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Euro trip Europe Travelogue sat 15 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K

Deciding what to do blog n vlog wise. This week i uploaded my Euro trip from a while ago. Thanks to youtube’s unfair false flag strike censorship on the 10,000 video youtube/georgegodley channel there will always be other uncensored versions. It was one of the happiest & saddest summers. more later.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version… by georgegodley

update 13 dec 2013: youtube’s breach & wrongful termination of 200 video, 10,000 subscriber, 2.5 million view Fullscreen contract geogodley account destroyed years of unrewarded hard work & financial investment (see sept 6 2013 blogpost), so this was re-uploaded to dailymotion because vimeo ruined url’s replacing them with numbers.

All metadata will also be stored here as a full backup copy. Question: should everything be dated for ageism (just like racism, discrimination against age)? if something was shot in the 1990s is it less (or more- historically valuable) appealing? movies, tv series, graphic novels & tintin books aren’t titled with the date in the title.. maybe memoirs are.. but do you lose audience if it’s not current/ recent? oh yeah, you gotta do that too..

Hi y’all. Still can’t get organized. Everything lost, broken & needing repair & technical support. My life’s chaos, a mess. How can i go somewhere sunny for the holidays like this? Much to do & go through. Lack of sun is the overriding factor that just makes you run away form here no matter what. For now though even cleaning & dusting this hellhole is a nightmare: within days its dusty again. You literally have to put everything away or live in filth or lose hours cleaning every week or hire a cleaner & make sure they do it but how can they when there so many dusty surfaces.

I just catch it all on video as it happens. Inexcusable dysfunction despite all this free time. Video catches it all. I want to do multi daily uploads again since its always ready to go but can’t trust youtube’s censorship & don’t want to clutter youtube/geogodley. Maybe on geogoodlay monetized channel? no it’s even less likely.. its gotta be here or

On thing about this blog is there will be frequent rewrites. Its a work in constant progress & fluidity. Steven Fry says the more descriptive words the better.. I like consise & to the point so there’ll be main point highlights & then detailed paragraph if necessary. In this particular blog however i dont see any main points?! Much to contribute, i cant wait. I only held back because of uncertainty about the blogging thing, i mean twitter microblogs diappear forever or are very questionable reliablity; you could lose it all.. brunch time.. thast another thing i gotta shape up or ship out, more later.

Big analog fan. Anal-og (lol) audio & video sounds & looks warmer & you get these weird spectacular artifacts. I still use analog keyboards for music production. This image is from a sony tr55? analog handycam.

I think this is the worng approach, vlogging first, blog second. Coz the daylight goes real fast in London. Its dark indoors all the time esp. after noon. Now my indoor vlog’ll look like sh!t.

Another hing on my mind is my sh!t viewcount, how can it not be. So beyond content you gotta worry about promo & marketting. I bought blogging & web marketing for dummies & how to increase your web traffic book & barely touched them. 1000s of pages more of brain clutter.. Let’s see.

I’ll also be going over my inventory criticizing everything before stashing or trashing it. Books in particular clog your space & face so they’ll be ruthlessly scrutinized.

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