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Geo Godley & Hayk, Lounger & scrounger, vegan raw brunch Athens Greece sun 17 nov 2019 georgegodley com, vlog com 0196S03

geo godley & hayk, lounger & scrounger, vegan raw brunch athens greece sun 17 nov 2019 georgegodley com, vlog com 0196s03

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Geo Godley & Hayk, Lounger & scrounger, vegan raw brunch Athens Greece sun 17 nov 2019 georgegodley com, vlog com 0196S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

outline & transcript in progress

Can’t believe it went out standby like I didn’t press anything did I? why would it do that? See how you have to check, & that goes in the picture if it covers the mic, so get up the mic sticking out the piece of sh-. Not good unless I put something on top of it .. Why, are you going to go live too [2]? No, just checking adapter is thin or big..its very thin you know, 9 euros they cost. Adapter for the sony a7r4. [sniff] haha I was thinking maybe that’s why you don’t want to sit near me, just in case. [carrot juice arrives] efxaristo. You should use the shower. Where do you? Where did you? Never mind. With material I’m washing my body. 1m25 too cold. You can use my shower, its no problem. Now its too late. I’m too dirty. No, it’s not too bad. This is another thing. Your clothes too, you need a.. I’m washing it slowly, 1, 2..  you should let me do it, I’ll just dump it in the fcukin*** bucket, & go.. done in 2 minutes. That bucket’s ok isnt it? That’s what I do with mine. Most of my the stuff that I do.. 2min the [carcinogenic microwave radiation wifi] connection is not good here, by the way. We have to be closer. Very bad. Only two when there is should be the third line. We’ll have problems, it will get the lowest quality now. Over there we have. Last time we kept going in and out of focus. In the beginning it was sharp.. we were there and now we are further even. Not bad, it covers.. Let’s try. Let’s see. The quality will be low but yes you can do it. I got a 4k anyway. Should I get my mic? 3-6m Silence background greek talk street ambience atmosphere setting up iPhone Facebook live. 2 bars huh.. 6m45 eennnh sigh.. 1 more time the sigh.. enhhh.. OK. We’re going uh no fisheye today one hour, just superwide ultrawide. Geo Godley, Facebook yeah, Facebook live stream. Sunday 17 November 2019. Make sure it’s on. Yea those guys behind us gonna be careful. Gotta be careful. We are talking to our mom.. Let me cover when I’m up. 7m30 Oh no, not that. Youre making too much attention. Hehe.. hope the live stays on, you never know with this thing. So there was as I was saying. It works pretty well. Where were we? 11:07 AM been up since 6.. 17/11/2019, 17 November 2019, geo Godley & Hayk, lounger & scrounger. End of the Greek episode 2019. Let me just enjoy my brunch Sunday brunch. So this the day of unrest in greece [Grease] lotta trouble in center. He wants to go to the center. Are you really going? I’ll get some footages may be that will be.. the news covers all that though, why do you.. no they don’t do. news covers all but the fire on the boats they didn’t get. 9m00 they did, i saw it, they did. Only the last moment they got when I was gonna first one there. When you gonna put it in your website for people to see? The footages I got. It’s exclusive, man. Only, you and me, we have this. these are my vegan eggs. [snap snap shutter sound] It’s gonna be a quiet one, ’cause it’s Sunday so.. if you want highlight reel that’s a lot of work, edited episode, that doesnt go here so. Anyway, I want to thank everybody who came to the site., Oh, there’s only two bars of Wi-Fi, so we’re not sure, its gonna be in a bit its an experiment. 10m I wanna thank everybody for coming to,, and 100 other domains are going to And I want to thank the domain name people sh!t they’re trimming the bushes and it’s gonna make noise. For getting back to me. I’m thinking about, yea well I haven’t been able to get back to them, so Monday. Ther’e is a big domain name I’m looking at. & I’m probably better off without it. It’s probably a liability unless you sell it from what you bought it or more so, but it’s just like driving a Rolls Royce, I mean. Why not? Need we say more? So what was the name of the a74? Domain name? haha 11m Yea, I’m not saying the domain name in case anybody takes it before me, I can just see these corporations. Just sitting on it and letting it rot or just driving it to..[another site] Don’t need it, though. You know when you got the numbers. And already..  whoever guesses this domain name, you can get from us a present [U.S. President]. I will give a present. I have a lot. I bought nice shoes. Market. 11m30. I’ll send it to you guys. So what were you saying A74, which name of the mount? What is the mount? What? From e to ef adapter. I’d love to try. Coz if It sticks out if it vignettes. If it did, I would say. What are you talking? Too many details. You can’t just work on paper, you have to try. It might be twice as heavy. There’s no it’s just like a piece of can, No, I mean the camera might be heavier ’cause. It’s 60 megapixel. I have to try see.. there making it even lighter and lighter. Then why are the lenses bigger and bigger? for you to cover. Long distances. make zooms different things w/ one lens. Lenses can’t be changed. It’s not electronics, it’s not. How do you say the sciences? What’s the name of the science? Not accoustics but. Visual? Optics. 