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Freedom rally protest demonstration sat 30 apr 2022 1pm London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited  [covid fraud new world [dis]order cashless telephone tyranny: KEEP CA$H] 

FREEDOM RALLY 30 APR 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com London UK unedited Rumble makes HD 720p 12gb upload 480p

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

FREEDOM RALLY 30 APR 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com London UK unedited from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo

OUTLINE in progress

TRANSCRIPT in progress
Vascular problems. It is a lethal weapon. You gotta do whatever it takes to just keep your immune system healthy. [dr. Sheri Tenpenny video on laptop] I wasn’t gonna go ’cause. It doesn’t go anywhere. I get 1000 views. Hardly anything happens. Might get a few, a little bit of an audience, but nothing you know in the videos view count doesn’t nothing, no video view count change, no social media change, no.. OK. Luckily, I saw this on the laptop a few days ago, so I’m ready, but I wasn’t gonna do it ’cause I’ve done it. I’ve done it and nothing happens. I don’t get anything out of it. No audience, no money, no nothing. But that’s a lot of hassle, time and money for nothing, so. But something inside me saying something inside something inside me is saying. Just go. Like automatic pilot. Like when you go to the gym and you’re like, well, I don’t really feel like it right now. Maybe I should go later another time or I should have gone earlier or I can wait till next week. And it’s just not gonna happen unless you just go automatic pilot. To the protest. And on a nice day like this, you’re gonna go out anyway and not staying on a Saturday. Blue skies, which are about to turn to grey and freeze over it was zero last night. Apparently this is almost May 1st. This is April. 30th 2023 [2022] nine AM. Again, slept like **** blacked out after dinner. And anyway. Hey. Put this on airplane mode now. ’cause its bad for you. Too much wifi 5g  too much microwave rariation’s bad for you. So my gut is telling me just go. My gut my gut is telling me just go. My gut is telling me just go. [unedited repetitive takes] My gut is telling me just go automatic pilot like the gym. Just go. Just do it. Why? The point is, it doesn’t bring anything right. Sht I gotta check my hair. “Not at all bad, yeah” [a guide for the married man, Robert Morse film quote]. The point is, it doesn’t bring anything, doesn’t bring any traffic, doesn’t bring any money, doesn’t bring any, doesn’t bring me anything. Any rewards for. Wasting my time and money on it ’cause, I do have to. And suffer to get all the footage that walk all over the place, miles. To spend memory. Don’t you know [everything else]. So what’s the point? But the point is that it did shoot up. I mean, I do get the 400 visits a day spike now, even though some days are back down to 100. Most days are 100 that I get that big spike now. So how do you know that didn’t happen from that and or from you know, how do you know? I don’t know. The point is, I just. I don’t wanna waste my.. I wanna be active online. But this is um. The point is, I’ve gotta get going and do other things. ’cause you saw what happened so far past 10 years. And we don’t want the next to be like that. 4m It doesn’t say where in Kings Cross. Bit brighter, thank God for Piers Corbin’s Facebook. Look, no follow button. See how they shadowban him on Facebook? No, there should be a follow button or following ’cause. I think I’m following him, but nothing. “This this is an incredible artistic power play by the military” [uk column]. So we got the uh.. Is that really? sounds like the on board [mic], but it’s not look. Definitely the rode video mic X. There’s no bass. Why is there no bass on it testing 1-2 it maybe it’s a headphones. Headphones are a bit toppy or it’s not the built in mic right. No I don’t think so. So. OK, rode video mic x,  I finally found the batteries & chargers.. Let me plan a little bit. Let me do it in the sunshine. Let me let me plan a couple things right. Name date place and all that and then. The name of the protest I forgot is it freedom? Taxi! Kings cross. Please. What’s the forefront? They say there’s a protest at the forefront is that the tube? Kings cross Innit. 6m Yeah. Is there another forfront, the forefront is, I don’t know if it’s the tube or not, do you think it’s the tube? v Please. What’s the forefront? They say there’s a protest at the forefront is that the tube? Its the same.. 1 place for the tube and everything. Yeah. That please okay. God this is open, nothing fell out did it.. [fcpx fault makes too many copies while copy pasta editing, make sure to delete] Cant find the other one of these [microfiber cloths] there it is, bottom of the pocket.  