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Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com ADULT COMEDY L🤪L

production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct2020 london uk georgegodleycom vlog com adult comedy lol

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Production studio inventory cleaning session monovlog update wed 14 oct 2020 London U.K georgegodley*com vlog*com 4K stereo ➜ 480p from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

3GB 3h27m 10 hour upload copper wire broadband
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production_studio_inventory_cleaning_session_monovlog_update_wed_14_oct_2020_london_uk_georgegodleycom_vlog_com_adult_comedy_lol (Original)


2min light tux
14m why record
15 exciting as watching paint dry 15m44 “that’s bent”
18 give all get nothing
20 Princes court Nuremberg Code crimes against humanity 5G EMF microwave radiation cancer experiment towers
22m40 “That outside influence must be put aside” -[mom quote, talking about me, see previous recordings].
30m20 Rosie o’kelly: when you get drunk and you’re singing songs, isn’t that © copyright violation?
31m45 Who cares? I care. It’s part of my education. All of this and entertainment can’t go wrong.  California: a mountain wasteland
33min Feed the turds tuppence a hag. Bbbpp bbbppp bbbppp bbbpp Diarrhea, diarrhea. So they can make diarrhea and pollute, poogeons poolute the whole world [Mary Poppins parody]
36m20 I’m doing this ‘cause the mice were in these bags, don’t know what they touched and didn’t.
37m35 Bald and broke [bankrupt].
40m40 Google I never touch anymore. That’s over. The whole world should do that.
51m30 one hour special with Rosie O’kelly, Elbo, missy Jen everyone. I could just show, get all the highs and lows
55m-1h  my life is not for you to like. F. U. I’ll do the liking around here!
1h5min “a document without a date as worthless” or valuable cause people want recent
1h6m30  product placement, all weird again like, I’m live,
1h9 Guy goes in a bar and says “May I fart”
1h11 white goatees, do you really want to look like the woman’s great great grandfather?
1h14m00 who’s gonna have 100 years from now? Onasis owns asses trusts. What’s to stop them selling & retiring to Hawaii
1h17m50 Donald Trump covid [CONVID] cure. Slurp. Donald Trump said to disinfect my insides. BLLEAAAGHH When was the last time you puked?
1h21m00 [experimental wireless bluetooth carcinogen]
1h24 A4 [letter size] number paper.
1h26  companies in the world, you’re a hoarder If you keep anything
1h29 Leonardo di Lorenzo orchestra collab
1h29m30 Ron Jeremy Larry David sketch of asking the girl before you do anything
1h33 change one word to not copyright it.
1h34m30 I have to have two bags. I have to have a bag ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice.
1h36 don’t like proprietary bullsh** monopolies amazon kindle nook etc
1h37 need to bring someone, you need to bounce off someone else, deadbeat estranged family abuse neglect
1h42/3 home priority. Make a note of that [fart] chair company and don’t do business with them again.
1h48 street photography freedom of the press.
1h52m40 my neighbors ignore me.. when you’re a couple you don’t want the neighbor around, editing studio office orifice.
1h55 Howard sperm. kkhh khh kkh  ppt ppt ppppt ppt Howard’s sperm. Howard Stern. Isn’t that funny how they add them judging musicians when he’s not one himself?
2h2m23 [new clip, mask off] Bppp bbbpp bppp bbpp brap [blow raspberry] They should put fart chair in the description when you buy these.
2h4 failed so far, so why would I get more?
How did Rob Lowe sell a $7 million home for 45 million 15 years later just by doing some silly Feng shui on it? L.A: you can’t swim there, Santa Ana winds freeze your ass off every 3:00 PM.
2h10 AVN porno convention. Every man’s wettest dream. Ultimate nightmare.
“we’re not too bad”
≈2m13 So this is a recording studio here for pre production reproduction suite.
2h16 if you’re covered up, it’s like you never touched her.
2h18m30 Hippodrome punched me in the hippodrome.
2h24 [looking in mirror, pig snorting sniffing sounds] haha I’m getting weird now.[live disease]
≈2h27 live stream doesn’t determine sh****
2h29 Why am I doing this? baby.. you need content c*ntent. What do you call a dried up person? C*ntstipated
2h30 Don’t put Howard Stern down, ‘cause then he won’t have you on the show and you’ll never make it in life.
It’s good actually that people die because it gives them limited time to do evil. Dick takers. Dictators, reporters sans frontieres has all the dictators assh******* murderers: 100 years is enough, assh*******. F-ck off.
2h31 covid: Who cares the [fraudulent asymptomatic] cases? only deaths and injuries matter
≈2h32 perpetual pigeon poogeon pest bird turd incidents paint the town brown diarrhea
2h37m40 pigeon’s assh******* right on the top of my food
2h47m20 [I’m in deep sh**** with [], imagine the level of deep shitness you’d be in without it].
2h49m30 the bigger the dick the less it gets uo..erectile dysfunction
2h52m50  old acquaintances want nothing to do with you & vice versa.
2h54m00 Australian accent “eout”.
2h55m00 Helen Reddy died, wasn’t ready for that.
2h57m50 Why bear your soul to the world, mostly assh******** who want nothing to do with you
2h58m30 “NOTABLE” Wikipedia obsession quote. Are you “notable”? You can’t be in [covid, EMF & climate fraud Nuremberg code crimes against humanity perpatrotor] Wikipedia if you’re not notable. No, noew [English accent] Yea, note this, assh**** [crotch grab grope]. You put porn stars in there for being notable, How about this? Is this notable? [almost mooning the camera]
crazy people not that crazy not striipping, know right from wrong
3h01m00 so much better [snicker] kkhh to not have you in my face..
3h02 Tesco [teisco = portuguese accent] charges 20p [pence]  a plastic bag, 100% inflation a year [30p 2022]
3h20 cope aesthetic
3h21 share thoughts & get nothing in return. Financial failure? assets ass bbbpp ets are.. Digital assets included [pets sticker on shirt] . I gotta set up a trust for
3h22 What about your will? Have you done your will? Hehehe.. flip it, no talk about me. It’s on you, assh*******.VIDEO WILL, legal zoom, scribbled paper..
non compos mentis
3h6m00 evil search engine. Alternatives [BRAVE SEARCH, STARTPAGE.COM, FREESPOKE, ALOHAFIND..]
3h13 So why am I alone? Lost enough [time & money]
3h25m25 gotta start watching other platforms. Get away from the fraud [YOUTUBE] that stole 13,000 of our videos by lying,  cheating, and stealing everything through libellous, defamatory false accusations of community guideline violations they themselves hypocritically commit.
Adult humor. Everyone else does it, but not us, we’re not allowed to do it. “That goes without say. what? That goes without say. What? goes with the say. Kkha kkhhha hhkkka” [raspy grandma quote voice impression] END


Geo Godley,,, Should I close the window? no cause we’re going to spray a lot now. I’m gonna do another cleaning session. I’m gonna do another cleaning session till it’s all done. It’s going to take more time to do. This should have been done long time ago. I’m not opening the computer because that’s gonna waste time, the whole day will be.. the rest of the day will be gone if I open that, ‘cause before you know it, that’s what happens. So we’ll do that afterwards. So from now, from 5 to 8[pm]. I know I was out doing errands. I went to to get a second dental opinion, he said it’s gotta come out, you know, dead bones, broken teeth rot bone and gum. There’s no way around it, he said. He agreed. He concurred. So that’s good. You know, I just don’t want contradictions. I don’t want one person to tell me to take the tooth out and then someone else to say no, and then I don’t know who to trust. But if they’re all saying one thing, at least it makes sense to do it so 4:53 PM October 14th, 2020, Wednesday. Don’t forget the vitamins, I need a whole checklist. Get the herbs and vitamins. I’ll stick those in the.. near the food, not in it cause it’s gonna smell of food. What am I doing? I’m going to do. I’m going to bring in as many bags as I can do in the next three hours, right? I’ll do 5 to 8 = 5,6,7,8 = 3 hours cause after that, you know, you start getting a bit, your back starts cramping or you know, from. I’ll see what I can do. I’m going to dry them over there. I’ve cleaned the surfaces here, here this will be all sprayed and constantly sprayed there. I’m going to dry things there. The desk in there still has a dozen bags on it that need doing. I should close the window when I’m vlogging to, when I’m recording because it does make noise. But anyway, OK, that’s it for now. Let’s get going. Still need to clean here, I just wiped it man. Anyway, let’s go. And I was saying I didn’t hang on. I did do that part here. There’s always something. Anyway, I was saying I did go to not only dentist, I went to Borovic. 2min I got a whole bunch of fabrics because I want to make some light tuxedos and sell them. I’m going to put them out there as a merchandise, you know, custom ordered. You want a light tuxedo so you can be as comfortable as the ladies who wear nothing at these formal events. Instead of you sweating your balls off, you want to light tuxedo with the lightest fabric. All you gotta do is wash it cold and drip dry and.. it will shred though wont it eventually that’s the thing. Well, I’m going to test it. I’m gonna see how well it how long it lasts. But uh, you know, special silk type. And then there’s a slightly thicker one. And it fits in you know you when you travel, you have a tuxedo or funeral suit or whatever in the palm of your hands ’cause it wraps up it. It’s so small and light, it fits in a little zip lock. Or a big zip lock, anyway or medium. Anyway, what I’m saying is I’m gonna do it. I’ll get the tailor to do it, he said. OK, John Pierce, I was going to go to the cheaper tailor, but might as well go to the best when it’s yours, cause you know, because you’re going to be wearing it for the next decade or the rest of your. However long lasts so. Yeah, I went to borovic. I got £800 pounds of fabric. A couple shirts, two or three short sleeve shirts and shirts and the tuxedos that’s 5 1/2, so it’s 2 1/2 yards for a short sleeve shirt. And three for the trousers. Or 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. For the tuxedo. Five and a half of the tuxedo anyway. For, you know, jacket and trousers. I told him I need them baggy and oversized so I can be as comfortable as the women who wear nothing or oversized bras and whatever and panties and anyway, so equal rights a whole anyway. So we did that, then we did, did we ate in Golden Square with the.. Should close that it’s, making a racket to some sort of humming noise bastard. It’s too late now, I’m.. And I got the mouse traps or the mouse glue traps on the way, all that. And I went to pick up the water and he was like, well, you know, we’re short staffed and you come back the day after tomorrow, which that’s why I already got extra waters. Should always have two or three backups. For everything. Everything.  Let’s go bro. This is a priority. Let’s get going. The gloves are on. Gloves and goggles. 4m50 One bag at a time, because it’s really off putting and demoralizing and not fun to see a lot of stuff to have to do when you can do a little bit of stuff at a time much more satisfying all the sh*. Sit there cleaning up. It’s good actually, you know, even mice or no mice, it’s still good to clean everything and see what you’ve got take an inventory. Lets do it, see these are all put. I didn’t clean them yet, but I did separate them so they’re all together all similar type of thing is together. Now i’lI clean all that, its all cables, so I can touch them without getting leptospirosis or whatever bacteria germs. You might be OK anyway, but you know, it’s just nice to have everything clean. So Porsche [hard drive] do I need the papers. Papers don’t really get sprayed that much. Some do, some don’t, in general no. Special thing, have to wait for that. Let’s. But it’s special treatment. That was on the floor, wasn’t it? Yea it was. Yeah, but it was on that floor in there not this one. This one’s worse. Papers I’m gonna do separately and I’m going to put them in plastic sleeves or hole punch them this yeah, clean it. Clean it.. 6m50 So the way to stop the glasses fogging up, you squeeze the nose part here so no air gets up in there. You know as much as you can, and then you stretch this out a bit here so air gets out this way. And it’s better. Let’s go. The Hell’s in here? My watch. Now this is sealed. This doesn’t need any cleaning, does it? That is sealed, don’t clean that. Do I need this? Hard drive cover? Not really. USBC for next generation computers. £214.95, do I need? no, you do not need. It’s good to know the specs though, isn’t it? Yea OK, you can search that. No, no. The manual and the cable, yes. Now, just open them up. That’s been brushed clean, that’s been sprayed. So this is OK over there cause the box might not be, well, the box was in there should be. Just put them over here. Actually put them in the the room, that’s clean, man. 8min Great to do the inventory. Oh, am I gonna listen to something interesting? No, concentrate 100%, concentrate 100% and try and say your commentary if you can. I’m not going to comment on every cable am I? Now this has been, Clean it. Clean everything. Mice touched that, at lest the plastic bag. That’s contaminated. It might be, might not be. We’re not taking any chances. OK, so now am i going straight here. Yeah, I need to spray here so it’s visible. Oh my God, this is in the way. Not anymore. Still in the way. I need the area to hang things dry. Not a problem. Is that OK? Still in the way, isn’t it? But I need to jump over this. Suitcases everywhere there. All set. Still in the way, isn’t it? Maybe I should get that out of the way? Go. 10min silence handling noise.. 10m43 It’s been dry now. Let it dry some more. [sigh] All of these have to be wiped? well, tey dont have to. But it’s better, isn’t it? Nice and clean, everything clean. Usb? That’s funny weird thing. We’re going to know every cable. Inside and out. Exactly. What it goes with and where it goes there? gonna know everything. I’m gonna list it too when I’m done. Go. On the positive side, I didn’t feel like doing this a few months ago, remember, I was like Oh no, no. And now I really do feel like doing it I’m thrilled cause the faster I’m done. The sooner I can get on with the going through the hard drives, which is my really ny really big desire’s to to go through everything, finish my project. So the first do you do this faster you can finish your projects. It’s like a naughty boy cleaning his room up first, but it’s got to be done because otherwise it will never happen. And I don’t want to be working in a dirty environment anymore so. I’m actually thinking of moving, but one thing at a time. First, we’re going to do this. 12m50 They stopped putting these stupid weights on there. Slinky weights. Weigh down the cables with some weights that you can’t take off. Sometimes you can’t take em off. This one I think you can take it off. Dripping through the hole here, so there’s a stopper. Bit of a gap around the center so. 14m Why record it? Just so you know, have a record of what you did, because otherwise it looks like you didn’t do anything, and also, you know, it’ll look like it never happened. So. It’s a waste of memory, I think. But you know, stuff comes up though, little bits of information little entertainment stuff does come up now and again. And it’s good to catch it without having to. I mean, ideally I would stop the recording every time nothing’s happening but. It’s like a live stream, right, that goes on for hours. Why that & not this. So it’s like high quality, well yeah, if you can, you should do this. 15min This is exciting as watching paint dry. Yeah, well, what can you do. Gotta be gone. If you want and I want. boy do I want. girl Do I want. Instead of saying boy do you want, girl do I want.. that? Boy, girl. Boy, girl. girl, boy. Some of these don’t. Don’t go back to. Don’t um. Bend. 15m44 “That’s bent!”. I put on the flat cap in New York City once. I’m like 22 or something and Russell’s like “that’s bent”, was one of those YMCA [music group, police academy] bar biker caps the flat with the stud thing on, I thought. I think it was in a Harley-Davidson store, I’m not sure. So I thought it’d be safe to put it on, but as soon as I put it on Russell Rusty Jones was like, “that’s bent.” So uh Heheh I think it was after I bought it actually. So I was stuck with it. A lot of stuff just disappeared over the years didnt it. Got stolen from my room in the Morris, NY. I don’t wanna dwell on the past again do I, yes I do wanna dwell, how else are you gonna learn to not relive history. But through ancient history. Assh**** 17m this is for the printer isn’t it I threw the printer away cause it was leaking and it was a mess and heavy and in the way. Get another printer. If you do, I really do print anymore do i, not this way, not at home. Well, sometimes if I need to print something over to snappy snaps or rymans. Or I photograph and email it but if you need to sign, that you’re gonna go there. Tax returns. God there’s a thousand cables, man. I know. just do it. Just it’s done. It’s done. Three hours a day, like you said, you gotta be ruthless and throw things out. Put aside a couple hours a day or a few hours a day, whatever you can. Luckily I’m well fed today I got a propper exciting, interesting meal. Sri Lankan Curry from Mildreds. And maybe I could do a live stream, maybe I should do this live, should have that running, nah its too boring, no ones gonna watch it, I mean. It’s embedded on my front page though. Not gonna show myself wiping cables am I? spraying and wiping cables? Little boring, isn’t it? I don’t mind going over the inventory. But even then I wouldn’t do a live anyway I would do high quality and put it on uh.. doesn’t have to be live. It’s not worth it man. It’s not worth it because Facebook’s lying about my viewcount or there’s no, you know, there’s 100 people there total. Not even. That’s that’s like, uh. We.. it depends on some do better than others but What’s the point? What’s the point? Constantly giving and getting nothing back. No I need my peace of mind, I don’t want the stress of going live [growing life] all the time and having to worry about all that sh****. Who’s watching? And who’s not watching. You know what.. What I’m getting out of it, nothing. And they try to make you look bad, so you can advertise, just to make you advertise innit. How come they let that guy [elvis travels? Zia marshal khamou] get the 1000 viewcount. 19m15 I dont know anything, & I don’t much care. “And I don’t much care, meh”. What the hell is that? That’s some weird ass [ask] cables here that make no sense. I’ve never seen that. Double. Is that female? Double female? Double. They shouldn’t call them male and female. That’s a bit sexist, isn’t it? I don’t know. Is it? You decide. You tell me. 20m I don’t know what these are for man.. they came with infinite appliances I bought over the years & I don’t know what the cables are for. do I need them or not? I don’t know. We gotta look at them, at least now we can touch them and see them and see what the hell they are cause if they’re dirty, I’m not going to touch them. Im not gonna have anything to do with them. Now we can have a look at them close up very carefully. 20m48 So I was thinking Princes court that looks nice [before they put Nuremberg Code crimes against humanity 5G EMF microwave radiation cancer experiment towers on it]. yea a little apartment there where I can put all my sh*. If there’s less mice, that would be nice. hehe Less mice nice. Oh I just had a bunch of rhymes and I forgot to write them down. I had some really funny ones before I got up, damn it. I was like I’ll remember, I’ll remember. I’m just going over there for a second, of course I forgot all about it. Never mind. can you imagine if no mice were on most of that, and it doesn’t need cleaning? That’s still good. Still good to clean, as long as it doesn’t make them flammable. All the alcohol and chemicals on it, so I hope it doesn’t make it more flammable. No it dries up doesn’t it? what if it coats it with a flammable substance. All the more reason to protect it to get it out of the way & put it aside. 