palace? yes. darn card.. there it is, no its the other card, there we go.. £1.65, £3.20 remaining. You’re brainwashed [to masked guy masquearde mask charade]. I like to say “you’re brainwashed” to the mask wearers, but if they get angry, just say it’s a song by Tom MacDonald. Although you changed it ’cause, he says “the whole world is brainwashed”, I made it different. 4m10 Best seats in my house. Victoire. Tryin’ to get the mic out of the picture. Hey. 7m26 puttin on the Ritz [hotel]. 8m Green Park. This is always in the picture. Why is this always in the picture? [mic fluffy wind filter] 11m30 Hyde park corner. This is Buckingham palace here with the barbed wire. I remember Richard Balaram once asked the taxi driver if it’s a prison ‘cause of the barbed wire, & then said “oh I’m sorry man..” didn’t mean to be rude, its the barbed wire.. I guess metaphorically.. or poetically.. I think this is it.. is this the Buckingham palace stop please? 15m I’m late too, think im gonna miss them now.. I missed again [phil collins] 15m30 you’re brainwashed.. Rubens hotel menu, normally i’d be snapping all that, [hi res photos] another vax victim? Some are some aren’t.. Hand up like sunflowers leader. What’s funny is when they cross the street without even looking, like they own it, like they own the streets. Like traffic should stop for everyone. Like pedestrian rights or supremacy. Dzielaish [overheard russian “do”]. Pedestrian supremacy supremacist. Let’s go in the sun shall we, where’s the action? The action’s usually not in the sun, in the shade. The action’s usually where you don’t want to be. Like I want to be in the sun, get some vitamin D and serotonin, the action’s probably.. let me do it anyway.. It’s backlit too here. The damn mic isn’t getting out of the picture. I put a rubber band on the damn mic and it’s.. two rubber bands it’s still.. think you have to shave it like pubic hair or something. It’s in the way. Pardon the pun but anyway. As soon as it’s backlit you can’t really see.. 18m20 19m30  Think they left already. Have your sticker ready to hand out. But you know I’m holding this. I gotta hold the stickers too, the bag, everything… anyway.. Marketing promotion yea sure. Think you gotta put ND1, neutral density, ND2! 20m they fcuked off again. you’re brainwashed! Brainwashed! 20m40 I don’t see them. Well if they left, they left. EF. They’re not here, Buckingham palace my ass! last time they went down here, you’re brainwashed..I don’t see them man, see what they’re like man? Pretty soon they’re not gonna have anybody supporting them because they keep disappearing it at 1:00 o’clock. They should give people a little time to get there. There, it’s down there. You can see it. Look, that’s definitely it, isn’t it. Not that but that. 22m Gad damn them! Man, they’re more ruthless than a military schedule these aholes [angels] man, they say 1:00 o’clock at Buckingham Palace & they’re gone at 1:00 o’clock. Don’t say 1:00 then, say noon, ahole! Make people go there at one o’clock and you f***** off before 1:00. Or right after.. at 1 O’clock.. for them to be down there they left half an hour ago, the b*******.  Anyway, it’s just it’s just not cool, man. This is why I didn’t wanna do it. Last time. The last march was on [gay] pride day, which was the stupidest thing ’cause that’s the biggest party of the year and you’re you’re going to into the woods, which is another thing. If you wanted results, you’d go to Parliament, you’d sue some people to get some results, not run into the forest and waste time. Anyway let’s just go anyway but I’ve just about had it with this, should have gone to the beach but the beach is 10 degrees less, as I said, than the city so.. 70 degrees. I felt it yesterday it was 70 degrees here, 21 Celsius & that’s really no good for swimming unless you’re in somewhere tropical. The water’s less.. Man. Heh.  23m “no covid jabs for kids” “freedom, freedom..”  Continued..

