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10,000 missing metadated youtube/georgegodley videos recovered, saved & ironically rehidden lol sat 12 sep 2015

rough draft in progress, please check later

It took 2 weeks to recover & save 10,000 previously inaccessible youtube/georgegodley metadated videos through new playlists.

youtube recovered videos playlists thumbnails & count P1050455

wordpress #fail blurs photo unless you click on it

Private playlists & offline because:
1. piracy prevention
2. privacy retention
3. geogodley account termination
4. stopped fullscreen payments despite monetized ads [later resumed in 2016 doesn’t make much difference]
5. false flag strikes.. even now
6. e-marketting & offline projects
7. film & tv festivals don’t accept anything online

Despite an alleged 13,813 video total, playlist & file verification is needed to find a few dozen or hundred failed ones. Plus deleted & private ones.

Thank youtube for access to the videos & partnership, sorry to have called it “fraud” & “theft” but that’s how it felt & was in “quotes” ?queston marks? or satire disclaimers.

Youtube terminated mentally dentally disabled Anna refbatch Matskevich’s latest 2015 youknowyoudontunderstand account of tens of thousands more videos, bringing her total loss to over 100,000. She may have self destructed a few accounts herself, who knows.
! This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.!
Makes no sense; no spam; no gaming; no misleading content; no t.o.s b.s.

Last year 2014 i filed a ripoff report coz this guy said to, not knowing they won’t let you remove it. Never saw this unreasonable disclaimer till now:

Your report is now ready for submission.

I have read, understood, and agreed to Ripoff Report’s Terms of Service. By posting the Report/Update/Rebuttal (hereafter the “Post”) I attest that this Post is valid and in compliance with the Online Conduct and other requirements set forth in the Terms of Service. I am giving Ripoff Report Irrevocable rights to post this Post on the website and granting Ripoff Report’s operator an irrevocable exclusive worldwide license to use, copy, display, and sublicense the content and prepare derivative works. I acknowledge that once I submit my Post, the Post cannot later be edited by me, nor will it be removed, even at my request. I understand that I can update my Post to reflect new developments and/or changes in my position by clicking on UPDATE. Further, I agree that the state of Arizona has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between me and the operator of Ripoff Report arising out of this Post.


I would like to remove this report but ripoff doesn’t let you remove your own report. They only let you do a rebuttal. Youtube made the 13,000 videos accessible again through the creation of playlists. i recovered most of the previoulsy missing 13,000 videos & metadata sept 2015. Please remove the report. They still breached & wrongly terminated my other account contract & gave alot of false flag strikes but that’s a separate issue & could be written more diplomatically. -GG

Could you please remove my youtube ripoff report i blogged about this on so it’s a genuine request and this is the email address i use to log into the ripoff account so you know it’s really me. sincerely -Geo Godley

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