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mon 11 oct 2021

Police forced to flee in Rome after hundreds of thousands take to the streets protesting covid restrictions

Man Shows Why Double Masks Are Pure Nonsense!

JAB Centre SERVED Notice Of Liability

Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required

Pilots are coerced to get the jab and are dropping like flies from blood clots.
summer 2021

Bill Gates Controls the Medical Universe

They planned the Scamdemic at every level

Rumble — This is only the tip of the iceberg. Investigate. Research.
“u.n & w.h.o planned covid fraud hoax plandemic”
CLIP: Dr. Zen Zelenko: Vaccine is Poison Death Shot… This is World War 3
mass murderer genocider Bill Gates fails math again-</a

Atlanta News Anchor has CEREBRAL EMBOLISM after PFIZER VAXX POISON injection. Now Dead

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