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💉☠️ COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE “VACCINE” VICTIM coma report mon 18 mar 2024 Athens Greece

💉☠️ COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE “VACCINE” VICTIM coma report mon 18 mar 2024 Athens Greece

Transcript translation

L: Interests, that’s why I tell you it doesn’t apply..
F: I learned that Antonia is between life and death, terrible..
L: her eyes are shut & she’s on oxygen
G: It’ll be from the ”vaccine”
L: She made 5 “vaccines”
G: there it is
L: 4 she was dizzy, and as soon as she took the 5th she went [eyes shut]. Open your eyes, she says I can’t.. They’re like that, shut. And they’ve put her on oxygen.
G: who is she?
L: my sister
G: [jaw drop] your sister?!
L: from 5 “vaccines”. On the 5th “vaccine” she fell into a coma.
G: his sister!
L: did you hear what I said?
F: she pays sins!
L: at 4 she had dizzy spells,
F: she pays for sins!
L: can I complete? On the 4th she said I have dizzinesses, and on the 5th “vaccine” she fell into a coma, her eyes closed and she can’t open them at all. They put her on oxygen.
G: [translating] His sister, 5 jabs and in a coma. From the covid fraud genocide democide bio weapon clot shot fake vaccine. Sto diaolo = damn it/ to hell..
L: hear what he says?
G: I took the criminal complaint form to the police and they sent me elsewhere. They continually send me elsewhere, and they told me you gotta redo it nicer with the accused in the document not separate, and better get a lawyer. I can’t do that but I gave it to others who may.. it’s all corrupt.
F: no one can confront the status quo, that’s why they call it katestimeno.
G: what does katestimeno mean?
L: Katestimeno means they made their own laws for their own interests and scams. He took them! He took them! Take, Mitsotaki, a billion, give a billion to the others, the vaccines are healthy [safe and effective = unsafe and defective], yes, advertise, yes, take glucose sugar, and Mitsotakis pretended with the placebo sugar glucose that he took the “vaccine”. And the world saw him take it, and it was glucose sugar. Did you hear it? To deceive the world. In England..
F: and you know what was the nice trick set up? Those who were heavily sick and dying, they could save them,
L: they sent them quicker!
F: they sent them without oxygen, this and that, and immediately, “covid!”, they baptised them all “covid”. They were dying form anything else, cancer, kidneys, this & that, “covid”
L: “covid” they said to finish them off.
F: so the other guy is scared and says, I’ll do it. They put bait..
G: where did you learn it all?
F: I live 40 years in France.. [we all speak French]… here you don’t learn them [the facfs, truth, information]..

Disclaimer: Whatever Mitsotakis took sure wasn’t the MRNA bio weapon clot shot that killed 20 million+ and injured 2 billion.

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