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Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK, Leicester square, bulgarian chinese social flirts

walk n talk sun 25 mar 2018 geo godley london uk, leicester square, bulgarian chinese social flirts

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK* fcpx qt 720 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

↑ another lousy digital stone age video hosting site; slow load time, low res blurry image quality, blurry thumbnails, broken inaccurate viewcounters, no pagination, no monetization, no “open link in new tab/window”, no drag n drop,  but better terms.. Self hosting nightmare from hell looms large…

Transcript [don’t miss a word! For the hearing &/or mentally impaired, literature, subtitles.. disclaimer: factual thoughts & feelings not always to be taken tooo seriously, some comedy parody satire but also some serious shit, I decide, not you]

0:00 [ jacket big back sticker Elvis/ Andrew Dice Clay back twitch & personal twist], backlit huh, a little warmup before I start, shall I just step intro it, ok, crib sheet, skonaki, more on that later.. ok, shall i just go forit, start a new clip fresh or just, roll into it, just roll into it.. okay so its Sunday.. cellphonitis everyones on their damn stinkin phones serious pandemic huh? It’s gotta be a disease, there’s no way.. certainly obsessive compulsive, just like this, just like anything I guess, well it’s just like anything, no but that’s worse come on like ugh..[stares at hand] & carcinogenic waves on your head, we’ll see what happens.. ok so Sunday 25 march 2018 2:21 pm Geo Godley London England Cambridge circus, new style today huh, little bit different, it’s a bit warm, the clocks went front, went forward, whoever decided that winter should have more darkness instead of less is just sick in the head also.. the whole world is sick.. but anyway so uh.. what am I dong? I let my hair down, people told me, people.. women hate long hair on men, they get really jealous, they don’t like it, they get ageist, sexist, can’t enjoy your hair while you have it you gotta wait till its gone,, then they’re happy then they want it whatever you cant get but.. so im gonna go eat something, I’ve decided no chinese [food] today.. either Iranian or healthy I might go to the health food shit.. [billboard posters on wall advertising concerts & albums] the amount of promotion, everyone’s promoting their garbage, its unbelievable, except me right.. so just a recap, I’m always gonna have this as an opener, this is gonna be like my theme tune, um.. shit, see I’m avoiding loud streets like this.. by the way, my sister said to let my hair down, so if she says it’s okay, what’s your problem.. anyway she recommends it.. mmmm myamyum gotta do some interaction.. look, Konig books closed down, all these old bookstores are biting the dust, especially the ones that rejected my book, my photo comic, my photographic book.. I took it to those assholes and they closed! I love it when people who treat me like shit, get treated lke shit. And with Facebook scandal Cambridge Analytica happening this week youtube can’t be far away, youtube must be next, hopefully, hopefully youtube will get, because they stole 13,000 videos from me.. broke many laws, with their above the law terms and conditons, [drunk tramp screams from across the street behind loud bus] 3:00 I stick out too much like this, I should tie my hair back, oh it’s him, it’s a drunk fcuker, drunks don’t count do they.. anyway got a lttle crib sheet here was gonna say this is what the greeks this is how they cheat skonaki its called little piece of dust, women put it up their wazoo because its abusive to look there so you know that’s how they cheat I had.. yea guys get caught.. basically well I guess you could stick it in your dick, try it.. it’s gotta be pretty big to take that.. anyway so uh.. what am I doing? yea I haven’t eaten yet, Friday night I went out, why am I doing this, first of all let me explain what’s gong on, we’re n Leicester square now, this is the center, this is the times square of England, it’s gonna be pedestrianized, bit less traffic, um.. God this thing weighs a ton change hands anyway.. so uh [reading crib sheet gorilla taped to left hand] I shoulda started with the theme song youtube breach of contract, wrongful termination, I’m seeng a lawyer ths week I’m gonna see a whole bunch of attorneys and see if there’s a case there, or if terms and conditions [afro gal waves] heeey! Street lanterns] what is this chinese new year still? Above the law, you know if they’re above the law lets all be above the law, break every rule, every law, make our own laws, it’s just chaos, anarchy, all these assholes that run the world are just criminals.. look at all the dictakers dictators we can’t even say what country otherwise they’ll kick us, you know we’ll get locked up or killed like Ai WeiWei that chinese artst.. or anybody who criticizes, I don’t even wanna say the countries because I wanna go there and enjoy myself, I don’t wanna be blackballed black listed.. or whatever, but anyway they’re all corrupt murderers, even.. don’t wanna call Trump that but he killed a bunch of people in Syria a bunch of women and children but anyway lets not go there no politics religion or Sinatra, Sinatra should be fair game, just ‘cause he’s a mobster we can’t joke about him? [joke] I didn’t say that I was kidding it was a joke you see now it’s like oh shit ok no I didn’t say t I read it.. his chauffeur said he got blow jobs, chauffeur knows he took the blows.. I need to interact n stop dong ths but no I had a few points to make.. breach of contract, wrongful termnaton, employment lawyers can fnd out if you can make up your own laws as far as wrongful termination goes, we’ll see about that, and oh shit I’m gonna be noticed.. & [reads crib sheet skonaki] libel defamation, they libeled & defamed me, um.. 5:37 you know saying violated a guideline, community guidelnes they they that’s illegal too, libel defamation, what else.. fullscreen network yea all that shit.. sorry I gotta make sure I cover this, I’m unprepared, which is more spontaneous anyway.. uh.. terms hypestat.. yea yea. So why am I doing this? Because hypestat shows I have a much larger number of unique visitors, that’s why I’m dong this, not for viewcounts, or the subscribers followers that don’t count, my unique visitors on are way up so.. [loud ass amplified show- annoying amplification should be banned like in new york city times square & central park]..