22m40 “That outside influence must be put aside” -[mom quote, talking about me, see previous recordings]. Maybe I should go live. Can you imagine? Just go live. Talk. Haha Yeah, but they’re gonna give me 100 views, man, not even put 30 views on there and there & it’ll freeze. It won’t work. They’re taking the piss as they say here. Face Bush. Because I know my viewcount’s higher than that on my website alone, and it’s embedded there and they’re not counting it. So uh something doesn’t add up. So f—ck them. I will try Twitch, I’ll try other platforms for sure. That’ll be next as soon as we’re done with all this. Try Twitch and all that crap. [NO BECAUSE GLOBALIST KAKISTOCRACY MONOPOLY TECHNOCRACY TYRANNY] But I see Elbo, grease elbow, elbow grease elbow. There’s another expression with elbow, why do they call him that? So I said I was gonna edit the Rosie o’kelly. He dead named himself the other day, didn’t he? Called himself “Steve”, he put that out there. There’s a picture of him online, of her. You’re supposed to say her, be polite.. courtesy.. 24min  Think i will meet them, i wanna meet interesting people you know, do you think.. You stand to gain nothing from it. They gain nothing from you. Yeah, just a friend isn’t it, just an acquaintance can be, can become kind of a friend. Why not? These poor people have been through enough, and they really have been through a lot. The trans.. So a little empathy, a little respect. 25min We’re human beings, not animals. Well, we’re animals too but we’re supposed to be a bit more civilized. Bit more sentient. Bit more ethical. That’s the word. Ethics.. can you imagine. I’m gonna just sit here rambling and go live. That’s what I should do. Just sit here, bullshittng. Just sit here. Whatever comes into your mind. Yea but come on, look at this. It’s not going to be a very good show if I’m my mind is here. Better focus on the task at hand because I’m not even paying attention to what’s going on here. So as you see, you see this is one bag. It takes an hour. To do one bag.. maybe, maybe even two hours ‘cause there’s 1000 I wouldn’t say 1000, but. There could be hundreds of cables in here. Dozens. Certainly dozens. Possibly hundreds of cables. And they just accumulated over the years from.. See, the mice were in there, so I gotta take that out. It doesn’t need cleaning. Well, you never know because the mice are so small. I saw one in the park yesterday in the rain. The park i mean the the square, soho square. It’s nice because it’s got the uh.. you see, this doesn’t feel right if it’s not live. I’m talking and I’m like, who’s going to hear it if I’m editing half of it out? If I’m not putting it up there, I might put it up there, might not. I could upload it after. Umm, yeah. It was the size of a frog and it jumped like a frog. I was like, is that a frog? It’s a mouse. It’s tiny. I mean microscopic. It was literally the size of a small frog. Very small and uh, kind of cute. And it was dark so. It was in the grass, so you could hardly see it. And you know, dusk at night. Dripping through the crack, theres a crack in the middle.. ayay.. So the dentist told me not to put a crown on the other cracked tooth in the back, he said to wait. And he did agree. I said that the other guys, the other doctor said to put a crown on it before it breaks like the other one he was like possibly that could also be the case, but I would wait a little bit until if it hurts, then immediately. What then put a crown on it? Wait a minute. If it hurts this, then it’s cracking more. Wait a minute. There’s a contradiction there. If it hurts, that means it’s beyond repair. Let me, let me. Oh my God, let me ask, let me ask you see, I need. By the time it starts hurting, it’s too late, isn’t it? No when it cracks in half then it’s too late. If it hurts. Let me ask. Uh, I’m gonna have to break off the the clip and put it as a separate clip, otherwise I’ll never find it. Should I? Yeah. 28m20 Actually, I should have just written it down, you know. I don’t see what I mean. That’s what I should have done, not break the clip. Well you can always string them together, even in QuickTime. now it’s letting me do it finally, although it wasn’t letting me export unless I’ve edited something, right? When they exported as a small file. If it’s 4K, luckily this is the A6 600. Sony is much better than the A6 500 with the 720p’s look very good. Whereas in the A6 500 they looked atrocious. They were full of digitization and dropouts and blurry and. So that alone was worth buying it for, you see. I never knew, never knew, but you know, it’s two grand with the lens and everything. So I did say it’s an expensive experiment, but it paid off ‘cause I need those 720P for the Internet. And especially it’s not letting me go from 4K to 720 anymore. It’s not exporting for some reason. I need a lot of questions, Technical Support questions anyway. welI I won’t forget cause it’s the main issue right now. my teeth, there’s only two uh, broken ones or cracked ones so I’m not going to forget. Why would he tell me to wait? Till it gets worse? If I wait till it gets worse it’s too late. That’s what he said. That’s the whole point. I don’t want to have another implant, he said it might not get worse, though. I don’t know is that true? we’ll keep an eye on it. We’ll see. We’ll see what we’ll get more opinions. See it is a bit. Is it dirty? Does leave a little bit of a imprint a**hole print. 30m20 now keep going. Keep goin’. That’s in the way isn’t its not very,,”It’s just the way it is”. I changed the melody so it’s mine. It’s no longer © copyright violation if you change the song’s melody it’s not a copyright violation. That’s another thing to ask Rosie o’kelly. When you, when you sing, when you get drunk and you’re singing songs, isn’t that © copyright violation? I think they allow it. I don’t know. I’m going to interview so a few questions. Boyt, bottom of YouTube, who came up with that? Who, what, why, where, when, why? When? Yeah, who came up with yeah, Elbo who invented that name & what does it mean? Elbow grease? Elvistravels, why did he try to terminate you? And and was it 100 times, 120 times just you or others too? Fake copyright strikes? 31m45 Who cares, huh? I care. It’s part of my education. All of this and entertainment can’t go wrong. So about going to uh.. why am I wearing this? for the dust and the fumes of this, the dettol.. it’s not for covid [CONVID]. You’re not going to catch. You’re not getting that from cables anytime soon are you. Cables and tables. So what was I saying? I was going about to say something. Oh Yeah. So i was thinking of moving to California, but I don’t wanna be in a wasteland up in the mountains, you know, up in the hills or whatever. It’s all.. even Beverly hills. There’s a nice one. Yeah, gated communities are all up in the hills. And uh. It’s not going to be anybody there. It’s very isolating, right? They just have some. I saw the view/few was just like, there’s no one. It’s just alright, I might be able to might not mind it for a bit. As long as I can travel and leave. Yea but uh dont really wanna move around I wanna focus on production, editing and production post production, pre production reproduction. Ugh ugh pt pt pt.. And um. Which brings us to kids. Oh my God, that’ll be fun huh. Oh God no. You look forward to the positives and not the negatives, but anyway, so let’s go bro. Let’s go, bro. 33m40 yea I was going to do “feed the birds tuppence a bag” [Mary Poppins parody]. We’ll do a parody of that. 33min Feed the turds tuppence a hag. Bbbpp bbbppp bbbppp bbbpp Diarrhea, diarrhea. So they can make diarrhea and pollute, poollute a poogeons can poolute the whole world, feed the turds. Parody is protected so I can say anything I want to sing anything I want, tuppence a hag. Why is it always an old HAG who feeds the turds? because she has no company, that’s the the only company she can get. That’s what it is. That’s what it is, of course, and it’s the nurturing thing that women have instinctually right. So she. But you know, we all do. If they didn’t shit everywhere, I would feed them too. Yeah. On occasion I still do. Sometimes I throw a crumb them. Or, you know, if I I’ve got crumbs off my sandwich, I let them have it. I don’t. Anyway.. But to go there, you know, religiously, day after day. “We stuck nor breath nor motion as idle as the painted shit upon a painted ocean”. Uh, [rhyme of the] ancient Mariner was that. Because she said, I’m going every day and I put this shit till you die. I’m gonna tell the Council that she’s there all the time to send them the evidence. The Council. I could get in trouble though right because you never know, it could go the other way too. They might be like, OK, she’s wrong, but so are you. You can’t go around. They could call it harassment even though I was just there for two seconds and I left. No I scared the pigeons off and I cursed her because she wouldn’t.. cause she blanked me. She marginalized me instead of saying uh something nice anyway.. patent plus. What is this? Lot number. What is this sh**** man? And it’s the same to all this. Oh, I had them all separate, man. I had them all together. And you should keep them together, man, because it took me hours to separate them all. And now you mixed them all up again. OK, keep these one place. 36m20 So I’m doing this ‘cause the mice were in these bags, in the main big bags and I don’t know what they touched and didn’t. These have all been put in separate bags after the fact that the mice where in there, they were all together in one bag. So the mice pooed and shat and pissed and spat and puked and sweated. And had sex & urinated and defecated all over my cables and I don’t know which ones are clean and which ones are not. There’s no way to tell, so best clean them all. At least at least I tried it might not be 100 fullproof, foolproof. But at least I tried to get them clean and I can touch them without being sick or disgusted or disgusting. ‘cause you know, that makes you disgusting if you live in those conditions and this is a luxury flat. But they said the whole area is contaminated. It’s just, there’s just no way around it. So, you know, you gotta. That’s why nobody lives here unless they they get a cat. Of course, all these tricks, there’s all these slick tricks that they use. But I’m allergic, so I I need a skinless cat or hypoallergenic. Bald cat. 37m35 Bald and broke [bankrupt]. That guy. He’s not bald and broke at all, is he? He’s richer than everyone on there, and he just made it because that a**hole mentioned him, didn’t he? PewDiePie? Who picked him? Oh God, you to YouTube sure knows how to pick pick pick the worst. The worst of the worst. Scum of the earth. I’m not saying he’s the scum of the earth. I’m saying youtube is for defrauding me and stealing 13,000 of my videos. see I put on this side now so you can see it. I know there you can’t. I could move the camera there, but then computer, I can’t show the computer unless move the computer there. Then I’ve got to use my left hand for the mouse. Which I did when I was in Greece, right.. I have to think of all of that, I could plan all that. And the lighting has to give it, well, the tripod right. All of that. 38m So the cleaning lady, she doesn’t want her name known or anything, starts with h & rhymes with Marriott. Uh, or maybe not. I’m not saying I might be joking, but she said not to use paper towels to use the same microfiber was a bunch of microfiber. Yeah, but there’s thousands of cables, right? well, you would share a little bit, I guess. Microfiber cloth and one from cleaning, one for drying and then throw hundreds of them and in the washing machine and use them again. That might work, but I prefer this. 39min Disposable. I really don’t want to, especially after the mice have been i dont know its just… I’m used to this. See they put that stupid weight on there, you can’t even take it off sometimes. Irritating as hell. Both sides. This is FireWire, right? I might still Yeah, I might still go firewire. I forgot final cut seven now, like if I want to redo anything, no, I’m not going to redo fcp7, I’m going to move on. I’m going to get a propper editor I’m gonna work with a lot of editors, collab with a lot of editors. I’m going to learn final cut 10 myself. Or 11. Or whatever the hell it is now and Adobe that’s next. So hurry the hell up, because this should have happened a long time ago. Why do i want it? It’s just good to have its my thing so.. 40min Everyone’s lazy now, nobody edits. Why edit if you don’t have to. Elbow grease. There’s another expression with elbow in action. What was it? Tennis elbow? Penis elbow? Uh. Elbo. so look it up. Bing it, DuckDuckGo it. I must say I do like DuckDuckGo a lot more than.. 40m40 Google *or well* Google I never touch anymore. That’s over. That is officially finished. And uh as it should be. I would love the whole world to do that. Can you imagine? They’ve just moved on. Sorry you had your apex. Now it’s your nadir nadear. I call Nadine Nadeer. Or Nads. Nadear. Yea, see it makes noise, so it’s not very good for recording important conversation. Coz you’re gonna get a lot of background noise. So it’s just good for small talk and  you know, little tidbits and nothing too formal or important, right or wrong. Let’s go bro. 41m30 what the hell are these?! They put all these f***ing weights, heavy weights on all the damn [cables]. Why would you do that, A****hole? Heavy weights on the cable. You know I really need heavy weights on my cables and they stopped doing it, so that proves that it was shit, a shit idea, that it was wrong. Arrghh [sigh] Maybe I should go live. I just don’t like the pressure to pressure. You know, there’s a handful of people that think they should give me a like. Because no one else is. And I look at everyone else’s shit posts and they’re getting like 20 -100 likes for nothing, for just, you know, putting their garden. So why should I sweat it. Why should I give something for nothing when they get something for nothing? Exactly. I just want it on my.. I just like it on my website. Yeah, I just get a kick out of that knowing that anybody who goes to the will see this great entertainment with the foggy glasses. Why are they still fogging up. If I pinch the nose I got.. this is gone flat. I guess I gotta breathe out the sides better and are these clear now or not they are now f-ing are now. That was funny. That guy, 2010. “If I didn’t have a hangover, I f-*ing do now”. Hehe Those gypsies were playing music. Damn this, “go away, you nasty bagga******. She was funny, too. God, It takes a long time to clear up, huh? The fog. “In the misty morning dew. I took one look at you”. Change the music to make it not © copywritten. What about the lyrics? You change the lyrics is not copywritten [copyrighted] en isn’t it becomes a parody. Just change one word. & say well its a parody. In the morning dew I took one look at you and it was squirt to see, you were my jemini. Change the note too, so you can say, well, I changed the music too, so now it’s really not copywritten. Haha. You were my de-sti-ny. So I can’t wait to go through all my records to, that’ll be fun. Can you imagine putting this live on there. Well I’m a live streamer, a****hole! I got by the way. But I shouldn’t tell them because if ever becomes available, I want that too., he wants 15 million, so that’s out. For now, you can imagine OK. No problem. I think I should go live. I’m in the mood. I’m in the mood for bpppp I’m in the mood for bppppp. That’s a parody, you see. That’s all you got to do with the songs. Because that’s a Jerry Lewis song I saw in his films. “I’m in the mood for love simply because you’re near me. I’m in the mood for bpppp. I’m in the mood for bpppp”. And it’s a parody and you’re OK and you’re o-kay Rodney [dangerfield impression]. 45min God, it’s still, you see, it’s taking two hours. Shall I go live? I wanna go live haaagh. Ill go live. But then you gotta keep blabbing. Not really. You can just show yourself doing.. This is so bad. They’ll be like what the f****k? It’s a studio. I’m running a studio. OK? as******e. I’ll go live. Let me put it on. I just.. why? Why? Why not? You know, it’s effortless and all you gotta do is just keep blabbing. To make it entertaining and you get stuff done at the same time can’t go wrong, let me just do it. Let me just do it before it gets dark, because once it’s dark it’s not, but it’s narrow angle the bast*****. How are we going to do it? Just put it on and now with Wi-Fi can take it in the other room and put it on all night. [NO BECAUSE WIFI & wireless emf microwave radiation = NUREMBERG CODE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY NON CONSENSUAL EXPERIMENT] You have an 8 hour limit, but uh. 46m Shit. Don’t touch this if you’re not, if it’s not cleaned, or if it’s not wiped with disinfectant. Should wash my hands. You gotta be entertaining though. It’s a b**ch man. it’s a pain, It is stressful, it is annoying I need to concentrate right here. I’ll just upload this afterwards. I’ll just upload this, right.. what, it’d it be like a 10 hour? Yeah, so? 720P. Damn, this thing keeps fogging up, man. I’m gonna have to have to do so[mething], OK. I’m going to stop it because I can, in QuickTime, it’s letting me now merge the clips. So let me stop it. Not waste. Waste not want not and all that sort of eh what old chap. I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go live once a week, so we’ll have a live stream a weekly. WEAK week. Sorry, but thats how it is, I’m not going to be daily yet, because you know. Facebook doesn’t count or the view count ain’t there. I mean, I know it’s bigger than what they.. we’ve tested it, we saw, anyway. But yea once a week put on the live thing and and sleep with it on too. I think it should be all the time. Just leave it on, tough ship, and people, you know, you get one or two people. At a time and at the end it’ll be bigger Would it be a bigger number? What if it’s not? Tough sh**** it’s on all the time. You’ll know. Let me put it on right now. I think I’m going to prepare for it, actually. I’m going to have like a format. I’m going to have like. 10 – 20 or questions or or points to make to answer. Prepare it properly. So I can deliver something and I’ll have that. And it just be prepared because I am putting something up once a week now. And if you can do something at the same time would be good. Now what am I gonna? So not now, this week it’s Wednesday, now on Sunday. I don’t do this on Sunday though, right? And Sunday is the best day. That’s when everyone’s free, they said. That was prime time TV, right Sunday. 