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-“47K daily/ 1M monthly visitors, 661K daily pageviews, site value $3M” -
-👑George Godley = 16 degree relative of British Royal Family lolücksburg-1&person2Name=Godley-142&relation=0&ignoreIds=

They are engaged in a eugenics program to reduce the population

“BIGGEST DISASTER IN MEDICAL HISTORY!” – DR CHARLES HOFFE GIVES RIVETING SPEECH IN VANCOUVER–biggest-disaster-in-medical-history-dr-charles-hoffe-gives-riveting-speech.html

This is the biggest fraud ever committed says Ed Dowd

“Vaccines” have caused 20% excess mortality in the U.S. notes Edward Dowd

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03


-“47K daily/ 1M monthly visitors, 661K daily pageviews, site value $3M” -
-👑George Godley = 16 degree relative of British Royal Family lolücksburg-1&person2Name=Godley-142&relation=0&ignoreIds=

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo> outline & transcript coming poon

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03—scrounger-video-call-tue-9-aug-2022-GeorgeGodley*com-vlog*com-0508S03-480p:2

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03 720p Transcript

Tuesday 9 August 2022. 4:00 PM UTC GMT. London, England. Welcome to video,, and a hundred domains. It’s about that time of month ladies. Eughhh.. Cramp. Although now with the M RNA thing, that’s all messed up so don’t expect much from me either on a monthly basis. But this could end up being a miscarriage like the mRna injection does. But anyway, I wasn’t gonna mention that because I’m still waiting for my EU settlement scheme thing. That’s why I put on the tie. A couple of reasons. First of all, I’m a member of the Royal family, apparently according to wiki Tree, I put the link on my homepage. Of course, he has to start drilling as soon as I record, right? bbbppppp.. [blow raspberry] Drilling downstairs still. Thanks ahole. It’s been quiet all day. Except they only drill early in the morning to wake everyone up and and when you’re recording. But anyway, OK, so. Yeah, I’m still waiting to hear about my EU settlement scheme. Yeah, I’m 16 degrees from Prince Philip through my father. So I was going to show the ol’ “oikosimo” the family Crest, but I don’t want any preferential treatment, but I do hope that the EU settlement scheme goes through because what happened was I applied early and then it something went wrong and I left it and they deleted it, everything was fine. I got evidence and photographic and video evidence that I did everything right. It said complete, complete, complete, complete and then they told me it’s not complete. When they told me it is complete they keep contradicting themselves. But. I wanna be alright with them. I want to be on their good side. ’cause I really don’t want to have to pack everything and ship everything home right now ’cause it’s it’s going to be a hassle if and and they. Now I went through a lawyer, so I’m waiting to hear. And this is going to be another three or four months. I’m gonna lose another summer. First summer was lost to the COVID fraud. Second was last to the PCR fraud ’cause I didn’t want that sh**** either. And 3rd now we’re waiting for the this thing. It’s my fault though. I should have checked every month and not left it for months. So. We learn from that to check. Constantly and not leave it for the last minute ’cause it takes now three or four months and, uh, yeah, so so on the forms they say. You know, I I finally applied through a lawyer, so I hope everything is gonna be OK.’ cause I I do have some.. rights? I don’t know if it’s rights or.. anyway i’ve been here long enough, haven’t I? And I just want a pied a terre in Europe. It seems OK here, ‘cause the EU is bringing the tyranny now. With Ursula von Der Leyen, as that Romanian guy said, the Member of [eu] Parliament, and Christine Anderson. Whatever. Anyway, so that’s another thing. But I was just gonna say they sent me, uh, so my paper says you now have the right to travel and then in the next paragraph we recommend you don’t travel till you get our reply. So I don’t wanna be blocked on the way back because I’ve got all my stuff here and I’m gonna get going. You know, but so I’m gonna have to do Blackpool [accent].. Black pill. I’ve been red pilled and black pilled now. Might have to go to Blackpool. Blackpill. Or corn hole, Cornwall. They got palm trees there, apparently. Or Bournemouth, they said, you know, in Pierce Corbyn is going there. Pierce Corbyn’s wikipedia is libelous, is defamatory & libelous. Wikipedia lied again, they said that he’s a anti vaxxer, conspiracy theorist because he says that the “Vax” [fake mRna “vaccine”] is dangerous when UK’s own government says that. 4m So you should say that about all the governments too that.. you know It’s out of the bag now, all the damage that it’s done so uh.. Sean Ryder’s brother died from it. Who else? So many.. it’s just infinite, hundreds of thousands of people have died from it and millions have been hurt, and it’s all documented there for you to see. And who else? Ashton Kutcher. I just put something up showing that he got injected and he got the vasculitis. And he was going to inject his kids, too. It’s probably divine intervention to stop you from doing it to your kids. Damn this chair constantly squeaks. So, OK, so we covered the EU settlement scheme. I just hope everything goes through. Please. You know, I did this for you. I put on the tie. I, you know, I looked up my family roots. I’m a member of the Royal family 16 degrees away. Please don’t give me any sh****. I mean please let me stay ‘cause uh.. Why do i wanna be here and not in the tropics? It’s just a good base right now. I’ve got everything. I know where everything is. I can function here perfectly and I can get going with my show. Get get the show going. You know which has taken long enough, hasn’t it? Can I just finish it up without having to uproot myself and d/relocate? go somewhere else because you know, California ihas tyranny, New York has tyranny, apparently Florida doesn’t have tyranny, but can you imagine the heat? My hard drives will rot [melt]. You need air conditioning all the time. And I don’t know if my appliances are going to work on 110 voltage if they don’t have the right adapters memory. So we covered that. I’m gonna say one more thing you said, OK and the the other thing another reason for I should crack out the champagne but we’ll do that on my birthday or or you know when I’ve got some company ’cause I don’t want to drink. I hate [ain’t] drinking alone. That’s why you you pour it in the fish tank if you have fish. But no, I’m just saying, yeah, I don’t wanna be. I don’t wanna get too messed up. Shall I crack out the champagne? enh Save it. I’m gonna bring someone up here and we’ll do it that way ’cause. Yeah, I don’t want to get too wasted right now in a weekday and uh.. 6min Yeah, just one more thing, yea the hypestat says.. Hypestat[.com] says I get 50,000 hits a day, a million a month, a half a million page views a day. That’s what hypestat says now. It went from.. It went from almost nothing. Well, it was always like a couple hundred went up to a thousand once, but anyway.. And it says my website’s worth $3.7 million. So that was nice, even if it’s wrong. Which if that’s wrong, then YouTube’s not #2. Well, they are in many ways: Bbbbppp [blow raspberry defecation sound] after stealing 13,000 of my videos, but what I’m saying is if my hypestat is wrong, then so’s everyone else’s so, although maybe maybe it’s a fluke, maybe it’s a mistake, but I’ll just put this up as as an update, I will be, occasion[ally], you know, putting fortnightly or at least monthly or fortnightly updates. So uh.. but yeah, I mean that was terrific and it contradicts the criminals, goggle anal [google analytics] who stole 13,000 in my videos and have been complicit in this genocide and crimes against humanity by censoring all the doctors, scientists and lawyers that could have prevented this catastrophe. And they’re still doing it but anyway.. so would we trust them when they tell me that I have 200 hits a day? Probably not. And they contradict themselves anyway. They’re like, your last month, you got a few thousand. yea you got 6000 and then they’ll send me an e-mail saying that I got 2000 or 6000 or whatever, you know? No, no, ahole, I get a million according to hypestat. & my Internet, my web hosting company says I flatline at 500 a day, so I don’t know who to believe. The video viewcounts suck. But apparently that’s par for the course, ’cause you look at big sites like Daily Mail who are also complicit, although now they’re showing a few.. [mRna “vaccine” injuries & deaths] they just. I guess everybody got bribed by the globalist pigs, you know, like, I don’t wanna mention names. Should I ’cause now? I might be able to.. But it’s no secret Bill Gates paid. I heard, I got. I should quote all the sources, but he gave millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to the BBC to to keep it quiet about the M RNA injection damage. And he bought all the media outlets. Apparently there’s just a handful that control everything. So it was easy to it was easy to perpetrate this fraud and crimes against humanity. So, but what did I bring that up? Because. I lost my train of thought now. Oh anyway, I’ve checked the video.  [see————————] Anyway, my friend Hayk is waiting, so let’s call him [column]. And I wasn’t. I don’t want to repeat what I say, but you know, it’s it’s quieter ’cause. There might be background noise when he comes on. It might be going kkkhkkkhhh. Which is another. I wasn’t gonna do it. I was gonna put a backdrop with the beach, but I still have to test the quality of the A0 and double A0 size. They said you need a high res shot for that. I dont know, if it’s blurry, will it be a problem then it’s gonna be lit. Or am I going to put it? I was doing it and I was gonna shoot from that angle to change the look of it. 9min But then you gotta put vlog[.com] up here, you know it’s floppy. This, I was gonna put the big monitor with the beach shots. There’s a nice Ken Burns effect thing with lots of beach shots on there, like slowly moving and fading in and out. But the the desktop, it’s an old computer with a desktop and it was humming a bit, so I don’t want that humming noise going ennnnnhhh, even if it was low or, you know, it’s just, yeah, just best not. And I just so sorry but. It’s repetitive the same, OK, let’s go. Let’s go, man. Allow. [ring tone] Owot? No, ’cause he was. He’s waiting while I do my monologue. So that’s not very nice for him. Ei man! what. How are you? Turn that sh**** off. Turn that shut off. [cheers glass cling to camera lens] Thank you. You all right? Yep. Sorry, I had to do my monologue. I had to do my monologue. I don’t know what to.. if I should tell you or to the camera before I talk to you. Couple things I wanted to say. Especially now that they’re drilling again. Sorry, yeah, what’s in here? What’s up? Headphones are the problem, OK, now.. you you need headphones? No, I have, but this one is like injured headphone. As you see this is like.. why do you need? Why do you need? to hear you? Otherwise it will be. Reverbing, You will get feedback from your voice. Really? You see what I mean? OK, you don’t want that. That’s why I’m with headphones.  How do you know I got feedback? Your voice will come to my apartment and will come back to you in a half a second. Let’s try it if you want, if you don’t like whatever you want. OK, no problem. Wait, wait. I will do it. How did they make it loud? I don’t know. Induction loop? There’s no volume control on the way to make it loud on the Facebook Messenger. No only. Anyway don’t worry. OK, so what’s up man? Hello? Yeah, what’s up? Everything is OK. So what, What’s up with you? I’m just a couple things. I was just telling the camera a couple things. My, as you know, my EU settlement scheme, Brexit status i’s not it’s not ready because I did it last year but there was a few. They told me something was wrong, but I videoed and photoed to show that everything was right. It said it said complete. It’s a complete and they told me it was incomplete and I waited and waited and every time I when I checked it said don’t worry, don’t do anything and then September. The last time I checked I should have checked October, November, December, January. I should have called. I should have gotten a lawyer then because I waited until June and. And they told me, oh, it’s gone, they deleted your application. So then I had to get the lawyer in June or July, 2022, and now it’s been one month and I can’t travel because luckily the lawyer did everything for me. Applied from from their own telephones, from their own everything. They were perfect. But they told me, yeah, they sent me the confirmation. It says now you can travel and then in the next paragraph it says “but we recommend you do not travel without our reply”. And I don’t wanna be blocked. I don’t wanna be blocked from coming in. They can say, look, yeah, you don’t have the right to come in. OK, you know, the Regulation. Regulation says any citizen who does, who is not from Great Britain can stay in Great Britain six months. If there are, they don’t need visa. So it means that six months at least every year you can stay there. No, your problem is to enter and exit anytime you want. So this way you could start to build a business there, like something, some imitation of the business, let’s say. Now listen, I spoke to the lawyers. I spoke to a few lawyers, right, and they said, yeah, they said they can do anything they want. There’s no guarantees. And they said they can even say you cannot even come in as a visitor because you are not a visitor. You were living here, so you cannot come in as a visitor. We cannot let you in at all. So I’m not risking it. So I’m staying. I’m waiting for their for their answer. I hope they’re not gonna be angry. One great solution for you is this. I am told that every country has a minimum limit of investing money to the business of the country they live. Let’s say in Greece it says 250,000 euros is enough for you to buy an apartment and stay there forever to become a citizen of Greece. OK. I’m not risking.. another thing is Great Britain. So it means that in Great Britain if that’s a little bit higher. Let’s say £250,000 apartment. Then you could live there forever. You could have an apartment live there as a citizen of Great Britain, I don’t know, maybe you want another way. Citizen of Great Britain? What are you talking about? So OK, if you are buying a reral state thing like an apartment which costs more than £250,000, so you automatically become a citizen of Great Britain. But then you gotta have all the red tape and taxes or dual taxation maybe, I don’t know, maybe not. Anyway, I don’t need this ****. So I just wanted. Then you will have your apartment. This is the. Yeah. Yeah, that would be nice. And yeah, when I said **** I mean all the red tape and hassle. I don’t mean the citizenship, but I just mean.. Anyway, they told me to wait, so I’m waiting, so I have to go to, I have to go to Blackpool. Blackpill, Blackpool then that’s the Sochi of England Blackpool. Where is it Blackpool? West, West Coast by Ireland. How far is it? Like 200 kilometers? Yeah, that’s the problem. I’m not going to go because it’s too far. The heat wave now is very short. For a few days we have heat wave. I’m gonna go to Brighton really fast. ’cause. I know Brighton very well. I’m comfortable there. [continued]

