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Quina Mons Geo Godley April 2018 London England U.K, 5 online video host platform comparisons after youtube fraud wrongful terminaton 13,000 video theft

Quina Mons Geo Godley April 2018 London England U.K vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.
↑ VIMEO +/- :
+best audio visual quality & autoplay embed speed [no autoplay on cellphones], better than youLube, compared both side by side before youLube stole my 13,000 videos
+drag n drop file upload
+less youtube style censorshit, they only removed my Psy Gangnam style fair use comment vid & Youtube shooter vid without threats & with optional appeals.
+much more pleasant experience overall

-no pagination, they took it away after they said they wouldn’t in my 2015 NAB interview -dodgy view counters
-takes everything away above 500mb weakly allowance as soon as you stop paying.
-no multiple plays in same browser
-no speed varation play
-tiny negligible audience viewcount & monetization compared to youlube



+┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ middle finger salute to youlube fraud wrongful termination theft: who needs you, we’re over here now
-no paginaton, messy structure, cant find sh!t.
-weird ass autoplay embed code takes tons of pages, grief & forever to figure out, needs copy pasta & play delay
-cambridge anal-ytica data theft scandal, they store all your data anyway, no privacy

↑ DAILY MOTI☹N +/-: +€uro France based, less chance of youtube fraud & corruption overreaching across the pond unlike U.S cahoots gang style prissy prude posse quaker wanker platform advertisers. -takes 2 hours to upload a tiny 300mb 720p file & 2 hours to process -no pagination, load more button pain in the ass & limit, data & content theft in their cloud like all soshit media shitsites -10 tags max that disappear -no pre-play video scrubbing -ugh!naesthetic blacked out thumbnail embed -autoplay fail in safari but ok in updated firefox browsers-no under link? -usually annoying adds

 LIVELEAK +/-: -weird ass cryptic “thread” terminology, tiny unmarked upload button, confusion, uncertainty -full of libelous defamatory ahole hater troll comments, bad vibe, unpleasant atmosphere, what do you expect from a site that bans sex but overpromotes beheadings. -no progress bar or time remaining -no autoplay embeds ↑ ARCHIVE.ORG +/-: -wholy sh! looks like sh! -confusing layout structure, no pagination but +best terms, no bullshit unfair selective dishonest youlube censorshit antagony -as noted previously in (previous posts),..-unslghtly blacked out embed image, wtf looks like shit, who’d want that on their site?! +relatively high viewcount thousands compared to other platforms if accurate- you never know, after youlube’s fake views +autoplay conclusions: takes forever to upload & metadate on 5 platforms. Loss of nolife 4 exposure & satisfaction that youtlube monlolpoly can’t cuntrol all, if they could they would, the bastards. Yes Virginia & Nasime AghDamn, there is a santa closure after [getting fcuked by] youLube. Next: self hosted dedicated servers. *see notes, prev blogposts -usual disclaimer applies from previous blog posts or youlube’s fraud manifesto.


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