48min Why is this f-ing fogging up? Here. Get the air from there. There is that better., By the way, I want to get another one. Another domain name is going to look like I have two tits if I have one there and one ha!. Is it going to look like t*ts?. And and the other ones a bit longer, it’s a little longer so it’s going to have to be.. the words will be smaller. Unless. I take a loan out and get for 15 million like Trump. I’m basically the Trump [before he was accused of committing NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY BY PUSHING THE DEADLIEST MRNA FAKE “VACCINE” CLOT SHOT FOR A 99.99% SURVIVAL FLU STATISTIC SUBSTITUTE] of the digital word of the digital real estate world. So, you know, I gotta get for 15 million. You’re lucky it’s not 50. Yeah, but Trump is broke too. Is that what they said he made no money [profit?].. see? I digress. This they say. I die.. We go here. Come on, man. One bag of day. Are you for real? Lets go, bro. And if I turn on the live, it’s gonna be distracting. It’s gonna make slow me down, I think. Because I’m my mind will be over there instead of here. Go. But I’m planning on doing the live some more. I’m planning on it cause it’s just great cause if it’s embedded on your website. I mean come on. That is just. That is just. Astounding. It will astound you. That is just. Stupefying. No, because that technology wasn’t there even just a few years ago, let alone the beginning of time.. to be lucky and God knows what they’ll invent next when we’ll be gone? 50min So I was looking at the Rosie O’kelly. Why am I watching them? Because, uh, because YouTube took away all the charts and all the you know, I can’t remember. I’d have to go see who else is worth watching. Or, you know, and they’re not always worth watching. But now again. I Tune In. I just want some real. You know, video diary type of thing, vlog type of thing and uh. He or I have to say she was said. What’d she say? Oh yeah, yeah. At the end she’s like, and I take notes too, so I can so I don’t have to listen to it again. Like in the file [title] itself, I’ll just put some keywords and timestamps so I know. The important bits that’s a good idea to do it if you can. But see now this.. Should I spray it? Yeah, just spray it. F** it.. You don’t have to. That’s what is this. See what I mean? They give you tons of this shit. Anyway, he wa.. she was like “we’re all sandcastles in the tide of time”. And I’m like, well, especially YouTube, hopefully they’ll get their comeuppance and they can come and go like the rest of us. But what’s the point in doing anything then? oh for fun. You enjoy it, yeah, yeah. Enjoyment. Enjoyment and contributing & helping others, yeah ok yea. It’s gonna fall apart and isn’t it? Is this the manual? Yeah, you need the manual for the hard drives yea they’re important. Ah! God can’t put it there because it’s dirty. Dont worry about it. Yea actually. Yeah, I said I could edit a show, you know, do a one hour special with Rosie O’kelly, Elbo, missy Jen everyone. I could just show, get all the highs and lows, put them together quick, edit because I have all that experience from the youtube days. Just just, you know, just get my own take on it or you know, edit of it. And I said, you know, shop it around, maybe I can get it like a finder’s fee or 20% agent fee or, you know, I’m also editing and putting it all together. But OK, it’s their content. I’m not really, I mean. It’s just the just a thought, but you can’t download. It’s not letting me download it very fast, right? Because it’s all copper. As I called, I got the phone call from BT. Theyre like “Yeah, it’s all copper in London and there’s very slow download”. So it takes like two hours to download one or two gigabytes [in 2021/2 we got fast fiber]. Which is like a.. Is that a one hour? How much was that? ‘cause there’s hour long videos on there. 53min That’s, you know, if it just takes too long, forget it.. gonna have to go and get it. And plus I should get on with my own products. But I just thought. If I can get a credit to do that and some success by collaborating? Why not? Then it’s not all about you because you know you helped others you and you collaborated with others. Although I’m just editing, right? I’m not gonna inject my commentary or anything. Yeah, but you got it out there ‘cause, you know, they can try. I don’t mind em trying. But you know, it’s going to take a lot of time and money, right, to put it together to get it out there. Try to get it out there. And if everyone says no, then it’ll just go on my web page. Oh my God. Look, OK, don’t do the paper anymore. It’s ridiculous. Especially the. I think this is just a guarantee. I don’t know. Never mind. Is this covered in bacteria and antiseptic spray now? And chemicals. Bacteria and chemicals let me wash my hands ugh… So this is practice I’m just warming up for the big live stream, for the constant live stream. I might do constant. I have done it, it doesn’t pay off & uh. But. You stick with it can you imagine.. yea but a lot of it’s boring, you gotta never shut up. No you can shut up. You can shut up. You can shut up because that’s life. Life is shutting up too. 55min Let’s go bro. What’s funny is when I see people that like other you know, just like a photo or something on facebook. I don’t really care about likes and I’m all about the views on my embedded on the embed on my website. But it’s just funny when I see that people are not giving me likes and then I see them liking other things. I’m like. You like that? Or you’re you’re sucking up to him or her or whatever. I get it, yeah. OK. But my life is not for you to like. I don’t really give a sh****. And I shouldn’t give a sh****. Can you Imagine if I said he’s saying, oh. You know, if I did give a sh**** and I’m like, Oh no, I didn’t get any likes. Or, you know, or somebody’s given me a like because they feel like they have to. And now I gotta reciprocate. And I don’t mind doing that for a few people but you know, you can’t do it with everyone. It’s a pain in the ass. Uh, anyway. 56m30  F-ck the likes. In “Real genius” that movie with the Val Kilmer he’s like, that kid right?  his roommate got in trouble or got made fun of, and he’s like, “I want to come home with you, mom. I want to leave school because they’re making fun of me”. What was that they joked about? they recorded him, was he, what did he.. oh that, they recorded him saying “I want to come home to you mom, I don’t like school.” They’re all laughing at that, they put on the PA system, the speakers in the cafeteria. “I wanna come home”. And uh, oh yeah, I guess you couldn’t take, he didn’t like it there or something. Why did he want to go home, though? You see I have to watch it again. I don’t really want to waste my time on that anymore, but I have seen these films lots of times. 57m20 What’s going on here? And I’m thinking. What was it? About Oh yeah. Oh Yeah, she goes “It’s not for you to like”. And I’m a teenager and I’m hearing that and I’m like. That sounds awesome. And sure enough, decades later. Facebook likes and dislikes. That’s hate, isn’t it? YouTube promotes hate because the dislike button is a hate button. Same thing. Dislike means I don’t like you. Means I hate you. Hate is just dislike taken to another [level] a little more, right? I dislike you very much means I hate you. Well, hate’s a bit strong i guess. It’s still hate.. if it’s hate to criticize people and to you know, to not accept them and kiss their ass all the time, which is what they.. you know. Piers Morgan has a nice book out he was advertising on LBC yesterday, right, where he’s talking about all the woke sh*** and woke originally was a good idea, but now they’ve taken it too far, so it’s shit. Look at all this sh**** man. See these are just kettle cables, they call them Oh my G yeah, from the kettle. Yeah, I need them. Get going. Kill the mouse bacteria now. Bpppb bbbpp bpbbpp bpbbpb pbpbbp bpbp Where were we? Yeah, it’s not for you to like. And I’m like, exactly. None of this is for you to like. Its for me to like. Isn’t it? Although if it’s a show like Seinfeld said, it’s supposed to be about the audience liking it, you know, it’s for them to enjoy, not for you. Yeah, OK, right. Well. My life is not really a show though, is it? I’m sharing it as a show. But. If you don’t like my life that’s not the same as if you don’t like my show.. where will we put this, maybe see you contaminated that side now. Whereas If I spray, ok decontaminate & stick em over there … Can you put them there, because there’s no room over there. I gotta run, reach over the I could move everything down. Yeah, I’ll do it in a bit. Thank God they have these 750 mil ones because they they did smaller ones and then they didn’t have any. And there’s Oh my God, you have to wait. I used to the Tesco and Sainsbury ones are much worse because they go in your lungs more. They spray all over the place and they smell like sh**** and they don’t dissipate and they keep floating in the air and it wasn’t as good. Whereas this it says you can even eat in the proximity of it OK, we’re done with that. Right. Yeah, not for you to like. Imagine if, you know. it’s all about you liking. few. F. U. I’ll do the liking around here! So Rosie Kelly called elbow. Elvis travels. Lazy and E begging and a Leech on society because well, I guess yeah, but you see, that’s what I’m thinking. He contributed entertainment, though, right? Even if he’s sitting on his ass just talking, it’s still something. It was what most youtubers do right you know, sit there and talk. And try to make it entertaining. If you can, you get off your ass and try to actually do something too. Which some people do more than others or not at all, and but the point is he was creating content. And OK, it’s limited and you know, not everybody can be. Whatever, like Wikipedia, that’s the same thing, right? They’re e-begging all the time. This is embarrassing. We’ve gotta ask you for, you know, even 2,2,5,20. Like he says, 5,10. Fifteen, $20. Wikipedia does it so are they leeches? well they contribute. They do give something back, don’t they? [NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY BY PUSHING THE COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE & DEADLIEST FAKE “VACCINE” CLOT SHOT & CLIMATE FRAUD] Still. they’re asking you for money. So there’s only the advertising model and the E-begging/ Bagging model, that’s it. And the merchandise. Maybe they should make Wikipedia T-shirts. 1h02 You see, this is very unnatural right now cause it’s not live and I feel weird just talking to that camera nonstop. for a bit. I can you know, if you have something important to say. But when it’s live, you just ramble on and on just sit to not kill the momentum of the the show cause you know to just sit &. You can imagine if this was the live show and I’m just sittin’ here going.. psssht psssht [spray] that’s life. Yes, I will do that. I will do that. And occasionally I’ll talk, you know no one will watch it though. fcuk’s gonna watch it. Fcuk them. Come back when something’s happening, or you know, or watch the yea highlights. Highlight reel. yea watch the edited version, but the live version will be there just as a, but then it’s like, you know, electronic tag.. This thing’s not getting clean, man. I wiped it a couple times already and it’s still black dirty, still still got that on it, still got smudges, like skid marks. Why? Well, that’s enough OK. 1h03 That’ll have to do. So these are just basic plugs. But plugs. Yeah, this. This one’s never been used. You can tell because it’s really tightly uh.. coiled how do you call this? wrapped. My god yeah. These are very handy though i’ve. Yeah, OK, do ti, go. So I’m not going to look at my watch even I’m so glad I didn’t turn on the computer. Because that would distract me and waste time. I wouldn’t get half the stuff done. Now the plan is. I’m sounding nasal because I know one side is blocked, but it’s also pinching me because I was trying to defog the glasses. The plan is to get going with this is gonna still take, I anticipate, till the end of the month because there’s just too many bags in there. And then I haven’t even started the suitcases and the drawers and closets. I don’t know how this ever happened, but there must be a hell of an inventory there. And that’s not even talking about the archive and the hard drives and all the, you know, the intellectual property. We’re just talking electronics. Clothes. That’s the two big ones. When I travel, there’s always electronics. Health and beauty aids. That sounds bad. Health and beauty products or toiletries. And clothes. So that’s the main stuff. And then there’s a miscellaneous one the, you know, stationary and all the rest of it. They say that here, don’t they? All the rest of it and all the rest “and all that”. That Russell said, I can’t wait to go over my old recordings, put them up there, you know? People want fresh content though. What am I going to label it as? I’m not going to put the date on it am i cause that turns people off if it’s old. Right? Should, should just make it., 1h5m  But then it’s got no value cause the one thing I learned from my folks was my dad’s boss in the foreign service said. See, they, I remember these things they told me, 1h5min “a document without a date as worthless”. On the other hand, it might be more valuable if you don’t put a date on it, cause people might not want to touch it if it’s not recent, or not if it’s ancient history or I dont know. Anh good to be honest, you can tell anyway. You can tell by little things that when some.. it looks like what it is. So. Because for one. Yea well. If it’s not 4K or 720, yeah. If it’s standard definition and it’s a 3:4 aspect ratio it’s probably pre 2000. Hehe.. What about music? They can hear it, man, they can tell. It’s actually been embarrassing if you said it was recent because they’d be like, holy sh**** they did that now?! You know after. Eminem and all those people on the scene, because that was all before that, so they could be OK that’s before certain things, you know, it’s it’s, it’s antique. Or vintage or my back cramp. Not really cramped, but just strain. Yeah, I need another one of those. 1h6m30 This is so weird talking like it’s a live stream when it’s not. Thank God, I got more of these. Thank God I got more of these. Thank God. this this has been. I mean, I don’t wanna do product placement, but I gotta give credit where it’s due. I mean, I gotta. I gotta get a record of this cause this made my year, my day, my life without this stuff, if I was in a foreign country without these products or something like them cause you never know, right? I need access to that. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. I wouldn’t be able to clean up my act. Let’s get my bbppp sh**** together. Wouldn’t be cleaning up my act .. cought in ze ektt. German accent, CHerman Eccent. Caught in ze ekt? hey is this clean over there dont worry about it.. Haa I’m getting all weird again like, I’m live, you see, the live spirit is coming up/out, you see, I mean, like right now nobody is listening to this, right? It’s just me and the camera. But if I put it out there, I might upload it either tonight or this weekend, if I put it tonight, it’ll be fresh. 1h08 I like fresh content, you know everyone likes it fresh, right? Like current, at least same day or thereabouts. Because it goes there like meat in the supermarket, it seems. Fresh produce. It is good for three days, yeah, but they like it, they want it live. They’ve become spoiled. Live I would have to have a 4K backup cause the quality sucks on Facebook, it’s [sub]standard def [death]. And the microphone and all that. Although now I’ve got that external thing that maybe I can plug in the mic. Gonna try that, I’ve got an external box with a bunch of ports. Virgin ports. Grab im he’s a virgin. Bpppp pshhhhh Man walks into a bar. Kkhh khhh kkhhh I gotta write down all my jokes, I got thousands of them on there on that document oh I gotta go through my document too. Its endless I’m telling you, hopefully I can get going. So yeah um. Man walks into a bar. Heh they told me this in high school when I was 14. Imagine corrupting a minor like that. No wonder I came out so well. This guy was a kid and you know Hixon & Binzen I was skateboarding with & now they’re not even answering my Facebook shit. I guess uh.. But we were good friends for a whole year, right? My prep.. my first year. Then he goes uh. Guy goes in a bar and says “May I fart”. I think I already said this. Can imagine if I keep saying the same jokes over there over again and then different streams. Well they deserve repetition, everyone else is repeating themselves 1000 times. A good joke deserves to be told a few times. And don’t you ever forget it. I’m just kidding. Yea he says may i fart. And they say OK. Pwwwwhhhhew. And another one, says may I fart. And he goes bbbpppppp. And they go “grab him he’s a virgin” [english accent] . Kkhh khhk khkhh That’s not true though, right? Maybe it is.. Shit lets have a listen. 1h10m20 So you see all this adult humor, It’s just funny how everyone else is allowed to do it except you. And I like to keep up with interesting personalities who are allowed to do everything that we’re not. Or if we do it well, we’ll never hear the end of it, or you know, we’ll be outcasts like.. Larry Flynt. He’s on there now, right? He said that his uh circulation went from 3 million to 100,000. Is that sales though cause I was in Greece.. well Larry, it’s because they’re charging too much. cause I was in Greece & I wanted to live the old days again. I wanted to relive my youth and, you know, which I still have, I feel, that’s another thing. If you look youthful, that’s still pretty good. Like Joan Collins, I would do right because she’s 90. but five apartments doesn’t hurt either cause you can, you know, try different positions in different apartments and that makes it exciting. By the way all this is humor. 1h11m20 But she looks good for her age, right? So she looked younger, she looks very nice. So yeah, I find her attractive but with the photoshopped photos. I don’t know what how she looks like in real life, but heheheh can you imagine then you see her in real life AAARGGGHH!. But Joan Collins, yeah, no i’m just saying cause that looks better, you know, it’s good to to look a bit better than you are, you know like like I’m thinking people with white goatees, you know do you really want to look like the woman’s great great grandfather? is that your.. [goal] I mean then you can’t complain if she doesn’t get turned on.. some women get turned on. Maybe that’s what you’re into Daddy. Issues. Sorry, granddaddy issues. Who’s your granddaddy.. But I was saying I lost my train thought now I started off saying something I flew off when it tangent I have to check the video. Let me mark it if I do this [wave train of thought]. Then when I Fast forward that I can find this spot and get back to it. See, cause I’m going to go over everything arent i.. well I am, I am.. I do.. can you imagine listening to this all over again. Oh my God, the drivel. 1h12m30 The uh.. thats it, its literature, man. This is literature. You know cavemen wrote it down. We’re recording it. It’s much better isnt it.. you can get a lot more out this way or and lose a lot more too but anyway.. yea I was gonna say something man oh sh** I’m gonna have to check it and get back to you tune it next next time. So will this be a daily event? Let me think. Will this be a daily event? 1h13m00 A daily recording. Yeah, why not. I obviously have the knack for it. I’ve got the gift of gab sometimes. that’s what that Elvis [travels] character said that guy, his name is Zia Marshall Khamou. He thinks he’s a celebrity. I’m doing a case study on all these Internet personalities, right? You know the the plus and minus and conclusion. What we learned and you know the good and the bad about them and so I write it down. I used to write it all down in a Word document. Then it became a pages document and now I don’t like to be on the computer all the time. If I’m in bed and I have a thought, I don’t want to run to the computer, turn on the computer. I’ve started writing it down by hand in my sketchbook. Maybe I should take this off. I’m going to get fumes right from this. I’m going to be breathing dettol [devil.] Best not. Get throat cancer from that sh* right. 1h14m00 Ear nose and throat cancers plural. I hate it when they say cancers plural. Like it’s not enough that you can get it once, you gotta get it more. Cancers. Which brings us to who’s gonna have 100 years from now? Will all this be like uh? See it’s good I can raise raise all these points while I’m doing this. Cause you don’t need much brains to spray and wipe cables unless you’re concentrating on the type of cable and separating them, which I’m going to do after. So I can put all of them, the like ones together and find things quickly, and then I gotta list them on my inventory, which I didn’t do for all these decades and that’s why I’m in the mess I’m in. But who wants to do that anyway? But yea who’s gonna have that in the fu[ture]..? Ok we said you gotta set up a trust. Yeah, but they’re gonna just.. That’s what I don’t understand, all these trusts right, Onasis owns asses.. All these trusts. What’s to stop them from just selling off the assets and the retiring to Hawaii. Although it can be a little boring in Hawaii. 1h15 I was looking at.. by the way apartments. I found this great site Rob Lowe sold this house for 45 million. Imagine the idiot that bought that because Rob Rob low Rob. Blah blah blah. Rob Lowe. Low life. Heeeh Rob, hi, rob. Hi. No, he’s great. He’s great. He’s great. I think he’s great. And Ellen degenerate, sorry, DeGeneres is kissing his ass** right, because they live in Montecito. But it’s great. You get a lot of information on, like Ellen DeGeneres and her Porscha Portia. Sell the.. they flip houses and sell them every couple years. It said. Learn a new thing every day, but uh.. I was gonna say something again.. See, I do this so when I rewind when I go scroll through the tape or scrub, not tape but the video. The file, I can find it quicker cause I’ll see the hand and I’ll be like, oh, there’s something there, then I’ll stop and I’ll listen to what was said before so I can find. It’s the lost train of thoughts [wave train of thought].. Last train to London, last train to London. Here you we’re going to do another copyright parody. Change the lyrics and and and one note to make a different so you can’t get sued for copyright ship last train to London. Just getting on.. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. I’m telling you those recordings sound so much better than anything today because they didn’t over process them. I guess it’s like cooking with artificial. That’s what it is. That’s what this is. There’s more of a purity. I mean, they’re not completely pure obviously because they went through all kinds of processing, but now they’ve taken it too far. It’s like where you’re eating plastic food. 1h17 Or, you know, it’s too. Yeah. Anyway I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, I wonder. You know, talking to yourself for f***g hours its bound to be boring after a while, isnt it, bound to be boring for the audience. Maybe it’s not about the audience. Well, then why are you talking? Its for me, it’s for me man. So I can come up with ideas and concepts and stuff and. And create a. Well It is about the audience, No no it it is. It is a ping pong thing. It is a two way. Holy mazola look at that. Are we done here? I think we’re done here. 1h17m50 Donald Trump’s covid [CONVID] cure. Donald Trump covid [CONVID] cure. Slurp. Donald Trump said to disinfect my insides. BLLEAAAGHH God I haven’t puked in a while. Have you? When was the last time you puked? So there’s all these phobias and philias, right? But emetophobia, emetophilia, there’s a group of sickos that like puke. And a yea like 2 girls and 1 cup, thats allowed on the internet of course but we’re not allowed to not do it. & they’re puking. They’re puking and sh****ing everywhere, right? Even even if it’s ice cream was that no ice cream would melt so it can’t be that. I need to look at that again and see what it was.. is this a mouse bite? Looks suspicious to me, man. There’s definitely some bite of some sort. I’ve got the light. Bite. Is that a bite? 1h19 Yea, could be. And this is a Thunderbolt cable. I need this man. Spray it down some more. Yea. So, as I was saying, living in California yeah, up on the hill as long as you can leave. That goes for everywhere, right? As long as you can get the F out of there, fine. cause you know, if you don’t like it, you’re like, well, that’s not gonna last I mean, I’m gonna go somewhere else soon. And uh.. yeah, so we were saying dirt and someone flipped a house. What was going on over there? Uh. I have to check. I was going to say something. I forgot that. Sorry, real estate. Real estate? That might be a bite man. Is this Thunderbolt? Yeah, lightning. Thunderbolt. What’s goin on here? Almost done. You know it, actually is more fun like this cause if my mind is only on cables, it can be a bit boring. 1h20 It could be a bit, it can be less fun. Whereas if I’m doing this, I’m joking around and I’m thinking funny thoughts & my mind wanders a bit and you know, it’s more enjoyable, I think. But w’ell soon find out. this just practice for the live stream that’ll be happening soon. Weekends I take off now I stopped working on weekends cause I lost a lot of my life editing on weekends and trying this and that. I’m like no, weekend, you know, 90% of the world isn’t doing it why should we..  well pilots do, I guess its all kinds of people that do but. I need the air. I need to get out and get some fresh air. I need the.. look at that. I’m done with these. The digital [experimental wireless bluetooth carcinogen] 1h21m00 ones work much better, I’m very happy with the digital one even though you got a charge it I switch it off every night. And I like the digital [wireless] one much better than this. So we’re done with this right mouse. Digital mouse and we got the analog ones in the in the walls over there that come out at night and contaminate all your sh* so um yeah, exactly, sh! keep quiet cause i don’t want to get evicted. Where am I going next though that’s the thing, where we going next? They want me to.. anyway one thing at a time. Hang on. Why it’s fogging up again, I gotta wash my hands and defog. So this. Yeah, just put it there don’t worry about it & move that sh**** over there to the second table and then we’ll have more space on the first table. I’ll do that as soon as I’m done here. Because that’s clean, right? So mice. Do I get rid of these mice? Haha Digital and analog.  [continued….] 1h22  Can’t lose the analog ones, but the digital ones do I need this. I’m done with these, man. Thank God, I thought I was going to use these forever, but now the digital ones. So much nicer I’m going to keep. What do I do? Do I throw these out? I dont know. I’ll decide after I no, because the old ones don’t take digital [wireless]. I’m still using old laptops cause until I figure out until I’m sure that I don’t need the old ones, I’m still using them. I’m still going to keep them. cause they they work with final cut seven and other things that I could do other things with them possibly. I’m still not done with the old ones yet, so no I’m keeping those from now. Let’s put them over here cleaner. I gotta move shut down there, ok wait. Did I spray all of this area? So we’re recording this on the Z 90 with a.. 1h22 I’m not going to tell you what microphone, although maybe I have in the past. My glasses are fogging up like a perverted school teacher. Male, of course the females. Female, yeah. It’s funny how women get away with everything with a lot of stuff and OK. OK, let me. So I’m talking like I’m thinking someone’s gonna listen here because I might put this up afterwards. sh* Should I should put this up? f******* boring, man. Tough sh***. You know these live streams, I‘ve never watch them. I never really watch them. I listen to them while I’m doing other things. It becomes like, you know, it’s like a radio. And I’ll take the odd notes now if it’s something important, important information, useful information, or funny entertainment. I’ll make a note right on the file itself sometimes or sometimes I might put it in my document. Transcript type of thing. This is from an old laptop. Take that off because it’s gross. By the way, this is how they break. They get short circuit and all that, you know, so that’s why it’s covered probably take it off. I need to clean it. But yeah, I it just becomes a like a radio, yeah. I’m not going to watch you sitting on your ass talking, am I? 1h24 So same with this. Same with this. Whoever. And again, I’m talking like I’m broadcasting. I don’t wanna do that. I’m talk.. be soft spoken. So friends in the neighborhood I gotta get back to my A4 [letter size] number paper. Which could be embarassing if you’re a couple, right? If you’ve got a list of all the, well, the phone does the same thing. That’s, how do couples control. Do they lock their phones from each other? That’d be funny, right? ‘cause back in the day, up until. You know, it just stopped because I had a, you know, steady girlfriend. I had a page with everyone on it. And uh, so I could just go down the list and call people. And then it became another page and then became a book eventually, after years. And now I don’t know if any of the numbers are good, but and you know, if you if you didn’t put a mnemonic next to it, you’re never gonna know who it was. You know, “ugly mof” hah I’m just kidding something descriptive to remember them by or a date would be nice, that would be nice too a real date both senses of the word but. Saying. Where was I? Os this is OK now? So this is one of the laptop power cables and they don’t make them anymore, right? So “do be careful 007” [James Bond quote]. Uh. This one too. Another one a bunch of. Somebody told me to throw out all my laptops. Yeah. No. 1h26 You know, like Givenchy you’re a hoarder, right? If you keep anything. But what if you just put it somewhere tidy, get a warehouse? Is that a hoarder? cause that’s half the companies in the world, right? Amazon’s a hoarder hehe And all the fashion houses and all their libraries of Congress and all that. By the way, I sent one of my songs, one of my recordings, to the Library of Congress. I have the copy here. I have the receipt. So then I wonder if they still have it that’d be funny. I’m going to go over all of that now to do a complete inventory of everything and keep going. Get cracking. Not sure i want it out there though. Swiss. Swiss security. So I was saying, yeah, I know some people in the neighborhood. Oh yeah, that’s what I should get my A4 paper out again because I’m not gonna look at, go through the phone all the time. That’s not as good as you see. It’s all going back to old school basics if you don’t have a piece of paper with a with 100 names on it. I mean that that cannot. To see 100 names on one piece of paper, analog is a lot better than a digital phone with 1000 names that you can’t see all at once. Well you gotta Scroll down. I guess you can scroll down. That’s OK. But it’s still better to.. they still can’t beat the original. So Larry, Larry Flynt said print is dead. We saw the writing on the wall 20 years ago and it’s it’s. But I think that’s just for dirty magazines. We know books are still selling and and not just that silly Amazon. Tinder, what’s it called? No, not yeah. I gotta try that again too. I haven’t really tried it. I put it. I just could be, couldn’t be F’d hehe metaphorically and physically and literally. Couldn’t be bothered, man. Go through that ship. I wouldn’t mind if I’m in the mood, but only after I’ve done all this. Its cause I had it for years man, I didn’t need it, you know, I had it offline why would I need it on.. so although a little variety would have been nice too, but I had that before. So with the A4 paper, yeah, I got to do that so I can keep in touch with everybody in the neighborhood because you forget them and they forget you. Unless you bump into them I mean, it’s mostly people that work around here in these small businesses and cafes and restaurants. And. So Leonardo di Lorenzo said he wants to collaborate. I said I need an orchestra to the theme song to my show, right? At least at least a couple, you know, one or two songs would be nice to have a proper orchestra to play them because. This electronic sh* really.. & he’s like well I’ve got some something like it you know its electronic, but it’s it’s very acoustic sampled and but call me before Christmas now so. 1h29 Shall I do that? I don’t think I’m gonna be finished with everything else. Well you know get going get cracking. But yeah, you can hire an orchestra, he said a small orchestra is 70 people pffft can you imagine. That would just blow my mind though, to see 70 people play my composition decomposition. Andrew Lloyd Webber is decomposing. Beethoven is decomposing. Ron Jeremy had a joke right 5th movement bbbppppp [“blow raspberry”]. Uh.. He got done now for assault and the r word, I’m not even saying it, nothing to do with that. But do you believe that? Can’t believe Ron Germy. The germy. Hyatt. I wonder, nothing to do with the hotel chain huh? That would be funny if he did, but uh, anyway, I don’t know. Just shows you can’t be too careful and that Larry David sketch of asking the girl before you do anything is just quite funny and pertinent. Do you mind if I put my hand on your lap? Do you mind if I spit in your tongue? That’s that’s very romantic. I’m joking you don’t say it that way, but you know you. Oh, yeah, can I put the camera he recorded it. Can imagine recording everything. Yeah, we’re we’re live, so I have permission to kiss you. To piss you. So I’ve been watching WillieD too. This is what I should do. I’m going to get this format down. We’ll go over like the basics and then I’ll tell you what I’m watching. You know, things, bits of information, like Willie D. came up. I think youtube promoted him, obviously. And it’s just funny, he said some nice things, although some guy was putting him down like “why do you beg for donations when you just giving your opinion on this and on that” there’s a funny video on that criticizing him doing that. 1h31 But that’s what.. you see again, is that e-begging? this whole thing is the whole business model is is e-begging, it’s our advertising or donations and is donations.. God this is a really old one [cable]. I need the light behind the lens, damn it. Ebegging. So yeah, I’m. So I’m wondering if I go around liking everyone else’s posts, are they gonna come back and like [mine] ha!, that’s so childish, so childish. You see, I don’t want to get into that whole stupid thing. I’m about the views and not your stupid likes or comments or ratings. & those ratings were so stupid too cause youLube used to have..  maybe I should peel this off cause it looks dingy. YouLube used to have.. yea but it protects it against moisture, man.. yea well get something else. YouLube had the five star rating system, which is much better cause you can see, you know, there’s five levels, not yes or no, black and white. Oh, he got turn 10, you know. 10,000 likes and 1000 dislikes or vice versa. This thingv’s so dingy yella [Daniella]. God, do i have to transcribe this now? There’s some interesting bits there, I guess. What am I going to do? 1h33 Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to do this, I was going to do.. well. Some live streams will be dull. And you can always be full on all the time. Can you? You can, but it’s that’s not much fun either. Too much of anything is. So yes or no? put it there. Oh my God. It’s it’s endless. And this is just a fraction. Can you imagine? We’ll continue doing it. We’ll continue doing it every day. It’s got to be done. I’m doing it. It’s good. Oh my God, it’s soaking down there. There’s a crack in the table and it goes right down, it’s designed with a little hoop in the middle. And there’s the rim around it. Ring around the Rosie, I’m really Rosie and I’m Rosie real.. Carole King. Just change one word to not copyright it. Uh, you better believe me, I’m not a great big deal. Somebody gave that to me when I was a kid, right? And so now it’s like part of my repertoire. 1h34 By the way I used to play piano a lot and everything by ear. And I had hundreds of songs in my re[pertoire] I can still do it, figure them out easy keys like key of C. “Nothing in the key of c” [yes]. KFC. Oh this is an american cable, look at that.. so bring that, put that in the american bag. That’s another thing. 1h34m30 I have to have two bags. I have to have a bag ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice. That’s another thing. Never again do I want to be hassled and and lose my trip or up all night to travel or days to figure out where everything is. So I’m going to make a list, the basics at least you know, at least the basics and whatever’s missing, like, you know, like battery chargers I can’t have battery chargers for travel and battery chargers for here, right? I’m going to be using the same ones. Well, at least a checklist. At least a checklist and a lot of the things already packed that’ll be good. Or or earmarked, you know, put in the right place I can find em. And will there be trips? Absolutely. [you betcha] I can’t wait. So I’m thinking I’ve got a list of places I’d like to go, and it’s going to be better than ever. Or maybe not. Maybe it might suck. But I’m gonna have it, “certainly gonna try” [jerry lewis dont raise the bridge lower the river quote]  to have a good time. Enter.. and infotain.. entertain & info. Info nympho. And uh, cartooning again.. oh Yeah, so. So Larry Flynt is like, yeah, print is dead. His magazine is not selling anymore. Right over. It’s like three. It’s 100,000 instead of three million. So. but books are, right? 1h36 And not just that, Kindle. That’s the one. Not Tinder, kindle. Why is it always wood? Get wood. Kindle and Tinder. I don’t like Kindle I mean you know, I don’t like that. I want to be able to get my PDF and not need your proprietary bullsh** to view it. Sorry, I’m using my laptop, I’m not using.. or my phone or even the phone is too small. Well that’s why I got the big one to see, and it weighs a ton compared to the regular phone. So I’m not sure I like that either. But uh.. I’m not into Kindle and Nook and all that sh**** because can I see the photos on it? Can I uh.. I just don’t like proprietary bullsh** monopolies and all that, OK? necessarily, when I can have it here in PDF and see it immediately.. same with iTunes, I don’t like, I mean it’s ok, VCL too or VLC, I can put one song after the other, that’s good so I don’t have to keep clicking on it and itunes is good for that or sometimes you know but in general. I’m getting tired of hearing my voice. Are you? There’s gonna be that, that’s gonna be an issue, isn’t it? I need to bring someone, you need to bounce off someone else. Is that right? 1h37m20 Um, some people. I can pull it off even if it’s going to be annoying after a while. Already my mouth is starting to dry out. My my brain is starting to glaze over. Right? I’m like. Pff. What am I talking for? Just for, you know, the audience. Like, if it wasn’t? For that I’d just shut the F up and. Relax. cause it is a little stress. It’s the kind of stress you don’t realize is happening. And a. What I like about it is, you know most people aren’t going to watch the whole.. know much of it, right? Although when I watch a live stream do I, I don’t watch 4 hour live streams in their entirety. No way. I don’t watch them at all, actually. I only listen and I might have a peek now and again, I’m not going to sit there for four hours watching someone ramble and. Right. So you need a highlight reel that I would watch, you know, four minute, yeah, 4 seconds or 4 minutes, but you know, four hours. 1h38m25  Even I don’t wanna waste my life on that. Although, but in the background, unless I’m transcribing it and doing something else. Productive. But something you know not just that.. maybe I should just put highlights. Yeah, you do that. “That’s good. That’s good George. You do that. You do that. [good for you]” So uh. Am I gonna have a family and kids? That’s the big thing now. And my sibling. Is that the irreparable? Well, you know, it’s people just disappeared what can you do you know someone disappears they disappear both physically and mentally or what do you call it.. Physically and psychologically mentally and emotionally, yea, it’s all neglect, abuse and neglect, right? 1h39m30 Abuse is the opposite of neglect, isn’t it? Neglect is not giving a sh **** at all and never being there. It’s funny, like most people I know are either not all there or not there at all haha. not there at all. Not all there or not there. I don’t want to give all my catch phrases away, especially I shouldn’t be. This thing [surgical mask] is going to stop my the audio isn’t it from being good. I can’t breathe this sh*t though I don’t want to breathe this. So I have to redo it. I have to redo the good good bits I guess or. Or tough sh*t [touch ship]. That’s just how it is. Because it’s the fumes, right? I’m. I would breathe these fumes. Maybe I’m OK now. There’s no dust on these now maybe let me. Let me. OK. eah, just keep it on for now. We’ll try. Let me try that. OK, so does that. I want to compare the audio 123 testing 123123 testing 1-2 of course is going to be higher frequencies and all that because there’s not muffled. But now I can’t have this on because it’s going to go in there all the spray and germs and mouse bacteria and chemicals from this are going to go in there, right? So I gotta take this off entirely or put it on. I don’t wanna breathe all that, man. I don’t want in my eyeballs either. So. Do this for now, by the way, I’ve seen people wear these masks and their ears are like falling off. 1h41 It’s like pulling their ear off, so be careful. Oh shoot, I washed the gloves and I dried them with the dishwashing rag, which I shouldn’t have because now that’s contaminated or, you know, you don’t want to risk eating utensils, your cutlery and plates on that now so yeah, where were we? [english accent] Uh. Why am I wearing these yeah, because I don’t have time to color coordinate I don’t know where anything is, can’t find anything. I couldn’t even find my yellow gloves. You think I want to wear pink gloves with orange and yellow banana yellow or.. You know you think I like 2 tone clashing colors no. And where my ring pink? Yeah, do you think I like to look you know, like I’m a pink color type. I like pink actually, because it’s, you know, it’s one of the colors. It’s girls, isn’t it? Girls and. Babies is blue, right? Girls. Yeah, but I don’t like these stereotypes. I mean, pink is a color. It’s for everyone. It’s not just for you. OK? Just like the rainbow got hijacked. It’s not just for you lot. Everybody. Can’t hijack, you cant.. it’s for everyone. So yeah, I know what I was going to say. I just remembered now you know what made me remember it. Real estate, I was thinking, sh**** did I just put like, chemicals all over my I’m going to breathe this now. Is this wet? Is this is full of chemicals? No, because you know your home is a priority. And I’m looking at homes. And Hawaii. I guess because it’s secluded, nobody wants to live there except to go there for a little bit and leave because you get island fever and cabin fever and all that. Even though it’s wonderful, it is limiting, right. You can’t run away and unless you know it’s a four hour flight, 5 hours if the wind’s are going and to L.A & that’s not exactly great either. ‘cause it’s a wasteland, I was told by justar. But yeah, I can.. this thing make too much. You see, they didn’t tell me that when I bought this chair that it’s going to be making farting noises while I record. Imagine. assh*les. Make a note of that chair company and don’t do business with them again. I should do a chair review. Can you imagine that a review, it makes farting noises. That might be the the pillow that I put, there’s a cushion and I put anyway should be sitting on it. To prevent hemorrhoids. 