ASHTON KUTCHER MRNA INJECTION “VACCINE” VICTIM? contradictory hidden dates coverup

In one video he says “3 years ago”, wikipedia & other videos say “2 years ago”, which could mean early 2021.. why hide the truth?

Conspiracy fact “Dr” Evil, Bond villain, clown, callous, Klaus Anal Swab, Klaus Schwab crimes against humanity.

Conspirator “Dr” Evil Bond villain clown, callous, Klaus Anal Swab, Klaus Schwab crimes against humanity: “a great reset, you will own nothing and be happy, ze [bullshit] climate crisis” fraud & engineered socioeconomic collapse [because the 99.9% harmless rebranded flu fraud failed to enslave humanity & make them dependent on his flu world order, 1 world government, cashless technocracy tyranny]. Party’s over, ahole.

“covid” mRna “vaccine” 74% miscarriage rate cover up – funeral director John O’Looney – Baby Deaths & Funerals


John O’Looney – Vaccine Deaths: The Truth
Alegedly, engineered climate fraud, destruction & starvation add to the covid fraud to force digital i.d. technocracy tyranny. “It’s always good to sit down for face-to-face conversations with previous guests and John O’Looney very kindly invited Hearts of Oak to his funeral parlour for a chat. When John started seeing a spike in deaths amongst the “vaccinated”, he knew he had to speak up so he started to share his concerns privately and publicly. One of the first issues that made him question the “vaccines” was the difficulty in embalming the newly deceased. It seemed that many recently departed people had abnormal blockages in their blood vessels and in this interview John discusses this, as well as showing us what these blood clots that we keep hearing about, actually look like. John is so honest and open, such a down to earth guy and we hope that this interview gives others the strength and courage to speak up and not remain silent. Please share on social media and with your family and friends. John O’Looney has been a funeral director in the UK for over 15 years, and with his family they run a successful business in Milton Keynes. John started noticing things were not right in late November 2019 when he saw a ‘blow-up pandemic mortuary’ in a local hospital which he was told was set up in preparation for ‘something really horrible coming’. In 2021, as the vaccines rolled out, he was witness to a spike of unusual deaths, and while his peers and colleagues in the industry kept quiet, John bravely spoke out and questioned the narrative. MK Family Funeral Services Interview recorded 19.7.22 Audio Podcast version available at ⁣ and all major podcast directories. Mirrored – Hearts of Oak “

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.>
world premiere monday 25 july 2022 10:30pm utc. Outline & transcript coming up.

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM sat 23 july 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com Outline & transcript in progress..

OUTLINE [in progress]
-more ruthless than a military schedule 22m08 40m
-ASTRAZENECA KILLED MY HUSBAND -Vaccine widow [accidental blurred manual focus button press because sony has no lock/hold protection 44m33, 45m30]
-youre brainwashed! Outdoor Masquerade mask charade 46m55
-Harrods 48m50
-THE COVID “VACCINE” KILLS 49m10- 51m10*****
-stick your poison “vaccine” up your ass t-shirt 49m20
-Nick Leicester square dancer, drummer, Piers Corbyn pal 56m50
-Jill 2h11m-17m ERIC LEVY NHS starvation killing,
-Why marxism? Haiko 2h31m20
-Piers Corbyn speech 3h19m28 ERIC LEVY elder abuse killing*****
-Debbie speech telegram keepitcash 3h35m40*****

Saturday 23 July 2022. Thanks for visiting vlog dot com, video, dairy dot org, diary dot tv & a hundred domains. Just going to the protest. Hope I make it on time ’cause they keep running away at 1:00 o’clock. Wasn’t gonna do it ‘cause you don’t get much out of it, shush.. you don’t get much out of it but I guess it’s not about you getting things out of it, is it? It’s about others getting things out of it, apparently. So uh.. but it’d be nice if it was a give and take situation, you know it would be nice if it was reciprocal is all I’m saying ’cause, you know, all this time, money, memory does take.. imagine if I had to edit it. I’m putting it up unedited I think ’cause I like, I either to do a good job editing or not at all. I could do a rough cut but. I’ll try & cut out some.. I like to keep it running. Like those boring streamers that do 10 hour streams and expect you to watch the whole 10 hours, as if.. when you’re just watching 10 minutes.. We need the short version.. anyway okay.. Let’s go, it’s in Buckingham Palace at 1:00 o’clock,  let’s go. Oh, God. Should be on the beach. Was gonna [brighten]. Was gonna go back to Brighton, I went there for the heat wave. last Monday, took a day off. See but I’m working Saturday, this is work. Oh sh, ok, what was I gonna say? Yea, do you swim in 70 degree temperature? That’s the question ‘cause it’s 70 degrees in Brighton [Britain] here, it’s about 80F [in London]. In Brighton it’s 10 degrees less. The dictatorship [technocracy totalitarian tyranny] of that place [“the governance of China” book]. Backlit. So I think I should get a taxi ‘cause the bus will take forever. Otherwise I would take the bus, but.. and I don’t know which one goes to Buckingham Palace. So the queen doesn’t stay in Buckingham palace, nobody does, it’s empty. Who has to dust that? How many people have to dust that? Taxi. They’re not bothered are they.. Even with the Uber scam, the globalist pigs taking over everything. Don’t do any globalist sh*t, you know, support the local businesses. Lets ask him.. Do you go to Buckingham Palace? yes. darn card.. there it is, no its the other card, there we go.. £1.65, £3.20 remaining. You’re brainwashed [to masked guy masquearde mask charade]. I like to say “you’re brainwashed” to the mask wearers, but if they get angry, just say it’s a song by Tom MacDonald. Although you changed it ’cause, he says “the whole world is brainwashed”, I made it different. 4m10 Best seats in my house. Victoire. Tryin’ to get the mic out of the picture. Hey. 7m26 puttin on the Ritz [hotel]. 8m Green Park. This is always in the picture. Why is this always in the picture? [mic fluffy wind filter] 11m30 Hyde park corner. This is Buckingham palace here with the barbed wire. I remember Richard Balaram once asked the taxi driver if it’s a prison ‘cause of the barbed wire, & then said “oh I’m sorry man..” didn’t mean to be rude, its the barbed wire.. I guess metaphorically.. or poetically.. I think this is it.. is this the Buckingham palace stop please? 15m I’m late too, think im gonna miss them now.. I missed again [phil collins] 15m30 you’re brainwashed.. Rubens hotel menu, normally i’d be snapping all that, [hi res photos] another vax victim? Some are some aren’t.. Hand up like sunflowers leader. What’s funny is when they cross the street without even looking, like they own it, like they own the streets. Like traffic should stop for everyone. Like pedestrian rights or supremacy. Dzielaish [overheard russian “do”]. Pedestrian supremacy supremacist. Let’s go in the sun shall we, where’s the action? The action’s usually not in the sun, in the shade. The action’s usually where you don’t want to be. Like I want to be in the sun, get some vitamin D and serotonin, the action’s probably.. let me do it anyway.. It’s backlit too here. The damn mic isn’t getting out of the picture. I put a rubber band on the damn mic and it’s.. two rubber bands it’s still.. think you have to shave it like pubic hair or something. It’s in the way. Pardon the pun but anyway. As soon as it’s backlit you can’t really see.. 18m20 19m30  Think they left already. Have your sticker ready to hand out. But you know I’m holding this. I gotta hold the stickers too, the bag, everything… anyway.. Marketing promotion yea sure. Think you gotta put ND1, neutral density, ND2! 20m they fcuked off again. you’re brainwashed! Brainwashed! 20m40 I don’t see them. Well if they left, they left. EF. They’re not here, Buckingham palace my ass! last time they went down here, you’re brainwashed..I don’t see them man, see what they’re like man? Pretty soon they’re not gonna have anybody supporting them because they keep disappearing it at 1:00 o’clock. They should give people a little time to get there. There, it’s down there. You can see it. Look, that’s definitely it, isn’t it. Not that but that. 22m Gad damn them! Man, they’re more ruthless than a military schedule these aholes [angels] man, they say 1:00 o’clock at Buckingham Palace & they’re gone at 1:00 o’clock. Don’t say 1:00 then, say noon, ahole! Make people go there at one o’clock and you f***** off before 1:00. Or right after.. at 1 O’clock.. for them to be down there they left half an hour ago, the b*******.  Anyway, it’s just it’s just not cool, man. This is why I didn’t wanna do it. Last time. The last march was on [gay] pride day, which was the stupidest thing ’cause that’s the biggest party of the year and you’re you’re going to into the woods, which is another thing. If you wanted results, you’d go to Parliament, you’d sue some people to get some results, not run into the forest and waste time. Anyway let’s just go anyway but I’ve just about had it with this, should have gone to the beach but the beach is 10 degrees less, as I said, than the city so.. 70 degrees. I felt it yesterday it was 70 degrees here, 21 Celsius & that’s really no good for swimming unless you’re in somewhere tropical. The water’s less.. Man. Heh.  23m “no covid jabs for kids” “freedom, freedom..”  Continued..

