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Facebook/GeoGodley LIVE Tuesday 7 nov 2017

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch Tuesday 7 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 1/2.

Transcript [rough draft, more later]
Geo godley facebook live.. why is it.. it looks.. were testing ok thi is early shit were testing, its not gonna be the main camera we got other cameras over there, coz its shit ok the volumes too low, it flips the picture, the qualitys bad, hey.. ok no problem just getting breakfast w hayk here, im not gonna explain too much im not gonna give too much away youre gonna have to see the episode for that, were gonna hve little bits n pieces..
H: the famous scrounger in the world
H: m the famous scrounger in the world I lke scrounging
G he s a scrounger
H: I like not leaving things on the table I don’t like when they are leaving, my philosophy
G: that’s his dinner, to save money he gets dinner, ok were joking its breakfast, this is live right now don’t even have to press save, I put it on my chest, ok lets go man, were laughing because theres a lady here shes very strict & shes working today, sometimes theres the other ladies, much nicer, but this one is like you gotta leave by 10 oclock, why are you here 10 after 10, sometimes you stay too late, sometimes half an hour, because you know I gotta set up all the damn cameras & sound over here we got audio over here look at that I don’t wanna give too much away, I don’t wanna tell every one what I do because they all want me to fail, theyre all fuckn me up right, all those bastards on youtube, youtubes such a piece of shit corporation stealing all my work, stealing all my fuckin work, lying & cheating, saying I violated guidelines that they do,
H: st here mirror
G: oh yea mght get that but the sun might be in my..
Ok whos this, see me or too brngt sun hitting it anyway that’s a test for next time I’ll see after how it looks, also I think it stops after 5 minutes
H: you look like a prophet [w/ sun on you] lol
G: good tryng different angles, that a good actually heheh.. funny coz there’ll be bits of silence too
They close at 10 early enough want u out of here by 10.. 1 lady if she makes a conflict we’ll get her on facebook live so thatll be nice conflict coz you need cuntflicks on everything you cant have a nice life & be entertaining its gotta have conflict according to all the film makng story books how to make a story no conflict nothing,
H: yea
G: but theres enough conflict as it is.. don’t need more don’t need this shit your health has enough conflict whos 100% healthy? anyway
Be normal man.. ok lil fucked ups okay
So we put the stckers, in monastiraki, I should have put it on that statue, whyd you tell me not to put it on that statue where everyone would see it
H: they would find you & say what are you doing
G: no they might be like fuck it ts ok never mind, street art, they deface entire nuildings w street art banksy shit.. why cant I put a stcker on a statue
No you cant
G: & it wasn’t a statue of a person it was just a block of shit, I have to see what it s im gonna look at it next time, im gonna have like a location thing, where I know, & also monastiraki where the concert was w all those people I could put a sticker where theyre standing on the marble
H: artists most are crazy they can harm find you
G: shit cleaners are coming chamber maid housekeepers ok ok so like, I think the traffic went up a little bit, like I look at my graph on tmy website, although its deceiving because t doesn’t autoplay on cellphones, so theres no way to know how many cellphones are watching, so the autoplays would just be computers or people that. Vimeo shows autoplays n finishes, shit video uploaded sometimes theres a problem.. says finshed.. h stephany god bless you hyperreligosity jesus freak

Geo Godley Hayk Gasparian brunch Tuesday 7 nov 2017 facebook/geogodley LIVE 2/2.

