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Too many hundreds of thousands of victims to list.. see links in previous post:

DR. VERNON COLEMAN INTERVIEW tue 2 nov 2021 “AUDIO ONLY – Banned in a day by [Nuremberg code violator hall of shamer small teck Goebals] youtube. Steve Pollard of Awakened Pages interviews Vernon Coleman”

Dead kid crowd surfing at VAXX HEART ATTACK concert

Do not believe MSM narrative EVER. Travis Scott concert, MRNA injection heart attacks were not crowd caused.

“Unexplained” (*DUH* yea right) & complicit media keep covering up covid poison death shot deaths
Fox News Ανεξήγητα αυξημένοι ξαφνικοί θάνατοι στον δυτικό κόσμο
Complicit Nuremberg code violator, hall of shamer, chief propagandist Goebals youtube disabled download? point the camera at the screen to copy it before they censor it like those hosted on Brighteon, Odysee, Brandnewtube, Rumble, Bitchute that doesn’t show embeds on cellphones etc.

It is not an experimental “vaccine”. The experiment was on mice. They all died. It worked fine.
covid injection spike protein bio weapon not experimental; all animals tested died
“alleged covid” experimental killer fake vaccine DEATHS and INJURIES

Oct 16 2021 injected. Oct 17 2021 Takes a flight.
Oct 18 2021 Dead. First hand account of a parent suffering heart attack after vaccination. -jbossman008

574 KIDS have had PFIZER-VAXX induced HEART ATTACKS in the U.S., only 1% reported.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko takes a BIG RISK by telling all! corrupt misinformer & disinformer fraudsters wikipedia &  fakestream media call this lifesaver “misinformation” when it’s they who are, like lets go brandon f*ck liar joe biden saying the poison death shot stops transmission when it doesn’t.

PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings ‘Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’
The Crowhouse -The Australian Government Must Be Removed Or Millions Will Die And The Nation Will Fall -Max Igan

cv19 Injections Will Cause Massive Deaths – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

“URGENT! Please share on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS about Vitamin D to save lives as “flu” season approaches. Everyone please inform everyone you know.”

A sequence of legal events – with Anna De Buisseret

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