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Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch wed 8 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch wed 8 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE

Huhuh.. its just like a Hollywood movie where they say u gotta enter, the directing lessons, enter the frame for editing purposes & exit,, oh you know, so you have done some reading.. ok geo godley 9:52 a.m, uh.. what is it, 8- 11, that’s 8th nov 2017 geo godley I was gonna say where I am, I’m not giving away too much, we got the other cameras for the show & this is just a test, I wanna see & compare, we’re using the back camera now, back camera, wait, yeah.. we’ll be doing a lot of experiments.. experimental.. is t it too narrow, [mic cover handling noise 1:05-1:15] As long as im in there oh my god its all narrow now.. I don’t know if you’re in.. urine.. pardon the pun.. opposite make opposite..
2:06 “sit doooown” to quote that yalta lady.. [Nina? from Yalta episode] youre not, only half of you.. contraband we have some contraband here.. chemcals.. h20.. waters a drug chemical substance.. this doesn’t flip it.. the other one flipped it, front camera flips it.. I’m left, you’r right.. its fixabe n editing but im not edtng these.. 3:20 did you try fava & dolmadakia.. too much salt this time, I’m gonna tell them..
remember eating everything youre helping someone in africa..
G: yea, like the finland comedian said.. it’s a slow news day today, there/s
people toda,y we gotta keep it down..
4:00: its not gonna hear it man..
H: [mumblng] mention some people..
G: who? they can see this.. its on my webste if they go to they can see it.. thank god they dodnt coz we were a little rude yesterday ok I’ve changed.. were gonna change all the time like a virus.. but I’m healthy 99%.. instead of.. yea im not gonna be so rude, I’m not gonna swear as much, I’m gonna be more uh.. just nicer & were gonna mention most of the things.. not the doman names but the people vloggers n’ shit.. now I can’t talk loud coz there people, annoying.. so I’m gonna have to bring that closer.. forgot the damn dolmadeh, dolmades,.. its too far.. they;re not gonna hear [mic covered handling noise] finshing/ cancel] again.. ughh.. put it on my chest for now.. does it say live? Yes it does, at least you can hear me now coz audio’s more important than video..
H: facing down, your chest..
6min G: what do you mean click.. yea you’re right im losing track now.. front camera.. I’m putting it here coz I cant yell coz theres people there & I’m gonna be too loud if i start throwing my voice & making it good fava over here.. so slow news day coz theyre like trumps bullying north korea again.. he’s like warning north korea, they never say kim jong un make it personal you know rocket boy with hs megalomania shit trump playing it up to be the big schoolyard bully.. who has the most friends wins..
H: they could be friends by the way
G: yea the mass murderer, theyre both mass murderers, right? They both kill people, right? Both the dictator & the president with the excuse being war right? If ts war you can kill people, it okay, no problem, you don’t go to jail for that.
H: changing the rules you can kill people, changing the rules facts,.
G: don’t be too technical, what do you mean? Im saying in war youre allowed to kill people nobody goes to jail right? Its okay to kill people.
H: yes.
G: that’s the society we live in. anyway.. but hes threatening korea he’s like it’ll be a fatal mistake.. the rhetoric..
H: & the heroes of the world are the ones killng as much of the people as possible
G: who kills the most wins..
H: yea: imagine one maniac goes to war & kills people!
G: cancel! [sudden “finishing video” popup window cancellation] I gotta put a magnet here.. need a wider lens & mount oloclip, stay pooned for next time//
Why am I doing this? I think it’s a waste of time but its just good practice.
H: people are watching now?
G: its always a few, right?
H: you can’t find out how many
G: it says under neath, but m not autoplaying it, m not promoting it, marketing it,
H: but i‘m curious, now, you see them? 10 people? 5 people?
G: now? well see it after, I gotta eat man. yesterday part 1 got 40 views, part 2 got 70. This is sweet man.. full of sugar.. f.u!
H: I look lke Charlie chaplin..
G: is this visble:
9:20 G: pretty good for wide angle.
This rots in 2 days so I gotta eat it….
I don’t wanna eat chickens pussy eggs all the time but its protein right>? Just the idea, something coming out of a chickens quim, is a little offputting to say the least.. on that note.. mmm! 10:19 Hmhmhm! Quick quick.. 10:45 mmm.. so uh.. did you sleep with the lights on? Wow ths is great.. [fresh fava dip toast crunch] so were done with the translations for now, I have to upload the georgian ones you can find someone that’s good.. shit I gotta put ths airplane mode man.. gonna damage my heart man.. [reading facebook live comments] delay pat.. still don’t know this guy’s last name you know how everyones paranoid online no one wants to well you know hes got issues.. food dude looks effin good to me man.. weve had better but favas good.. u see I’m under pressure to perform now & make it entertaining u see what I maen if I just keep it like that its just gonna be dead boring bt what can you do that’s life.. I cant talk with my mouth full.. maybe I can, today I need time to organize coz things are a mess, we do the interview tomorrow or one of these days I prepare the questions, what are you gonna do, you okay till the 14th?another week?
H: yea
G: good its Wednesday the 8th
H: listen, theres a chance to buy a ticket on 16th
G: haha
H: you want me to, what do you think, its too late, maybe earlier, you need earlier to go? Theres a good ticker 16rth buy it?
