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Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com ADULT COMEDY L🤪L

Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com 4K stereo ➜ 480p from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

3GB 3h27m 10 hour upload copper wire broadband
#personal #vlog #vlogger #videodiary #videodiarist #streamofconsciousness #freedomofspeech #criticalthinking #thoughts #feelings #lifestyle #adultcomedy #comedy #humor #monologue

Rough draft outline/ transcript in progress

15 feed the birds turds Mary Poppins parody
45 parody songs im in the mopod fpr bbppp
Go live effortless cant go wrong, stress blab
48 2 tits 15mil

Trump of digi world
Live embedded
Astounding stupefying
55min life is shutting up too
My life is not 4 u 2 like
59min If u dont like my life thats not hte same as u dont like my show
F u. I’ll do the liking around here
Ads, ebegging, beggar, merch
Watch highligh ed version reel
Electronic tag
1h05 dateless doc worthless or more valuable, not recent
1h06 blitz dettol blitz clean up my act get my bppp shit together, Cherman exent, caught in ze ekt
Fresh produce, f
External box
Virgin joke
Jokes doc

9m not 4u2like, fuck the likes, real genius film, 15 ebeg, 16 butplug, 18 old vs new, 20 my shit bbb together, caught in ze ekt, 23 min HAHAHAHAHAH, .MP4
Will this b a daily event
Case study onternet personalities
Trusts owns asses
Donald Trump covid cure
emetophobia philia whensthe last time u puked 2 girls 1 cup
Funny thoughts mind wandering more fun company
Perverted school teacher
Livestreams never watch listen like radio take notes
[info = power]
Soft spoken
a4# embarassing couples lock phones
[Paris halles guy everyone I know’s on this page. Mnemonics,
38 50 dont make em anymore do b careful 007
Hoarders amazon, fashion houses libraries congress]s
Inventory get cracking
Swiss security
Paper 100 names # cant beat that analog
Cant beat original
42min Leo di Lorenzo, small orch 70 people play
44 watchin willie d
Whole business model e begging
Full on all the time no fun too much
Travel checklist
Cant wait, info nympho, infotain, cartooning,
Proprietary bullshity to view it pdf
50 tired of hearingt my voice bounce off others
53 not all there not there at all

Mask ears fall off

Where were we
No time to color coo
Fart noise review bad company
[1h44], Hawaii 1.7m 300k on beach
Content not camera 2014
Shark attacks shallow reef
14 m y orifice, i sleep around
Michael jackson
18 kid in van

Clip0087S03 Clip0087S03
[2h05] Sex,net,tv
Who has time to spend on these Aholes
Prince harry Megan markle, Montecito compound
What tax quarter million a year sell!
How rob Lowe 7m 45m, Oprah degenerate degeneres
8 nest worst notable
YouTube come after whistleblower marginalize, good gtf away from me
10 4 chan
Reproduction pre recording studio
Photo vs video
Always some asshole doesnt like it
Wore a condom never touched her balls touched her
Hippodrome punch out of it
Lucidity sobriety habit 100¢∞¶•ªº•¶§∞¢^&*()$%^
Rim job reci[procate nother matter
Celeb Johnny depp
5 stages of actor who is Johnny Depp asshole murderers
100 enough asshole f off leave
U need 2 leave u neeed stfu not tell people what they need asshole
Covid cases only deaths injuries matter
31 PIGEON feeder
Lunch pigeon on top
Shit bullet cam, hi shutter speed,
TIT FOR TAT Facebook likes
When I grow up
I wanna get likes f u n y likes not 4 u 2 like
Walk n tallk chooches
Twist ties&&&&&*&***************
39 unnatural streess stfu bad show
When never
41 thirty seconds of silence
43 twist tie word of mouth hustler cartoon
44 Facebook not my audience vlog dot com, deep shit w it imagine w out it
People are asleep
Youlubers shit content technique
Didnt I go yt conventions, p w inventions
Encroach on that everything handed n more shit content technique everythimg limited were beyond u
, bigger memberf cant get up
Absent minded demewntua
Plantar fadciatis if not bouncy crocs bouncy
Mouse piss shit ….. body fluids
Eeeagh just kidding
50 funny old acq want nothing to do w y n vice versa marriage made in hell geaven
Hearts in thr right place]******
History electr cables
Out Australian accent
Helen reddy died wasnt ready 4 that
Couple songs touched mew blown away twa flight
12 not allowed 1st Tim,E stereo hollow straws
Bee gees love u inside out
Couldnt e better best can be cant argue w htat
Put up
Baring soul to world assholes want nothing to do w u gift enail spam notable note this asshole
Crazy know right from wrong caught in ze ekt
Estranged u excuses
nothing not worth opening
58 bpppppnow******* so much better not have u in my face dont like u, tit6 4 tat
Isolation is the gift factotum non compus mentis
Ancestral cockroach
Za go bro
1h02 Casey neistadt
Never shut up improve or degenerate
Evil search engine monopoly no one goes there any more they dont count matter bing duck dycj go obsolete unecessary suck google street view
Change cables every year the assholes
Power supply but plug huh
They are beyond fing w your insides do u go ahead see what happens
1h11 why am I alone , why alone, lost enough later aholes, [says it all] partys over asshole just begun
30 sec silence edit not all about you audience seinfeld
Laugh track, too loud bad, famioiar face tv
Motel ok inches face laptop
1h 15 burp excuse u, blurry vision is going
Supertramp, dave Curtiss, dave curtis dog, duran eeeww, nile rogers produced fancy toys,
Radio fleeting moment deprivation/vity couldnt get these songs love that never listen song more once day
Cope aesthetic
Give out info thouights get nothinmg in return bbbbbpppp
Fin ancias; failure im notr full time rggs basket we saw youlube assetts ass bbbbppppp
So fucked up
Digital assets trust vlog dot com, have u done yr will, so rude, sibling instead of happy birthday yo do yo will, worst memories of life, thoudands or legal zoom, Aretha, scribbles, whistleblow yt fraud off me mafiua like, everrything , loot , trust foundation, unsuitable
What does this remind u of, mind out of gutterasshole, calm down, not sure way to go, tidbits, coco 1000 a day 99 f u bbbppp get out of face
Angle sugar fat

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