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“covid-19” & the global predators- Dr. Peter Breggin
Proof the 99.9% safe rebranded flu covid fraud, climate fraud , destruction of economies & infrastructure are planned crimes against humanity by ccp China, W.H.O, U.N, W.E.F, (Gates, Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Pharmafia, small tech etc) for globalist power, fortune, depopulation, & totalitarian technocracy tyranny slavery. Allegedly.


“If you’ve ever watched true stream media’s wonderful documentary “The mind of men”, you know what a fearless freedom fighter doctor Peter Breggin is. He’s got a very distinguished career in psychiatry, I tried to print out his resume yesterday, it has 31 pages, but he has worked tirelessly as a doctor, as an author, many published books and an advocate to stop some of the worst abuses in the mental health field & in the process has documented them, and he is known as the conscience of psychiatry for his criticism of biological psychiatry, and he joins us today, his presentation. “What is the global predator profile coup d’etat predatory plan to centralize power.So Dr Peter Breggin, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to join us on the 4th Symposium for . Thank you for having me on and for the previous presentation by Michael Yeadon was just stunning. I want to say that the question that has kept coming up today, which nobody has really touched upon, is how could this happen? Why did it happen? What’s going on? In this 20 minutes, I’m going to try to help you understand that, but it is actually the subject of my 650 page book ““covid-19” and the global predators”. It does the deep dive into the things I’m giving you today in 20 minutes. Catherine’s very interested in and asked me to talk first about what is, what are these people like, and I think it’s an important important issue. Who are the predators? Who are the globalists who are doing these terrible things to us, and the important thing to realize at the start is that they’re not like you and me. They don’t hold concerned conferences for humanity. They may say that’s the title of it, but it’s not ever going to be about that and their main motivation, very different from rest of us. has been to get exactly where they are. So their main motivation is lust for power. In the old days it might have been a Caesar, or Caesar and his associates, or Genghis Khan and his crew. Now, it is the global predator empire that they are building in the world above nations. So lust for power and since now we can do global power, it’s lust for global power and they’re implementing it that over us. If you understand that you’ll have a huge leg up on what’s going on. The second thing is they absolutely no empathy whatsoever for their victims. Period. It just doesn’t exist for them. We are like statistics or worse because when you don’t have empathy for people you usually end up loathing and hating them. So there’s some continuum from lack of empathy on down to thinking of us as the cattle or less than cattle because you don’t want the kill your cow. The 3rd characteristic that I found & Ginger found in deep diving into ‘“covid-19” & the global predators” was the connectivity to the Communist Chinese, which has not come up much today so far. But the CCP is behind the UN, it’s behind the World Health Organization. I look at it as the Eastern Empire, whereas Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab [W.E.F] and so on, are the Western empire, and we’ll look some more at that. But you can’t exaggerate the infiltration of the West by the Chinese communists, and there’s so many good books about it, I won’t even start to list them. There’s probably a dozen books that can tell you about the infiltration of the West, by the communists. So they have no [freedom], they totally reject freedom issues. You can read through the UN literature. You can read through everything written by Klaus Schwab or by any of the big organizations, the Rockefellers or whoever else you wanna look at, they’ll never talk about individual freedom. Individual freedom and personal liberty and political liberty is not a part of their thinking that it’s like the founding founders of America never existed. It’s like the Magna Carta never existed. There’s no concept, no interest in liberty, and in fact they absolutely reject constitutional democracy Kalus Calous Klaus Schwab says this very directly in one of his books came out in the summer of 2020 and the Great Enemy is the patriotic american democratic republican. That is the constitutional government that’s patriotic and he singles out America because we are at this point very weak in that regard. 