Piers Corbyn speech 3h19m28 “Thank you very much Haiko one of the greatest speakers of speakers corner. I should ask any one else to speak rather than myself. I hope people will speak. I think what we’ve gotta say from that is the jabbed & jab free have to unite. & we’re told that. JABBED & JAB FREE UNITE! [x3] I noticed you’re not joining in. That means you agree. Ok were just so united. What we have is a medical tyranny now. The jab is killing people, the jab is slow death & more & more people are realizing that. 3h20 in parallel, we have a medical tyranny happening to all people in hospitals. ERIC LEVY, r.i.p, died earlier on this week. He was killed, & i say killed, by the NHS. He was deliberately put on to “nothing by mouth”, ‘nil by mouth’ & then he died. He was intended to be taken to a home, an old people’s home, a jewish old people’s home, because he’s a jewish person, with the name Levy you’d understand that, but basically a couple of days before he was due to go they took away his meal by mouth & he died. Now this has been reported to the police, the police actually recommended we have to go to them, & we will do, & we’re gathering background information. I would say watch this space, & what we intend is, that more people will come forward and we had dozens coming forward saying yes, that happened to my dad, my mother, my uncle, that they took away the support they needed because after all they have said, Boris has said he believes there’s too many people in the world, and they know you know, they have acturists [actuaries], mathematicians in the Department of Health working out how to save money. Obviously if old people die sooner they save money. 22m Brutal indeed but they have a whole set of rules which lead to the death of old people. Now individually you can’t say, well, this nurse did it, that nurse did it, although maybe you can actually but the point is they have a set of rules that lead in that direction of killing old people. And I think with the case of Eric, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Because Eric had, we had 100 people outside some days saying “Eric must be allowed to live”, and we’re gonna press on, we’re gonna make sure his name is not forgotten. He was a fantastic campaigner just like you here. 3h22. He was a campaigner all his life and his life was terminated earlier than it should have been & I just wanna say, -, let us be clear, what is happening around the world. 3h23 it’s on the media that the World Health Organization [World Holocaust/ Homicide Organization] has suddenly announced that moneypox [moneypox] is now a top danger [LOL]. I don’t know exactly how they defined it, but whatever they’re doing, they’re moving towards a new tyranny involving another so called virus but this time and we have World Economic Forum [world enslavement fascists] video showing this, this time they’re gonna rate it to climate, which is why they’re talking all this nonsense now about climate. They’re gonna have a climate virus related scam & they’ll try & lock you down for hot weather. Well, I say for Britain if its too hot, take to the beach! [hit the beach/ hot the beach] yay! & if youre in France go face the hose pipes! I mean that is what to do. We’re not gonna be locked down under their climate con[fidence trick]. & let’s be clear. Those of you who thought about climate will know, and if you read our leaflets, that this hot weather now is just part of a 19 year lunar cycle. The were extreme hot spells in 1984, in 2003 and 2022, each separated by 19 years. Some of the other extremes like 1934 1976 2018 were separated by 42 years. Now that, there were longer hot summers, but not necessarily extreme heat, just long and hot. All these things are controlled by solar lunar interactions, and I don’t need to tell you that that means it’s nothing to do with CO2. 3h24m46 their policies on climate are not to control climate, they are to control YOU! [unison] Good. I’m glad you got that one. I’ve got loads of leaflets here to give out. & I think while we’re on this it’s worth summarizing a few things that happened. We’ve gotta prepare for these climate, “covid” or whatever they’re gonna be called monkey climate lockdowns. & what do we say about lockdowns? Take to the streets! x3 & let’s understand the 6 legs of the new world tyranny. They have 6 legs, they’re like a cockroach. They’ve got 6 legs & we’ve got to break these legs. The “COVID” CON[FIDENCE TRICK]. Again it’s a virus, the virus con is not to control a virus, it’s to control you. The CLIMATE CON[FIDENCE TRICK], is not to control climate, it’s to control you. & this WAR CON[fidence trick]. Every time they’ve got to have a war to distract you. [George] Orwell warned us of this. We had the war on terror, all of a sudden there’s no more war on terror, there’s no terrorists around, but we have Putin instead. We have the war in Ukraine, & theyr’e talking about that, they’re putting more troops in Ukraine, or more weapons rather, but it’s too late. But they only want to do that to make a running saw[?]. The purpose of it is not to actually win a war out there, it’s to control you. & we have the 3 other legs, the practical legs, namely the PHYSICAL [DEADLIEST] JAB, the 5G TOWERS, & that is to control you via various broadband systems, & the pinacle of it all is DIGITAL I.D. & they want to bring digital i.d. on the back of carbon footprint for all woke people they want to make a stupid statement, they’ll be happy to get on an app which will record their carbon footprint & that will be used to control you. 2h27m right so in all this situation you can see clearly that we have to organize like we’ve never organized before. We have to be able to respond in a vigorous active way. i.e like a political party. Now we have a movement but we have to be better organized to respond when we need to. Now interestingly, the powers that be have been telling us the truth about our disgusting politicians but it’s the only truth they’ve said really in the last 5 years. They’ve exposed our politicians as being the worms, doubled dealers, thieves, parasites that they are. They haven’t told us the truth about “covid”, they haven’t told us the truth about climate. They’re telling us the truth about politicians because they want to replace these current politicians with a new world tyranny. & before the 2nd world war the same happened in Germany. There was a massive wave of nihilism completely justified against their corrupt politicians & then Hitler stepped forward, “we will bring order to chaos”. That is what the new world tyranny want to do. But we should not be disuaded from political organization, by the knowledge that our politicians are rubbish. We have to make our own political organizations & obviously as you know, Let the UK live is a political party as well as the campaign organization. And on Tuesday we’ve got a meeting, we have a lot meetings but we’ve got one in the ship pub in Borough High Street, Borough road. & we’re giving out the ol’ handouts about that, but its Tuesday 6:30, the Ship pub in Borough road technically but on the corner of Borough High Street and I would urge you to come along to that & if you can’t just get in touch, & get a leaflet off me, Dana, Angella, Luke.. or slogan RESIST, DEFY, DO NOT COMPLY! 3h29m30 [continued..]

Debbie speech telegram 3h35m40 “Ok hello everybody, have you had a good day? Yeah! It’s been a really good day, & I just wanna say thank you, I don’t know if she’s listening, to Fiona for organizing today because I think we’re all up against it with our actions at the moment getting the numbers out, it’s a real struggle so I think in light of that I’ve looked at the numbers today & she’s done very very well so a round of applause please for Fiona. Yay! So thank you Fiona & everybody that’s worked here to do this today, it’s important that this core of us that are here today keep coming out. Because as Piers has just announced they made a global[ist] announcement.. woooh.. monkeypox [moneypox] is another global[ist] emergency [exagerartion/ fraud/ scam to profiteer & control]. 3h36m33 But you know what, guys? I think it’s really good news. ‘cause you know what’s gonna happen now? More & more people are gonna come out with us! Yeah! & we need more people because we have got big things we’re gonna be fighting. Not only are they gonna try & lock us down again, this is what they’re gonna try and do, but you know what, it’s not gonna bloody work because this time I do not see the British public being locked down. I really don’t see it happening. So let them bring on their ridiculous lockdowns with their new prime minister [sinister] mr Rishi Sunak, world economic forum [world holocaust homicide fascists] candidate. Let them try it on with us because I think the more restrictions are coming the more people are gonna awaken. 3h37m13*  so theres a couple of things I want to talk about, obviously we’ve been here, we’re all here dressed in white most of us, to remember all the victims of this democide, and I’m gonna call it a democide, not a genocide. A democide meaning the intentional murder of the population through governmental structures, the NHS obviously being one of the key ones, its not just the NHS, there’s all sorts of bodies that have been complicit, have been involved in the murder of lots of people around the U.K. And I’m sure as I think Haiko mentioned earlier, we all know people, put your hand up if you know someone in your family or friends that have either died or become ill because of the murderous jab. [hands up].. That’s most of you, isn’t it.  3h38m08. I recently had the news that everybody in my husband’s family has got heart problems. My mother-in-law recently was taken into hospital. She’s now got myocarditis, she went in with a blood clot. And this is the problem we’ve got, the cognitive dissonance because when my husband who hasn’t been “vaxxed” tried to suggest it was the “vaccine” they would not discuss it with him. A big brick wall comes up. But you know what, I think they know deep down because you know what they said to my husband? His sisters all have heart problems, they said why are you the only one that hasn’t got a heart problem? Hello? Whats going on in their heads? But this is what we face, the cognitive dissonance about why people are getting ill, why people are getting heart problems & why people are dying.. the other awful thing thats happening as well, & this is happening to my mother who hasn’t been “vaxxed”, & its really upsetting me, is that we’re not just here for the dead, although I completely agree with remembering their life, we’re here for the living. And the living are being attacked from every angle. My mother had a complete zest for life unti 2020. She was travelling the world with her friends. She’d reached an age where she had the money and the confidence to have a life as an elderly woman. She was going around the world. Her life came to an end in 2020 when she was locked up & she couldn’t go out. And recently I’ve realized that my mum is in the beginning stages of dementia thanks to this bastard government. I’m angry because this is what they’re doing to our parents, to our grandparents, they are destroying them, if not through the “vaccine” they are killing them in other ways. 3h39m51  They’re killing their mental health. They’re bringing on these diseases & health issues that shouldn’t happen, they should happen at a much older age. And we also got the horrific news, I’m sure you all heard, of ERIC LEVY, a campaigner for human rights for Julian Assange, against war, for rights of Palestinians, who was murdered by the NHS the other day in hospital. So when we commemorate life here today shall we also have a minute’s silence for Eric? Can we have a minute’s silence for Eric please, can someone turn the music off.. lets just do it here, its fine, lets just have a minute. ——.  3h41m Ok I think that must be about a minute I’m sorry I never have my – with me, I just think its important to do that. & I know that my friend Ali & other people here who have been trying to help with Eric, have been outside the hospital.. I know that they’re gonna try & do something in terms of taking up a case or doing something in law, to try & fight for an end to these end of life pathways that they’re putting people into in hospitals. And its not just going to affect the elderly because during the first lockdown I don’t know if you remember, news came out of some hospitals that were planning to put people over the age of 45- 45! onto end of life pathways. This is huge what they’re doing & we have to fight back with what’s going on in our NHS ‘cause its not our NHS anymore. It’s not for us any more, I’m sorry it’s part of a machine to murder us. It’s part of this agenda to depopulate. Anyway Im gonna move on from that kind of thing because I know its gonna sound very somber & very awful but thats why we’re all here. But the second thing is the other big thing thats happening which is why Im going around the country at the moment. 3h43m Im going round the country to tell some cities on a campaign to keep cash. Keep cash alive! Are you all using cash put your hands up! YEAH! Who’s not using cash? We all should be. They’re not taking cash. That is a cashless cafe, yes well done for pointing that out. Please do not give your money to that cafe. There are others if you can just walk a bit further that take cash. & we’re all, as much as you might think you dont have any powers, & were only here to kind of march towards a cashless society. It’s down to each & every one of us now to act to stop the cashless society. You have to make sure you get cash out every time you go out. Change your habits. 6 months ago I was getting cash app, using my card all the time. & I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing because I was so busy. & about 6 months ago I sat down & thought Ive gotta stop this, Ive gotta change what I do. I’ve changed my habits. I’ve got into the habit now of finding cashpoints, knowing where they are, & getting cash before I go out. & I’ve come to London today without anybody, apart from the drones, whoevers doing the drones, & the cameras, without anybody being able to find a financial trail of where I am. & thats what its all about guys, because you an activists, this cashless society that they’re planning, we are the number one target in a cashless society, are activists & protesters. Because if they can shut off our bank accounts like they did the Canadian protsters, we wont be able to do this. We wont be able to come out & we wont be able to protest any more. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing with the law, as much as they’re important, if we go cashless its game over for all of us. So we have to fight to stop this, this is huge. A cashless society really is the head of the snake, thats what I call it. It is the whole objective of everything theyre doing to us. The lockdowns, the “covid” passport, the restrictions, those restrictions where you had to walk around the supermarket in a certain way, that was preparing you for a social credit system with a digital currency. Its all in preparation for a cashless society. So please don’t underestimate how important this issue is. 3h45m27  & those of you here that have come up to me and this is quite a few of you and said Debbie its too late, its too late to stop it, don’t you dare say that! Did you say that 2 years ago when we managed to stop them bringing in “covid” passports? We stopped them! Because we all got off our backsides & we acted! Yeah [applause] I feel so passionately about this cause once we go cashless its too late! I’m asking you to act NOW to STOP THE CASHLESS SOCIETY. I’m going round the country, theres loads of amazing groups that are supporting me. You need to take up action in your towns & cities. There are various things you can do. First is you use cash every day. Put your cards away. Get rid of those old phone apps, do not use them. The second thing I want you to do is called cascading. Now Haiko you may have heard of cascading, a an activist techinique to come from the labor party I am sorry.. its a really powerful technique. The idea is that you go away, and you talk to somebody in your family or a friend, & you explain to them why they’ve got to use cash all the time. If they agree with you, & most people are going to agree with you, cause this is a winner, this topic with the public, Ive been finding that out, if they agree with you you then ask them to do the same with the next person & they do it with the next person, if you all promise me when you go away you will all do that, its a very powerful technique on the ground where we can change hearts & minds. So thats the next thing I want you to do. The 3rd thing is I want you to start boycott campaigns in you local high street [neighborhood]. Start at the bottom, that’s how it works when you do a boycott. Thats how the boycott against south african products worked back in the 80s. They started at the bottom. You pick the small & medium size businesses first that are going cashless. So if you can find a cafe or a shop in your local high street thats going cashless, try and talk to them to start with to try and convince them, & then you start a boycott campaign. If you get them to give in, & youve got much more chance when they’re a small shop, you then can go up the scale & go to the bigger ones in your town & you set off a spiral. So thats what you can do, get together you only need a few people you dont’ need crowds. A few people to do this in your towns & cities. & you know what, you will get local press to cover its because its not controversial. Its not like “covid”, its not like “vaccines”, this issue, the public get it.. they understand. I had so many people come up to me in high streets & say, it’s about control, isnt it. I had a lady in Bristol last week sat there with a greta big Darth Vader mask on, on the park bench beside me, “ooh, we cant go cashless can we? We cant do anything that way” They get it, people get it, this is a winner. We need to bring the public on board because we cant cary on like this we need to get bigger & bigger & need to bring more & more people on board with us. The final thihg id’ like you to do after a boycott campaign is to start a campaign against the supermarkets in your town. I don’t know if you’ve heard, the big supermarkets are planning to go biometric. You all know what this means guys, biometric. You will have to pay for your shopping with facial recognition technology. 3h49m05 Have you seen the screens already? They’ve had them for years, haven’t they. Co-op is one of the worst, Tesco, Azda’s another one, all of them, they’ve all announced that they’re gonna bring biometric in quite soon. You wont have a choice. It wont matter if theres still cash in circulation, you wont have a choice but to pay for your food by using biometric technology & that’s how they’re gonna get us. So can you please make that another part of your campaign in your towns & cities, try & stop the use of biometric with a boycott campaign in your local town & city. I think thats enough form me, so keep it cash guys, KEEP IT CA$H! KEEP USING CASH! 3h49m50 One more thing, I’m not having a go at any of you that have done crypto currency here, but start researching crypto currency because it’s controlled by the CIA. Its not the way we resist digital tyranny, they’ll track us with crypto currency. Cash is the only way we fight back.” {applause]