7m [lone masqueranger- typical Asian walking alone with no one around brainwashed with hypoxia hypercapnia microplastics inhalation unnecessary mask does more harm then good 3 years after fake plandemic fraud] this side where ok thank you 8m Yes. OK. Yes, I’m low on cash, Sir.’cause. Normally I pay cash ’cause they said to say to save cash ’cause they’re gonna bring the Chinese tyranny in If we don’t but anyway, where do I put here. [beep, leaving tip] where here? You wanna try again? Yup. Where do I put it, here? Up here? Where? Press it, What have you done. where? OK, but don’t charge me two times. Im not charging you, nothing at all.. Oops. Now where do I put the card? Just on the top. Where man, its not working. What is it saying there? It can tell you that it didnt go through innit.. Press enter. Accepted. Not accepted. No? You gotta try again. OK. OK press the yellow button, the small yellow button, ok now tap on the screen, [beep] on the screen please. now. Please.on the screen on the middle, yea it went through. There’s. Yes. OK. Thank you. Cheers man. Sorry 1 sec. Alright. There they are. COVID FRAUD [wordpress capitalizes “covid” with upper case letters again to indimidate & subjugate, always write the piece of sht “covid” with small letters unless its with the word FRAUD] covid testing my ass. The fakery continues. covid testing, huh? The fakery continues. They got police behind there too. It’s it’s. It’s the fake test, isn’t it? [2nd camera:] covid testing, huh? The fakery continues. They got the police behind it. It’s it’s. It’s the fake test, isn’t it? [snapping hi res pictures with one camera while video recording with the other] So. Would you like a fake test? This is the fraudulent test that they’ve been using. I’ve asked him three questions & he didn’t know the answers to any of them. It’s not his fault, but it’s it’s a fraud, isn’t it? Everybody knows ******* fraud, liars. 12m So here we are kings cross station it’s 30th April, Saturday 30 April 2022 thanks for visiting and 100 domains. I wasn’t gonna do this, but my gut said do it just like when you go to the gym, not enough. Then you gotta go through the motions and and. Automatic pilot. Just do it, because if you don’t, it won’t happen. If you go a lot you don’t go through the motions but I don’t go that much. 12m30 So this is so this is my mental and physical exercise cause it’s gonna be a 2 hour march. I’m going to keep the camera running nonstop. And the helicopters have already started and it’s one o’clock theyalways leave around 1:00 o’clock. So I’m going to shut up and just get the ambience & see whatever happens here we go. 13m watch closeup. So a few questions. Why are we still protesting? Well, you know, the PCR test fraud goes on to travel you still gotta do the stinking piece fake, fraudulent piece of shit PCR, fraud, crime against humanity. So they still haven’t stopped that ********. So there’s and they’re still trying to bring in their disinformation and lie and say that the truth is disinformation so that that’s not very good either. And there’s so much more, so much more, and still going on. I get it all from the alternative independent media, I put all the links on my site. You can see them there. Cause where else are you gonna get the truth, not from the liars that have been lying for decades let alone the past 3 years. So that and smart meters are trying to force smart meters on me. I wanna ask them about that. 14m you with the protest? I sai freedom! [high priest Amun el] So its a freedom march, It’s all about freedom. It’s not about the uh, well it is about the fraud & the crimes against humanity too, but that goes without say. Fatso parties & lied while my mother/ our families locked up & died [boris Johnson sign/ placard/ billboard] meta science.. this is the high priest amun el.. 15m40 so I still havent learned the new Final cut x. I mean, I know it a little bit, but not enough to edit all of this so I’ll probably put it up unedited on some Freedom platform and not be the liar small tech that have been censoring everybody. Won’t put it up there & see who takes it & who doesnt anyway thats another thing I wanted to say. 16m yea I was gonna say I’m not getting anything out of this, right? No traffic, no money, no nothing. Right. So what’s the point? But my gut was just telling me to do it. Cause if its right in front of you my philosophy is do it. They’re not that frequent, they’re not all the time, are they once a month now I dont know, it’s just might be the last one for me because I got other things to do, but I just thought I’d show up. I’m glad I did now. And OK. One of the main interests. I’d like to be live, but apparently microwave radiation is harmful. Gives you cancer. It’s the same as the fake “vaccine”. More lies from the globalist pigs that have been lying all this time so don’t want that either. Don’t want the live microwave emf radiation I put. I put stuff on my site about that too links and whatever you know  a few embedded videos just to inform people ’cause they’re all in the dark. They’re uninformed & ignorant.. 