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Opera star flirt from Geo Godley New York 2014 travelogue


Summary: Walking in Times Square i was alerted by/ to a gorgeous face glowing in the dark light bright night. As ever, italians are almost always nice & friendly compared to ya’ll even when a soprana opera star!

-hi.. you look great..
-thank you lol
-what are you, a beautician
[byo͞oˈtiSHən/ booty-ishun lol] or something? what do you do?
-no, musician
-Me too, i was on Xfactor..
-oh, that’s nice..
-you’re not form here? i heard a slight accent, wasn’t sure where you form, Norway lol
-Sono grekoamericano

0:41: -so are you singing around here anywhere?
-no, i’m doing auditions
-auditions? like this? (ussie) lol I’m a blogger..
-oh really?
-I was on youtube a few years but they stole alot of my work..
-youtube is difficult [to deal with (unintelligible)]
-yea i will, unless they selected you then they invest in you but otherwise it’s.. they took 10,000 of my videos, disappeared..
-They took away my views, i don’t know why, on the viewer
-they took away your viewcount? where you going?
-home? okay! (like joining her lol) i’ll give you my card..
-lol (laughs)
-Joanna Parisi
-George Godley

-sorry i’m in such a rush it’s very nice to meet you
-yea u 2, i didn’t expect you to be in a good mood but artistic people generally they’re okay with..
-we meet people in general
-yea.. there’s a concert down there i think..

2:40 -careful (dangerous umbrella spoke sticking out)
-it’s damaged, it could damage someone
2:54 -so i’ll look you up on facebook or something
-yea do it
-dont wanna catch a cold
-for your voice
-lost my voice in Brazil once
-dont do it worst part of singing is if you’re sick..
-here u go.. my card.. the youtube is closed but the website’s open
-okay,i’ll go there today lol
[says name again]

Heard & saw the first clip on while testing equipment with headphones on & was moved to tears by her beautiful voice, stunning presence & luscious orchestra.

She doesn’t miss a note, even if opera’s not my favorite genre yet it could be! ♫Villia-oh-villiaaaaaa! ♫ (merry widow or fledermaus).. I’m a sucker for a melody & eye/ear candy.. I feel like Aristotle Onassis Owns Asses meeting Maria Callas lol..

production notes: apologies for audio #fail technical difficulties, all faulty unreliable equipment was later replaced. (camera, mic, cables, media) pending troubleshooting tests. For some inexplicable chocolate twilight zone reason (rain damage?) the audio was muffled, hissy, bombastic- in need of hi pass filter, & -24db too low as opposed to the usual -12db too low external mic cockamamey input socket fail. detailed technical accounts & reviews coming later.. depending on mood & whether it’s worth doing & giving everything away while others get paid to sit around & jerk off metaphorically & literally. lol.

Many thanks & acknowledgements to:
-Joanna Parisi for the föõôótâãâge, smiles, nice attitude & vibe
-Peter Weiss for his genius technical inventions & being one of the few/ only positives from youtube
-whoever’s linking or embedding these vids, thank you, much appreciated
-The afro bro around 52nd street & broadway
 selling $5 umbrellas exactly when needed, keeping me dry during this performance lol
-Rochester big & tall [fat & overweight lol] store for sturdy water resistant shopping bag lasting all night in inclement weather

madamme Jojo Parisi : closure: how does it end? on a high or low note? does she
a. cordially politely say goodbye see you etc.
b. walk off & say f* off
c. falsely defame, slander/ libel/ label a “hello” as “harassment” like them jealous ahole hater cyberbully trolls who don’t know their ass form a hole in their head
d. go for a coffee banoffee whoopee & more or less
e. all the above
f. none of the above
Coming in lol

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

joanna parisi opera star from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

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