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thurs April 29 2010 Hans Christa Mattern Blue Anger memories photos

It’s been a harsh time.. the only excercise i get is about once or twice a week in the gym when not blacking out in naps from computer overwork and chronic inertia lack of cardiovascular oxygen supply. Look forward to spending more time out actively videoing than inactively editing, but with a 3000 hour archive good luck. The only other excercise i get is chasing girls. Thank you so much ladies, if it were’nt for you i’d be even more outa shape. Quaint London town’s ideal for circulating & socializing, sure beats the bar, nightclub & treadmill. Here i am strecthing for the next wild goosechase.

Spending the week digitizing & copying some of my DAT digital audio tape archive for youtube, other sites, projects, movies. 15 years of phone conversations, original songs, private & public recordings. Without those obsolete antique museum piece dat machines, how would you record anything back when there were no portable cd or solid state recorders. And how else could you play & copy them decades later. Only a matter of time before the tape heads wear out so best hurry and verify there’s no distortion, artifacts etc. Next purchase, check specifications, panasonic doesn’t play 32khz. Hard drives are unreliable & only last 5 years so make several copies.. solid state dirves & 128gb+ usb sticks.

Protools works like a charm, not to jinx it in case i find pops & distortions everywhere. It took many hours of hell. 32khz is not supported and can only be done by analog rca phono cables because analog XLR causes distortion & digital spdif causes sampling rate word clock error noise. Obstacles, troubleshooting & technical support, thank you Paul from Glad to be in central London England United Kingdom for this, imagine doing it in russia or greece, shut down from demonstrations, strikes, irregular work hours & limited, overpriced, delayed product availablity.

Friendly cosmopolitan Turkmenistan hottie from supermarket. That countrys’ pretty quirky, may do a Türkmenbaşy travelogue but those autocratic theocracies aren’t exactly vlogger/ photography friendly. Not that that should stop us..
See that.. Typical antiphotography iranian..
antiphotographer asian..
when in rome..wasn’t built in a day..
do as the romans..
east europeans..

Eating alot of delicious supposed health food form Holland & barret & wholefoods, gmo free, everything free vegan stuff. Add avocados, spinach & plum tomatoes on the vine. Your guts never felt cleaner. Vermin proof, washeable, security sealable George Foreman grill.
Ping Pong lazy sundays do the most delicious all you can eat fresh handmade steamed/ grilled dumpling deal ever. And NO MSG HANGOVER unlike other chinese restaurants. Why is that? £25=$40
Met up with photographer Ritva Raitsalo to do a lil’ deal with some photos she took back in the 90s of me with german techno group Blue Anger. I was studying at school of audio engineering London and secured a keyboard playing/ programming contract from alleged alcoholic transsexual Hans Christa Mattern (hey, don’t be prejudiced, to each their own, nobody’s perfekt, sex was NOT part of the job description & who else would pay hundreds a month to create music a couple times a week? LGBT lobby take note of my tolerant, affable attitude). Wikipedia’s Transsexualism definition: an individual identifies with a physical sex that is different from their biological one. (i always thought it was an operation!). (S)he hired other students for engineering, producing, session instruments. Hans was thenicest person with a heart of gold & the most relaxed attitude ever. Everything was afun, funny joke and you felt that all is fine no matter what. You could travel a month or more & continue your job where you left off.The exhilirating life of a financially secure artist independent of industry constraints is well worth it if you can afford the gamble. Unfortunately the excessive daily Napoleon brandy destroyed his/her liver & killed her according to website
Funny memories/ quotes form back then:
-I asked drummer Rudi, “what do you call Hans? He or she?” he answered, “I don’t“!
-When i told my friend in greece spiros b. Hans was LGBT, he said “i’m worried you’re gonna get a bad reputation man.” Always worrying what others “think” (if you can call it that). Russel’s answer about reputation regret:” we’re beyond regret..”
-Matt?, SAE classmate sound engineer on auditioning fo the job: “are you going? she’s got money, so i’ll see you there, right?””i think he’s had the chop [surgery]”
-Matt, during rehearsal after Hans yells in a drunken tantrum, “fucking hell i need a lewel! (german accent pronounciation of audio “level”). “Hans, i’ve had just about enough of you”..

Some tape op, sound engineer & me on keyboards recording at Swanyard studios London. Hans was busy getting drunk & wasted in the next room playing pool, joking around & giving people the finger while going “bbbppppffft!”. The studio manager & staff liked Hans as a client but said they’d never seen anything like such crazy “blazé” nonchalant behavior. It was a fun, comforting experience which felt like work & play at the same time, the theme i’ve pursued ever since. Below: Me, Hans & drummer Rudi. photos: Ritva Raitsalo

thursday night 29 april 2010/ friday morning 30 april 2010
After months of rodent free peace since christmas, heard & saw the first mouse squeak of 2010 tonight. Hoping it was the window hinges squeaking in the wind, saw mickey mousey under the dishwasher gap in the wall, one of infinite construction defects these ahole architect & construction c*nts “built” & FAIL to seal. A legal loophole allows faulty construction & open cracks so mice run over the pipes. Last time pest control poisoned the hell out of them and killed them off. Most city houses are infested for decades, it’s just a matter of how often, yours too hahaha! Better call the estate agents tomorrow and repoison them again & get sticky boards etc. since there’s no humane option. Whats the point in changing adress when all homes have them & your’e never more than 20 feet away from a rodent anyway. If you know of any way to avoid this nightmare please let me know. I’m living the ultimate horror whoror.

May 1 2010 update.
It’s not so bad. I caught the mouse on a glue trap sticky board, unstuck it with baby oil without touching him/her, straight into a cut off plastic water bottle, n let it go free. There don’t seem to be any others on the glue trap sticky board- for now.

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