5min But we’re sort of a limping last standing group. We’re growing, there’s a real resurgence in America and I hope around the world of believing in something including your nation, including human rights. They specifically reject all identifications and affiliations. This is so important to realize. They’re not patriots. They don’t have a religion other than China’s official religion is atheism. They don’t identify with their own countries of birth, like Bill Gates, he’s actually more identified with China if you listen to his talks. So they don’t even identify with capitalism. One could think of the Western empire as capitalism & the east as communism, but they don’t. They don’t identify with progressivism or Marxism. They are predators. They indentify with other people who lust from global power and don’t care about the consequences on others or actually want to cull [kill] the population. They in particular, do not inherently value human beings on any level. There’s no treasuring, there’s no loving of human beings. There’s no judeo christian principles that would spark in them, a belief of, like the Quakers, to look for that of God in another person. Concepts of that kind are extremely alien to them. They are very moderate/ mired in that regard. Finally, their ethics, and again I saw this starting at Harvard back in 1954 when I was a freshman at Harvard. Their ethics are relative. Their ethics are situational, and their ethics they share with Marxism, which has stated it outright that the end justifies the means and Bill Gates believes the same thing, all these people have come together around this global power. Now I want to jump over to how they all got together, because this has been going on for quite a while. The planning. I’m gonna pick the date I pick in the book. Which is 2010. In 2010, Bill Gates announced, and think of Bill in terms of exactly what I’ve described, not somebody like you, somebody like I have described, in my book I talk about it as the predator profile. In 2010, Bill Gates announced the “decade of the “vaccine”. Now you’d think only governments would do that, but Bill Gates was probably the richest man in the world that year. I forget. But he was working with Warren Buffett, who was either near the richest or number two or three, and they had a partnership and Buffett was doing more for Bill Gates’ foundation at that point, he’s no longer doing last year or two, but he was doing more for it than Bill was in terms of money. So let’s say you are lusting after power, lusting after wealth, ‘cause it’s power, lusting after aggrandizement, but ultimately I think power and you hear that Bill Gates says it’s the decade of the “vaccine”. What do you do? Boy oh boy, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Pfizer or the world Bank or the [urine] U.N or The Who w.h.o or one of the great trusts Rockefeller or whatever. It doesn’t matter who you are. You say to yourself “this is where the action is for the next 10 years”. It was an announcement of the action for the next 10 years. You’ve really got to get this or you don’t know what happened, it becomes really hard to figure out what happened. Transcription by . By 2012, two years later, Gates was able to get a UN resolution favoring his concept of the decade of “vaccines” and discussing the collaboration between public and private, all the stuff that you think about for the great reset hadn’t been named yet. And it was interesting, I found one progressive who looked at that and said this is wrong, this is fascism. Why is the U.N getting involved in that way of making deals with Bill Gates? That’s 2012. 2015, they knew they could make sars-cov viruses that would be infective. They were doing it, the U.S was doing it with the Chinese. So that’s a big go ahead for the global predators. They could make sars-cov in labs. They were starting to do the DNA & the RNA stuff. In 2015, Gates has it all clear in his mind. He’s already talking about, between 2015 & 17 in very slightly watched videos, he’s talking about Moderna. He’s talking about Pfizer. He’s talking about DNA and giggling like he gets sometimes when somebody in the audience says “DNA? You’re doing DNA platforms?”. This was a very private audience, & he gives his little giggle & later, he says, yeah, I’m doing DNA and RNA platforms. 2015-16 he was working heavily on operation warp speed and he’s doing it with these predatory people I’ve described coming out of the woodwork from corporations throughout the world, from trusts throughout the world, from many UN agencies. In 2010, he sets up a small committee to support his “vaccines”. He has two, maybe six or seven people. He’s got at least two people from the UN and he’s got the most evil little man around town, Anthony Fauci is on his committee in 2010, so don’t let anybody tell you this thing wasn’t planned ahead with NIAD, NIH and so on. In 2015 Bill comes up with the concept of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, CEPI. We’ll just call it CEPI. It still has a website, it’s got billions of dollars. But it won’t tell you what I’m gonna tell you. This is what they talked about initially is what I’m gonna tell you. In 2015-16 Bill Gates begins to work on the CEPI preliminary business plan. Now remember what I said to you. He’s bringing together all these billionaires. And I was the first person to dig this out. I don’t think it was intended at all for the public. It’s a big glossy thing, 60 or 80 pages. It’s for the predators the billionaires to look at. So it’s his big plan for what he’s going to be doing and organizing through CEPI with Klaus Schwab, and with other organizations that he’s got involved there, welcome trusts. It’s all named in the book. So he’s got all these folks together and he’s making a plan for running the coming p[L]andemic. Now some of the things I’m gonna say to you are really kind of hard to believe, but they’re in the book. And they’re in two forms. They’re in the cepi business plan, and then they’re in a preparation of the cepi business plan, a presentation of the cepi business plan to the World Health [holocaust] Organization in 2017. One of the most fundamental principles that is stated is the drug companies will have no expenses. There will be fully paid for direct and indirect, which is just