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💉☠️ MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST DENIAL sat 13 apr 2024, dr Mike Yeadon Police letter, NO DIGITAL I.D

💉☠️ MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST DENIAL sat 13 apr 2024– full dr. Mike Yeadon video:

brainwashed MRNA survivors call evidence nonsense.. DR MIKE YEADON april 2024 edit transcript  “I believe there was NOT a public health emergency, one was faked using lies, propaganda and this wretched PCR test. Whether or not there was a virus is irrelevant as there wasn’t a public health emergency. And then there were economic damage which at the country level individual level and a social destruction level. Another of the objectives of this fake pandemic was to incentivize over 5 billion humans on the planet to roll their sleeves up to receive an injection of a material that was designed intentionally to injure, kill and reduce fertility. Every synthetic drug, everything that’s in a tablet or bottle or a spray or cream, every atom in there is in there because someone decided to put it in there and you only put things in there because they serve a function. At least three [3] features of these molecules, which as a 35 year veteran of this industry I am certain would not have gone forward. There are multiple independent designed in toxicities in these injections. I recently wrote an open letter to the Metropolitan Police and it’s on my sub stack, if you look up doctor Mike Yeadon sub stack. #1 If you force a human body to manufacture something that doesn’t belong in the human body, it will be non self or foreign, and that’s what these products do: they provide a genetic instruction, messenger RNA, it says “please glide into these cells and tell the cells to do what the instruction is”, which is to make whatever is encoded. If you do that, I believe based on simple immunological principles that have been known for at least 60 or 70 years, that every cell that does that will mark itself now as foreign. Your immune system goes to war, attacks it and kills it. If you inject someone with M RNA encoding anything other than a protein that belongs in you, you will trigger autoimmune attack and depending on the dose and the distribution and how long this stuff persists ,you could get mild symptoms or it could kill you. if you give it to healthy people and you force them to express something that doesn’t belong in their body, it cannot help them, it’s hopelessly inappropriate, it’s definitely designed to injure you/ end you #2 It’s not just making your body make something that doesn’t belong in you. The question is what did they choose to ask, to make your body manufacture? They could have picked anything from this so-called [alleged, never isolated, photographed or proven to exist except in a chinese computer sequence bio weapon injection] “virus” the so-called “sars-cov-2” for which apparently we have the sequence. So they could have had the messenger RNA encode and make your body make any of the bits of that. So I put it to you, the rule of thumb would be, don’t make it make your body make something you know is dangerous. The only known dangerous protein in this material, I don’t know whether the virus is real or not but I know the sequence exists and if you convert that sequence into protein, the only bit that we know is poisonous is the so-called spike protein. It is of a nature for which there was much published literature in the peer reviewed journals to show that these were kind of venom like proteins that would activate blood platelets and would certainly stimulate blood coagulation. They were toxic to cardiac muscle and they altered, damaged neuronal transmission. And so not only do we have a technology that forces your body to make something foreign, and I told you no one has told me I’m wrong, that that will make your immune system think it’s invaded and attack your own tissue and destroy it. It’s the only way your body can save you from that perceived infection or tumor, depending on where it went in your body after injection, how well it was taken up, how efficiently was converted to protein and how long that went on, which frankly is a crap shoot, a lottery for every single individual, you could get blood clots, you could get heart injury, you could get neurological conditions, and you got all of those, didn’t we, folks. #3 The third one: The M RNA products, moderna and the Pfizer bio N tech, the formulation is lipid nanoparticle, a kind of grease, the lipid will help it to slide through the wall of a cell, it will go all around the body. I was looking it up & I stumbled upon a 2012 paper and it was well known to people in the pharmaceutical science the formulation end, these particular macromolecules, lipid nanoparticles, have a propensity, that is are inclined to accumulate in the ovaries of every species tested to date. So I am now faced with the formulation of horrible material which I think is going to damage people by autoimmunity and direct toxicity that’s going to accumulate in their ovaries. These are NOT accidental: the choice of M RNA is dangerous to healthy people, the spike protein is