Richard Hirschman [embalmer]- WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot

-UK Government confirms the Triple / Quadruple Vaccinated account for 91% of all COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022
-“The UK government’s official data shows they are killing their children”
-76 UK doctors sign open letter to government warning against COVID-19 child “vaccine”

LIVE: Shedding Confirmed – The Jabbed Are “Vaccinating” The Unjabbed
♥️ Love to all victims & survivors 📵 f* phone fascism

Deaths are almost entirely among people who are highly-vaccinated
Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases) Yale University tells Laura Ingraham on July 12, 2022 that deaths now are almost entirely among people who are highly vaccinated. The entire Ingraham Angle from 07/12/2022 is posted here: Source: Larry Hobbs, Fat News

Natural disasters are not increasing says climatologist John Christie, PhD. John Christie, PhD, climatologist from the University of Alabama, and Alabama state climatologist, interviewed by Laura Ingraham on 07/14/2022. Source: Larry Hobbs, Fat News

“covid-19” & the global predators- Dr. Peter Breggin
Proof the 99.9% safe rebranded flu covid fraud, climate fraud , destruction of economies & infrastructure are planned crimes against humanity by ccp China, W.H.O, U.N, W.E.F, (Gates, Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Pharmafia, small tech etc) for globalist power, fortune, depopulation, & totalitarian technocracy tyranny slavery. Allegedly.


“If you’ve ever watched true stream media’s wonderful documentary “The mind of men”, you know what a fearless freedom fighter doctor Peter Breggin is. He’s got a very distinguished career in psychiatry, I tried to print out his resume yesterday, it has 31 pages, but he has worked tirelessly as a doctor, as an author, many published books and an advocate to stop some of the worst abuses in the mental health field & in the process has documented them, and he is known as the conscience of psychiatry for his criticism of biological psychiatry, and he joins us today, his presentation. “What is the global predator profile coup d’etat predatory plan to centralize power.So Dr Peter Breggin, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to join us on the 4th Symposium for . Thank you for having me on and for the previous presentation by Michael Yeadon was just stunning. I want to say that the question that has kept coming up today, which nobody has really touched upon, is how could this happen? Why did it happen? What’s going on? In this 20 minutes, I’m going to try to help you understand that, but it is actually the subject of my 650 page book ““covid-19” and the global predators”. It does the deep dive into the things I’m giving you today in 20 minutes. Catherine’s very interested in and asked me to talk first about what is, what are these people like, and I think it’s an important important issue. Who are the predators? Who are the globalists who are doing these terrible things to us, and the important thing to realize at the start is that they’re not like you and me. They don’t hold concerned conferences for humanity. They may say that’s the title of it, but it’s not ever going to be about that and their main motivation, very different from rest of us. has been to get exactly where they are. So their main motivation is lust for power. In the old days it might have been a Caesar, or Caesar and his associates, or Genghis Khan and his crew. Now, it is the global predator empire that they are building in the world above nations. So lust for power and since now we can do global power, it’s lust for global power and they’re implementing it that over us. If you understand that you’ll have a huge leg up on what’s going on. The second thing is they absolutely no empathy whatsoever for their victims. Period. It just doesn’t exist for them. We are like statistics or worse because when you don’t have empathy for people you usually end up loathing and hating them. So there’s some continuum from lack of empathy on down to thinking of us as the cattle or less than cattle because you don’t want the kill your cow. The 3rd characteristic that I found & Ginger found in deep diving into ‘“covid-19” & the global predators” was the connectivity to the Communist Chinese, which has not come up much today so far. But the CCP is behind the UN, it’s behind the World Health Organization. I look at it as the Eastern Empire, whereas Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab [W.E.F] and so on, are the Western empire, and we’ll look some more at that. But you can’t exaggerate the infiltration of the West by the Chinese communists, and there’s so many good books about it, I won’t even start to list them. There’s probably a dozen books that can tell you about the infiltration of the West, by the communists. So they have no [freedom], they totally reject freedom issues. You can read through the UN literature. You can read through everything written by Klaus Schwab or by any of the big organizations, the Rockefellers or whoever else you wanna look at, they’ll never talk about individual freedom. Individual freedom and personal liberty and political liberty is not a part of their thinking that it’s like the founding founders of America never existed. It’s like the Magna Carta never existed. There’s no concept, no interest in liberty, and in fact they absolutely reject constitutional democracy Kalus Calous Klaus Schwab says this very directly in one of his books came out in the summer of 2020 and the Great Enemy is the patriotic american democratic republican. That is the constitutional government that’s patriotic and he singles out America because we are at this point very weak in that regard. 5min But we’re sort of a limping last standing group. We’re growing, there’s a real resurgence in America and I hope around the world of believing in something including your nation, including human rights. They specifically reject all identifications and affiliations. This is so important to realize. They’re not patriots. They don’t have a religion other than China’s official religion is atheism. They don’t identify with their own countries of birth, like Bill Gates, he’s actually more identified with China if you listen to his talks. So they don’t even identify with capitalism. One could think of the Western empire as capitalism & the east as communism, but they don’t. They don’t identify with progressivism or Marxism. They are predators. They indentify with other people who lust from global power and don’t care about the consequences on others or actually want to cull [kill] the population. They in particular, do not inherently value human beings on any level. There’s no treasuring, there’s no loving of human beings. There’s no judeo christian principles that would spark in them, a belief of, like the Quakers, to look for that of God in another person. Concepts of that kind are extremely alien to them. They are very moderate/ mired in that regard. Finally, their ethics, and again I saw this starting at Harvard back in 1954 when I was a freshman at Harvard. Their ethics are relative. Their ethics are situational, and their ethics they share with Marxism, which has stated it outright that the end justifies the means and Bill Gates believes the same thing, all these people have come together around this global power. Now I want to jump over to how they all got together, because this has been going on for quite a while. The planning. I’m gonna pick the date I pick in the book. Which is 2010. In 2010, Bill Gates announced, and think of Bill in terms of exactly what I’ve described, not somebody like you, somebody like I have described, in my book I talk about it as the predator profile. In 2010, Bill Gates announced the “decade of the “vaccine”. Now you’d think only governments would do that, but Bill Gates was probably the richest man in the world that year. I forget. But he was working with Warren Buffett, who was either near the richest or number two or three, and they had a partnership and Buffett was doing more for Bill Gates’ foundation at that point, he’s no longer doing last year or two, but he was doing more for it than Bill was in terms of money. So let’s say you are lusting after power, lusting after wealth, ‘cause it’s power, lusting after aggrandizement, but ultimately I think power and you hear that Bill Gates says it’s the decade of the “vaccine”. What do you do? Boy oh boy, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Pfizer or the world Bank or the [urine] U.N or The Who w.h.o or one of the great trusts Rockefeller or whatever. It doesn’t matter who you are. You say to yourself “this is where the action is for the next 10 years”. It was an announcement of the action for the next 10 years. You’ve really got to get this or you don’t know what happened, it becomes really hard to figure out what happened. Transcription by . By 2012, two years later, Gates was able to get a UN resolution favoring his concept of the decade of “vaccines” and discussing the collaboration between public and private, all the stuff that you think about for the great reset hadn’t been named yet. And it was interesting, I found one progressive who looked at that and said this is wrong, this is fascism. Why is the U.N getting involved in that way of making deals with Bill Gates? That’s 2012. 2015, they knew they could make sars-cov viruses that would be infective. They were doing it, the U.S was doing it with the Chinese. So that’s a big go ahead for the global predators. They could make sars-cov in labs. They were starting to do the DNA & the RNA stuff. In 2015, Gates has it all clear in his mind. He’s already talking about, between 2015 & 17 in very slightly watched videos, he’s talking about Moderna. He’s talking about Pfizer. He’s talking about DNA and giggling like he gets sometimes when somebody in the audience says “DNA? You’re doing DNA platforms?”. This was a very private audience, & he gives his little giggle & later, he says, yeah, I’m doing DNA and RNA platforms. 2015-16 he was working heavily on operation warp speed and he’s doing it with these predatory people I’ve described coming out of the woodwork from corporations throughout the world, from trusts throughout the world, from many UN agencies. In 2010, he sets up a small committee to support his “vaccines”. He has two, maybe six or seven people. He’s got at least two people from the UN and he’s got the most evil little man around town, Anthony Fauci is on his committee in 2010, so don’t let anybody tell you this thing wasn’t planned ahead with NIAD, NIH and so on. In 2015 Bill comes up with the concept of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, CEPI. We’ll just call it CEPI. It still has a website, it’s got billions of dollars. But it won’t tell you what I’m gonna tell you. This is what they talked about initially is what I’m gonna tell you. In 2015-16 Bill Gates begins to work on the CEPI preliminary business plan. Now remember what I said to you. He’s bringing together all these billionaires. And I was the first person to dig this out. I don’t think it was intended at all for the public. It’s a big glossy thing, 60 or 80 pages. It’s for the predators the billionaires to look at. So it’s his big plan for what he’s going to be doing and organizing through CEPI with Klaus Schwab, and with other organizations that he’s got involved there, welcome trusts. It’s all named in the book. So he’s got all these folks together and he’s making a plan for running the coming p[L]andemic. Now some of the things I’m gonna say to you are really kind of hard to believe, but they’re in the book. And they’re in two forms. They’re in the cepi business plan, and then they’re in a preparation of the cepi business plan, a presentation of the cepi business plan to the World Health [holocaust] Organization in 2017. One of the most fundamental principles that is stated is the drug companies will have no expenses. There will be fully paid for direct and indirect, which is just like whatever you want expenses. It’s said twice in [deceptive] cepi business plan and once in the arrangement that they’re discussing with the World Health Organization. & I actually have pictures of statements that are in this PowerPoint. In the PowerPoint, it’s stated that Bill Gates, cepi, has a memorandum of understanding with the World Health Organization. We’ve never found it. That’s how close these people were and are and how they were bringing together around them the powers. Now if you go back and look at who is working with them, making the business plan ’cause, they got those huge list of groups who’s making a business plan with Bill Gates. The FDA is listed, NIAD & Fauci are signed on. The CDC is listed. And interestingly enough, Rick Bright is listed. Now Rick Bright would become, they were grooming him, he would become the head BARDA which would handle the EUA emergency use authorization. They were grooming him for the job back in 2016, and as soon as they needed him, the four years acting head and then final head of BARDA steps down and the groomed guy goes in and he’s the one who stops Trump from releasing millions and millions of hydroxychloroquines from the stores. He’s the one who approves these various EUA’s. So here’s cepi, and their man is running BARDA, they’ve already got Fauci wrapped up & NIH wrapped up, but that’s not enough. So they hire the former head of BARDA this is the whole EU organization, the former head of BARDA for four years, and they make him lifetime CEO of [sappy] cepi. You cannot make these things up. 15m So what I’m just trying to give you a sense of today is that when Pfizer and Moderna are the only ones who were given any kind of funding and support and push through in the U.S, that’s Bill Gates’ plan, but it’s Bill Gates with all these other “powerful” entities. When Donald Trump thinks he has invented maybe this new method of rushing things through & maybe he names it operation warp speed, no, that was already being funded by cepi & Bill Gates & Pfizer & then the organization they created Moderna sometime between 2015 and 2010, going back in time. Also the World Bank very much involved in these early things, and it’s a part of the UN. It is striking how much these people love the cover of the UN. The World Health [holocaust] Organization is owned basically by the CCP [china chinese communist party]. They have the “power”. Their previous person for ten years was always described as a Chinese Canadian. I never could figure out how Chinese she was versus how Canadian, but she now runs an institute under the CCP in China, so that tells you kind of how close she is, Dr. Chan. & Tedros is a criminal communist thug & even an activist communist revolutionary and also who covered up epidemics in Ethiopia, his country, in order to protect the dictatorship. So he’s a thug. Now, that’s the Eastern Empire now what about the Western Empire? Well, you may remember that when Trump pulled out of W.H.O, who stepped in? Bill Gates, the Western empire. So we’ve got this very bizarre collaboration between Gates and China. Bill Gates, folks, has had two tremendous honorary awards, one from a university in China and one from a newspaper in China, making him a friend of China [CCP]. There’s no exaggeration here, no stretching, there’s no extra work you have to do. All of this story is very, very carefully planned, & since the book we’ve been digging in more deeply. Now, what are we facing? The most eminent threat right now from these predators working from the east to the Western empires, is through the World Health Organization. I happened to stumble on a January 24th of this year discussion by Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization & I’m gonna quote what he said when he was talking to his executive committee. He said the priority now was, quote, “strengthening W.H.O as the leading and directing authority on “global health””. Not preparation and all that stuff. Global health. That’s what The Who is about. It’s always been about global health. And he says at the center of Global health architecture. All right. So here’s the man they’re trying to make dictator ’cause they control him over global health. I’ll read it to you again January 24th 2022 you can find it in the book, you can go search it [use other less criminal fraud genocide search engines like qwant, freespoke, ecosia etc]. He’s talking to his executive committee. He wants the strengthening of WHO as the leading and directing authority on global health at the center of the Global Health architecture. Now in this, he’s talking about the making treaties. but he’s gonna use names that won’t frighten our Senate like declarations and agreements with individual nations. This is alive now and has the backing of the EU and US. They’re making treaties to give over sovereignty to the global health of the EU. Now we just killed another thing which was the amendments that they wanted to make. You can find this on my website, if you wanna get this stuff on the website, just go to get all the writings about this stuff with the WHO. So we’ve killed the amendments temporarily, which the US proposed & which they expected to put through, but we did stop that big coalition including Africa. & just the final word. The EU is 100% behind making Tedros a dictator. They signed on to the amendments. They own the biggest supporters of dictator [dick taker] Tedros. Thank you.” Transcript by 

