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April 2010

Who the hell buys this useless sh!t? “giving lots” says £7000 ($13,000) per elephant, of course associating it with a tax deductible charity scam. What a waste & insane mockery of the value of hard earned cash. Let’s just sit around & make elephants, pollute the town & shove them in everyone’s face. What an accomplishment. Of course as a gift you appreciate anything. Having vented i feel a bit sorry for them! aw! theyr’e not so bad.. but what logic defying irrational economics.

They put these sh!tty elephants all over town
without our permission,
forced chincy eyesore
spamming & harassmentSO ANNOYING
& only suitable for kids.. Sotheby’s is actually
selling this junk, an insult to hard workers
earning a living everywhere
As an artist, shouldn’t hypocritically criticize
but we’re not allowed to spam our sh!t all over,
why should you, mundane monopolizers.

This scotch crotch (hey, i’m rhymin’ here) was lovely and brightened my evening, your’e a terrific young lass aye! play with me wee haggis! reminds me of sexy hot scotch whisky soaked ‘dates’ of mind blowing sex! whisky goes well with you know what.. on 2nd thought, stay away from that poison! poon’s problematic enough!
.. this lady was friendly to my face then behaved
really weird behind my back getting her co-worker to attack my youtube channel, claiming i followed her when she actually invades my hood & bumps into me, get outa my face! She’s probably a fine person & knows some nice mutual acquaintances i know in the post production industry but just goes to show how silly & unecessary misunderstandings are. Her expression spells trouble.. who needs it.

i drink 4 pints: 3 Hoegaardens, 1 staropramen. Cheers! We dance the night away to nostalgic tunes like “to the beat of the rhythm of the night” chico de barge, what can u do..

Gal pal Nadear hits the town bank holiday saturday, dropping my valuable books on the dirty floor. Disinfectant. Good company, tiger club doesn’t allow single men.. single women welcome anywhere =sexual inequality, discrimination & sexism!

not much socializing in the noisy club as usual, having to scream your vocal chords off to communicate, though the rooms had different audio levels & upstairs you could converse a bit. Outside you can talk but at 4 a.m. who wants to..we do, buzzed off our head.

The hottest ‘bird’ there, as they call them in england, was this italian hottie. she was quite animated so I expected some chemically induced bad attitude but typical of her culture she was wonderful and charming as ever.

A big group of chinese don’t put up with his sh!t & go up to his face yelling “what!? what!?” many times so a bobby policeman breaks up the fight. lil’ bro sees my camera, freaks out & attacks, to censor journalism that the myriad of security cameras already gotcha! fool! Good night y’all!

..which leads to trouble on another street. Beer goggles make everyone look better so i ask this group “hey guys, mind if i..” to see if the lady’s free 2 talk or at least get a shot for hollywood/ publishing agents but the cx520 camera’s become a negative. The guy threatens trouble, “if u light that camera in my face i’ll do something bad..” the wench becomes a witch.. *caw! caw!* (crows cackling)

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