analogous to materials known to be toxic to human cells & they’re made in cells and they made your body make it, finallly, for now, they formulated in a material already known by people in the industry to lead to accumulation of the payload in the ovaries where it will do the two things I just mentioned. There at least two other independent mechanisms of toxicity built into these molecules. There’s a nuclear localization signal in the sequence which means it’s going to traffic to your nucleus, which it doesn’t need to be in and there is something called I think it’s a partial SV40 promoter I think that has something that might be bad for oncological reasons and apparently you would not tolerate either of these two things in the produc. So that’s 5. These were designed intentionally to injure, kill, & reduce fertility. If you’re frightened of what will happen if you speak out, imagine what’s going to happen if you DON’T speak out. Do you think these people are going to go away having done what they’ve done? do you think this is over? no! they will do either other things or this kind of thing again. And just very briefly, given you’ve heard from Kathryn Watt, Sasha Latipova, David Rogers Webb & me, [dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer respiratory vice president] Transcript by I think the four [4] things that are going to occur we don’t stop them, I think #1: a new event will trigger obligatory digital ID at some point. You’ll have to have it, for example to get rations, they’ll make you have it. #2nd: if the triggering event for this digital ID isn’t financial crisis then there will be a financial crisis as I described earlier. It will destroy all sovereign currencies and steal all private wealth, then you’ll have total dependence on the state if you haven’t got your own resources and they will introduce central bank digital currencies [CBDC]. Then the media will continue to lie about things like waves of pandemics.The W.H.O [WORLD “HEALTH” = HOMICIDE HOLOCAUST ORGANIZATION] will tell you there’s a pandemic, pharma will pretend to make M RNA quotes “vaccines”, governments will mandate them if The Who hasn’t already done so, your digital ID that in step one you’re made to take, its validity will depend on you being jabbed. No jab no food, no jab no money, no jab no job, no jab no travel, your CBDC will simply not work. & then #4 four: rinse and repeat until the population reached the desired levels. I think they’re going to empty whole countries. We have to stop at the step of obligatory digital ID. I think that’s the last thing they need us to choose to do. If they make us successfully adopt digital ID they don’t need our consent for any of the other steps I mentioned, right.. If you concede that you have to have a digital ID in order to enter or leave a facility, make a transaction, buy food, get on a plane, fill your car, if you accept that principle, they can do the things I’ve just said and they will do those things, of course they will and so I say now, my wife and I are NOT going to take a digital ID. if it means we lose all our money, we will lose all our money. We’re not f-ing taking a digital ID. I would rather go to my grave as an analogue man than take digital ID because if you gain a digital ID you don’t gain a digital ID, you lose your humanity and you become a QR code and you’re controlled like a.. you become an avatar and you will be controlled and you’ll be taken to your death. So don’t take it. You don’t need digital ID, they need you to take it in order to control you, so don’t concede it, and the worst the punishment that they threaten you with for not taking it the more you’ll know I’m right. So please say to each other, say to other people, tell your boss. I think it’s like giving up smoking, tell everybody what you gonna do and I think if we can stop them, tell people digital ID will provide total control. If not now, if you think “no they wouldn’t do that”, well, what about in the future? Are you so sure that at no point in the future anyone ever want to control you? ’cause they will be able to if you have to present it do any transactions like the mark in revelation so don’t take it!” Transcript by

My letter to Police Constable PC Ben Bates Evidence of criminal activity re: the rollout of the Covid ‘vaccine’. DR MIKE YEADON MAR 17, 2024 From: MikeYeadon Date: On Mon, Mar 11, 2024 at 22:56 Subject: Fw: Dr Mike Yeadon: Introductory statement about serious crimes per Mark Sexton communication. To: <> Cc: Mark Sexton Dear Ben Bates, I have been asked by former policeman, Mark Sexton (copied) to introduce myself to you & to indicate the fields in which I have unequivocal evidence of criminal activity. Let me begin by outlining my credentials which allowed me to realise that the areas I will outline were incorrect in the first place. My name is Dr Mike Yeadon. I am the most senior, former “big pharma” & biotech research executive speaking out about several serious crimes in relation to what I call the “Covid era”. My original training was in Biochemistry & Toxicology, in which I was awarded the strongest first class joint honours degree that the School of Biomedical