MRNA INJECTIONS: “Dr. Bhakdi Warns Of “Greatest Conceivable Manmade Catastrophe of All Time” Dr. Bhakdi is the most published immunologist, libeled & defamed by the greatest fraudsters & genociders/ demociders, especially wickedpedia.

U.S F.D.A [fraud & death administration] approves unnecessary deadliest mRna covid clot shot for children 6 months old to avoid liability despite gov death & damage data – Robert F. Kennedy jr.

15 june 2022 U.S F.D.A “approved the pfizer deadliest clot shot “covid” genetic fake “vaccine” for children 6 months to 5 years on a vote of 21-0″, committing the greatest crimes against humanity & children.

Robert Kennedy Jr.: [deadliest fake] “vaccine” manufacturers are sacrificing children/ ‘s health to keep liability shield

Dr Robert Malone: “vaccines”‘ Toxic Spike Protein Can Damage Heart, Brain, Vessels, Reproductive & Immune system

covid-19 [fake] “vaccines” have disabled 3 million Americans notes Edward Dowd

Dr. Stephanie Seneff [M.I.T]: How mRNA Vax Sets Up Long-term Diseases

Attention All Parents: “Do NOT fake “vaccinate” Your Kids [with deadliest covid mRna clot shot]”
Doctors Protest FDA Vote to Vaccinate 6-Month Old Babies, Warn Vaccine Is More Dangerous Than COVID [VIDEO]

The “vaccines” are all risk and no benefit; they are a nuclear bomb says Ryan Cole, MD

Depopulation: “500,000 Americans Have Died After The “vaccination”
Dr. Russell Blaylock: “Why would you tell people to take a “vaccine” that so far has killed hundreds of thousands of people just in this country? In the past, if a “vaccine” killed 50 people, they would pull the “vaccine”. That’d be the end of it. This has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and they keep promoting it. They keep calling it safe; they keep calling it effective.”
If Bill Gates Cared About Public Health, “He Wouldn’t Be Killing Children in -India, America, Canada- Africa With Vaccine Trials”

My Feedback to the FDA’s Attempts to inject 5 and Under for “covid-19” -Sam Dodson 15 jun 2022 FDA VRBAC “vaccines” & related biological products advisory committee open public hearing  To The Lifeboats Shorts

Hello, my name is Sam Dodson. I run a podcast called to the lifeboats and I have no relationship with the pharmaceutical cartels. I’m schooled in electrical engineering & two years ago I’d never heard of mRna, but let me tell you what I’ve learned since. It starts with the shot you told us stays at the injection site. We know it doesn’t, you knew, it didn’t. Biodistribution studies show that it goes through every major organ, primarily the heart, liver and spleen, were thanks to the highly inflammatory lipid nano complex it transfects the cells. That complex contains a PEGylated lipid being mass injected into humans for the first time ever while the animal studies showed heart attacks in pigs after the second injection. You knew the lipid nano complexes collect in the ovaries where they have the potential to cause devastating effects on reproductive health, yet you did nothing. When women started complaining of menstrual problems you did nothing. Transfected cells in every organ pump out the spike protein that ends up in the nucleus, where it interrupts P53 Line-1 & BRCA [breast cancer gene]. You didn’t know this because you didn’t care to ask the question and when shown to you in a study, you did nothing. Every transfected cell expressing spike protein risks autoimmune disease the most acute of which is myocarditis. When people started dying of myocarditis, you did nothing. The spike protein floats freely in the vasculature, finding its way into the brain, breast milk and the environment as the body sheds this protein in exosomes, making those around the “vaccinated” sick. The spike protein directly affects toll-like receptors & CD4 T cells which are essential to the immune defense against these very viruses. When the “vaccinated” repeatedly caught covid and suffered reactivation of herpes, shingles, papilloma virus in unprecedented numbers, you knew this was a massive problem yet you did nothing. You knew that the MRNA stays around for months in litno? germinal centers, causing T cell exhaustion because the Stanford Group performed the study that you couldn’t be bothered to do. And then you ignored that massive safety signal, you were warned about on comehrs? and the effect on P53, yet you did nothing. When you were warned about prion disease & amyloid as a result of the huge amounts of spike protein produced by these therapies, you did worse than nothing, you silenced those people who raised the alarms. You were informed of fraud in the “vaccine” studies yet instead of investigating, you colluded with the manufacturers to suppress trial data for 75 years. Knowing all of these concerns, you now want to inject the very young who have zero clinical risk from covid & for which not one single study has shown any clinical benefit. You have abjectly failed in your sole duty to ensure the safety of any drug given to Americans. The late Frances Oldham Kelsey would have been ashamed at how you turned a once respected agency into a corrupt, corrupted vessel for the very corporations you swore to protect the American public from. If you have one shred of humanity left, you will recommend an immediate halt to all the shots and pray that God has mercy on your souls. You might also want to figure out how we’re going to diagnose myocarditis in very young babies who are unable to speak. Thank you.

