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INJUSTICE! My recent removed video “UKRANIAN PORN PG-13 soft version TRANSLATION please!” violated no guidelines or terms of service; the breasts were fully covered & blurred out, the fully clothed woman was only talking in russian, and a kiss is but a kiss. See proof of what some bigoted, prejudiced, dishonest youtube employee doesn’t want you to see! A little excitement softer than Hugh Hefner’s 1950s Playboy. Youtube allows featured promoted youtubers (shane dawson, kassemg, timmy de la gateau) google adds & revenue on explicit sexual content but not the rest of us. Isn’t that elitism, oligarchy, nepotism, monopoly? Maybe the blur box was too small & should black out more of her body.

Such arbitrary censorship violates artistic creativity & integrity restricting adults to children’s programming. Every hollywood movie, cable tv show, website & public beach has nudity but we’re not allowed to even show a COVERED BLURRED body. Hence the turning point: PG & R-rated content will have to go on your own private website and Feature Documentary/ DVD/ Published Memoirs, new niche markets.

My historic wild Yalta Simferopol tour before Ukrainian ex-“president” sex dictator Viktor Yushchenko’s 2009 “non medicinal” porn ban made adult porn possession a criminal offence punishable by a fine of 850 hryvnia ($100) or up to three years in prison, unless “for medicinal purposes”, so get your medical prescription now! “Hey doc, I can’t get hard/jerk off without it, I get depressed, sick & suicidal, it’s vital to my physical & mental health”. It’s the only sex most unfortunate, challenged or disabled people get. What a hypocrite, like he never jerked off to porn, never saw sex, yea right Viktor. Censor the entire internet. Your economy ain’t fudged enough with chernobyl mass contamination, freezing polluted radioactive black sea, lack of catalytic converters smog, now we cant even jerk off while looking at sex without getting arrested by the totalitarian opressive JACKOFF POLICE. Cancel Yucky rain, book Germany, Hungary, Czeck, Slovakia.. source:
update: Disgruntled jerkoffs didn’t re-elect Vicky this term. Let’s see how much of a jerkoff the new guy is!
Just like china, “in my opinion” (=blogging disclaimer to avoid human rights abuses & blogger persecution) cockblocking a billion masturbators by censoring the internet & executing people for viewing/ videoing sex. Unless your’e Paris Hilton, they didn’t execute her when she visited, so it’s okay, thanks for setting the precedent. More on china’s “legal” system click link.

Translation: “her orange cat sleeps with her and sometimes scratches her. Simferopol’s the capital of Crimea yet people stay one night & leave the next day. In erotic films there are special women (fluffers) who get the men erected again to shoot a new sex scene”.

Youtube enable another video for add revenue then send me a partnership program message saying “Your account does not contain sufficient original new content that represents the uniqueness of our community. We have registered your interest and will continue to monitor your account for potential future acceptance into the program.”

The usual frustrating contradictory message, at least its not all negative, but after 100 original videos from Dubai to Hawaii, you’d think they’d have a sense of fair play “filotimo”. Other partners were handed their audience of millions for no effort at all, i’ve brought way more to the table. Esmee dentures uploaded stolen ©opyrighted song cover versions. Top youtubers just talk to the camera re-hashing the news or banal nonevents. That’s what youtube calls “sufficient original new content uniqueness”!

Sincere thanks to JohnOllie  & David Spates Laughandpeealittle, the only youtubers with clout helping me out, am reciprocating. Also delaypat & villarte & everyone for their online friendship & support.


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