Sciences had ever awarded at the time (1U85, University of Surrey). Part of my undergraduate training involved research placements at the Chemical Defence Establishment, Porton Down, Wiltshire, where I was a small cog in the long term development of injected antidotes for nerve gas poisoning to protect British troops. I also worked at the then Central Laboratory of the Forensic Sciences Service, Aldermaston, Berkshire, adjacent to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. While with the Forensic Science Service, I received training on several precision analytical methods including mass spectrometry, then a highly technically complex method. As far as I recall, I had security clearance for both establishments. Porton Down, then as now, is a top security facility with an international reputation. My PhD, in the field of Pharmacology was “On the effect of opiates on respiratory function” (1U88) and this was sponsored by the MOD. After securing my PhD, which gave me a sound training in several additional subdisciplines of biology, chemistry & drug metabolism, I joined the pharmaceutical industry. I spent 24 years with “big pharma”, starting at Wellcome Research Laboratories, where I briefly worked alongside a Dr Patrick Vallance (who became Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government). For the longest period, I was in charge of Pfizer’s global research in the field of Allergic & Respiratory Disease Therapeutics. I left Pfizer in 2011, having reached the level of Vice President, because the company had decided to exit their large R&D base in Kent. The parting was cordial. Before leaving, I sought to find new homes for the portfolio of exploratory medicines I had helped create & was gratified that Mylan U.K. Ltd, the world’s second largest generics company, acquired much of my former portfolio soon after I had left. I later founded & led as CEO a highly successful biotechnology company, Ziarco Pharma Ltd. Pfizer and four other venture capital firms were investors in my company, which was acquired by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, in 2017. My accomplishments are considered by some to have been unusual. So much so that a former Pfizer board member & previously worldwide head of R&D, Dr John LaMattina, wrote up my last venture in Forbes, a leading business magazine (February 2017). In summary, I have had a very strong training in multiple disciplines and over 30 years leadership experience in the field of inventing and testing new medicines for respiratory illnesses. I have an excellent analytical background and I can claim to be at least the equal of anyone advising the government in science. I have no history of “conspiracy theory” or political campaigns or protests. I don’t believe I made a single public comment on anything prior to 2020. My accomplishments in applied biomedical sciences qualify me to be taken seriously. I ask that the evidence I marshall be evaluated thoroughly. I am confident in my assessments, which have been tested by dozens of others, all internationally well known scientists and doctors. I have filed numerous legal statements as affidavits used in court proceedings in several countries. I’m going to introduce just two topics at this point. To cover everything would be simply too overwhelming to read, let alone absorb & understand at a single sitting. I’m simply going to make statements. I’m not going to attempt to prove them in this short communication. Rest assured I have done so however, on dozens of occasions. I’ve given upwards of 250 full length interviews. I must warn the reader that even this deliberately limited information is going to be shocking, if you hadn’t already realised that something without precedent in the world was going on. Please also note that ordinary searching on the internet, often colloquially as “googling”, is not going to find many of the sources upon which I have drawn. The major search engines have been manipulated such that the results exclude material troubling to the authorities. The two areas are: #1: The claimed pandemic. #2: The injections, purporting to be vaccines. The main claims are stark. #1: Put simply, there has been no pandemic. There was the normal range of illnesses in the early part of 2020 as in any other year. What was different about 2020 was that all governments, led by the WHO, engaged in coordinated lying to their citizens. This continues to this day. Everyone was told there was a pandemic coming. The illusion was created by deliberate misuse of a clinical diagnostic test called PCR. The heart of this entire deception is the incorrect belief that PCR is nearly flawless and so a positive result means that a person “had covid”. There is no such disease. Not one symptom is unique to the claimed new disease. A positive test was called “a case”. Anybody dying within a few weeks of a positive test was declared “a covid death”. All that was needed was to roll out such tests rapidly in early 2020 & the carefully planned result, an apparent “pandemic” was created. Government & media lies was initially all it took to maintain the illusion. Crucially, the epidemiological evidence shows