Piers Corbyn speech 3h19m28 “Thank you very much Haiko one of the greatest speakers of speakers corner. I should ask any one else to speak rather than myself. I hope people will speak. I think what we’ve gotta say from that is the jabbed & jab free have to unite. & we’re told that. JABBED & JAB FREE UNITE! [x3] I noticed you’re not joining in. That means you agree. Ok were just so united. What we have is a medical tyranny now. The jab is killing people, the jab is slow death & more & more people are realizing that. 3h20 in parallel, we have a medical tyranny happening to all people in hospitals. ERIC LEVY, r.i.p, died earlier on this week. He was killed, & i say killed, by the NHS. He was deliberately put on to “nothing by mouth”, ‘nil by mouth’ & then he died. He was intended to be taken to a home, an old people’s home, a jewish old people’s home, because he’s a jewish person, with the name Levy you’d understand that, but basically a couple of days before he was due to go they took away his meal by mouth & he died. Now this has been reported to the police, the police actually recommended we have to go to them, & we will do, & we’re gathering background information. I would say watch this space, & what we intend is, that more people will come forward and we had dozens coming forward saying yes, that happened to my dad, my mother, my uncle, that they took away the support they needed because after all they have said, Boris has said he believes there’s too many people in the world, and they know you know, they have acturists [actuaries], mathematicians in the Department of Health working out how to save money. Obviously if old people die sooner they save money. 22m Brutal indeed but they have a whole set of rules which lead to the death of old people. Now individually you can’t say, well, this nurse did it, that nurse did it, although maybe you can actually but the point is they have a set of rules that lead in that direction of killing old people. And I think with the case of Eric, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Because Eric had, we had 100 people outside some days saying “Eric must be allowed to live”, and we’re gonna press on, we’re gonna make sure his name is not forgotten. He was a fantastic campaigner just like you here. 3h22. He was a campaigner all his life and his life was terminated earlier than it should have been & I just wanna say, -, let us be clear, what is happening around the world. 3h23 it’s on the media that the World Health Organization [World Holocaust/ Homicide Organization] has suddenly announced that moneypox [moneypox] is now a top danger [LOL]. I don’t know exactly how they defined it, but whatever they’re doing, they’re moving towards a new tyranny involving another so called virus but this time and we have World Economic Forum [world enslavement fascists] video showing this, this time they’re gonna rate it to climate, which is why they’re talking all this nonsense now about climate. They’re gonna have a climate virus related scam & they’ll try & lock you down for hot weather. Well, I say for Britain if its too hot, take to the beach! [hit the beach/ hot the beach] yay! & if youre in France go face the hose pipes! I mean that is what to do. We’re not gonna be locked down under their climate con[fidence trick]. & let’s be clear. Those of you who thought about climate will know, and if you read our leaflets, that this hot weather now is just part of a 19 year lunar cycle. The were extreme hot spells in 1984, in 2003 and 2022, each separated by 19 years. Some of the other extremes like 1934 1976 2018 were separated by 42 years. Now that, there were longer hot summers, but not necessarily extreme heat, just long and hot. All these things are controlled by solar lunar interactions, and I don’t need to tell you that that means it’s nothing to do with CO2. 3h24m46 their policies on climate are not to control climate, they are to control YOU! [unison] Good. I’m glad you got that one. I’ve got loads of leaflets here to give out. & I think while we’re on this it’s worth summarizing a few things that happened. We’ve gotta prepare for these climate, “covid” or whatever they’re gonna be called monkey climate lockdowns. & what do we say about lockdowns? Take to the streets! x3 & let’s understand the 6 legs of the new world tyranny. They have 6 legs, they’re like a cockroach. They’ve got 6 legs & we’ve got to break these legs. The “COVID” CON[FIDENCE TRICK]. Again it’s a virus, the virus con is not to control a virus, it’s to control you. The CLIMATE CON[FIDENCE TRICK], is not to control climate, it’s to control you. & this WAR CON[fidence trick]. Every time they’ve got to have a war to distract you. [George] Orwell warned us of this. We had the war on terror, all of a sudden there’s no more war on terror, there’s no terrorists around, but we have Putin instead. We have the war in Ukraine, & theyr’e talking about that, they’re putting more troops in Ukraine, or more weapons rather, but it’s too late. But they only want to do that to make a running saw[?]