18m Covid marshall? Forgot not to frown, we gotta redo the whole thing nah im not gonna.. no squinting scrunching frowning.. cannot hear you if you are ready for the freedom song say hell yeah! Hell yeah! So yeah we’re gonna see what happens to all those live streamers that are immersed in emf microwave radiation all the live streamers that have their phones on their body all the time. I’d like to get a shot of that kings cross thing I just got a photo on the way over.. over there theres a nice building but I know when I come back they’ll all be gone cause their strict schedule here so im gonna stick around, could I get a shot form there.. I was gonna show you the building its one of the most dramatic buildings ever seen you know Kings Cross building especially when it was derelict. But I don’t wanna be like that bald and broke loser. Who// Well, he’s a winner as far as, not content, but audience goes [coz youlube put him on the front page all the time[, but his content sucks. It’s just derelict buildings. I don’t wanna be doing that. So. A little constructive criticism, I really shouldn’t offer any help when they don’t. 20m50 Live streaming. You should put your logo website so people know where to see it. Citizen syd. Are ytou live streaming as well? Not with this. Well do you want to shout yourself out, you got a place where you post your vids? [show back of jacket]. [freedom of speech is under attack, Tahra Ahmed BBC lied all these years, you know, its not good, they’re a disgrace, no one wants to be with bbc anymore, unless you get the taxpayer extorted money then maybe.. “they take our money”.. yea im saying it pays well because its form the taxpayer extortion but.. im satirizing, im being a little satire, I dont know if its extortion or not, I gotta look up the definition [again]. Whats this protest? Anti extortion, for freedom because of the covid fraud, they lied for 2 years. Bbc lied for 3 years, they’re still lying, saying covid is bigger than the flu when it’s smaller than the flu, all the lies I put them on my website you can see. High priest Amun el: so our next project which is stop the violence, we do not want to use violence we want to be peaceful, however if push comes to shove we are ready to defend oursleves.. isnt that right my freedom fighter? Yea! So we got a next track we gonna play.. were gonna be starting in 5 minutes so its the ending track… sign/ placard/ billboard: “in the 1970s it was global freezing, in the 1980s global warming, now its climate change, after covid, the next fear-mongered, massive job & wealth destroying GLOBAL FRAUD!” Sorros & Great Thunberg,, Miss misinformation.. thats the fake pcr test fraud isnt it [big cotton swab]  24m lets get ready to march lets get ready to shut down Babylon, are you ready to shut down Babylon,, make some noise, all right.. WHO criminals hang em world pandemic treaty so they can repeat the sme genocide democide crimes against humanity agaimn the bastards.. got trhat Tedros? lock him up man, lock him up. Give him a fair trial and lock him up for crimes against humanity for what he did and he’s continuing to do it, he’s gotta double down otherwise he can’t admit to the crime, you know what’ll happen. 26m40 Its last years one need to be updated.. still valid.. [yellow umbrella] Are you marching for two hours? You know? Are you gonna March for two hours? Sure. Yeah. Been marching for 2 years.. Nick.. So you just gonna follow this lot? No drums.  Yes of course & cymbal just need Musicians to play with. So you brought drums, but no wallet. No wallet. What is it like? It’s like trying to keep a fart in your trousers, wearing a mask is like trying to keep a fart in your trousers. [song] 30m59  2 pounds a whistle, for the march.. freedom! Spiritual battle between good and evil. I’m trying to keep religion out of it ’cause. There’s so many to choose from, and it’s just confusing whats science got to do with faith, and UFOs? I was watching something & they bring religion & ufos. it’s not quite right is it, I mean free specch but comeon lets get real bro keep it real, one thing at a time 32m30 33m20 Yorkie twins. We reject the policing bill & we reject the inhumane treatment of the people of this nation. We say no to the ? Crisis.. 

