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APRIL 2010

-London spring, Green park. Lilly scented tulips bloom. People out n’ about enjoying the end of a busy, reclusive, health destroying, sleep depriving, premature ageing, winter. Before the grass pollen & allergy opticrom eyedrops &/or hay fever tablets..
-Nadine’s birthday dinner along with BJ family & friends. She was “feeling poorly” but we had a nice time anyway.



My friend the I.T guy in soho square said he’d save my seat in the sun, I go get govinda lunch for both of us, when I come back 20 min later he’s given my seat to others saying “I couldn’t stop people sitting there”.. no free benches left & I don’t want to sit on the muddy grass & pigeon shit stained pavement so I tell him “I’m not upset but that was silly, why’d you say you’d save my seat what was the point of one of us saving the other’s seat and the other getting lunch..keep it up I.t guy, this is the drama we need! Some lunatic belt headcase was semi-shouting that “england is sh*t.. and you think we [his ilk] are sh!t..” to passers by. Wonder what triggered his insanity and what meds & sideffects made it worse.. i heard the people on the next bench say: how typically english, nutters in the public square. Guess it’s better than having your free speech & human rights violated like those other mid & far east countries..
I see a hotty who doesn’t look so irresistible when she removes her sunglasses. Looks like that cannes gal.. shoulda videoed her to show ya’ll.. this is a reminder to ALWAYS VIDEO.
I video some old granpa dude flirting/ talking with a hottie. Proof BJ’s wrong about dying your hair when it goes grey. He’s doing better than all of us. There’s often some lady who doesn’t mind joining the salt n peppa your heart out george Clooney. Plus he ain’t clean cut either. What do we learn from this?


If raywayjay shouts you out there’s no guarantee of anything happening. It’s good he didn’t respond to my email bids to pay for a little P.R. /promotion advertising. I’d be out hundreds if not thousands and so could you.
On 24 march 2010 ray William Johnson shouted out sawyersouthernbelle in a 3million view video. A day later they had 13 subs. I left a message saying “u got no subs from ray billy johnson’s 3 million views, how come!?” & they removed my comment & hid their sub count to hide this info from ya’ll. Anyone can see your sub count by putting you in their “other channels” box. Conclusion: don’t pay for shoutouts unless they actually say “go sub that channel” or they won’t. Box4bux
Not that subs guarantee views, shows people with 10 times more subs than daily views..



-bookstores are better than cafes or bars for socializing. minus the liver/ brain damage, sleep deprivation, dehydration & hangovers, overcharging theft..
-my neigborhood is full of piss n’ puke. every weekend people vomit alcohol poison & undigested junk food all over the place. is it legal to puke on people’s houses & offices? good job it rains: “God”‘s shower..

At night i’m so reclusive i make miss Havisham look like a social butterfly..

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