June 10, 2022. Dear Dr. Califf, Dr. Walensky, Sec. Becerra, Dr. Marks & VRBPAC Members: [signed ROBERT F KENNEDY JR]
I write to you on behalf of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a non-profit organization devoted to the health of people and the planet. We have actively followed your work to evaluate, authorize and approve “vaccines” for the American public, particularly children.
We are aware that you are likely to grant Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of Pfizer’s BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children ages 6 months through 5 years old, and Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” for infants and children ages 6 months through 5 years and 6 years through 17 years of age following your upcoming meetings on June 14-15, 2022. We are writing to put you on notice that should you recommend these pediatric EUA [fake] “vaccines” to children 6 months through 17 years old, CHD is poised to take legal action against you. CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering our children with products that have little, no, or even negative net efficacy but which may put them, without warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences, including heart damage, stroke, and other thrombotic events and future reproductive harms.
We briefly outline why such a recommendation would be reckless for nearly 74 million children in the United States and millions more around the world.
1. There is no COVID emergency for children. Children have a 99.995% recovery rate, and a body of medical literature indicates that almost zero healthy children under five years old have died from COVID.
● A Johns Hopkins study monitoring 48,000 children diagnosed with COVID showed a zero mortality rate in children under 18 without comorbidities.1,2
● A study in Nature demonstrated that children under 18 with no comorbidities have virtually no risk of death.
● Data from England and Wales, published by the UK Office of National Statistics on January 17, 2022, revealed that throughout 2020 and 2021, only one (1) child under the age of 5, without comorbidities, had died from COVID in the two countries, whose total population is 60 million.4
● A large study conducted in Germany showed zero deaths for children ages 5-11 and a case fatality rate of three per million in all children without comorbidities.5
● Another study in Nature from April suggests children’s bodies clear the virus more easily than adults.6
● This study published in December in Nature demonstrated how children efficiently mount effective, robust, and sustained immune responses.7
● The CDC published data stating that 203 children aged 6 months through 4 years have died “with” COVID since the start of the pandemic, averaging 85 deaths in this age group “with” COVID yearly.
We know that only a fraction of these children’s deaths were due to COVID. They do not accord with pediatric COVID death rates from other countries. CDC has chosen to conceal the number of Americans who died due to COVID, even though the data are found on death certificates.
Yet you propose to vaccinate 18 million babies through preschoolers with an initial 54 million doses of Pfizer vaccine (or 36 million doses of Moderna), and we can probably anticipate further booster doses after several months since you authorized boosters starting 5 months after being “fully vaccinated” for 5-11-year-olds last month.
2. The [fake] “vaccines” do not prevent transmission. They do not prevent infection. There is no statistically valid evidence that they prevent severe disease or deaths in children.9 Current mRNA injections were formulated based on the original Wuhan strain and were not tested for benefits against current variants in clinical trials. Which begs the question: what are you actually trying to accomplish by vaccinating small children? What is your goal?
3. Most children are already immune. Natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, and vaccinating the already immune is superfluous and potentially harmful.10 CNBC reported in April 2022, “An estimated 95% of the U.S. population ages 16 and older had developed antibodies against the virus either through vaccination or infection as of December, according to a CDC survey of blood donor samples.”11 CDC earlier said over 75% of children already have partial or full immunity to COVID. There is no ethical justification for unnecessary vaccination that will put children at elevated risk of vaccine harm when it appears that most are already immune and will obtain NO benefit.
Furthermore, multiple studies have suggested that vaccinating after infection increases the risk of vaccine-induced side effects such as myocarditis.12,13
4. The risks demonstrably outweigh the benefits of “covid” [fake] “vaccination” in children. A study out of Hong Kong14 showed one out of every 2,700 12-17-year-old boys are diagnosed with myocarditis following the 2nd dose of Comirnaty vaccine (37 per 100,000 vaccinated). A study from Kaiser found the same rate of myocarditis in 12-17-year-old American boys, 1/2700.15
5. While CDC is saying that myocarditis is a mild disease, cardiologists know otherwise. The CDC’s own preliminary data, reported at the February 4 ACIP meeting, revealed that nearly half of the young people diagnosed with myocarditis still had symptoms 3 months later, and 39% had their activity restricted by their physician.16 We know this serious adverse event frequently occurs in teenagers. But no one knows how often it occurs in younger children. This is of significant concern for babies and younger children.
6. The Pfizer clinical trials for children 2 through 4 years old failed to meet FDA-specified requirements for COVID vaccine EUAs. The vaccines did not show 50% efficacy nor meet the required 30% lower bound with a 95% confidence interval.17,18 You’re proposing to use a product and schedule that failed FDA‘s established criteria in its clinical trials. You propose to add a third dose later in order to provide a fleeting efficacy boost to the Pfizer vaccines for preschoolers.
Yet you must be well aware that the Pfizer shots in the 5-11 year range led to very poor efficacy; 31% according to the CDC19 and 12% after 7 weeks according to a massive database comprising over 1.3 million children (365,000 of whom were vaccinated) from the NY Department of Health.20 Five to 11-year-old children dropped into the negative efficacy range by 8 weeks after receiving the second dose. See Figure below.21
Let us be crystal clear about what this study shows. It is the largest COVID vaccine efficacy study in children ever published, using the highest quality, official data from NY state. There was a large, linear drop in efficacy seen with each successive week following full vaccination. Extremely narrow confidence intervals confirm the validity of these data.
By 8 weeks following their second dose, vaccinated children were placed at higher risk of developing COVID than unvaccinated children. By 9 weeks, their risk was even higher. Despite data-free theories offered to minimize this finding, the indisputable fact is that being vaccinated placed these children in a higher risk category for a COVID infection than if they had never been vaccinated. Vaccinating children who you know are likely to be placed at higher risk from COVID as a result of vaccination is not “public health;” it is a crime. This is an unprecedented proposal not backed by science, logic, or ethics.
It does not meet the risk-benefit standard of 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–322 “the known and potential benefits of the product, when used to diagnose, prevent, or treat such disease or condition, outweigh the known and potential risks of the product.”
7. Some children likely will die and others will be permanently injured from these vaccines based on reporting to the current VAERS database.23 The latest data shows a total of 1,287,595 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 28,532 deaths and 235,041 serious injuries24 between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 27, 2022.
8. The pediatric clinical trials for the COVID vaccines were too small (the booster trial for 5-to-11-year olds had 140 participants)25 to detect safety signals for serious adverse events–especially for a recipient population in the tens of millions. It is difficult to understand how FDA allowed trials to be conducted with so few children enrolled, knowing they were inadequate to assure safety.
9. There are no long-term safety data for COVID vaccination of young children, and the proposal is to vaccinate children under an Emergency Use Authorization. These facts establish that vaccinating small children for COVID will be an experiment, not a standard medical procedure. If we miss significant side effects that occur in babies and toddlers, the health trajectories of their lives could be changed.
10. Unethical coercive pressure to vaccinate will be applied to children and their parents, as has occurred with older children and adults.26 To grant authorization is to abet this unethical coercion that violates the Nuremberg Code’s first principle.27,28
11. There is no available care for children injured by COVID shots. There is no way to remove the spike protein and other toxic byproducts of [fake] “vaccination”, which may be produced for a considerable period of time following inoculation of messenger RNA.29 The science and medicine have not yet developed, and most families will be unable to cover the costs of potential catastrophic injuries.
The federal government’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program has not compensated a single person injured by COVID vaccines.30
12. First, do no harm. You are a physician or health official who owes a duty to patients and medical ethics. If you recommend these shots to this age group, given all you know, will you be upholding your oath? If not, is it possible that your acts could later be seen as reason to remove your medical licenses?
13. The liability-free nature of your deliberations may not stand the test of time. In the fullness of time, your decisions may not have the liability protection that they currently enjoy. Under the PREP Act of 2005, all actors advancing an EUA agenda for medical countermeasures enjoy liability protection, absent “willful misconduct.”31,32 Nonetheless, if at a later time these shots are deemed non-therapeutic gene products that you knowingly and recklessly recommended, and which were then distributed to children as a direct result of your decision, it is possible that liability could later attach.
14. There are safer drugs that could be used prophylactically and therapeutically for “covid”  in children. There is extensive and compelling medical evidence for this assertion; and the choice to eschew use of these drugs in favor of a demonstrably dangerous vaccine is arbitrary and capricious.33,34
15. On August 23, 2021, FDA’s letter to BioNTech explained that neither the VAERS nor the VSD surveillance systems were adequate for FDA to determine the risk of myocarditis resulting from the Pfizer vaccine.35 Therefore, Pfizer and BioNTech were instructed by FDA to carry out a series of studies on myocarditis to ascertain the risk in different groups, including children. These studies were scheduled to produce final reports to FDA over the next five years. If FDA is willing to wait until 2027 to learn the actual risks of myocarditis from the vaccine for children, shouldn’t it be required to wait until 2027 before inoculating millions of small children with a vaccine anticipated to provide them no benefit and possibly substantial risks?
16. An important Cell article written by scientists from Stanford, has shown that based on lymph node sampling after mRNA vaccination, spike protein and its mRNA remain present in the germinal centers of draining lymph nodes for up to 60 days, which is when sampling ceased.36 This was not supposed to happen. The demonstration of vastly prolonged spike protein production has revealed that the dose of spike protein produced in vivo by mRNA vaccines is unpredictable.
FDA, however, requires uniformity of dosing. This fact alone should disqualify all authorizations and approvals of mRNA COVID vaccines.
17. The June 8, 2022 New York Times reveals that the most vaccinated regions in the US and the world are also those regions with the highest current case counts.37,38 This provides additional supportive evidence that several months after being vaccinated, efficacy becomes negative and vaccination increases the likelihood of developing a COVID infection.
18. Three weeks ago, FDA authorized booster doses of Pfizer vaccine for 5-11-year-olds without convening a VRBPAC meeting or providing any public discussion of the evidence supporting the booster.39 Dr. Peter Marks, the Director of FDA’s Center for Biologics told the VRBPAC in April that the FDA’s issuance of an EUA for a second booster in adults was a “stopgap measure”–the implication being there was no scientific evidence to support that booster.40 Has FDA given up even the appearance of a scientific evaluation before issuing more EUAs for COVID vaccines?
19. It is well known that hospitalizations and deaths with “covid”  have been misattributed as hospitalizations and deaths due to “covid”  by federal health agencies, leading to numbers of severe cases and deaths that have been disputed by US physicians investigating them, and which do not accord with the mortality rates for children in other nations. CDC now publishes its COVID mortality data as deaths with COVID, blatantly exaggerating “covid”-caused morbidity and mortality.41
20. According to CDC and the New York Times, it has been over 3 months (since February 28, 2022) during which there has been fewer than one US child per 100,000 children hospitalized daily for COVID.42
21. According to the CDC data tracker, less than 0.1% of all US deaths that have occurred “with” “covid”  have occurred in children aged 0 through 4.43
22. Strong evidence that newer variants of COVID-19 (Omicron) pose dramatically reduced risks to young children was published in the April 1, 2022, JAMA Pediatrics by Wang et al.44 Using a huge US medical database, they were able to match children aged under 5 who were infected with an Omicron variant with those who were infected with a Delta variant. Children with Omicron were only 35% as likely to require an ICU admission and only 15% as likely to require mechanical ventilation as same-aged children who had been sick due to earlier delta variants.


23. The original Moderna clinical trial data, which should have been available to regulatory agencies at least since the Moderna package was presented for licensure, reveals that while 93% of unvaccinated controls produced detectable SARS-CoV-2 anti-nucleocapsid antibody after infection, only 40% of the vaccinated produced this antibody after infection. Most of the vaccinated failed to mount the expected immune response.45
This is probably why Dr. Marco Cavaleri of the European Medicines Agency “warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency.”46
It is probable that the more doses of these vaccines you receive, the less broad immunity you will develop, even after getting infected. Why subject children to the long-term risk of damaging their immunity to coronaviruses by authorizing vaccines for the youngest children?
24. Below are the June 8, 2022, New York Times graphs for the current number of US patients in hospitals, ICUs, and suffering deaths attributed to COVID.
The numbers of patients in ICUs and dying each day ascribed to COVID are close to the lowest numbers since the start of the pandemic. Given that CDC extrapolated that 95% of Americans already have partial to complete immunity, while we are at historic low levels for severe COVID disease, it should be clear that there is no need to vaccinate anyone now.


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COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE continues w/ 4th DOSE IN 1 YEAR OF DEADLIEST MOST DAMAGING MRNA CLOT SHOT despite gov death & damage data 🐑💉☠️💰vs. 99.9% harmless “covid” sun 12 jun 2022



78% of babies born to “vaccinated” mothers died during the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial (28 of 36)

Naomi Wolf: Pfizer Shots Harm Pregnant Women and Their Babies – added July 6, 2022 VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (read more about underreporting in VAERS: of vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS is built from the HHS data available for download at

The OpenVAERS Project allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search. More advanced searches can be done at or
28,714 covid “vaccine” Reported Deaths / 38,219 Total Reported Deaths [“1% OF TRUE NUMBER”]
161,913 Total covid “vaccine” Reported Hospitalizations/244,747 Total Reported Hospitalizations [“1% OF TRUE NUMBER”]
1,295,327 covid “vaccine” Adverse Event Reports [“1% OF TRUE NUMBER”]
Through June 3, 2022

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Alleged mass serial killer “PFIZER CEO [Criminal Execution Orificer] ADMITS VACCINES OFFER LITTLE TO NO PROTECTION...” The Prisoner, jan 2022 [opinions therein do not represent vlog dot com]


TRAINWRECK TV HORROR SHOW KARMA  Justin Trudeau Bieber & accomplices get a taste of their own medicine after coercing it on children..