that there was no additional illness or deaths compared with the same period in any other year. Numerous scientific papers and authors will present their evidence on this point, including university professors qualified in epidemiology. The WHO played their part in the crime, by declaring a “public health emergency of international concern”, a PHEIC, or a “pandemic”. Immediately after WHO’s fraudulent declaration, changes in medical procedures were imposed everywhere. These changes caused the deaths that were held up to the citizens as proof that we were in a pandemic. We have a long list of witnesses to these changes being inappropriate and often fatal. Notice my PhD was on the effects of opiates, like morphine, on respiration. I knew that what was being prescribed was definitely inappropriate. So, no pandemic. Only the deliberate illusion of one. This was accompanied by changes in medical practise that would predictably result in large numbers of deaths in hospitals, care homes and the community. No one will fail to appreciate the severity of the charges here. I cannot be sure what the motivation for this deception was. But the effects of it have been to severely damage the economies of scores of countries, with financial transfers counted in trillions of pounds, from the poorest & the taxpayers to the wealthiest elites [ed: eliTISTS]. Civil society has also been severely disrupted and has never been allowed to begin to heal. Other, less speculative motivations became apparent as 2020 wore on & this brings us to my second, shocking charge. #2: The materials that are being called “Covid19 vaccines” are obviously not vaccines. Note, there has been no pandemic. My entire career has been in the field of designing and testing new arrangements of atoms to create what we hope will be new potential medicines. In addition to bringing about desired changes in the body, the main concern is to avoid unwanted effects, in other words, toxicity or harms. My training in mechanistic toxicology was repeatedly useful in helping teams foresee, avoid or understand such problems. So I understand deeply how to design molecules and also how to interrogate them for their prospects to bring about desired effects and crucially to discern risks of harms. I don’t think it’s too great a claim to say that there isn’t anyone better qualified than I am to do this in relation to these novel treatments. I’m going to go directly to the charges. These injections have been carefully designed to intentionally cause toxicity in those injected with them. I can detect at least three, separate features of these injections which would be expected to injure, to kill or to reduce fertility in survivors. These are not mistakes. Each are so obviously deliberate to anyone who has a history of involvement in rational drug design for new medicines. At least two features are common to every injection purporting to be a “covid vaccine”. First, the mRNA nature of the major products. Second, the lipid nanoparticle nature of the formulations in which they are encapsulated. The mRNA is genetic code for a chosen protein. Regardless of what the protein is, once the human body is caused to express it, it will be recognized as foreign and attacked by their own immune system. Depending on details we cannot know, just by looking at the glass vials, some people will be injured as a result of this lethal autoimmune attack. Others will be killed, the time taken to die and their suffering before they die will vary. It’ll look like the normal range of illnesses. There will simply be more of them. Because of the lipid nano particle formulation, some of the injected materials will accumulate in the ovaries (possibly also the testicles). This homing property in reproductive tissue has been known about for more than a decade. The effect will be a lowering of fertility affecting every stage of reproduction. I can provide detailed rationales for each of these claims as well as several others. I also have an unusual piece of evidence, given the crimes I claim have been committed. I had worked out part of this assault before any purported vaccine had received its fraudulent authorization. Having done so, with another author, I wrote an open letter to the European Medicines Authority in early December 2020, which is attached below. In it, we warn of the harms which we anticipated. It has been more than upsetting to watch them come true, the last taking a year, the adverse effects on fertility. All-causes mortality is elevated almost everywhere in the world that these products have been widely used and live births sharply reduced. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in considerable detail about these and other charges. I will publish this letter on my Telegram site, where 20,000 followers will no doubt be interested to learn what the Met Police does with this information. If I may be so bold, I would invite you to think about how you plan to describe your next actions to your family and, if you have them, your children and grandchildren. With best wishes and thank you for your attention. Dr Mike Yeadon

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