2h4m11 OK. People around the country think oh it’s all over, you know, there’s not so much masking, but underneath there’s other things going on. But let’s be clear. What’s happened now is the new world tyranny have succeeded in phase one. Phase One was to get massive compliance to belief in a virus. So now they’re moving to phase 2 to have enforced jabbing of the world that is what they want. That is what they want. They have a 100 day jab program. Whereby they are going to claim there is a new virus and produce a jab ready in 100 days & force it upon people.  They’re having a world treaty for the world health organization to do that. This is totally against human rights. So it’s not surprising that it goes exactly with the government repealing or renewing the Human Rights Act, The point of their changes is not to give you more human rights, it’s to take your rights away! So we have to oppose those things absolutely. & understand whats going on. Really there’s five legs to the new world order. They have the virus con. They have the climate con. Making people believe that climate’s changing due to you driving your car.  They have the physical attack on you through the jab. They have the physical attack on you through the 5g which does cause harm & gives covid like symptoms. The point of 5G is not that, it is to communicate & control through the 5th leg of the new world order,  its a 5 legged animal I suppose or perhaps the 5th is the tail, right, the tail is the DIGITAL ID. [CHINA TYRANNY} THE CASHLESS SOCIETY. & they need 5g everywhere for that, & the 5g will also control farming. They want 5g everywhere so that all animals & people in the country are checked [chipped?] & controlled. & Debbie is completely right, if we stop them from doing the cashless society they will not be able to impose all of this stuff. Any one of those legs can be broken & we can win. Now we have to attack all the legs, I think that is the best way to do it. 2h06 And I think right now we should also address the issue of the Ukraine, because you might have noticed that the Ukraine.. well, you might have noticed that the Ukraine blue and yellow flags turned up basically on the day that the covid restrictions were lifted on the 22nd in February this year. Which was exactly 8 years since the real war there began on the 22nd February 2014, when Zelenskyy was installed in a coup. So the Russians had to do what they did. Because I’m not saying they’re doing everything right or anybody in the world is right but it was inevitable that would happen because as NATO troops and countries are putting arms into the Ukraine & threatening Russia the Russians will respond & that is whats happening. But let’s understand that Ukraine is not just a little country, a little free, whatever. It was a coup which put Zelenskyy there, & they are in the lead on imposing digital id apps. For 6 year olds. They had a big conference about that in the winter. So that is what the Ukraine is about & it is important that people understand both sides of the issue. Theres an official UN report about war crimes committed not by the Russians but by the Ukrainian government. 2h8 which was recently presented to the Ukrainian embassy, and you can find it online various places, including my own PiersCorbyn one word on Facebook. How long will it be there I don’t know. But we downloaded it & It Is available, you know? Well, we have the hard copy. So look out for that. But please understand that the Ukraine issue is a diversion from the things they’re doing behind the scenes like bringing forward the jab program but it’s also an actual war itself where we have to understand what is going on. Now the important thing is that always to get the truth across to the public. So some of us are standing in these elections for the council. You can get leaflets about it. 2h9 continued..

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