[looks like we might eat chinese after all! but not food lol]
8:49[chinese social flirt] h, hello.. [both wave]
-North korea!
-I’m chinese (x2) we are chinese hello
-mainland li shin ping, shi jin ping,
-shi jin ping
-we can’t, it’s not allowed to talk about ch..shh! right?
-no I can talk
-better not.. I saw the.. uh.. I know.. u can speak?
-yea we can
-you go back to china? Maybe 3 months..
-oh you do..
-wahts your tv show?
-oh ah we know now thank you bye
-hey wait here’s a card
-it’s but I didn’t have time to put it there.. it’s the same thng
-ok thank you bye good luck
-no you’re not allowed to criticize the dictator [dick taker] I mean the “president for life” so you know I don’t wanna get them in trouble cause if they’re going back there..i’d like to go there too you know without any problems you know. If I criticize then I’ll be lke an Ai Wei Wei guy so.. I mean you can’t say anything, gotta watch out.. no politics religion or Sinatra right? I might have to redo my monolog cause I think it was distorted I might put it up distorted anyway..
8:55 bulgarian social flirt hi how u doin.. ooh water? Whats that? Soda water.. slovakis? Where you form? Bulgaria.. oh Bulgaria, riiight! If I show you some Bulgarian handwriting can you tell me what it is?
-yea of course
-I have some old photos, I don’t know what they are..
-old photos, old ones, I bought them a few years ago just for fun, & now I’m looking I’m like what does it say, you know..
-where are you from?
-ok my mom was married in Greece
-im American too half..
whats your name desislava?
-haha I know it’s a common name there
-ae you sure?
-im a vlogger, just half, many a little piece coz I already ate..
-just take 1 & throw it away
-I hope its not gelatin
-thank you
-mochi.. whats your name
-oh ok George..
-you said half American other half is?
-sorry haha
-didi you have along night last nght
-no I didn’t sleep
-studying here?
-no work
-as what
-bar tender
-around here?
-yea battersea
-I have a friend here giving flyers dong that job all hs lfe 20 30 years hes been standing here & he only gets paid if he brings people to the bar..
they made casinos
do you live in sofia? No but my city’s the 2nd largest,,
-yea, you’re good!
-& what about sunny beach & golden sands
-never been
-never went why not
-other side
-other side yea
-just wanna see what it says
-nice to mme you
-are all Bulgarians so friendly
-no im dfferent
-why are you different what happened
-I came here by myself start reading books became vegetarian..

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