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Facebook LIVE stream practice makes pervfukt tue 15 may 2018 Geo Godley London U.K

tech/ production notes: -audio out of sync -back camera no mirroring flipping image -dont cover mic -facebook live standby drains battery 50% in a couple hours?! -dont touch anything or it fcuks up the phone- terrible technology, apple could have put a HOLD button etc -bad image quality standard def not hi def nor 4k -unstabilized -fiddly difficult to frame & stabilize, dont shake/ move it -discreet angle -blend in wth phone addicts ananalmouse, everyone’s on the gaddam phone dammit. getcho head out of yo but aholes.. -checklist: wide angle, ext mic, wind cover, charger, case, stand, other phone companies,.. -record delay 1,2,3 second countdown delay, end post button push requirement [optional? menu?] -wordpress blog embed loading time delay business card/ sticker intro/ outro -simultaneous 2nd cam backup  -conclusion: change phone service. “3” is a bad “pants” phone company with the above problems. Shouldn’t have listened to Ian. Get a reputable company.

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