1h44 So. Uh. Prices in Hawaii are have gone from like a million and a half. I saw several a couple of apartments I saw that were 1.7 million twenty years ago and he’s selling it for 300,000 now. I’m like, Oh my God, and it’s right near the beach. It’s right in front near Duke statue and you know, Hyatt Hotel. That was my area when I was there. That’s where I got my camcorder stolen and I recorded the thieves before they stole it with the with my GoPro. You see I had the GoPro running and it recorded the two.. I don’t want to say, you know, their ethnic background, I mean for various reasons could play a role or couldn’t, right? It’s still, you know, this thieves of every ethnic background but I did catch them [record]. Yeah, I forgot the camera. 1h45 I got up because I had it on my shoulder and I had the bag & the towel and I just finished swimming and I left it, I forgot the camera on the bench for literally about a few seconds and I turned around and to get it again and they were gone and so was the camera. And I don’t care about the camera so much cause they’re obsolete as soon as you buy them and you need a new one every now &, you know, every year or two or actually now these, they haven’t really put one out for.. Well, back then it did it. It was 4K that summer. So I finished. I never used it again. I bought a new one and then I didn’t even use it because 4K came out right after. So it was obsolete even the second one that I bought to replace it, I never used because it was obscolete as soon as I.. They keep making that anyway. I don’t know what to do with it now, because if it’s not 4K, forget it, yea no I can’t use it. I have to give it to someone else, what a waste. But you know that was 2014 and. Uh. Yeah, so they’re selling those apartments and I’m like, God, that’s a good deal, isn’t it? ‘cause they’re going to get that for that price on the beach in a warm paradise. You can swim every day, although that I wonder why there’s no sharks there, by the way, because they got shark attacks in different parts of in Maui and in the North Shore, but not in Waikiki cause it’s shallow or there’s a reef there. I did see some turtles swimming I videoed them from my window. And they told me you’re not allowed to touch them. Even though I did brush one off, well I brushed it, I did pat one. He was like, no, don’t tell anybody, no, you’re allowed to touch them. Oh yeah? 1h47 he touched me. So he goes to jail. Do not collect 2000 dollars $200 so I’m just thinking Hawaii. Oh God, I would love it. Oh my God. It’s better than this, isn’t it? No matter how many women are around, now, it’s not a woman thing anymore either, cause originally it was like a social thing and a romantic.. Notice how hey say romantic instead of sexual ‘cause it’s impolite to say sexual. It’s always how’s your romantic life. If you say how is your sex life ooh! that’s perverted. That’s so rude. That’s so inappropriate. How’s your romantic life? Aww.. That’s OK, yeah. So how’s your day? So, you know, I’m just saying, when I went to Tenerife, I didn’t see any single women walking around where very few ‘cause, you know, when it’s hot, you’re not going to walk around in the street, well, less anyway, whereas here there’s nowhere to go but the street. In America, it’s all freaking malls. Private malls where you’re not allowed to do anything, not allowed to video your life or anyone elses. Wheres here the street. You see where I live. It’s gotta have free street photography freedom, freedom of the press. Not that I want to be press/ed. I don’t wanna be your considered a journalist because they get killed. Everyone hates them. Talk about a hated group. That’s the most hated group in the world, right? By dictators, dick takers who run the world. They hate critics. Metacritic. So that took a couple hours didn’t it. I could check the video how long it took. And I’m still not done. Look, so iPods, do I keep those, throw em out? all this sh****.. I wanna cough.. outside the mask. Think outside the box Max mask. Masked Max. Haha Andrew Dice Clay’s son.. Max. Masked masks. That’s a tongue Twister, isn’t it? Masked Max? Mad Max, Mad Masked Max. Glasses fogged up again. So yeah hawaii. And I’m looking at Venice. Oh yeah. Oh, oh dirt has I looked up. You know, they have sections categories, influencers, that that’s YouLubers. And you know, it’s just and they’ve got. What’s his face? Casey Nay naysayer Neistat. Got his house on there in Venice, I guess they [crumply plastic bag noise] There’s no way. Sorry, one second. Noisy. hell is this? I was in library once and this old man comes in and he goes. [crumply plastic bag noise] For about half an hour and starts blowing his nose. I’m trying to concentrate and do my project. 1h50 My movie. This is, uh, how long ago was it? 2005. I stopped going there. Leicester Square library. Yeah, I’ve been working on this movie since 2005. No, no. I left it though, you know, I did it for a couple of years and then left it. I went over all the stuff, I logged and captured and transcribed and got. Couple 100,000 photos from the VIDcaps from the videos. I hope that the hard drive still work. We’re gonna find out very soon. And I’m gonna put them as a fast time lapse thing [montage]. I don’t know if I want to put commentary because that’s a bit tricky. If it’s annoying it ruins it. But like I’ve done in the past where I wanna redo it now and it’s a bit set up so maybe just shut up well you can always turn it off, but it’s got to be soft spoken and gentle easy listening. Dot com is available is it nah. Where were we? Again, I forgot my train of thought. [wave train of thought]. Let me put this so I can find it later. See if I’m. If I’m scrubbing through the video, I can find that and then see what. Train of thought I forgot or what idea I forgot and I might be able to get it back. And make a note of it. Uh, where are we? So in Greece this this these two guys told me about a live stream some, i think it was a Asian lady woman just live streaming herself, sitting at a desk doing nothing  & she got well known, you know, people like, hey, let’s go see you that person who does.. she must have done something, no, she was suicidal or.. she doesn’t do it anymore. 1h52 Some livestreams are just. Not gonna watch that for long, though, are you? But you might come back and check. I think you have to talk. I think you have to talk most of the time, right? Imagine if I just sat there. Another iPod cable do I need this? we’ll see if the iPod works. Are people using their phones as iPods now? I don’t like sh**** on my ears when I’m outside anyway, I’d like to hear it here. I want to hook up my genelec speakers again & listen to it properly to the chagrin of 1h52m40 my neighbors who are ignoring me.. There’s a couple from Hong Kong next door and they’re very nice. I met them once. I knocked on the door. Well, I met through the window I met the lady and I think she’s got a boyfriend because she.. who dances yea he’s ok, contemporary dance hip hop guy.. Very nice, but I think they want nothing to do with me, I guess when you’re a couple you don’t want the neighbor around, is that it? Because even upstairs, once there was an American couple and we got along fine but OK, I’m not, I don’t wanna say “clean cut” because I’m not dirty, right? If you look dirty, it’s worse than not than being dirty, cause nobody cares if you are not, they care what you look, but well, it it’s as bad as.. how you look is as bad as what you are is as important as what you are so you have to and.. once I went to say you know just and he was he was like.. it looks like you’re interfering. They’re gone now, and they have kids so that’s that. But at the time. I’m like, uh, you know, it’s gonna look funny if you’re he’s away at work and you’re knocking on the door. Not a good idea. So I didn’t do that. Uh. Do I work from home? Yeah, this my editing studio. This is my office. It’s my orifice. Gotta do it somewhere. I’m not going to rent another office just so it’s not from home. It’s and it’s, it’s not really home anymore because. I sleep around. Khhkh khhk khh 1h54m20 By the way, the phone doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know what happened there. I gotta go get a phone and the only one that I like is up an Angel islington [argos] so I gotta. We’ll take care of that next one thing at a time. I had to do this first. I’ve gotta do a couple of bags a day. I’ve gotta do another bag now because one bag isn’t enough per day, is it? I don’t wanna eat too late though, certainly before 9. Which is already terrible. It should be before 6 or before whatever, but no nine’s OK if you’re up late. God this is sticky. It’s icky, icky, and sticky. But yeah um. So that Elvis travels Guy Zia Marshall khamou. Miss Goof masgoof [iraq dish]. He’s put on some.. He’s put on a ton in five years, I guess. 1h55 Living in your van. Not good, not good & no gym cause I saw.. Rosie told me to go to the 2015 playlist. I started downloading it last night but you know, it takes a long time cause the copper wire Internet in London is too slow. But I brought him up. Like, where did I bring him? Oh yeah, he’s like, I got the gift of the gab. I think we’re done here. I got the gift of the gab and then he just repeats himself 100 times. Uh, and that’s not the gift of the gab, is it? You gotta move the conversation along. By the way Howard sperm. kkhh khh kkh  ppt ppt ppppt ppt Howard’s sperm. Howard Stern. Isn’t that funny how they add them judging musicians when he’s not one himself? Haha 1h56 That was just ridiculous. Just because he’s known, you see that? Well, yeah. And and he has no knowledge or taste in music or, he said Michael Jackson sucked. He didn’t see the point. He didn’t see why Michael Jackson was a good musician. I mean, if you don’t hear that, you are tone deaf. You you are. You’re not fit to judge pop music. Sh it went in my eyes now you see it was good to have the goggles on. You have no business judging pop music if you think Michael Jackson was a bad pop musician cause he was the most successful ever in the history of humankind. Or top right, top three or 10 or whatever. So if you think that’s not.. musically, I’m talking. Do you think he was guilty or innocent? I think. I think Macaulay Culkin is trustworthy. I’ve seen comments on YouTube where they’re like, there’s Macaulay Culkin and they’re like, isn’t that the kid that MJ was ahem-ing? and you know, they phrased it so without accusing it, but they’re implying it or asking it and you know, it’s just like.. Do I think he’s innocent or guilty? It doesn’t matter. Can you prove it.. & not just that. I think.. what’s his face? Bill Meyer said there was a little, he thinks there was a little grabby, grabby. Grabby. Grabby? i.. you wouldn’t pay 40 million. He didn’t wanna OJ trial. In general, I think innocent till proven guilty. That’s what I think. If you can prove it, or if you can.. and those two that came out afterwards, Uh. Nah.. nah, no because they proved them lying. They proved the treehouse wasn’t there at the right time or whatever. Or it’s just I don’t. I don’t know. but innocent til proven giuilty, 1h58m15 Kiss Gene Simmons said great musician but the man no, not good from what he thinks, but yea where the smoke, there’s fire. But this one, he them.. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t.. I’ll leave that one alone for now. No cause Zia Marshal Khamou, cameo camo4x4s. What happened to camo4x4s and all these old Youtubers? YouLubers. And I think they all failed finally to get, you know, financially successful or Influencial or anything. But yeah, he brought a kid in his van and that’s why YouTube terminated him. 1h59 But also for false copyright striking Rosie O’kelly 100 times or whatever. But he brought a kid in his van, right? And he says he’s 18, but he should have shown the ID. If he showed the i.d you know, you can’t argue with that. But he just brought him in the front seat and then he wouldn’t show the id and then you turned the camera off. So it looks a bit weird. Everyone’s like, what happened? Can you tell us that nothing happened.. they’re all getting nosey, obviously nothing happened, otherwise he’d be in jail cause it would be easily tracked and proven and whatever. So, but YouTube terminated him, probably for the copyright ship w/Rosie O’kelly. But. I’m just saying he just stepped in his van for a couple of minutes on the live stream, and if it’s streaming live, that’s evidence that nothing happened, although he should have kept it on. You see he shouldn’t turn off the livestream. You should have kept him on and then tell him goodbye, make him leave, and he’d have all the evidence you need. But, you know, turn it off now. There’s all these questions. But. Michael Jackson had them in his bed, so if that’s legal. If it’s you know non romantic, shall we say.. No, if it’s innocent. That’s.. yeah, if it’s innocent its innocent thats it but yea you don’t put them in your bed obviously. i don’t put them anywhere near me man nothing. Thank God London has none or they’re stashed away and out of the way so there’s no, none of that. No misunderstandings. OK, so that’s. Let’s go. Let’s go. What are we doing? One more bag. Let me take a little break because my back is starting to annoy me. Think I gotta go to the osteopath, my old osteopath.. OK to take this off now. I’m going to wash these. Let me wash these. 2h1 He used to charge 50 bucks just to snap my back for literally 5- 10 minutes, I’d be in there 50 bucks. Pop. Pop. Pop. And tiny massage. I was like, is that worth it mean do I need my back popped? can it get addictive? I gotta look at all that up. Uh. More later. That’s it. Bye. Geogodley and 100 other domain names redirecting & forwarding.. that’s not glossy is it? you see how glossy is ship because it reflects and you can’t see it. I think this is Matt. Matte. Finlay, lay, layman, and a.. Drop a comment. Haha Should I put another one [sticker] on the other side? No.. That’s what he says, WillieD. Drop a comment Fam, He calls them family. But they’re not. You see is that insincere? But it’s still nice to call the audience family when they’re not and when they’ll never see you and you’ll never meet them. Or will you? Later chaps toodle loo, toodle pip, bye.. agh.. 2h2m23 [new clip, mask off]  I was going to do another bag at seven o’clock 7:00 PM Wednesday four.. Bppp bbbpp bppp bbpp brap [blow raspberry] They should put fart chair in the description when you buy these. It’s not doing it now that I record, of course. As soon as you record it, it doesn’t do it. Is this clean or dirty? Did I spray this clean? I have to check the video. Did I? No, I didn’t, right? It’s dirty, right? Sir, well, it was full of OK, look, the point is I got. Is that clean or dirty over here, covered in disinfectant spray you have. The point is now I’ve got all these I’ve got about. How many hundred cables? I’ve got to put them all away. Tidily, because otherwise it will be spaghetti junction. Let me show it. Now do I need and then we’ll decide what we need when I think about it. “Think about it” [higher love]. One of my favorite songs also put that up there. I’m going to put all my inventory, all my favorite, this and that. Steve Winwood, while you see a chance. Most of it’s nostalgia, isn’t it? Because you look, you think back to those times. Anyway. Let me spray this clean & do it here put all the cables tidy. In one place. Don’t spend it all in one place, right? Do I put the gloves back on? No, just spray it down. And wrap all the cables up and then we’ll be done. Seven oclock, I’m not doing another bag. There’s at least the books are fast, books you just ch sh sh.. cables are pain cause you undo them, stretch them, wipe them and then dry them and then tangle wrap them up again and. Where’s the books there’s none of that, right? No untangling and no wrapping. Um. So let’s let’s just get going. So we’re done for today. That was even one a day. I knew it. I mean, I should be doing a lot more than that. I am doing more than that. Well 2h04 it’s becoming like a report card or something. What are you doing with your day? Did you do something productive today? While other people are having. romantic liaisons, so we don’t use the sex word, by the way, they want half a million. I said no, no dot Coms ugly brother. If you if you show any interest and then you don’t follow through, it looks like you’re wasting your time, I told them man. Give it to me at a discount maybe if it’s below market value, but even then I can’t do anything with it right? failed so far, so why would I get more? But you know, sex is a hot word. It’s probably the hottest one. Top ten hottest words, right? And uh but you don’t really want that. You can imagine. I’ve got vlog here and then to promote it I’m going to put it here And dot .TV’s are worthless, apparently, and I don’t determine that I wish they were not. I wish they were worth something. So everybody’s just blabbing for hours on end on there. Like RooshV, he’s got like 3 hour live streams just talking to the camera and showing a few things now and again. But. And I’m like, yeah, OK, you know, I’ll save it to watch, like to listen to later. Why not? Yeah, the exchange of ideas. Why not? Why not? But I can’t, you know. It’s too much time. That’s what I’m saying. Who has infinite time to spend on these aholes. So yeah, I was saying, uh. People my age have families. Grown up families. Yeah. Well, I’m not telling you I’m I. Maybe I’ve got someone somewhere. Jeez, man. Can you imagine? Maury Povich “you are the father”. Um. Left it late. “At 30, his left it late”, they said about Prince Charles. Oh, yes, they bought Montecito compound, right. Meghan Markle. It’s on dirt if you want to see a Prince Harry and Meghan Mark Markle’s Montecito compound. It’s on And my God, oh, so nice. I was looking at it. I was like, yeah, OK, a single person. No. Right. You need at least a partner, romantic partner and probably kids to.. but Montecito, I don’t know, man. What’s the social life there? Like, you know, like they said Bel Air has no social life, no center. So who the f**** would want to live there, no wonder Kathy Griffin is getting rid of her home. I could do a gossip rag cause I read all that sh**** and says I can, you know, rehash it like Kathy Griffin had to fight with the neighbors. She’s selling her Bel Air home. Tax probably killed her, right? They buy the home and like what? The tax is more than the house every year?1 The tax is quarter million a year?! Sell, sell, take a loss on it, sell it. How did Rob Lowe sell a $7 million home for 45 million 15 years later just by doing some silly Feng shui on it? I guess, yeah, I guess the market determines though, right? He doesn’t set the price, the market, they see the demand because Oprah degenerate are sorry, [degenerates lol] Degeneres are there selling all kinds of sh**** the market’s gone up. Maybe that’s why.. But that’s on there too. You can see. I [don’t] like how they take pictures of all these homes before the people move in or maybe when they sell it, they uh like Casey Neistat’s home, cause he was paranoid about his security for his family, right? His kids, his kid in New York.. He said when the taxi driver was like, hey, how’s it going? Uh, whatever her name was, he was like they freaked out. They’re like, we got to get out of here. Go to the Wasteland, California, where it’s like a holiday. It’s like a holiday if you don’t have a job, Casey, if you have a job it’s not like a holiday is it? well, maybe. And if you could swim, that.. you can’t swim there, Santa Ana winds freeze your ass off every 3:00 PM. You can only swim like during a heat wave or, you know, maybe in the summer a little bit and that’s it. Need a pool that’s why Hefner had his grotto with the Legionnaires disease and. Where was I? Rob Lowe’s mansion. 