G: no
H: why not? Let me buy this ticket n case
G: thought you were stayng till Christmas, no ok youre goin to your familys for new years
13;10 H:let me buy, as early I go more time to get ready in case we need something else..
g: 16th I guess were done, no swimming,
H: as earlier I go as much I have more time to get ready in case we need something else
G: whats the pressure? I like to do it last minute when you decide…
H: why? To pay like 5 times more?
G: it wont be, easyjets 100 all the time..
H: mine is not. London yes. I don’t know why London is easier to go all the time.. you said berlin was 100..
H: try, check.
G: Oh my god its damaged, I left it out of the fridge over night, it stings,
H:you have mine, in my case, I cant eat, its too much for me.
G: you might need it for dinner tonight coz I might go to my friends house for dinner..
H: ;et me book it
G: how?
H: I call to my house they do it for me, my ex wife.. lets discuss after how much is it to warsaw Katowice..
G:fuck the cheap we don’t need cheap
H:I want to be
G: Tortured
H: 100 euros
G: hughhhhh! Bad safety record.. 100 euros taxi costs more to go to the airport almost & back.. Fava. Hehe have some where’s the camera this side or that side? [front camera reversed] Oh my god..
h: listen I go earlier I can go any other trip you suggest, later there can be problems..
G: new years eve you gotta be with your folks right?
H: doesn’t matter, we are not celebrating in such a way, but it’s too cold, this is the problem, new years eve problem of temperature..
G: you gotta know which nightclub you’re going to, & they don’t let you back in..
17:26 H: cause people drnk cheap drinks outside so they can dance..
that gets him, us, me.. ridiculous, this is getting way outa hand.. mm mush.. bowl full of mush.. [fresh fava sip]
18:45 ok they left so.. oh! I hate this thing so much because anything you press fucks it up, you cant touch anything, anything I’ll put it here now so okay? Now its all overexposed man.. bastard.. I just wanna compare cameras.. this is front.. youre not in the picture right?
H: I am
19:45 G: No.. anyway so that’s front camera.. geez man we didn’t have that problem yesterday.. 19:58 it’s gonna be a bit boring we’re not prepared I slept bad im not ready for a performance or entertainment whatever ..
H: im ready, I slept..
G: you were funny yesterday I was gong over the transcript. M doing the transcript..
So what do you think the guy who invented this shit, we should have gone on shark tank.. Oh shit 10:13 lets go, I hate ths time pressure, it’s like james bond bombs exploding or something.. hurry hurry
21:20 H: drink fast
G: I feel bad cause she’s being tolerant but I know she doesn’t like it..
H: someone’s there. Lets ask gim to stay with us, to save us
G”don’t whisper cause they cant hear you..
22:15 um.. confused.. I had this one right? I gotta pay attention.. so.. [multivitamin, calcum, omega oil,] which is which man..
22:38 Oh ok cosmote ripped me off.. got 20 euros call bundle, sms bundle, international bundle. This time they charged me double for one of the bundles, im thinkin to get internet so I can do this on the beach everywhere right facebook live.. 100 bucks a month
H: in armenia its 7 dollars a month
G: must be shit quality man comeon you think its gonna do that? I tried it in America right, it was 98 a month or something, for unlimited standard definition better than nothing, just good for emergencies, you know, trouble, to be able to get on facebook live, coz its gonna happen, I can just see it, someones gonna fuck w me, even the police, if they do something wrong, if somebody wrongs you, that’s the only way to get it out there quickly, im gonna have that on.. if I feel wronged, as evidence, [points to facebook live phone] & they’ll behave too , they’ll be like oh its live they’ll be like shut that thing off
H: could be ggreat if apple had a device to replace the iphone camera
G: Does this have wifi?
H: only goes to your computer
G: im glad you checked it coz t would take me hours to figure it out
H: I have 2 or 3 guys very good at this technical friends Krasnodar
25min I have to take the fruit upstairs again coz were late, theyre being cool today
25:50 so this is the big experiment, this is what you gotta tune back years from now to see, if this shit works right? It says you don’t get gray hair if you have 2 of these a day.. lets find out.. [lose the dead animal gelatin capsule] I don’t want the fumes in my lungs so im doing that, well see if it works, well see what the ingredients are, buncha virtamins n shit but.. lets flip the screen & see if they both go backwards..
[natural vitamins]
looks zoomed, very narrow angle, looks too zoomed, but okay you get the picture, we better go, shes gonna be like.. ok lets go..
h: take it.. uh.. give it
G: why oh ok.. that was breakfast wasn’t very exciting today well we’ll have the format ready next time.. main points.. 27:54 way outa hand.. gotta be done though..
H: hat selfie..
G: Do it pardon the pun..
Ok so well meet a bit later.. I gotta —–?
If its fnishing & says cancel press cancel so it wont fnish.. something gets pressed says finishing & theres a cancel underneath, press cancel.. never ending story [song]..
I forgot to put this on..
H: I’ll do it [take oiive oil back]
G: no leave it man its ok..
30 min [leaving dining room]
The finland lady [on faccebook] wants to see the dog..
H: look how beautiful it looks, cinematographic.. framing the frame
G: I don’t like frames in frames
H: 2 seconds outside
G: no coz they’ll see where we are..
More later.. Later bro thanks for watching if you did.. is ths a waste of time? Is everything a waste of time? Bye.

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