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Youtube abuse & neglect to star in documentary feature film & series conflict sun 22 sep 2013 George Godley

mon 23 sep 2013
Dear [name withhled- Fullscreen official], we met August 1st 2013 at Vidcon & you gave me your business card with regards to the false flag strikes on my Fullscreen partnered, 10,000 subscriber geogodley & 13,000 video georgegodley youtube accounts. September 4th 2013, youtube terminated geogodley & threatened me not to access or even posess any accounts. It’s now monday 23rd september 2013, & [names withheld] & fullscreen support didn’t help. Can you or someone do anything please? I’m very upset. sincerely George Godley.

( ↑ forgot i had this business card.. shoulda called/ emailed immediately instead of wasting days blogging without counting to 10.. or 100 lol).. will my acerbic blogs harm or help my cause? I think diplomatic would have been better, (shit! quick, put them all on ‘private’!) but that would be boooring.. where would howard stern be if he were diplomatic..WNNÑÑÑÑNBC.. & i put disclaimers..
Happycabblie & Dailydot say i was terminated for swear words. What about Andrew Dice Clay & all those commedians swearing & cussing on youtube? how come they get to do it & not us? what’s more comedic & funnier than the hell i go through.. & what community guideline or term did i violate? youtube doesn’t even tell you. there’s nothing there against swearing & cussing..

♪ ✈ LAST GOODBYE ♫ original romantic music song… by georgegodley

sun 22 september 2013 After repeatedly cyber-att-hacking youtube/georgegodley with false flag strikes, an anonymous, faceless youtube employee wrongfully terminated my years in good standing, 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video youtube/geogodley account with 3 false flag strikes in 1 month, on old uploaded videos, thereby breaching my Fullscreen network contract. ↑ This was one of the 200 NON community guideline NON violation videos on it, among sentimental value vintage family vlogs of my dad’s speech as Ambassador. Nothing to censor compared to the shocking community guideline violations youtube hosts & promotes seen in previous blogposts. The premeditated, malicious cyber-attack destroyed years of unrewarded hard work, extremely well edited episodes/ travelogues & historic content, meticulous metadata (descriptions, tags, comments) & $10,000+ financial investment, promotion, advertising/ marketing. (lucky it wasn’t more.. what a waste- paying youtubers hundreds a month for front page links, $5,000 facebook ads, glossy business cards, expensive Vidcon trips to network with a bunch of cutthroats who either can’t or won’t help you succeed).. Adding insult to injury, Fullscreen network ‘support’ did NOTHING to help in the past 2 months despite numerous diplomatic emails. Y’all’ ll be named & shamed to sell & tell the story in blogs, vlogs, legal documents, documentary feature film(s), series, press releases, advertising, interviews, daily interactions, conventions, etc.. May the evil harm you inflict help.. May this shit become GOLD… platinum poo.. HBO, NETFLIX, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL circuit.. spread the word of what youtube did to me & so many others..

contrary to most, i believed youtube was a worthwhile investment despite being proven wrong. Most consider online shit in general a waste of time with negligible rewards if you’re not in the chosen overpromoted ‘elitists’; now i see why they sneered & put down youtube while i persevered.. consider renetto with 55 million views, 36,000 subs.. since youtube dropped him like a hot potato for blander youtubers, he barely gets a few hundred hits on recent daily vlogs. He removed most vids & quit for a year, but still.. 55 MILLION hits brings almost nothing long term?! so why bother? &’s alexa rank is 19,325 world & 9,209 u.s., which is higher than million daily view youtube/smosh’s 12,186 u.s. alexa rank, yet featuring your youtube channel 3 avatar thumbnail links on their front page collage brings negligible change in daily viewcount from what i see. What’s the point? maybe if you advertise on a bunch of sites like that.. or did sexy stuff like most top alexa ranked sites..

Dailymotion video metadata: 

English: wed 4 sept 2013, Youtube wrongfully terminated & breached my 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber youtube/geogodley account Fullscreen network contract. Years of unrewarded hard work, painstaking detailed editing, descriptions, tags, metadata & comments were all destroyed. This was one of the 200 NON community guideline NON violation videos on it. I wrote, produced & sang this song for Penelope seen here in the red bikini. For the full story & to see the videos youtube removed while youtube hosts & promotes other’s flagrant community guideline violations please go to my site []. All will be included in the documentary feature film & world record video blog series VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Français: Le mercredi 4 septembre 2013, Youtube a commit un licenciement abusif & rupture de contrat contre mon Fullscreen réseau partenariat, youtube/geogodley compte/ cannal de 3 million coups,10,000 abbonés & 200 videos, detruisant des années de travail & métadonnées sans récompense. Voici un de ces videos, une chançon que j’ai écrite, produit & chantée pour Pinelope avec le bikini rouge. Pour voir les vidéos que youtube a enlevées tandis que youtube accueil & promouvoit des autres abus & infractions de directives communautaires pires, allez a mon site. Tout sera inclu dans le film documentaire long métrage & series record du monde VIDEOBLOGGER.COM. (decided not to put links in case of age restriction)

Ελληνικα: την τεταρτη 4 Σεπτεμβριου 2013, Το Γιουτουμπ διεπραξε υπαίτια λύση και παραβίαση σύμβασης/ συμβόλαιου εναντιον λογαριασμου/ καναλιου και συνεταιρου δικτυου Φουλσκρην youtube/geogodley, καταστρεφοντας 3 εκατομμυρια ακροασεις / χτυπιματα, 10,000 συνδρομητες, 200 βιντεο και χρονια σκληρης άνευ ανταμοιβής εργασιας και μεταδεδομένων. Να ενα ροματντκο τραγουδι απ’αυτα, που εγραψα, παραγα και τραγουδησα για την Πινελοπη με το κοκκινο μαγιο μπικινι. Για περισσοτερες πληροφοριες και να δειτε τα βιντεα που το γιουτουμπ εβγαλε ενω το γιουτουμπ φιλοξενει και πρωοθει χειροτερες παραβασεις Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές της Κοινότητας, πηγαινετε στον δικτυακό τόπο/ στην ιστοσελιδα μου. Ολα θα περιεχονται στην διεθνη παραγωγη ταινια μακρας διαρκειας και σειρα παγκοσμιου ρεκορ VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Deutsch: Am 4 september 2013, youtube hat ungerechtfertigter Kündigung Vertragsbruch gegen Fullscreen Netzwerk Personengesellschaft , 3 millionen ansehen, 10,000 Teilnehmer, 200 videos youtube/geogodley kanal gemacht und hat jahren unbelohnt arbeit und matadaten zerstört.
Hier ist ein lied dazu, ich habe geschrieben, produzieren und gesangt fur Pinelope in roten bikini. Sehen sie die videos youtube hat entfernet am mein website. Voll
Geschichte kommt in dokumentar film/ Weltrekord serie VIDEOBLOGGER.COM.

Español: youtube despido injustificado, incumplimiento de contrato, 3 millón,10,000 suscriptor cuenta canal youtube/geogodley.

Chinese consise martial arts subtitle style: (actually its the english that’s consise when they overdub it, which means the chinese version should be much longer: 石木山一革日土鳥石口山木人女革立心水雨鹿 魚馬雨禾一九二八金言足牛牛田目米 馬人立blablabla im gona kcik yo kun fu but

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions. Like all website terms n’ disclaimers, this should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

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