45 million. And they showed.. egads.. But yeah, Bel Air. No center, no social life except Starbucks. I need the street, I need public squares. They have those though. They got parks. Yea but you’re not allowed to do any, you’re not allowed to.. I dont know Peter Weiss told me you can, there is street photography, even though he got done for it 2h9m50 hehehe UCLA Getting L.A’D [film] So I wonder if there’s a AVN Convention this year. 2021 AVN convention The p****o convention. Every man’s wettest dream. Ultimate nightmare. It’s actually a nightmare, right? If you can’t. If you can’t. I you can’t get any. [chair click noise] listen to that.. wrong chair. If you can’t get any action [ektion] because you’re jet lagged in my case ill always be jet lagged. Uh.. This is without hair dye, by the way. Not bad, huh? I’ve got to get those hair dye pills by the way haha Chinese herbs. I’m not bad, “we’re not too bad”. That’s what Russell said. Russell passed away, jumped out of the 9th floor. But. I cried a lot. I was gonna put that in the show, I don’t wanna show myself grieving too much, a little bit. I don’t know what to put in there, what have to put all the best, worst, and most significant notable bits, right? Significant bits. Because we’re about to end everything now. So I wonder if youlube [your loop] is going to come after me for whistleblowing, exposing their fraud. You think? Just marginalize me. Good, good. Get the f**** away from me. F-ing piece of sh**. YouLube. They did take down one. Uh hate parody video, right? That I asked. That was the final act they did. Was that before I? Before they terminated both of my accounts. I mean, one account was [wrongfully terminated]  in 2013, one was in 2017, and somewhere in between I asked them to take down a there was a nasty parody accusing me of all kinds of things that I didn’t do. Or that you didn’t do. you could accuse anyone, can’t you? It was a parody. That was obviously a joke. And I saved it cause it was a bit funny if it’s seen as a joke. You know, people take it seriously. You know, people. They said 4chan was the most disgusting thing, so I went to 4 Chan to have a look, & they got serious things, normal things there too, but yeah anyway ok. So this is a recording studio here for pre production reproduction suite. So I’m gonna put all these together. That’s another thing. Not only do I have to. You know, wrap them up, detangle, clean, wipe, wrap them up. Now I’ve got to put match them. Gotta put all the like ones together. So I don’t. So I see what I’ve got. These are European. These are not for England, although you can stick them in there if you put a a third pin which has no electricity. The third pin is is earth, so you can put an Allen key or a screwdriver and then shove it in there anyway. It’ll still work in England, but it’s really made for Continental Europe, Greece, France and all that. These ones double prong. I really gotta fix the lighting.. I’m going to get one of those loops circle things. Actually, you can’t. Well, maybe. Cause the camera’s huge with the microphone. So yeah, I was thinking, AVN, it’s just nice going there in Vegas in  the although you can’t, well you can swim in the pool, remember stopped me recording in the pool. I was getting a selfie in the pool. He’s like, sorry, you can’t do that. At the Hard Rock ‘cause I stayed there on Valentine’s. Getting myself swimming in Valentine’s. Did I have company on valentine’s, I did get some company around them before and after. I’m not sure actual Valentine’s Day? Yeah, he’s like, uh, you can’t record, Sir. I was just getting my swim to show that I’m swimming. I’m like, f**** this place. I’m not staying here again. Except for AVN [avian] and then leaving and I left and then, you know, I went somewhere else and gave my business there. 2h14 And I stayed a long time, so they missed out a lot for his stupid outburst because I told him, I said. what about everyone else look they’re all taking.. with their phones they’re are all taking ussies, selfies, ussies.. He’s like, well, they’re uh, they’re getting themselves they’re not supposed to. I’m going to tell them to stop too.. is that what he said? or did he say if you’re a couple you can do it. Such assh***s. And again, Hakkasan nightclub. Everyone’s there like taking pictures with their stupid phones and just because I had a GoPro, in the bathroom they they followed me in there and they’re like, excuse me do you have what is that, a gopro oh my. That looks weird. It looks like you have bad intentions. What, like I’m upskirting or something cause It’s a tiny cam like you can’t do that with your phone? I’m not. I’m not. Anyway, you could have checked. I’m not so it wasn’t even that. it was that they don’t want you to record video. They’re so anal retentive whatever psychological Freudian sh**** that is. It’s OK to take a picture in the pool parties, but not video. Oh remember they took our Gopros away, they took Peter Weiss had one under hahahah underneath and they’re like, no, you can’t come into the pool party with that. & he was like, that’s no fun. Bye. You know you can.. They’re all doing with their phones anyway. How are you gonna check who’s recording video and who’s taking a phone or photo? assh*******. So stupid you know. I understand if it’s making trouble. You know someone’s doing it all the time to somebody who doesn’t like you, there’s always some assh******* who doesn’t like it isnt there. Like even in the other day in the square. The other day I’m just getting myself and the guy over there is like, oh mate, you. You need to stop taking pictures of other people and like, f******* luckily there  one guy there likes me because he saw something on YouTube. I can’t believe he remembers that 10 years later now he’s like, 2h16m didn’t you put one of the houses of ill repute. Uh, he didn’t say it that way, but he’s like, can you show one of the homes around here? Cause I went, you know, it said models. So I’m showing how these they have whore [four] houses with “models” written around here. That’s the code word. And they’re legal, they’re regulated by the state. And I should enjoy it. But I just saw once, I recorded everybody going in and out. I just put the camera down on the table and the cafe opposite. And about 1000. Well, not 1000 but. Dozens of people came out literally in one afternoon and they all looked disgusting. And I was like, even if you’re wearing a condom and covering your balls, but it doesn’t cover your balls, does it? You’re mixing with that crowd. I don’t I think they all went into this. There’s only one, maybe two or three women in there, right? Who knows, maybe there’s one or two. Imagine if the same person and now you’re sharing, I mean. I guess if you’re covered up, it’s like you never touched her. That was my excuse. I should close that window when I’m. I don’t know. Hopefully we’ll fix background noise next time. That’s another. But that was my excuse when I was promiscuous. With a girlfriend, I’m like I wore a condom. I never touched her. Hahaha It’s pretty funny. And true, you didn’t really touch her. You were in a plastic bag, a rubber bag the whole time, or your balls touched her though. Yeah, but that doesn’t count well, that. It does count a little bit they are a bit sensitive aren’t they. What else touched her oh the rest of you touched her yeah yeah. But that part, no, that part was virgin [english accent] “grab him he’s a virgin”. So this is as entertaining as watching paint dry, that they say that about Northerners here right. Well, it’s the north-south teasing joking thing, right? Like I like, I like northern. I had a good time with some northern ners [nurse]. And northern, Norther-ettes. Some very good memories, so no problem here. 2h18m30 Except one with the bowl haircut that punched me in the hippodrome. I’m like 21 years old. I’m wearing a white ja.. I used to wear a coat and tie to go clubbing. Haha But there were light linen jackets that I got from Brezees in Oneonta [Brazil and onions] or whatever. Where did I get it? And my dad’s thin ties so it looked really, you know, uh, cool. Not like uh anyway it wasn’t that formal. It was kind of funky. So I have this white jacket and the guy. Oh yeah, I’m drunk out of my mind because I used to go in there and get sloshed. 2h19 cause that’s the only way you could enjoy it. I guess well it becomes a habit, right? You’re like, well, I get buzzed and then I get if I get lucky, It’ll be even more fun because I’ll be out of it. [throat clear] Although now i prefer to be not out of it if I get lucky or if I’m.. you know. Because uh. Well, that becomes a habit then. The lucidity and clarity sobriety. That can be a lot of fun too. Cause you’re 100% yeah. In general I don’t. Well, I did have some great times on a bottle of wine or Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, all that. But the problem is when you don’t get lucky, then you’re stuck with the ceiling spinning so that that’s and you know no. and then you got to drink a lot of water for the hangover, to prevent the hangover. [cough] 2h20 But anyway, this guy yeah, in Hippodrome, I’m like 21 about, right. And I’m drunk. I used to sneak in a little plastic flask, a squeeze bottle of tequila. It was [rectangle] square [squirrely] because yeah, the Portuguese lady, she gave me a proper flask, but you can’t see if someone pissed in it or.. or worse, because it’s not transparent. So I like to see the transparent ones, even though plastic’s probably bad for you. And I’m downing tequila, you know, people are dancing around I’m on the dance floor and I’m going squirting tequila on me ‘cause I thought it was a good idea, which sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t. But anyway, I’m drunk. And I’m at the Hippodrome there at the by the bar facing the, on the ground floor, facing the dance floor. And there’s this gorgeous woman, because they always look 1000 times better looking when you’re drunk. Beer goggles. And she had square hair like that. Cut like that. You see if I had the camera I would have that, uh and I’m like kind of blown away because as I was with everyone who looked nice in there and uh. She’s got, she’s with this guy who’s got a bowl haircut. You know, like alfalfa, Spanky, what was that in the Little Rascals, alfalfa. [3 stooges MO] Did you have bowl haircut? So it’s literally like a r*m job [*** ***]. Exc.. pardon. Well, yeah, that’s another matter. By the way, when they do that, do you have to reciprocate or it’s bad manners? Kkhh khhk kkhh bpp bpp bbpp So Umm. Hehe They don’t. Yeah, you can’t blame them. I mean, oh, my God. Anyway, OK, more on that later. So, yeah, he’s got a bowl haircut, r*m job haircut. And. b bppp Oh & shaved sides. And I’m looking at him. I’m drunk and I’m looking at her and I’m like, wow, she’s so nice. And then look at him I’m like, what the f**** she doing with that? With him? I look better than him. I’m thinking, well, you know, I didn’t think it. I didn’t say that. I didn’t really think that in those terms exactly. But that was the overall vibe, jist of it. I’m like and before I know it, there’s blood all over my my white jacket, my nose is running with blood and the guy just pounded, just decked me just for looking at his woman. And I told that to few people. My girlfriend at the time Tanya, she was like did you look or did you stare? Cause I had a thing about staring apparently, you know, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, like Turks and Greeks, do greeks stare? I didn’t think I was staring that much, but I noticed a friend of mine back then, we were having coffee once and he was like this. Every girl that went by, he was like [oggle]. So maybe, um, did you say, Oh yeah, someone else said. How did you look at her like this? [mouth open] Anyway, I told the bouncer because Carl, he was my friend, you know this African bouncer guy, he’s huge. I was like, yeah. And the guy stopped him on his way out. And he goes, hey man, what the f**** & he goes. “he was chatting up me.. He was he was about to chat up me girl”, the northern, they don’t speak prop.. you know Engl.. they have a different dialect, so “chat up ME girl, you was” me is incorrect, isn’t it? But that’s the dialect. Hey, if it’s incorrect English, is that a dialect or is that just.. I don’t want to put it down. Put people down though, because you know, there’s so many and then they’re gonna think that I knocked them when I don’t, when I told.. “no one’s perfekt, with the K”, I got to see that movie again, by the way. But yeah, shut up me girl. Like, so what so I was about to chat up you. I didn’t. Cant just go around decking everyone for that. And you know, I was underweight at the time. Now I would have, now I would uh.. First of all, I’d be holding a glass bottle and anything that comes my way would encounter that. So that’d be #1 and #2 bbpp That’s number 2 bbbpp. 2h24 That’d be a great defense mechanism. Like a skunk, right? Someone punches you, he gets like a load of sh**** in his face. That would be great ah, you’d have to record that. They have those spray things right. They got the. Sorry I just gotta to make sure uh. [looking in mirror, pig snorting sniffing sounds] haha I’m getting weird now. You see, this isn’t even live and I’m getting all.. This is bad man. I don’t.. It’s like a disease isn’t it this live this whole live thing. It’s a new phenomenon, isn’t it? Cause back back in the day, live. Oh my God, I’m gonna run out of twist ties, right? We’ll see what happens. Back in the day, live was reserved for just serious channels and not everybody could. Well, what’s the difference? It’s just live, right? I mean, you would.. Yeah, but you wouldn’t have that audience if it’s not prerecorded. Yeah, but prerecorded is you don’t have that connection that someone, there’s nobody, you know that zero people are watching right now. Live is probably the same ironically, because that guys like, well, I’m going to internet celebrity, I got 100 people watching me right now or now, or.. & now there’s like two people watching or 10 or 20, but I’m an internet celebrity whooo. Um. I guess theres different levels of celebrity, right? So 100 people is that celebrity? It depends on, you know, people know you, but they’re not watching you. What about that, let’s say Johnny Depp, for example, OK. One of the biggest, most successful, financially successful. And.. Although he just had that lawsuit right. ‘cause he threw a phone or abused they said they she proved that he abused her. Amber Heard. Heard that, We heard Amber Heard herd immunity. Anyway, him for example. OK, millions of people saw him. He made millions. But let’s say he does a live stream and no one gives a sh**** right? Or nobody’s there because Twitter hides the view count. Cause no one’s there anyway, you know lets say It just doesn’t work out. See, that’s that’s not the yardstick, you know, your live stream doesn’t determine sh**** although it might be one nonono. Not gonna be like, well, you know, he only got a couple hundred people on his live stream. And so there’s not really celebrity anymore, I guess. Oh, the four stages of five stages of the actor, man, who is Johnny Depp? Get me a Johnny Depp type. Get me Johnny Depp. Uh, who is? Johnny Depp. Get me a young Johnny Depp. That’s #4 and then last stage. Who is Johnny God That’s really depressing, isn’t it? No matter what you do in life will be dwarfed by eternity, by the 5 billion years of the the sun. And I got to get out of this bad climate because it’s affecting my well-being inflammations. Everyone’s getting inflammations now right. Inflammation information. luckily mine’s manageable it’s not that bad. I would hate to have osteo. Or what’s the other one?  R, r.. Rheumatoid. Luckily, I don’t. I don’t think I do i. Sometimes it’s symmetrical. Can you ima.. hhhhuuhhh OK? There’s more cables its endless. Jeez, dude. Jeez, Jared.[jarett] [cables on desk cutaway] Can’t even see them on a, you know, dark background. Hhhuuuuu [sigh] Oh God, that’s next. I hate to admit it, but that’s next. And I’m gonna have you see, I can’t get to the couches. Yeah, I know. It’s it’s like an episode of her hoarders. Hoarders. Yeah, I gotta get rid of them. Got to put in. But I don’t want to pay 1000 a month in storage or whatever the. Well, then I could put them. I’ve got some options. So why did I get them to protect against the mice. It’s only because there’s mice here, and that’s the only way to seal things up. Why don’t I move? I can’t do that right now. It’s a pain. But eventually. Eventually gotta plan our next move thats funky isnt it. God. OK, let’s go. Let’s finish up, man. I’m getting hungry now. I haven’t eaten in.i only eat twice a day OK. No. No. Shall I? 2h29m00 I need twist ties for all that or not? Just shove em in there. Just put the like ones together, put all the similar ones together first. I’m running out of twist ties. I need to get the twist tie thing inventory. Need to find all this stuff anyway. Why am I doing this? baby.. you need content c*ntent. What do you call a wet? What do you call a dried up? What do you call a dried up person? C*ntstipated Kkhh kkhh kkhh No. What do you call a dried up old maid? Or dried up old? I’m sorry. It’s just word play. I’m sorry. I’m a poet. Of course it’s all right for everyone else to do it. Of course, Howard Stern does it he gets a medal and he gets to judge people without being a musician himself. He gets to judge mu[sicians] well, he did other talented ship too. He’s judging other talents. Right. 2h30 Don’t put Howard Stern down, because then he won’t have you on the show and you’ll never make it in life. Like everyone else. But even if you make it in life you don’t make it’s all over before you know it. 5 billion year old, we’ve got 5 billion years. Imagine if we had 5 billion years to go. It’s good actually that people die because it gives them limited time to do evil. For example, in all, these dick takers take. Dick takers. Dictators, you know, like that guy. I don’t want to say what country we all know, just go to reporters sans frontieres you can see all the dictators they have a gallery. I should put that in the link in the description you can see all the assh******* murderers. Can you imagine if they had 5 billion years left because he, you know, Permanente President for life? you know, 100 is enough, assh*******. F-ck off. Leave. You need to leave, in America, they say you need. They like to tell you what you need. You need to leave. You need. Yeah, well, you need to shut the f** up and not tell people what they need, assh*******. 