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MAY 2010

In between work, a rare moment off the computer: wet walk to Covent garden vegetarian/ vegan lunch. Say hi to various fast food bosses & employees on the way. Pleasant atmosphere.

Charing cross road, London. Spring breeze
rustles tree leaves in contradictory weather
temperature, hot 1 moment, cold the next.
Especially at night..

She hates being photographed / videoed in public by strangers. I put the camera away, missing the best footage ever & ask what the flyers are: a Maori massage offer for £70 ($100) for half or one hour, far away, for the next 3 days only. I say she should model & collab w/ me for youtube etc & she says yes if i pay.
Greek american hottie handing out flyers freaks when she sees the Hc9 & wide angle lens. Public photography /video is
unpredictable, so you develop an instinct for
difficult troublemakers! luckily she wasn’t tooo bad..

Liking people doesn’t guarantee chemistry. Used to go for almost anyone since fussing over appearance is shallow but after a long relationship left me mentally & emotionally drained everyone looks kinda average and not so irresistible anymore. This lady’s pretty, cool & fun but it’s not quite happening 4 some reason. Or maybe it is.

We’ve become friendly yet when i call she’s changed her tone, says she doesn’t mean to be rude but has a boyfriend & “doesn’t want a personal relationship“, just business.. don’t flatter yourself sweetie! “if your’e in it for the money you probably won’t make much”- richard branson.

Acting like I’m actually going to buy burger king junk food to meet a typically warm friendly italian cutie. My acting skills have improved in real life: pretending to do things so as not to stick out too obviously/ suspiciously. Ambiguously, it’s not total deception: you may be convinced to enact the act; they sell healthier foods too.

Wow, them magyars are friggin hot, i’m goin’! this hotel supervisor’s a bit conservative & may/ not be suited to artsy fartsiness. U never know. When she let me video her it felt like a connection, really tantalizing oooh! sit on my f☺ce

Who could take their eyes off beautiful arabs. Not exactly friendly or approachable, kinda like a ferocious rhino & her calf.. Too bad they’re covered up & 2 difficult. Travelling to english parks every spring/summer to cool off from scorching 100 degree Arab gulf heat- must sweat buckets down there & never leave air conditioned buildings & cars..
Hyde park bank holiday sunday meeting alota ladies, including this sultry slovak, but i’m bird watching..

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