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but warm in here. I meet up with this luscious photomodel who is so courteous to let me include her in my travelogue. Imagine if everyone said no, wouldn’t be much fun & kinda sad without a lil’ romance..

Another alentines day..this time I’m somewhere
in east europe. That ballbuster Nora sent
me here. It’s below zero degrees cold..

We end up together in the room, thrilled to get some memorable, exhilirating footage beyond family, sight seeing & museums! see those later when we’re 80.

She was so sweet, with warm eye contact. What
a spiritual connection i felt. Better not tell you
her name just yet.. not mine to give..
lady’s honor & all that, ol’chap! jolly good show
eh what! creative writing english education
finally pays off.

ooooh yes! her hand silkier than my boxers..

aaand.. remote, lights, camera, action!

keep it soft rated pg-13/ R like those hollywood movies & cable shows honey! a real ‘sex in the city’ sweetheart! just like Playboy & Clubjenna make millions, that’s extra AAAAAHHH!

she bites nipples, a prime erogenous zone. Gosh
this sure beats those other graphic novels &
memoirs out there! Eat yer heart out Nobuyo-
shi Araki! BONSAI-I-I

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