2h31 Now, uh, the covid thing. Who cares the cases? We only care about deaths. They shouldn’t even mention cases, should they, cause they’re it’s whoever you counted. There’ll be another million you haven’t counted. No, you can only. Cases. I mean, what? What good’s a case? If it’s.. and they’re not even symptomatic, they’re not even hurting. They’re not even dead. So only deaths and injuries matter, right? And the guy was like, well, you’re not gonna. Yeah, you can’t ban cars because it’s not the same thing as you’re not gonna catch a car in the supermarket. You catch it on the road assh**. You can catch the car on the road, ass******* when you crossing the street. How about that? Or not in the supermarket. OK. Street is just as bad anyway, I’m running out of sh**** to say. I’m just practicing. I want to see if I want to continue just blabbing. Because I’ve got another. It’s gonna go up till Christmas. I’m gonna have to to go through all this. I’m gonna have to clean everything that the mice touched. Which is it’s another. How many bags do you think? Look, there’s no twist ties. What am I doing here? What am I gonna? I have to check the video where all these twistied because there’s only like 5 left and I’ve got about 50 cables. I guess they were tied up. No, there’s every there’s twist ties on all of them, man. How can that be. Where’d they go? One fell on the floor can cut this on the. Don’t get it, man. Not touching it. Um. I’m not putting them in individual, but yeah, yeah, it was putting separate bags each the similar ones. Just bring em up here. Yea I’m gonna be doing this too up until, uh, hopefully I’ll be done before Christmas so I can get cracking with the editing & the show & all that. Um. Should I just put this stuff up there like it’s a yeah, I will on occasion. By the way, I’m wanna apologize to that old lady. Well. No, no, I’m not apologizing to her because she she didn’t give a sh**** about me, about human beings, except for the birds diarrhea, which is illegal here. It’s a bylaw. So I want to apologize. But yeah, I wouldn’t apologize for yelling, although that just came out because. You know, let me explain. What happened was I wanted to scare off the pigeons, so normally I would just go arghh!, my because they don’t. They might not go there. They’re so used to being fed to produce diarrhea and destroy the whole city with diarrhea that they’re not scared of anyone anymore. So, but I would go aaahh and because I was holding the the very bad stabilized Sony A6600. With an external mic, I’m not going to tell you which one. Maybe should have I already? The sound is excellent, isn’t it? Yeah, but you can’t move. The stabilizer’s shit. So I’m like, I can’t really. I should have just if I do that, you’re just gonna see a blur. And you saw a blur anyway, unfortunately. But I thought if I go like this I’m gonna get something. But I didn’t. It’s all blurry. It’s just so bad compared to the camcorder and the action cameras stabilizers. And but that’s why I yelled I’m like to get rid of the pigeons and four letter word came out unfortunately, because because she was so nasty. If she had  just said. You know, you’re right. It’s terrible that they do make a mess. But you know, what can I do, you know, I’m just trying to be humane, or well, no, you’re, you’re inhuman because you don’t care about human beings. You’re trying to be animal. Humane is. Why does that cover animals. You’re inhuman. You don’t give a sh**** about human beings. You only care about diarrhea, pigeons. So because you have no company in the human world and that’s that’s all that’s left for you. So. It’s not. But if she had just been nice, I would have been nice. But if someone sh*ts on me, I sh**** on them. Literally. & she did, She was like. And then she argued back. She argued back. I was like. I hope they sh*t on you and on your face. Bi- I shouldn’t have said b*tch I agree. But you know, in the heat of the, it escalates, when you see her going back at you yayayaya And she’s like they ship on you till you die, she said. She said I will feed them every day. I’m gonna tell the Council right now, I’m gonna report her to the Council because it says to do that. And. When I saw her attacking me back, I was like, well, you know. She wants more so. She’s an assh****. So I let her have it, but I walked away. I didn’t touch her and go near her, maybe I should have stuck around a bit, you know? But she’s like I’m calling the cops for uh, for scaring the pigeons off? When you’re the one breaking the law, the bylaw. Feeding them diarrhea. They are disgusting, aren’t they? Sky rat that shits diarrhea all over the place today. I should have gotten it today, man. OK. Make a note of this missed shots. I wanna be prepared for you cause it’s gonna happen again. I’m having lunch, I’m having my take out. Take away. Sitting in another square and I can tell you which one. Undisclosed location.. whoo.. I like to tell. You know I’d like to. Well, it’ll come out eventually, but not now. There’s a lot of squares around here, you know, I pick and choose, but. I’ll be on the beach soon anyway so, but. I’m eating, 2h37m40 and I look up and there’s a pigeon’s assh******* right on the top of my head. If you go up enough, there’s a branch, there’s some leaves, and then I see these pigeon’s shshsh.. butt. And he’s literally right on top of my food & I’m like now, how am I gonna enjoy it now? If he sh!ts on, you know, luckily the branch might catch it. The leaves might catch it, it might, the wind might blow, I don’t know, but I’m like, you know, so I ate like this. Luckily, there was a lid to the food. And the whole time, and I didn’t get it. I should.. You know, you need a zoomer for that. These digital cameras suck. There’s no zoom. So I’d have to get my camcorder out, zoom on the pigeon. Then show myself eating like this. Uh. And catch the shit. If he does shit, you want to catch that. You wanna catch that but they shit so fast. They’re shitting all the time. I wanted to show how often they ship. It’s unbelievable, but it’s so quick. You need a high shutter speed frikkin like those scientific physics cameras that photograph bullets cause they shit bullets diarrhea. bbpp bbpp bbpp bpp bpp And you don’t get it. You can’t catch it unless you’ve got a high shutter speed. Uh. You know, open F stop. Or what is it again? High shutter speed, Iso’s gotta be up, no we try tgo keep the iso minimal. Anyway, I’m just saying, you know, f** them 2h39m13 Now. What about this? Yeah, yeah.. This one. Yes, this one, yes. Although it’s gonna go on its own bag, Stew in its own juice. God it doesn’t fit man. Just do it. Especially this yea.. Oh, I wrap them around each of themselves. That’s what I do with these. I wrap them around themselves. Yeah, of course. So I go. do i do the big one first, no little one first. Why? Because. So. Should I go live again? Should I just keep blabbing all the time like this or should i stfu.. live quality is not there, so it’s no good without a backup. And then you need the zoomer like today to get that bird’s ass on top of my food I should have anyway. Now. This, uh, does that. Yes, so. I think it’s tit for tat with the Facebook likes right? I don’t care because they I’m about the views on my site, but I think it’s tit for tat, it’s like if you didn’t give me any likes I’m not giving you any. Yeah well and I know someone give me a lot of likes. Should I go to have to go? They don’t usually upload anything. I went there. Nikos Stylianou, right, he gave me a bunch of likes over the years, even and I went there. He’s not uploading anything. So, you know, try and I put some lights here and there, but it’s just so childish isn’t it really to be reduced to that. Can you imagine when you’re in school, what do you wanna be when you grow up, and what are you going to accomplish? “Well, I wanna get likes”. No. f**** you and your likes. It’s not for you to like. next. See, this is so unnatural to constantly be. Why am I doing this? Why am I not just shutting up? Because if you shut, you see the pressure. You see the stress if you shut the f**** up. Excuse me, It’s a bad show. Well, that’s life that one can you imagine. Especially like those walk and talks or chooches [churches] or whatever sh**** imagine if people didn’t say anything, they just. It wouldn’t be very anything. OK, we’re almost done. God it took an hour just to wrap them up and now gonna put them all in categories. Uh. Do I need twist.. I gotta get twist ties tomorrow. I’ve got some somewhere, man. 2h42 Got a little spool. if the mice havent contaminated it but you get twist ties, how could you forget? The Rymans thing, we’ll put that on there in a minute. Let me uh. So my passport expired. Oh wow. Yeah, because the embassy was closed. And my driver’s license. All that’s going to have to be able to do it whenever, when never. OK, that’s it. I gotta put all these in the order. I don’t think. You see, 4K is expensive. There’s a lot of memory to waste. But I gotta show it. No, maybe it’s good. Maybe it’s good otherwise, like it never happened. Like I didn’t do sh**** and you can’t even see them cause it’s dark. Now do we put uh, yeah, just just give me the bags and we’ll put them away. They say to get the 30 seconds of silence. So. Its not silent if youre pitter pattering. 2h43 What am i looking for, i forgot, oh bags.. And I should take a picture otherwise the photo stream.. no take it off of this. Enough already. The photo stream and stuff to show everything on the both cameras, what happened. Uh. the lights, I forgot the lights on. Sometimes I forget the lights on in the bathroom with the door shut because of the mice. Or roaches, or whatever. Uh, forget. Forget it. Forget it on all night. So it’s burning electricity & the bulb. Uh, now these, um, should I put them in bags? Yeah, put them in bags f… Well, no. They can’t be loose like that ‘cause they’ll get tangled [burp] and there’s no twist ties. Just shove em in there, this is coax? Do I use coax cables? I don’t know, maybe the dat.. Maybe this maybe that, that’s not gonna fit in there anyway look. Just shove em in there lets go. 2h44m48 Coax? I don’t know what it is, I’ll have to look at them. S video or coax or what? You’ll see. When you see this, you’ll remember to get twist ties. It’s funny how a lot of words you learn not in school and not any other way except word of mouth. Like “twist tie”, nobody taught me that word, but I saw it in a cartoon, a Hustler cartoon there’s like an operating table, operating room, and the the doctor goes “get me a scalpel, a wrench & a twist tie”. Hehe Uh. And I kind of put two and two together, I’m like twist tie, is that that twisty thingy, is that this sh*? ‘cause nobody told me what these were & Velcro too, nobody, no one taught me Velcro. Some guy but Morten Hackett, whatever his name was, in the students house, Danish guy. Or is that the the Norwegian singer from Aha? Anyway, Morten. Yeah, he’s like “Velcro. I think it was so funny that he wore a Velcro suit and then just jumped up on the Velcro wall?” And I’m like Velcro? oh, that’s that stuff that goes kkhhh kkhhh  bbbppp. Now, that’s coax. OK, now let’s go fireWire. Do I separate FireWire 8 from FireWire 6? Yes, FireWire. Be nice to have their own little bags. Well no twist tie would be good enough and I’m not putting them in tiny bags if they barely fit. And it stoo tedious shouldn’t be necessary. Go. Let’s go. You see where the time goes, though. See where your life goes. Look, it’s a recording studio, I got a lot of equipment. Pardon the pun bbpp. Equipment and. Yeah, so Facebook isn’t my audience. is and thank God for that. 2h47m20 Just thinking had I not bought this. Because I’m in deep sh**** with it. Imagine without it. The level of deep shitness you would be in. You know, financially, career, all that sh****. But it makes no difference. There’s no way it doesn’t make a difference, man. No way in hell. OK, now.. I just find it beyond belief that I’m.. so few people are interested in that domain name. Or to see what’s on it. Or to you know, like, well, you know yea. Um.. that I’m so much more intelligent or street smart or interested in that domain name compared to anyone else. I mean you would think everybody would want that who vlogs would want that domain name since it’s the best one for vlogging and for video diary and all that. But people are asleep, I guess they’re asleep. It’s like the youLubers [you loopers youtubers] that have shit technique or shit content and just cause youLube gave them, you know, billions of followers or whatever weren’t there by the way, but you know, let’s say they have a high view count. Why would they change? Why would they be interested to challenge themselves? Whereas me, didn’t I go all the way across the world, not only to the YouTube conventions and all that, which was a waste of time and probably the biggest mistake ever, although mm.. it’s never black and white. But didn’t I push myself, technically. With the equipment you know with Peter Weiss’s inventions. And none of those assh**es did, i was glad actually, I didn’t want them to encroach on that privilege. Not a privilege, but, well, it is a privilege, but encroach on that. Why should they have everything handed to them and more. No, no, you don’t get more. You have shit content, shit technique, shit everything, and you’re limited and we’re beyond you. 2h49m30 It’s just like, uh. certain people with a big member or unit or tackle. Why should they be able to get it up? We know the bigger your member is the less you get it up, it doesn’t get up. John Holmes was like flaccid. She said it was squishy didn’t she.. was sterile by the way I’m finding out. I read the.. browsing here and there in some books. Where’s the FireWire 8 pin? Oh, right here in my lap. See? is that dementia? Absentmindedness or dementia? Put the stupid weights on there, man. Just to make it 100 times heavier than it, you know? Anyway, OK, that’s 8 pin FireWire 8, right? Oh yeah, and that’s the little one. Wow, this is good for the I know what that’s for. That’s good for that machine. Oh, all the machines broke ‘cause when I backed up, when youlube [youtube] stole all my work I had to back up my whole archive.. Well yea I had to download 13,000 videos [& titles], I don’t know how I did that cause now with the copper cable you can’t, its too slow. It must have been, oh I had.. maybe the Internet was faster than because there’s less people on it. But it’s gotten much worse now. The download speed is worse. Oh, I had small videos. Yeah, they weren’t hour long, except for a few phone calls here and there. Uh. This one, that’s for the machine isn’t it, I mean that’s a special one. 2h51m00 What are we doing? By the way you like my crocs [flip flops]? I put this they’re bigger, you know, they’re they’re like banana boats. They’re like a. They’re good for not bumping into things & yea.. Olga gave me smaller ones as a gift. They’re good for emergencies, but they do give you plantar fasciitis if they’re not very bouncy and hell’s this again? Weird. I don’t even know some of these cables. I don’t know what they are. That looks like s video, right, and  that’s coax. This is uh firewire, should put all the firewires together, I think no? The eights will be separate from the Sixes, 6 firewire? USB now, that thing, that weird USB thing. I should zoom on everything anyway yea OK. 2h52 You know these.. that I don’t even know what it is. I think it’s USB printer whatever, I don’t know. Yeah, USB and then a square thing on the other end. I don’t get that. I don’t want that? Look how long it takes, though you see if you can organize everything. Uh. Thunderbolt. It’s just so nice to be able to touch them finally without being contaminated with mouse piss shit puke spit pus what else? OK, body fluids. Bacteria. Because they’ve been disinfected. Can you imagine if it doesn’t really clean them. Eeeewwa! Just kidding. Thunderbolt.  2h52m50  So isn’t it funny how a lot of old acquaintances, classmates friends. No, not friends. Want nothing to do with you? And vice versa. And vice versa. That’s the beauty of it. That’s that’s the sheer beauty of it, is that you really don’t want anything to do with them either. And it’s just so wonderful. It’s a marriage made in freaking hell. Heaven and hell. OK, so we got fire. OK, four and 6, pin wire, FireWire. And I don’t think I’m mm.. Once we repair all the broken machines I might use FireWire again to just go through a few things. You never know. So 8 pin to 4 to 6 pin FireWire, that’s eight to six. I wish I could zoom in on that see, but it’s the light’s in the wrong place, your heart’s in the wrong place. Eight to six. Does that do, get a separate? Yeah, separate. I want all the eights together, all the sixes together 8 to 6 together whatever & we’ll put all the firewires together. 2h54m00 Harrgghh [sigh] usb, the funny usb, yeah I don’t know what they ugh. See they kept changing all the cables. It’s like the history of electronic cabling here. I don’t wanna be a historian, I’m not a historian, little bit. Now these are printer USB cable sh*ts. Out. Out. Australian accent “eout”. That’s what that gym manager did if you didn’t have your card. Can I see your cads, please ladies and gentlemen, there’s little guy named Ray in the gym in ULU, University of London Union. “Can I see your cads please, ladies and gentlemen?” “Uh, Ray, I forgot it. I didn’t bring it or..I..I…” “Out ,out, out” 2h55m00 Helen Reddy died. I wasn’t ready for that. Kkhhk kkh kkh No Helen Reddy you know, that’s nostalgia, because she was one of the first people I heard. When I had fresh ears. And I’m about 12 years old. It was before my time, actually because she, that was towards the end of her recordings. Right or? U.S. Gonna need more, “gonna need a bigger boat” [jaws]. Yeah. But a couple of her songs really touched me back then. I was blown away by the songs. It was on a TWA flight. I’m like listening, that was the only time I heard like music when I’m before high school. Once I went to high school I had my box [portable Sony radio cassette recorder], although my dad confiscated that. OK, what’s this coax? This is like a kind of a coax for the dat machine. Anyway, I’m 12. I’m not allowed to listen to music. You know, I’m not allowed to.. the radio is not quite.. anyway for the first time I’m hearing stereo. They had these headphones with like holes in them so it looked like wind or air was traveling through. They were literally like hollow spaghetti, like hollow penne noodles. Like straws. They were like straws and they go in your ears and it just sounded mind blowing. It was it was like headphones, early headphones, but only on the airplanes they had them. But it looked like air flowed through ‘em. And it was stereo, so I was first such experience, I was blown away as you can imagine. If you’ve never had it before and it’s like it was incredible. Bee Gees “love you inside out”. I was like, holy sh**** wow. And I asked my friend, I said. Is that women singing? & he was like “yeah, it’s it’s two men and a woman.” hahaha I guess Barry Gibb, he thought was a woman. He lied to me, basically. But anyway. And I’m hearing oh Helen Reddy, yeah. “Ready or not”, that wasn’t even a hit and I love it. And “that ain’t no way to treat a lady”. I hear it sometimes and I’m still like, my God, it is an amazing, it’s orchestral, it’s a full orchestra, isn’t it? And it doesn’t sound like classical music or even orchestral film score. It sounds, you know, 70s funky. Well, not that, that one’s a ballad, but acoustically it’s just pffshwh..couldn’t be better. Couldn’t be better. It’s the best it could be, and that’s.. can’t argue with that. OK, now where’s the coax cables ahole. Shall I put this up? Shall I put this up to tonight, or should I put this up there? 2h57m50 Why would you want to put up this boring sh*** where you’re bearing your soul to the world, mostly assh******** who want nothing to do with you. Which is so great. I’m so glad. Yeah, I realize it’s a gift now. ‘cause can you imagine? It’s like when you go to your e-mail box and it’s all spam and sh**** and useless day after day there’s nothing there worth you know your attention. 2h58m30 And you’re like, uh, well, it would be nice to get something “notable” to use the Wikipedia obsession quote. Are you “notable”? You can’t be in Wikipedia if you’re not notable. No, noew [English accent] And we decide what’s notable or not. Yea, note this, assh**** [crotch grab grope]. You put porn stars in there for being notable, yea, that’s notable enough. Is it? How about this? Is this notable? [almost mooning the camera] I wonder. That’s another thing. There’s a lot of crazy people in the public squares, but they’re not that crazy cause they’re not stripping or they know right from wrong. So how crazy can they be? It’s an act. It might be. Well, they’re little bit wacky, but they’re quite there, right? Because otherwise they’d be stripping. They’re doing all kinds of sh****. They wouldn’t know right from wrong, but they know damn well, I’ll get arrested if I show my bbbppp & they don’t do that. Like uh Refbatch [Anna Matskevich] on there so they’re, they might not be crazy they might be putting on an act [ekt = German cherman accent] caught in ze ekt.. but as I was saying um yeah like.. Family members who want nothing to, who estranged you for one reason or another. There’s always an excuse. I can think of a million [1,000,000] for you too. Against you. But I realize it’s a gift. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like the e-mail thing, when you go there, there’s no emails of any note notability, significance and you’re like, ah well, it’d be nice to have something, you know? That isn’t a bill or something you know, something positive fun. And occasionally you do get it, but many days can go by where you just get a bunch of sh**** in your box, right? And and it’s just nothing, and you don’t even open them. And I’ve got like maybe 60,000 unopened messages cause you just look at it, you know it’s not worth opening. Especially the spam ones. You know “your your account has been suspended” and you just hover above the.. above it and you know you’re expecting it to say, but it doesn’t. It’s always PayPal dot. Mind F dot. Og dot ghetto dot. 125693 special character blablabla and you’re like, Oh yeah, OK yeah, bye later assh***. I’m not even gonna mark that as phishing. I’m not gonna waste my time on it. And then I realized can you imagine if the emails were all like “oh hey, you’re great, can you please respond to this e-mail? Oh, I really want to meet up with you and. Can we uh, like, dalala I’ve got a collaboration in mind, can you please?” I used to get those sometimes. And I’m like, Oh my God, can you imagine have to deal with all that crap? BBBPPP.. same in real life. Can you imagine having to deal with people? Whereas now [stand up, crotch grab grope]. Later, assh******. 3h01m00 It’s so much better, so much better, I’m telling you. Tellin you man.. it’s so much better [snicker] kkhh to not have you in my face.. al[though] some of you i like.. some of you i like, some people I’m cool with. I’m talking about the ones that don’t like you and vice versa, cause it works both ways, right? Didn’t Trump say that? anybody who likes him, oh he’s great. But anyone who doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like back. it’s tit for tat. It’s so childish. Anyway come on, man, let’s finish up here. Ugh. I think it’s from looking at that, isn’t it? Because I was like this for freaking hours on end. I should have been over there. Ugh, so a few more bags. Let’s go. 3h02 Tesco [teisco = portuguese accent] charges 20p [pence] for these supposedly but nobody does it. They just grab em. It’s 20p for a bag. 3h3m00 It was 10p last month now it’s yeah, 100% inflation in a month. Thank you, assh*******. No wonder who the f*****’s gonna pay. Well, you need them though, you see where el.. you can’t make these obsolete, where are you going to put all your junk? Pardon the pun, anyway. So/See what/ i was saying yea, isolation is the gift they were saying, he said that in Factotum [film] didn’t he. But yea, especially certain people, you know, there’s there mentally non compos mentis, actually I get along with some of the them, non compos mentis ones are actually better than the ones that supposedly are not non compos mentis, they’re the real non compos mentis ones. They’re the real ones like you know family members who are.. It’s not really family anyways. OK, let’s go. What’s next? OK, let’s do these. They say blood is thicker than water. Uh. Yeah, but we all came from the same ancestral cockroach, so so we all have the same blood. Yeah, but it’s too distant, isn’t it? They want you to be a bit closer. 3h4m00 Bbpp bpbb bbbpp Let’s go, bro. This sh**** God it’s ridiculous. You gotta spread, you gotta organize it or I’m not gonna see what’s going on. OK, let’s, first let’s do these kettle cables, power supply cables, yea. [ziplock plastic bag crumple noise] See, I already did that when they were dirty and just to put them separately and I just mixed them up again. That was stupid waste of time, but luckily they’re easily findable these ones. Twist tied mm very good. Yeah. So I brought up Casey Neistat’s home because he’s so paranoid about security that there’s no way he would show his home’s insides on Really or maybe they did give per.. do you don’t need permission do you? No, it’s public record, right? So they, what they, I bet what they did is, they had it on file from before. ‘Cause you’re not gonna move into a home and show everybody every nook and cranny in it, are you? Hey, I just moved into this place over here. Ahem hhmmhmm [throat clear] The hell is that? [phlegm cough throat sounds] I really don’t want to get an old voice. By the way, does this improve your voice? let’s see if Howard Stern sounds younger or older by talking too much. You never shut up. Does that improve? Keep your voice muscle trained, or degenerate it like Clint Eastwood? hEuueueue [weak voice]. He got his back, though, right? Anyway. There’s no way you would move into a home & show everybody all the hehe entry points and so I’m sure he’s pissed off, he must be pissed off about that. But I think they had on file from before because they have all these homes on, you just look it up right, you just on that evil search engine. 3h6m00 Well, I don’t want to put them down because they, I’m not sure they had anything to do with the Youtube fraud [theft of 13,000+ GeorgeGodley & 200+ GeoGodley accounts videos]. But the monopoly circuit, we don’t monopolize, they don’t monopolize, we don’t go there anymore so it’s not a monopoly anymore. Nobody goes there anymore. We go to other ones. So they don’t count, they don’t matter, they have nothing to do with them. We don’ “ahem” [throat clear] anymore, we Bing, we duckduckgo. We search on Yahoo. Yahoo search we did other search. [BRAVE SEARCH, STARTPAGE.COM, FREESPOKE, ALOHAFIND..] We don’t need most of most of everything is searchable without you. You’re not necessary. You’re unnecessary and you suck. But anyway, so where was? Yeah, you can just put anyone’s address and you see their house & the goggle [Google] Street View as well, huh. Now what the hell is this? It’s not fire wire, is it? It is. I mean the Thunderbolt. Yeah, but it’s not gonna fit in there. It’s USBC now. This is old Thunderbolt. f**** They have to change the cables every year the assh********. Uh. FireWire 6 pin. 3h07m14 Are we done with the.. make sure we’re done with other power supplies. That’s what they call them here. Power plugs, power supplies, but plugs. But plug. shit but plug huh. I don’t know about butt plugs. You know what’s funny, my friend Bob does, he’s on Facebook doing glass. God knows why he spent his year, his life doing that but I guess he just got sucked into it. And I’m like his dream would be an order for a million yea 10 million glass dildos or butt plugs, yeah, although you don’t  wanna put glass up there, do you, ladies? Or gentlemen.. oh by the way, I found the most disgusting thing I  looked up Uh. Did I look up anal [annual] sex or no sex drugs rock’n’roll because it came up in a some article. I just clicked on it. I looked it up and.. 8 pin, put them in one.. 8 pin, 6 pin.. pff What the f****’s that 6 to.. 4 to 6, 6 to 6. Yea so I’m looking at sex, drugs and rock’n’roll then gay or anal [animal] Not gay, but anal? [annual] or something. Anyway, I look, I’m I’m clicking around, all of a sudden uh, I searched something, yea some horrible site comes up for gay people who shove rods in their penises and it’s called sounding. They even have a new terminology. Have you noticed how they keep inventing new words every time on the news? Now it’s a circuit breaker instead of lockdown and all that sh****. Well, they have sounding is ramming a rod or it’s sliding a rod in your urethra, I’m like, who the f**** would.. they’re you know, they’re  just beyond. They are beyond. they’re beyond. And prostate, all that, you don’t really want to be f***ing with your insides, do you? Well, go ahead let’s see what happens. OK, next. 6 pin to, 6 to 4. You see 6 pin FireWire to 4 pin, right? Yeah, that’s what that is. And I put that already in the. OK, 6 to 4, 6 to 4, 6 to 6. That’s usb sh..That’s eight to 8, 6 to 6, 6 to four. Uh. usb to USB. What is this? Oh that’s, this could be a HDMI right? No thats six pin firewire, 6 to six, six to six. And 6 to 4. Yea 6 to 6 FireWire. Uh. 6 to 6. usb printer sh*t. IPod sh****. IPod sh****. Uh, the weird add one for all the external speakers. The beats pill that doesn’t work. The beats pill goes bbbppppp when you plug in the USB. God, they suck man all these things man. Anyway USB. six to four. FireWire 6 to 4 pin. Usv [You just be]. Printer shi* with square knob or whatever the hell that is. Uh. This is weird too, usb its printer crap. I think it’s for printers and for. Usb [You speak] again, you got USB on one side, and then you get some weird ass this thing was the printer, I remember. 3h11m And uh this one, look at that, that’s like a.. that looks a bit rude. That looks like an anatomical. I don’t want.. You know, it looks double female. OK, that’s again. I’ll put that with the printer ship. USB. Weird. Or the square USB? No, the USB. Yeah, traditional usb. There’s a few of them. The traditional old school usb’s, right? The USB and then they got that kind of ridgy thing with it’s slightly wider on top than on the other side than on the bottom 4 to 6. Firewire. usb printer shi*. usb printer shi*. 3h12m08 It’s a good record, actually, to see what the hell are.. its just old equipment cables that came with everything I bought over the decades. Uh. That looks like s video. Ah Aaah Not on the floor after I cleaned it. Oh, we’re done with it anyway, but that one. The floor is taboo here because you never know what’s been there the night before. When you’re asleep, you don’t know what’s crawling on it. And you can’t mop it every.. maybe I should mop it every day. Can you imagine? cleaners are expensive, it would add up cause I give him a 20 an hour now & plus tips and it’s OK once in a while. You know I do it once every two weeks now we’re up that now OK here 8 to 8 right? 8 to 8. 8 to 8. 6 to 6. 6 to 6. 6 pin to 6 pin and what’s this? Usb to oh, that’s a weird ass one like the beats pill. Anything else? That’s it. 3h13 So why am I alone? I don’t owe you any f-*ing explanations do i. Your guess is as good as mine no. Because my last situation is aahh enough, was enough. It’s like, um. I’m going to have to tell people I’ve lost enough, you know, like Hayk wants to meet up. We wanna do Sochi again next year, right? Maybe I’d rather go somewhere else, you know, experience, other things. But he’s got, you know, they think they can just show up and or I’m gonna pay for their room and board, or they’re gonna expect thousands and from that room and board. People are just gonna show up just for the thousands now, but on the other hand, I am videoing them, so I am.. You see, they can flip it and say, well, you’re, you know. You’re getting some.. I’m deliv.. contributing something. You should. Yeah, but I’m not getting anything from that. It’s a liability. I’m losing. I’ve lost enough. That’s what I feel like telling them. Everyone I’ve lost enough. Later, assh********. Later, assh********. I’ve lost enough. That’s the best way to put it. You know, because you say things that can come back to haunt you and that can destroy relations. “I’ve lost enough”. The best, the best line, and and it’s true. We’ve all lost enough. Who hasn’t lost enough? I’ve lost enough and that’s it. Party’s over assh** party’s just begun. OK, this. Let’s go, let’s go. Done yet? This was the four PIN to 6 pin, wasn’t it? 4 pin to 6 pin. I gotta make sure I’m presentable, I’m at my best. That’s what my mom used to say.. So I’m going to do a hehe “tin istoria tis zois sou” [greek] a full life story thing. An audiobook. Just whatever I didn’t record right. Whatever I missed. Videoing or tape.. audio recording. So these are four to six going here. I should label them. You should label, right? Should I get the Sharpie? Yes, yes. By the way, I leave it running because they say 4 hours uh, 30 seconds of uh silence for editing purposes, right? Not that I’m ever going to edit any of this. Are you? Who the f**** wants to watch it? It’s not about you. Is it all about the audience? I was watching Seinfeld last night and because I finished all the Curb Your enthusiasms. And the season one it really is old hat now, isn’t it? You can tell it was so long ago. I was like that was in the 80s because I saw it, you know what Rolling Stone cover said and. The laugh track is just too much. I can’t handle the laugh track. No wonder they took it out. If it’s too loud, it’s bad. It’s OK when you’re in a motel room. And it comes on. You’re like, get this cozy feeling that, hey, I’m home or, you know that there’s a familiar face on TV and it’s funny and lighthearted and a little laugh track is nice then. But if you’re you know if you’re, uh, if it’s inches away from your face on a laptop. It’s different. Let’s go. 3h16m45-3m17 [silence ambience atmosphere] You see that’s not really silence if there’s background noise, it’s not 30 seconds of silence is it if you can hear me rustling in the background anyway, so I can’t find the sharpies. I’ll do another time. Put them away. Lets go bro. So I noticed my my eye, my vision is going. [burp] excuse you. my vision is going from the laptop like right now. “I see clearly now” [song]. Yeah, because that’s, if it’s well lit, you’re all set. But if you look at the laptop a few hours you get blurry vision. At your age, no I had it when I was in college I read a lot of books and one go around exam time and I lost, you know, I had blurry vision, double, triple vision. “Child of vision won’t you listen” Supertramp is nice, isn’t it? Supertramp, I remember Dave Curtis saying, “oh this. No, it’s like a dog”. So I keep thinking they sound like a dog. “Eeuggh! It’s like a dog!” I was like, do you like Duran Duran? Eugghh!, eeewwaagghh!. Only the Nile Rodgers produced hits like.. no wonder it sounds good. But they had all the toys didn’t they.. They had all the fancy toys to to make that sound, which we didn’t. Although. LLcoolJ “I need love”. I that song isn’t fancy. And it’s very nice. When it first came out I was like, wow, because I couldn’t hear it. Um. Deprivation makes you want something more. Because I was traveling and I was in the airport and I couldn’t get it on my walkman. When I was trying to tune into it, I couldn’t hear it. It was on the radio, a fleeting moment, and I couldn’t. I didn’t have the money to buy in the record store. I didn’t even know where to go. I wasn’t living in the city and I couldn’t get these songs. And they would come and go, and I couldn’t hear them. Uh. So you want it all the more. And. I love that. it beats listening to it all the time. That’s why I never listen to a song more than once a day. And I’ll leave them, I’ll let them rest, OK? I’ll never listen to song twice in the same day ‘cause you will get sick of it “and you don’t want that”. Enh, e-e-enh.. I got the [power]. I don’t want a copyright shi*.. can’t strike me. there’s none of that sh**** off you Lube. Oh wait, i gotta to self host. 3h20 Then you really can’t strike me. Can’t do sh*t. We’ll have to do this. We’ll have to go over these later. We’ll mark them later, yeah. That’s what they do here. They say yeah a lot. We’ll mark em later, yeah. God, wrong place that should be in the other. Look, man. We’ll do it. Another time, put em away. They’re clean. They’re almost organized, just need to label them and just need to shuffle them a little more. & they’ll all be. Cope aesthetic. These words, who invented cope aesthetic. What the f**** does that.. have to look that up.. I saw, I heard it “making the grade” [film] for the first time. Whew [sigh] 3h21 See, I don’t want to give out all this information do I? don’t really want to share all your thoughts do you? And get nothing in return. Bbbppp [blown raspberry] Get nothing in return. That’s the thing about all these loser vloggers. Or, you know, I mean financial failures. OK, like me, well mm. I’m not doing it full time. I’m not that stupid anymore. We did. We tried that with youLube [YouTube]. We saw what happened. So. I’m not putting my eggs in that basket. But uh, am I a failure? Financial failure? Um, no. ‘cause my assets, my overall ass bbbpp my overall assets. Hahaha This is so f-ed up, isn’t this weird? my overall ass – ets are.. Digital assets included [pets sticker on shirt] . I gotta set up a trust for So it uh remains uh. I gotta set that up right now. 3h22 er.. quickly.. see how much you gonna do? What about your will? Have you done your will? Hehehe See I’m gonna going to flip it, I’m not gonna talk about me. It’s all on you, assh*******. Have you done your? That’s so rude, isn’t it? That’s what my sibling told me on my big birthday. Instead of happy birthday it was like “yo, do your will” and I’ll never forget that as one of the most horrible memories of my life. Horrible moments, horrible people probably too. But you know, anyway, we don’t wanna.. You can’t go there. You can’t say anything bad, can you? About anyone. Oh yeah? Oh yeah? I just did. But yeah, yeah, “yo, do your will”. Uh, no. It’s good advice but, you know, bad timing on a birthday though you know. And a.. do your will, do your will, have you done your will. You see that’s that’s kind of personal. Oh yeah. Yeah. Should you get charged thousands to do it or or just go to LegalZoom, do it for nothing. Or just like leave a scribbled piece of paper like Aretha Franklin. That’s good too, isn’t it? Uh. Or just do a video like this. OK, here’s my will. I’m just saying it on video in case anything ever happens to me, cause I know people are out to get me like for whistleblowing, the YouTube fraud I wouldn’t be surprised if they off me if they.. Well, I would be surprised actually, because I didn’t think, I knew they were mafia like, but not quite for that extent but anyway.. Uh, yeah, yeah. So everything goes. “The wind blows” [portrait of Jenny film soundtrack]. 3h24m20 Everything blows. Everything I give everything to um.. thing is nobody wants all this sh**** too much. They just want the loot. And this I gotta think about, yeah, the trust foundation yea if anyone. No no, I don’t want anybody unsuitable or inappropriate, so more on that later. Tune in next time. What does this remind you of? [plastic bag on crotch] Get your mind out of the gutter assh*******. Anyway uh, more later ok calm down. I’m not sure this is the way to go. Talking for like hours on end like this to a camera with nobody on the other side. If I put it up now, though, it’ll get something, It’ll get a little something. Little tidbits, yeah. Not nothing worth. Nah its for me, man, it’s not for you. ‘Cause there’ll be tidbits. There’ll be bits there, right? They’ll be bits. OK, let me have my dinner now. I’m going to watch some youLubers. 3h25m25 I’ve got to start watching other platforms. We want to get away from the fraud [YOUTUBE] that stole 13,000 of our videos by lying,  cheating, and stealing everything through libellous, defamatory false accusations of community guideline violations that they themselves hypocritically commit. So we want to look at other platforms, but they all suck. You go to daily motion. What the f**** is that? Have you seen it? It’s a f****in mess. And if you embed it, it’s all blacked out. They blacked out embeds, everything sucks. Liveleak.. I heard of another one too, and they just stole my first video. It was gone as soon as I put it there. Coco. Whatever the f****. And they suck anyway. There’s only 1000 people a day there f*** them now there’ll be 999, ass*******. We don’t. Who needs you? Who needs any of this? Hit the beach, assh*******. Gone. Bye. later. No, not even later. Wtf for get outa my face. It’s good that the angle’s a bit high because you don’t want double chins. Yeah I had a whole vegan ice cream yesterday thinking that it’s fat free, right? Oh, sugar turns into fat, so it’s more fat than ever. Anyway, OK, later. That’s enough. Am I gonna be doing this tune in later. I don’t know. We’ll see. Oh yeah, there’s um. It’s adult humor. Everyone else does it, but not us. Of course we’re not allowed to do it. “That goes without say. what? That goes without say. What? goes with the say. Kkha kkhhha hhkkka” [raspy grandma quote voice impression] END

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