. The purpose of it is not to actually win a war out there, it’s to control you. & we have the 3 other legs, the practical legs, namely the PHYSICAL [DEADLIEST] JAB, the 5G TOWERS, & that is to control you via various broadband systems, & the pinacle of it all is DIGITAL I.D. & they want to bring digital i.d. on the back of carbon footprint for all woke people they want to make a stupid statement, they’ll be happy to get on an app which will record their carbon footprint & that will be used to control you. 2h27m right so in all this situation you can see clearly that we have to organize like we’ve never organized before. We have to be able to respond in a vigorous active way. i.e like a political party. Now we have a movement but we have to be better organized to respond when we need to. Now interestingly, the powers that be have been telling us the truth about our disgusting politicians but it’s the only truth they’ve said really in the last 5 years. They’ve exposed our politicians as being the worms, doubled dealers, thieves, parasites that they are. They haven’t told us the truth about “covid”, they haven’t told us the truth about climate. They’re telling us the truth about politicians because they want to replace these current politicians with a new world tyranny. & before the 2nd world war the same happened in Germany. There was a massive wave of nihilism completely justified against their corrupt politicians & then Hitler stepped forward, “we will bring order to chaos”. That is what the new world tyranny want to do. But we should not be disuaded from political organization, by the knowledge that our politicians are rubbish. We have to make our own political organizations & obviously as you know, Let the UK live is a political party as well as the campaign organization. And on Tuesday we’ve got a meeting, we have a lot meetings but we’ve got one in the ship pub in Borough High Street, Borough road. & we’re giving out the ol’ handouts about that, but its Tuesday 6:30, the Ship pub in Borough road technically but on the corner of Borough High Street and I would urge you to come along to that & if you can’t just get in touch, & get a leaflet off me, Dana, Angella, Luke.. or slogan RESIST, DEFY, DO NOT COMPLY! 3h29m30 [continued..]

Debbie speech telegram 3h35m40 “Ok hello everybody, have you had a good day? Yeah! It’s been a really good day, & I just wanna say thank you, I don’t know if she’s listening, to Fiona for organizing today because I think we’re all up against it with our actions at the moment getting the numbers out, it’s a real struggle so I think in light of that I’ve looked at the numbers today & she’s done very very well so a round of applause please for Fiona. Yay! So thank you Fiona & everybody that’s worked here to do this today, it’s important that this core of us that are here today keep coming out. Because as Piers has just announced they made a global[ist] announcement.. woooh.. monkeypox [moneypox] is another global[ist] emergency [exagerartion/ fraud/ scam to profiteer & control]. 3h36m33 But you know what, guys? I think it’s really good news. ‘cause you know what’s gonna happen now? More & more people are gonna come out with us! Yeah! & we need more people because we have got big things we’re gonna be fighting. Not only are they gonna try & lock us down again, this is what they’re gonna try and do, but you know what, it’s not gonna bloody work because this time I do not see the British public being locked down. I really don’t see it happening. So let them bring on their ridiculous lockdowns with their new prime minister [sinister] mr Rishi Sunak, world economic forum [world holocaust homicide fascists] candidate. Let them try it on with us because I think the more restrictions are coming the more people are gonna awaken. 3h37m13*  so theres a couple of things I want to talk about, obviously we’ve been here, we’re all here dressed in white most of us, to remember all the victims of this democide, and I’m gonna call it a democide, not a genocide. A democide meaning the intentional murder of the population through governmental structures, the NHS obviously being one of the key ones, its not just the NHS, there’s all sorts of bodies that have been complicit, have been involved in the murder of lots of people around the U.K. And I’m sure as I think Haiko mentioned earlier, we all know people, put your hand up if you know someone in your family or friends that have either died or become ill because of the murderous jab. [hands up].. That’s most of you, isn’t it.  3h38m08. I recently had the news that everybody in my husband’s family has got heart problems. My mother-in-law recently was taken into hospital. She’s now got myocarditis, she went in with a blood