Transcript [rough draft, more later]
Ok so uh 10:04 am maybe I shouldn’t do that you know im still not up for this live shit yet because theres a lot of implications.. 7-11 7 november 2017 geo godley, im not gonna say where I am, im not gonna give too much away you gotta figure t out not yet im not ready yet for all that shit for a lot of reasons cancel able to stop it form ending
I should put airplane mode when I do this so it doesn’t ruin my heart you know magnets on the heart electro magnetc fields what do you thinks in this butter sugar mmm heheh
What I hate if you touch anything it stops it, it fucks it up, you cant touch anything, can you imagine your camera you cant touch it.. it so.. you know they should make it so they put a hold button on there so you can touch shit.. cant touch my fucking phone while its doing shit.. put something there plese too narrow now I need wide angle not staying whys t not staying this time coz your piece of shit bread.. put ths there
Its just cause that bitch makes me eat the breakfast at 100 miles an hour cause she wont let me stay longer than 10 oclcok without making a fuss.. after all the money ive spent cant even have breakfast in peace fuckin 10 mnutes more I mean that is a bitch/ asshole.
You’re not n man, get your piece of shit outa here so I can push it back.. im getting a bit worked up because I can feel the pressure.. ok ok [phone falls again, cutlery drops, ] now I need an iphone piece of shit to keep it in place like a mount right..
H: piece of rubber man
G: & theres no tripod shit so you need a special..
H: no. appasite [opposite]
G: appazit.. so were translating today the georgia episode, Tbilisi.. we’ve been translating for like a month.. on & off.. most days we were doing 3 hours, 4 hours sometimes.. translating the pold tapes..well, vintage.. episodes 7 shit, Russian, armenan, Georgian, & I was online again looking at.. oh we should talk about whats gong on! Tne queen has been hiding money offshore paradise papers.. apple left Ireland for jersey to save tax, makes 100 billob, use laws cheapest tax, tax dodgers, queen doesn’t want to pay tax,, queens 7 vaccumms,, just there against tyranny..
H: she [queen of england] makes money off banks
G: don’t wanna say what im doing, trade secrets, doman names I’m looking at, because they’re gonna snap em up, they’re gonna grab em. So I have to be quiet. I was gonna tell you a few domain names that ‘m looking at.
H: Say fake names
G: yea say fake names to mislead them!
H: hike g u were looking at?
G: yea I was looking at that too.. if I tell them the domain names they’re gonna take them 7 they may be worth a lot of money one day.. what im gonna do is im gonna buy more domain names, I’ve got like 60, I’m gonna pont all of them to my website. So anybody, there might be 1 person a day going there, goes straight to my website. Coz teyre all relevant nanes.
H: yea.
5min 45
H: why not make like youtube films
G: what?
H: stupid things & putting like..
H: on youtube
G: I just gave them 14,000 videos, I gotta give them more? & they stole it! & your’e like give them some more, the logic is amazing.
H: just..
G: for what? They just stole 14,000 videos, I’m gonna give them.. you’re telling me to put more up there..
H: stupid things
G: for what? How does that make sense?
H: to link to your website
G: oh.. yeah.. pffft..
They don’t like ot when you use it to link
H: everyone does it, they say go to my website..
6:45 G: I was gonna tell you some other vloggers that I know, coz I’ve been looking at a lot of people. But I don’t wanna advertise them. Because theyre so evil they don’t wanna advertise anyone except themselves, theyre very snobby, elitist, they don’t wanna help anyone
H: greedy
G:greedy, they want it all for themselves, they know its cutthroat competition, so why should I tell you about them? & they suck anyway, its all shit, its so, you know, everyones scared to do anything exciting or sexual.
H: if theyre interesting theyre on tv, guys who are successful are on tv
G: can you imagine if he comes here know & sees all this.. shit, that’s blocking my sound. Is that running now is that live? Haha that’s funny.. so new years eve do you know where you’ll be? Back home w your family? You don’t know yet? You don’t wanna say? To the whole world?
H: new years eve is a good time to revise
8:15 G: no but to celebrate, I like to celebrate, new years eve’s the one day that I have to get out,
H: yea but sometimes it doesn’t happen, youre so much nothing happens tired wake up nobody everything sleeps
G: here they said only the foregners celebrate it, everyone stays home new years eve unless they go to a night club, but they don’t go out int the cold.. except the foreigners,
H: does it get cold..
G: at nght it can get close to , samer in California, unless you have heated pool half the year youre not gonna be swimming at all, not like mam or Hawaii..
H: Hawaii you can swim:
G: yea year round, like Thailand or Africa..
So what are your plans for the next year, your’e not gonna.. your not gonna show that guy, that homeless guy
H: documentary.. you will see the film I sent you, you will understand what I mean..
Zoom in shots..
G: he vieoed a homeless guy out there on the rocks wilderness lets not say where it is..
H: lets see if theyre nterested to see a guy living on the rocks, a.ready people got intereted
G: so he’s still there even after they got rid of all his garbage?
G: 10:15, hurry up.. my honey.. switched off without telling me this piece of shit.. wonder if it’s the battery.. you wanna leave? Don’t coz then it makes me look like the bad guy.. I give him the camera to.. so im not the guy with the camera, he is.. in case theres any bullshit, luckily here they’re..
H: honeys glowing..
G: I wish I could share more but I don’t wanna tell you too much coz its not in my interest right now.. look its saying agan video.. leave it lets see what happens.. press ok.. it says video ended but I didn’t stop it is there a 5 minute limit? Limit minute, see it looks like its still live theres a red live thng on there, maybe ..
So ths is the fromt camera, I wanna know if its flppng t & screwing up all the letters. Ths should say Avra, it probably is backwards like a mirror right, it probably doesn’t say avra.. says arva.
so that was multivitamin.. calcum.. all vegan, running out of calcum, you don’t take supplements, how do you know youre getting enough nutrients.. you don’t.. huuugh! Almost fell again, this keeps falling down, cracked lens on one of these, I’d like to tell you what it is, can you tell what it is?.. this has gelatin in it so I open t up, I don’t wanna be eating dead animals all the time..they shove it in everything, so gelatin capsule, this is like a.. no gray formula, I couldn’t fnd this in America but they have it here, just an experiment to see if it works.. oh shit I gotta put it in a glass coz fumes go down your lungs & shit.. 100 things a lot of info.. there’s like fumes everywhere man.. so I’m watching different websites to see you know.. theres this guy I met.. he thinks he’s like.. everyone thnks they’re like a celebrity..
H: who
G: this guy played guitar on the greek islands, 15 people a day, hes lke buy reza’s music , best sellng cd, im like bullshit he ddnt sell anything.. fevgoume.. im not sure I like it when he does weird shit like that, keep it real.. looks lke drugs huh well I guess it is hehehehahahue look at ths thing can u imagine takng this everywhere you cant really.. thank god you can sometimes.. heres the good version.. no coz if you press anyting it stops.. it seems hazy underneath, maybe its just the lighting..
H: my fingers not visble?
G: no theyr good, makes it like james bond films suspense at end of the end of the film, tme limit, don’t show that, don’t wanna gve too much away coz then all those acutthroat assholes who want you to fail ll do it, why help them
H: take your grapes
G: yea grapes of wrath, so were translating.. no stabilizer in 4k right? That’s not 4k.. later assholes! That’s it for now, cant even hold ths thng.. ok later..

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