13m34. It would be forever. You have a lens that’s forever. You can use it forever. Unless you scratch it. Always gets a little scratches. 13m45 Woah! [vegan raw pizza arrives] Nai nai efxaristoume. Haha look at that.. Did you take a? Picture. Did you take a picture before eating? yes. Where is the camera? i got the eggs, I got the vegan eggs and I’m gonna get the uh.. look at that. Jesus. It’s funny how no other restaurant does this. Food can eat it look [pretends to grab food optical illusion] haha.. 14m [camera on face] Remember not to squint, no squinting, scrunching or frowning. Vegan Margarita pizza. God, it doesn’t get better than that. See, if I use my full frame on this, it would blur half the pizza. I gotta get this. I gotta get it. [snap snap] Aw it cut it. So your lenses are e, right? E mount yea. I believe so. They were expensive too like $2000. I know lenses are always expensive, the batis 18 & the other long one. Unless you buy an old manual one, which I do for €10 I got. It’s no good for video is it. Very good, very good. They’re authentic, not plastic glasses are real glasses. Can’t sit there fiddling with lenses while you’re talking to people and moving around. I’m used to I go like whwhw funky. 16m16 So Facebook doesn’t count the views I believe because everybody’s contradicting my view count. Hypestat says 400 a day. Google says about 60 or so a day. The view counter on the bottom of my homepage. Which is now empty except for the Facebook live embed thing. It doesn’t count properly that shows 100 today on the front page alone. [motor noise] Shut up i’m vlogging & streaming. What else. & Facebook, I mean, I’ve tried it. It doesn’t count so. very disappointed with Facebook’s  broken viewcounters, I think it’s to make you buy advertising and fake views. ’cause you pay for all that bullsh********. Fake too. click farms in Pakistan, Pakistani click farms. 17m25 Yeah what, yea you see. I gotta see how big it is and if it works and these things gotta be tried, cant just work like that. He wants my a73 camera. I mean, I wanted. A theres that little cat again (s)he’s so cute, so short. Like the little bobcat hey pssst “ela do re” im gonna be like the ship owner.. He keeps walking away. Yellow & black. I gotta get it. I gotta get that cat. 18m35 I make sure I cover the back just in case somebody behind us freaks. Hey You want a slice. No slice but just one.. [bite] take a slice with your clean. There he is, no thats another one, theyre all yellow black n white sepia. Take a slice, it’s OK. I’m not taking slice because I don’t want to eat. 1.. Vegan cheese nut cheese.. sounds rude. You come here, yes yes, and one this. Vegan egg. Thank you. How can you control yourself? Because you don’t know one secret. You had breakfast, yes, but another thing is more important for you to know. If you are eating very tiny and very beautiful food, that’s something than alot. you enjoy it more? Than [when] you are eating forcing yourself, this part of all that food. 20m I’m gonna.. 20m30 It has a fish in it? Un un. Yes, it does. No way.. Ask him. It’s vegan. Salty? In the tomato. I’m blocking the people behind us so there’s no trouble. It didn’t surprise me, the food. Bit salty isn’t it? Bit salty? Very simple food, very simple. Nothing unusual. If it’s so simple why isn’t it anywhere else, why is it only here? Cat had it’s ear cut off poor thing, It’s been neutered. Do you think it’s good to neuter cats? Well, there’s a good thing is that they don’t make unwanted kittens, but the bad thing is.. because they don’t know if they’re they’re making like 7 simultaneously. They’re having fun with male, female contact. & then theyre having 8 of them enjoying two days & then later. Kids are becoming problem to feed them.. 23m mmm. So it’s the polytechnic day today, all hell breaks loose, day of unrest because of the military. Overthrow of the military junta or what do you call it? Dictatorship. [nods] efxaristoume, I keep thinking theyre gonna give us shit for the camera.. 24 oh, stringy thingy on the mega 4, then we have the micro 4k , then we got the live laaaav.. I’m just saying. They overthrew the military dictatorship, which is more than, which nobody else can do. You look at, you’re not even allowed to say it, but half the countries in the world today, are military dictatorships and we’re all kissing their ass***. & pretend Emperor has no clothes. Or has clothes. Specially the chinese one, who’s president for life, permanente presidente, thats a military dictatorship. But nobody dares say anything even I’m not supposed to say it so. I’m just saying. Overthrow. That’s what today’s all about. Or you know democracy better than totalitarian tyranny which is half the countries. Everything is the same. and democracy and totalitarianism. No I’m allowed to talk like this, if this was tyranny. They’d come. Stop you. Put you in jail. Erdogan jailed 5000 people. How come people support him? How come? He has something. They don’t. Cause if they don’t, he puts them, he locks them up. He got like 100 people supporting him. That’s enough, no, half of the country. Anyone who criticizes him goes to jail. 25m30  [continued]

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