clot. And this is the problem we’ve got, the cognitive dissonance because when my husband who hasn’t been “vaxxed” tried to suggest it was the “vaccine” they would not discuss it with him. A big brick wall comes up. But you know what, I think they know deep down because you know what they said to my husband? His sisters all have heart problems, they said why are you the only one that hasn’t got a heart problem? Hello? Whats going on in their heads? But this is what we face, the cognitive dissonance about why people are getting ill, why people are getting heart problems & why people are dying.. the other awful thing thats happening as well, & this is happening to my mother who hasn’t been “vaxxed”, & its really upsetting me, is that we’re not just here for the dead, although I completely agree with remembering their life, we’re here for the living. And the living are being attacked from every angle. My mother had a complete zest for life unti 2020. She was travelling the world with her friends. She’d reached an age where she had the money and the confidence to have a life as an elderly woman. She was going around the world. Her life came to an end in 2020 when she was locked up & she couldn’t go out. And recently I’ve realized that my mum is in the beginning stages of dementia thanks to this bastard government. I’m angry because this is what they’re doing to our parents, to our grandparents, they are destroying them, if not through the “vaccine” they are killing them in other ways. 3h39m51  They’re killing their mental health. They’re bringing on these diseases & health issues that shouldn’t happen, they should happen at a much older age. And we also got the horrific news, I’m sure you all heard, of ERIC LEVY, a campaigner for human rights for Julian Assange, against war, for rights of Palestinians, who was murdered by the NHS the other day in hospital. So when we commemorate life here today shall we also have a minute’s silence for Eric? Can we have a minute’s silence for Eric please, can someone turn the music off.. lets just do it here, its fine, lets just have a minute. ——.  3h41m Ok I think that must be about a minute I’m sorry I never have my – with me, I just think its important to do that. & I know that my friend Ali & other people here who have been trying to help with Eric, have been outside the hospital.. I know that they’re gonna try & do something in terms of taking up a case or doing something in law, to try & fight for an end to these end of life pathways that they’re putting people into in hospitals. And its not just going to affect the elderly because during the first lockdown I don’t know if you remember, news came out of some hospitals that were planning to put people over the age of 45- 45! onto end of life pathways. This is huge what they’re doing & we have to fight back with what’s going on in our NHS ‘cause its not our NHS anymore. It’s not for us any more, I’m sorry it’s part of a machine to murder us. It’s part of this agenda to depopulate. Anyway Im gonna move on from that kind of thing because I know its gonna sound very somber & very awful but thats why we’re all here. But the second thing is the other big thing thats happening which is why Im going around the country at the moment. 3h43m Im going round the country to tell some cities on a campaign to keep cash. Keep cash alive! Are you all using cash put your hands up! YEAH! Who’s not using cash? We all should be. They’re not taking cash. That is a cashless cafe, yes well done for pointing that out. Please do not give your money to that cafe. There are others if you can just walk a bit further that take cash. & we’re all, as much as you might think you dont have any powers, & were only here to kind of march towards a cashless society. It’s down to each & every one of us now to act to stop the cashless society. You have to make sure you get cash out every time you go out. Change your habits. 6 months ago I was getting cash app, using my card all the time. & I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing because I was so busy. & about 6 months ago I sat down & thought Ive gotta stop this, Ive gotta change what I do. I’ve changed my habits. I’ve got into the habit now of finding cashpoints, knowing where they are, & getting cash before I go out. & I’ve come to London today without anybody, apart from the drones, whoevers doing the drones, & the cameras, without anybody being able to find a financial trail of where I am. & thats what its all about guys, because you an activists, this cashless society that they’re planning, we are the number one target in a cashless society, are activists & protesters. Because if they can shut off our bank accounts like they did the Canadian protsters, we wont be able to do this. We wont be able to come out & we wont be able to protest any more. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing with the law, as much as they’re important, if we go cashless its game over for all of us. So we have to fight to stop this, this is huge. A cashless society really is the head of the snake, thats what I call it. It is the whole objective of everything theyre doing to us. The lockdowns, the “covid” passport, the restrictions, those restrictions where you had to walk around the supermarket in a certain way, that was preparing you for a social credit system with a digital currency. Its all in preparation for a cashless society. So please don’t underestimate how important this issue is. 3h45m27  & those of you here that have come up to me and this is quite a few of you and said Debbie its too late, its too late to stop it, don’t you dare say that! Did you say that 2 years ago when we managed to stop them bringing in “covid” passports? We stopped them! Because we all got off our backsides & we acted! Yeah [applause] I feel so passionately about this cause once we go cashless its too late! I’m asking you to act NOW to STOP THE CASHLESS SOCIETY. I’m going round the country, theres loads of amazing groups that are supporting me. You need to take up action in your towns & cities. There are various things you can do. First is you use cash every day. Put your cards away. Get rid of those old phone apps, do not use them. The second thing I want you to do is called cascading. Now Haiko you may have heard of cascading, a an activist techinique to come from the labor party I am sorry.. its a really powerful technique. The idea is that you go away, and you talk to somebody in your family or a friend, & you explain to them why they’ve got to use cash all the time. If they agree with you, & most people are going to agree with you, cause this is a winner, this topic with the public, Ive been finding that out, if they agree with you you then ask them to do the same with the next person & they do it with the next person, if you all promise me when you go away you will all do that, its a very powerful technique on the ground where we can change hearts & minds. So thats the next thing I want you to do. The 3rd thing is I want you to start boycott campaigns in you local high street [neighborhood]. Start at the bottom, that’s how it works when you do a boycott. Thats how the boycott against south african products worked back in the 80s. They started at the bottom. You pick the small & medium size businesses first that are going cashless. So if you can find a cafe or a shop in your local high street thats going cashless, try and talk to them to start with to try and convince them, & then you start a boycott campaign. If you get them to give in, & youve got much more chance when they’re a small shop, you then can go up the scale & go to the bigger ones in your town & you set off a spiral. So thats what you can do, get together you only need a few people you dont’ need crowds. A few people to do this in your towns & cities. & you know what, you will get local press to cover its because its not controversial. Its not like “covid”, its not like “vaccines”, this issue, the public get it.. they understand. I had so many people come up to me in high streets & say, it’s about control, isnt it. I had a lady in Bristol last week sat there with a greta big Darth Vader mask on, on the park bench beside me, “ooh, we cant go cashless can we? We cant do anything that way” They get it, people get it, this is a winner. We need to bring the public on board because we cant cary on like this we need to get bigger & bigger & need to bring more & more people on board with us. The final thihg id’ like you to do after a boycott campaign is to start a campaign against the supermarkets in your town. I don’t know if you’ve heard, the big supermarkets are planning to go biometric. You all know what this means guys, biometric. You will have to pay for your shopping with facial recognition technology. 3h49m05 Have you seen the screens already? They’ve had them for years, haven’t they. Co-op is one of the worst, Tesco, Azda’s another one, all of them, they’ve all announced that they’re gonna bring biometric in quite soon. You wont have a choice. It wont matter if theres still cash in circulation, you wont have a choice but to pay for your food by using biometric technology & that’s how they’re gonna get us. So can you please make that another part of your campaign in your towns & cities, try & stop the use of biometric with a boycott campaign in your local town & city. I think thats enough form me, so keep it cash guys, KEEP IT CA$H! KEEP USING CASH! 3h49m50 One more thing, I’m not having a go at any of you that have done crypto currency here, but start researching crypto currency because it’s controlled by the CIA. Its not the way we resist digital tyranny, they’ll track us with crypto currency. Cash is the only way we fight back.” {applause]

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