like whatever you want expenses. It’s said twice in [deceptive] cepi business plan and once in the arrangement that they’re discussing with the World Health Organization. & I actually have pictures of statements that are in this PowerPoint. In the PowerPoint, it’s stated that Bill Gates, cepi, has a memorandum of understanding with the World Health Organization. We’ve never found it. That’s how close these people were and are and how they were bringing together around them the powers. Now if you go back and look at who is working with them, making the business plan ’cause, they got those huge list of groups who’s making a business plan with Bill Gates. The FDA is listed, NIAD & Fauci are signed on. The CDC is listed. And interestingly enough, Rick Bright is listed. Now Rick Bright would become, they were grooming him, he would become the head BARDA which would handle the EUA emergency use authorization. They were grooming him for the job back in 2016, and as soon as they needed him, the four years acting head and then final head of BARDA steps down and the groomed guy goes in and he’s the one who stops Trump from releasing millions and millions of hydroxychloroquines from the stores. He’s the one who approves these various EUA’s. So here’s cepi, and their man is running BARDA, they’ve already got Fauci wrapped up & NIH wrapped up, but that’s not enough. So they hire the former head of BARDA this is the whole EU organization, the former head of BARDA for four years, and they make him lifetime CEO of [sappy] cepi. You cannot make these things up. 15m So what I’m just trying to give you a sense of today is that when Pfizer and Moderna are the only ones who were given any kind of funding and support and push through in the U.S, that’s Bill Gates’ plan, but it’s Bill Gates with all these other “powerful” entities. When Donald Trump thinks he has invented maybe this new method of rushing things through & maybe he names it operation warp speed, no, that was already being funded by cepi & Bill Gates & Pfizer & then the organization they created Moderna sometime between 2015 and 2010, going back in time. Also the World Bank very much involved in these early things, and it’s a part of the UN. It is striking how much these people love the cover of the UN. The World Health [holocaust] Organization is owned basically by the CCP [china chinese communist party]. They have the “power”. Their previous person for ten years was always described as a Chinese Canadian. I never could figure out how Chinese she was versus how Canadian, but she now runs an institute under the CCP in China, so that tells you kind of how close she is, Dr. Chan. & Tedros is a criminal communist thug & even an activist communist revolutionary and also who covered up epidemics in Ethiopia, his country, in order to protect the dictatorship. So he’s a thug. Now, that’s the Eastern Empire now what about the Western Empire? Well, you may remember that when Trump pulled out of W.H.O, who stepped in? Bill Gates, the Western empire. So we’ve got this very bizarre collaboration between Gates and China. Bill Gates, folks, has had two tremendous honorary awards, one from a university in China and one from a newspaper in China, making him a friend of China [CCP]. There’s no exaggeration here, no stretching, there’s no extra work you have to do. All of this story is very, very carefully planned, & since the book we’ve been digging in more deeply. Now, what are we facing? The most eminent threat right now from these predators working from the east to the Western empires, is through the World Health Organization. I happened to stumble on a January 24th of this year discussion by Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization & I’m gonna quote what he said when he was talking to his executive committee. He said the priority now was, quote, “strengthening W.H.O as the leading and directing authority on “global health””. Not preparation and all that stuff. Global health. That’s what The Who is about. It’s always been about global health. And he says at the center of Global health architecture. All right. So here’s the man they’re trying to make dictator ’cause they control him over global health. I’ll read it to you again January 24th 2022 you can find it in the book, you can go search it [use other less criminal fraud genocide search engines like qwant, freespoke, ecosia etc]. He’s talking to his executive committee. He wants the strengthening of WHO as the leading and directing authority on global health at the center of the Global Health architecture. Now in this, he’s talking about the making treaties. but he’s gonna use names that won’t frighten our Senate like declarations and agreements with individual nations. This is alive now and has the backing of the EU and US. They’re making treaties to give over sovereignty to the global health of the EU. Now we just killed another thing which was the amendments that they wanted to make. You can find this on my website, if you wanna get this stuff on the website, just go to get all the writings about this stuff with the WHO. So we’ve killed the amendments temporarily, which the US proposed & which they expected to put through, but we did stop that big coalition including Africa. & just the final word. The EU is 100% behind making Tedros a dictator. They signed on to the amendments. They own the biggest supporters of dictator [dick taker] Tedros. Thank you.” Transcript by 

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