FOOLY FAKE “VACCINATED” JUSTIN BIEBER COERSION OF DEADLIEST MRNA COVID CLOT SHOT, Ramsay Hunt syndr* “In the interest of the “health and safety” of all Justin Bieber Justice World Tour guests [victims], multiple Justice Tour dates will now be “requiring” [criminal coercion] proof of full [FOOL fraudulent, toxic, most damaging, deadliest] “vaccination” in order to enter the event. Please check your emails and plan accordingly!”“The “event organizer” [criminal] requires that all attendees [victims] of this event [massacre] be [pseudo, unsafely, ineffectively] “vaccinated” against [99.9% harmless] “covid-19” [“COVID-19” ALWAYS CAPITALIZED to INTIMIDATE & DEFRAUD] prior to entry to the event. By attending the event [slaughter], you certify and attest [legal threat] that you & all individuals in your party attending the event will follow the below regulations [criminal coercions]: All fans entering the venue must be [fraudulently] “vaccinated” [severely damaged &/or killed with toxic spike protein] against [their informed consent] “covid-19” & provide proof of “covid-19” [fraudulent] immunization with an appropriate ID matching the name on your documentation [☭hina W.H.O, W.E.F, U.N 📱 telephone 卍 tyranny]. In most instances, this means at least 14 days after final dose [if you survive in 1 piece]. Some venues will accept proof of at least one dose of “covid” [fraudulent] “vaccination” [which does nothing but harm]. [Government data proves the covid mrna fake “vaccine” injection is the deadliest & most damaging injection in history, spreading toxic spike protein instead of the 99.9% harmless covid bioweapon].
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Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1-08pm utc GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03

Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1-08pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.
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Lounger & scrounger video phone call sun 5 jun 2022 1pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0280S03 transcription
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Hi, me again. Sunday 5 June 2022 1-08 PM. Thanks for visiting Gotta get the pink dot., diary uh.. Diarrhea, diary dot TV and 100 domains. It’s the uh, yeah, ok, I’m a little rusty. I didn’t do this in three weeks. Maybe I should do this more often. Like those live streamers that think somebody’s. that that’s a nice to see you when they can’t see who’s watching. Nice to see you, Tom dick & harry. Nice to see you dick nice to see you Hairy, smelly cat. Nice to see you. Nice to see you. And they can’t see anyone. So you can’t. You’re not seeing and you don’t see them. Imaginary friends who don’t. Anyway, so its the Queens Platinum Jubilee & they had kind of a cryptic program, it was hard to, you know, luckily, I caught. Street mic podcast guy on Thursday, Wednesday he he informed me. I didn’t know they had a bank holiday on Thursday. Unheard of. 1h22 And uh. So I new to go to the Mall as they say here. Mall, Mal, pal Mal to the Buckingham Palace on Thursday, but it was too crowded, I think, from what I saw. I didn’t know what time or anything before I knew it. It was over. It was too crowded. You can get near anything and you can see anything they were like. It’s. But it’s a great atmosphere. And then Friday I went to the website. [that starts with B & ends with C] You know that one that lied about the past two years, committed fraud and genocide [democide] past. all those mainstream complicit genociders or some crime against humanity fraudsters. So I went there and they didn’t really say what time. Or where the events are just kind of getting a rough so you know I missed I missed it. But Friday, at least I got out Saturday. I blew again, and Sunday I, you know, sentence we’ll see anyway. So Nude developments now, new nude developments, new developments. I’m. I’m gonna go into the shipping business. Maybe I found some old phone numbers my mom gave me when I was a teenager and I was supposed to go into shipping back then, but even my dad said, you know, he can lose everything. You can make fortune, but you can lose, lose, lose everything too. So that’s why I. But anything’s gotta be better than this ‘cause this is working out and just another thing. So yeah, I’m an Onassis owns asses ***** type of guy, apparently. 2m50 And I just wanna apologize the wish like a little confrontation, a little misunderstanding. I was getting the street. I was getting ’cause. I’m getting my marketing promotion campaign stickers in people’s reaction to it. And I’m also showing whatever’s in front of me, every day I get footage and I’m trying to make a show out of it which is failing miserably so far, but hopefully it’ll get somewhere. We’ll see. Stay puned and we’ll find out. But some woman attacked me and started calling me all kinds of lying, slanderous, libel is print. Right, so shouting at someone slander, right. Although if it’s being recorded, it’s it’s it’s libel. ’cause it’s it’s it’s [stop stuttering] recorded media, right? So libelous defamatory slanderous. Epithets. So I called her the C word and I just want to apologize. ’cause. There’s no excuse for that. I mean, there would be. I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. As far as the C. I want to stop using that. “I’m never gonna use the C word again. La La, la.” Parody, fair use comment. But you know, so I was following the comedy greats, Howard Stern used it. He called Ellen degenerate the c word Ellen DeGeneres. He called her the C Word. Larry David used the C word in his show. Uh who else? yeah, we got everything there. Ricky Gervais used it at the Oscars and probably not at the Oscars but Golden Globes anyway. He uses it all the time on his stand up comedy. So, you know, the comedy greats misogynists right there and Travolta used it in Saturday night fever. That’s the all time class. He started it all. Well, now it’s been going on. But yeah, I don’t like the word. I’m not a misogynist. I love women, so I don’t wanna use it anymore. But you know, when somebody is shouting abuse at you and defamatory, slanderous. Epithets. It’s like you. You kind of want to put them in their place. So I just wanna apologize, though. ’cause. Yeah, I. No, I don’t wanna use that anymore. OK, just in case it gets out. If I used it. Might be joking, man. Like she wanted to put me on online, but then she realized I’d get tons of traffic because I’ve got my [ sticker] next time anybody attacks you. I’m learning a lot of things. Next time, anything. Just shout your website and they won’t people to use it. She was like I’m gonna blur this. And now you gotta mute me too. ’cause. My website and I think. I think I’m it. Isn’t diary better than vlog ’cause? A lot of people don’t know vlog anyway. But im about to call my friend hike. And we’ll take it from there, he’s waiting. So yeah, we synchronize, we agree a time and it’s time. Is this even? Omg I had to prepare you know. 5m40 Owot. Hey man. I thought you’re gonna be out and be all noisy and it’s it’s difficult. ’cause. No. I decided to stay because it’s too noisy. I can’t find nice place. It’s better like this. Because if so, I don’t shout because even here, I’m like, agrhh, I don’t wanna shout for the recording. yeah i see. although the recording shouldn’t have priority the phone calls should have priority but yes sir anyway you OK? i’m just curious you are recording not directly but indirectly from the camera? I thought your computer is recording. 6m20 [wipes lenses] thank you. Thank you. hehe. I’m going to start wearing ties all the time only only to clean the camera. Hey I found the phone numbers of Greek shipowners, very big ship owner. This my mother had when I was [a] teenager, she wanted me to be a ship owner. I remember this. and yeah, I found old telephone numbers and I think I can ask them, you know what I’m gonna do? I’ll go like this and I’ll say. Look, I blew my life on YouTube, stole 13,000 of my videos and is failing. I I don’t wanna blow my whole life, do you think you give me give me a chance? I’ve got some money to invest in the ship maybe. Can I start from the sailor, please? From what? speedboat? From sailor postion up to captain.. moutsos, muchos, yeah, in greek its muchos. It’s a guy who cleans the toilets on the ship, he  cleans the ship, and least listen. Wait, Bessa me mucho. Well, listen, maybe you could start talking to this guy this way. You know, say that something happened the day I should call you 37 years ago and tried try, took the phone and it didn’t. It was not charged. I tried to call and you didn’t. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gave me the idea. I just found your number now. I just. I lost it somewhere in the pockets of my my jeans. I don’t know. My mother washed one of them. I don’t know where it was. And now eventually I found it. And you are showing it, like, barely written. 8m27 Yeah, there was just a radio show with. And this guy was calling up women on the phone here here in London I remember years ago. And he was like, hi. How’s it going? Yeah, I just found your numba. I just found it now. Do you? Can we meet? Can we meet? 8m47 But you did, [babe lol]. You do call, please. If it will make some show. Really. If the number still works yea we’ll see man. We’ll see. But I’m very poor now. I’m very poor. I can start from the garbage. i can start working anywhere. Please help me go like that. I can he says oh I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t have any position. Go like, OK. I I may find some money a little bit and if he says no no say OK. I’ll find to lot of money. I will sell my old/ can you help me please/ I will sell my old cameras instead of giving them to Hayk and make, can I invest in? Haha. So. Yeah. So what’s the what’s the? What’s your? What’s your deal this summer or like like? Let’s start from this. So we are talking on behalf of your friend, Arthur [are to] right, OK. Because you don’t want, on behalf of your client. OK, so. 10m Arthur is planning to leave this this month? No plans yet, but I just wanted to know you. What about you? Are you are you with your client too? No, I can go by myself. You know my clients. I don’t care about clients. You care about your client ok I don’t mind. OK. So I can go instead of my client. But but for you, I was. I was curious. No gravel pit, right. You’re sick of gravel pit, right? No, I’m. I’m fine with gravel pit. But not for my client. I’m taking care of your client. So so your friend is planning to do something only I’m thinking where he’s gonna go? I think you know where he’s gonna go, right? Well, uh. 11m Yeah, he he just wants to know where to agree everything before. Because you know. Yeah, I I know you. You wrote on behalf of him. So. So we’ll have to call offline for, for for that maybe. But you cannot talk on behalf of your Arthur [are two] friend. Your friend [are to] your client. Say that he may go. He may not. You talk everyday with him and you know a lot [“parking lot”, hole in paper, high school teacher said he didnt like the word “a lot” and pierced the paper any time he saw it] of information from him, right? I don’t know. I don’t know. Look, I just wanna know about you. What’s what’s your? Situation. You know what my situation is This. If your friend is going to go somewhere that is hard for me to get there, it’s it’s a little bit complicated for me to go to go to. If somewhere near Poland, let’s say Hungary [hungry]. That could be OK. OK, So the answer is no gravel pit then. Or, you don’t know. You wanna leave it? You wanna leave it open? Yeah, it will be open better because if your client is going to place, he goes every, every summer. I don’t know. It’s too far for me. So. So you’re going somewhere else. I wish it could be somewhere in Europe, you know, and I don’t know, in Greece. Is it going somewhere else? You don’t know yet what your plans are right now? I don’t know yet. OK, alright, we’ll see. OK, uh what else. And plus I have a little work to do here, you know. You do? After things that happened, 13m I have to take care of the apartment of the grave of my mom and so on so forth. No. But still I can save some time and. Go first to Poland and then from Poland, decide where to go, because from here it’s too expensive to go to anywhere. o yea really? 13m25 OK. So you’re going to Poland, maybe you think, right? So, but you don’t know yet what to do, right? Uh. Client says maybe gravel pit. [Travel pics] Gravel pit as soon as possible, or maybe in one month? Yea, later, bit later. I see. I had some I had. I had a few questions for you, actually. So I quickly. So Matryoshka, what’s the point Of Matryoshka man? Just decoration? Where do you see this, Matryoshkas? I’ mean are you selling. No, but you’re the expert on Matryoshka,  I just want to understand why. Matryoshka, what is it? Decoration. OK. Yeah. Its actually a wooden souvenir, and if you can, it’s it has some functions you can open it and one from the other and then another one like ten of them, people like it as a traditional, very functional. It’s not just you are putting and looking at that, but also you can. Enjoy. Actually, kids are enjoying doing this kind of things, as you see, a very large one. You see that one? I can’t see. One second. Sorry. I’m doing something one minute. Uhm yeah. ’cause. I went on the. 14m55 I went on wikipedia the liar website, the genociders and the fraud the criminals Wikipedia, you know they they on the MRNA fake vaccine thing. It says it’s 95% effective when it’s zero, it’s minus 95 effective. It’s just a big the deadliest shot in history and Wikipedia still didn’t correct it yet. There’s still lying to get people to. Buy to get people billions of dollars and ship from the pharmafia fcukers. Yeah. Anyway, yeah. Where are you showing me something? Hang on one second. You’re showing me something. I did OK again. Yeah. One second ’cause. Where is it OK one second. I’m not using a mouse. OK, wait. Oh that oh wow. Schitt they’re clean, you dusted them. They’re they’re very old ones, you see. Very old. These are like 40 – 45 years old. 16m30 Yea Wikipedia says 1890 is the oldest, 1890 like 100 years or more. Ok but matryoshkas cant be 100 and more. It’s it’s only like 80 years ago. They started. No, no, no. Wikipedia says 1890, but they lie. So you don’t know. Matryoshkas can be 80? Yeah, if you look in the Wikipedia matryoshka, it says the first one was 1890. It says. Maybe one or two of them, but the ones I have the probably are very rare they are about 40 – 45 years. How do you dust them? I can’t have anything out. It gets all dusty. How do you, dust? I Don’t. with a feather duster? 16m43 No, no, no. I’m taking it. Curtain. [10]. Very much moisty, but how do you say? Each one you have to pick up each other almost dried and I take it just into it. Otherwise, this way I can throw the dust to all of the house. So wait you clean each one separately? Not inside. In the inside there. Matryoshkas inside are OK, they are not Dirty, but I mean, all the stuff you have to you get dusted. Yeah, but I don’t dust every day, you know? Still its a pain. you know, once a year, probably. OK. Just a couple questions. Are you OK? Yea. So so. You know, 17m30 if gravel pit balcony again? what are you, what are you gonna do? You have no choice, huh? Balcony’s the best place, you know,  its like a.. What if there is no balcony. What if the there’s. So that’s why I probably first you are you need to go get there and say that these are my conditions. My balcony is this. Because.. if I see the balcony is comfortable.. because some islands, many islands have no balcony. 18m Fcuk man. islands right, but not on island. It’s it’s. but again, you want to go to a. islands where there are no choice, you have no choice. No, not a lot of choice. Usually islands are very rare with population, right? What do you mean? or no? Actually, when you are in a big city you are much much more choices than in island. In island there may be 3 ladies you can find, but all of them can be busy. I mean three nice ones. Anyway, if the client goes to islands your you can’t, right? Yeah, island is complicated. 19m So how do you stay so thin now when you’re eating so much garbage? You eat so much white bread, potatoes, carbohydrates, sugar. How come you thin and you’re not fat, man? I’m not chewing well. You dont  chew. What do you mean? **** you move the. OK, OK. Yeah. What do you mean I missed it, man, the connection broke. What do you mean? I said when you are not chewing well, so you are always thin. What? Really? OK, kidding. Actually, I’m moving a lot. Maybe my tempo rhythm [with them], you know, with what I mean, [temple] is fast always. I’m in a move. Even if I’m staying at home, I’m always moving. Doing some. Energy. I’m using a lot of energy, by the way. Have you ever heard that our brain uses much more energy in one hour than if you will be running in two hours? Really? OK, now listen. About the. You said if we meet up OK for for two, you said two weeks is OK. But if you stay long time you need a camera, right? Hahaha. One and a half, please. What? One and a half? One and a half one more than 1 1/2 week. No, it’s not. You’re going to want to stay, man. There’s no way you’re going to leave after 10 days. But the island man island is too much.. because of the balcony problem? Because the balcony OK, when you go to island, ask the administration that say that I have a client, I mean not you, you [are to] Arthur client if he goes to island, let him go to the hotel administration and ask if I will have someone registered with me in the hotel, can he sleep in the corridor outside, in the laundry room. Yeah. OK. OK. We will discuss. OK. So you think you’re going to Poland, but you’re not even sure, right? So you let me know. OK. Yeah. I I will try very much this this year. I have to go. Two years. I didn’t go there and. I’ve some. Really. Yeah, I should go because there are things. Yeah, I need to know which countries have tyranny and which don’t you know, ’cause? Every country is a Tyranny and only theyre different, you know, 22m no Greece. And sometimes you say China is a tyranny every country is a tyranny. No Greece has nothing of the China sh*t shot anymore. They tried to bring it. WEF & WHO tried to bring the Chinese tyranny and it failed right now. But they wanna bring it back with the stupid other things monkeypox bullsh*t they will bring, you know, everything is gonna be back. Climate change bullsh*t ********. They’re trying to use that to bring the the tyranny with the stupid digital one world government and the currency cashless society. And you see now turkey’s activating his policy too much. Ugly [“only”] Turkey. NATO. Now they’re trying to make a lot of mess around. what’d they do? With Greece, they are conflicting with us conflicting with Syria and. OK. Do you have a washing machine? At home, no. 23m Why not? I’m washing with my hands, man. The hands are washing better than washing machine. Don’t you want a machine? It’s it’s you don’t have to scrub. No. Jeez. 23m10 Anyway, and they said there’s going to be a big food crisis. Now, the globalists, you know, they failed with their virus ********. Now they’re trying to do with the war ********. They’re trying to make problems with the food supply and stop everybody. And to hide all the [covid mrna] “vaccine”, the fake “vaccine” damage they want Distractions and destroy the foods they said you did you notice food is going up double triple now in the next year, yeah. So will you be OK? They said to stock up. So you gotta stock up man. Anyway, one more thing, pigeons you know. Yeah, they’re important to to to see if 5G is killing us or not. If the pigeons go, we go. So it’s good to. I notice the pigeons are behaving very crazy. Sometimes they’re flying like a big flocks like this in the morning. And I I was just thinking, if there’s no pigeons, it means they could be dying from the the five 5G. It could be a warning. Good warning. No no believe me. 5G doesn’t do any any harm to us. No it does, it does. The scientists proved it, man? There’s a thousand scientists. They proved it’s very, very bad, very dangerous. Cancers went up three triple. You see, I know my sources. You don’t have any sources when you’re saying this. Ok can[’t] find these sources in Internet. But. My intuition tells that it’s it’s not such a big deal. No, it’s a risk. It’s it’s a risk and I do not consent to experiment. But anyway, so that’s. And uhm. We have to be prepared to move and. What else? That’s it. So, so we haven’t decided them. We haven’t decided anything about conditions. What else are you? We haven’t decided any thing so we’ll just.. so we have another two weeks later let us decide, let us think because now these islands are making me a lot of problems. what’s the problem? Problem is the balcony problem is the island is very much narrow circle. You you can’t go there for to the capital to other cities you have to stay in one place and if there you don’t have social you are not associated with people. What you gonna do only swim Uh. You don’t like to swim do you. You saw me? I swim only half an hour a week, a month. Yeah. OK, 10 minutes a day, let’s say 10 minutes a day. I swim maybe twice, if the weather is fantastic. I do it twice. I mean with joy. Sometimes I’m swimming out of joy, you know, just swimming because I have to swim. There is nothing else to do. I have to swim. OK, Limanakia [leave Monica] was great for swimming. This is another story because this is much more. Not for your body, but. For your fantasy and you see stones deep diving and this this kind of environment, it was great. Limanakia [Lemarchal] was great. If in islands it is like that. I think it’s it could be great. But there is no guarantee that you will find a place like that in islands, right? I don’t know. I’ll see. 26m50 But OK now about um, about the expense man. Huh? Yeah, about the expenses this is another problem. Because I understand I’m recording you all the time, so I’m also. But I’m not making money from the damn business. Yeah, but yes, you know, you need to organize this need not just starting by recording.. I need to sell it.. and organizing, organizing and starting this. Work every day at least one hour, and that’s fine. You don’t need like 5 hours to be in that everyday one hour editing. And one day you will see the result. If you are not doing waiting another another week or another month, it doesn’t happen. It’s over and over. You are just.. because I know this is failed failed business. I’ve got to try something different. Because like for example, 28m there’s these people on that website that stole 13,000 of my videos, that Youtube. Criminal website that steals everything. What you what can you do with them? Nothing. You’re OK. This this live streamer there? For example, there’s live life, people. They sit there for five hours talking live right with somebody like like this? Yeah. Like this, for example. But sitting like this and saying. Oh, hi Tom. Hi Dick. Hi, Harry. Good to see you. And they don’t see anybody. They just see the chat in the chat. Hi hi smelly cat. Hi. Hi number 4.. Yeah, I know. I know. Why you? Why don’t you do that? Because they do this for years and they make you know, $20 donation. That’s it. Then they get they get like, if you gonna be interesting, you’ll get much, much more. No, no it’s sh*t, it goes nowhere, man. It’s it’s all ****. It doesn’t go anywhere. You make nothing. No profit. It depends what you are talking about. Yea Sure. It’s just a waste of time, man. This is not going anywhere, and it’s time to.. I have one question to you. You said that you are drawing some animations, right? Cartoons. I do. Doodles. Cartoons. But they’re not moving right? no. It’s just it’s just funny little sometimes it’s. Bit dirty. You’re OK. I don’t. Adult humor. Would you like me to animate? This is my present to you so I can see that. I can sit & make it in Photoshop. Animation world of your cartoons. Adult humor. It’s no. The one off the just panels. No, no, I don’t want any animation. Thank you. OK. Because soon I’ll make some animations by the way. I will animate [only make] your carricature. Don’t waste your time on that. We need video. You’re wasting time. Yea this is a video man its gonna be like a once in a while. It will be included in the video like 3 seconds. You moving, laughing running. No, thank you. It’s not for me. It’s not. I can’t use that. I need you to flirt ladies that I can use. Haha. Yeah, but you know my it’s very hard to flirt in Greece [Increase]. You broke my enthusiasm when you said that greek ladies are not for flirting. Anyway. Now about the music. Yeah, but you’re not in Greece now. You’re going to. There are many. Armenia’s just as bad, isn’t it? Armenia is just as bad. No no no Armenia’s very easy, sometimes I feel like ladies are coming and trying to flirt me, but unfortunately they are not the ladies that I like. Remember, on your birthday you met someone, didn’t you? While we were talking, remember that last year? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. Yeah. I didn’t meet because I knew her from from ten years ago. 31m She’s a photographer from Washington DC and she’s gonna visit this year again? But she’s not my type. Unfortunately, this is my tragedy. You know, some some guys are saying Oh yeah, if she’s lady. That’s fine. Just to sleep. And I have to like them first. That I like to. I have to like their face, their character, their mood. I have to. I am. Then I can touch them, kiss them. Otherwise it’s it’s a little bit like to eat a meat, that you hate that meat. OK? It’s not a good example for you. Right. Yeah. OK. 31m40 And the music you send me these ideas. It’s not really music. It’s little bits so. I mean, you’re try.. Yeah. You pretend you’re interested in music, but you never listen to my music to tell me what you think of my songs. Yeah, but where are they? Yeah, I have to go into your. How do you say your website and.. You’re not interested in my music, why would I be interested in yours? Haha. Not be interested, but still you can cooperate you can make some ideas out of that, collaborate, and but I’m sure if I take your music and give an idea you will say Oh no, that’s not for me. “You are not my taste”. And so on and so forth. Hahaha Thats a quote from you. This is why I don’t touch your music. If one day I will listen to your music while you’ll be playing. I can say stop here please and try this way. Try that way and find the the best solution. I’m very good in editing, you know like putting different things together. If the music is not mine. If I’m listening, I’m looking at the things people are doing there. It’s very easy to estimate and be involved from the side than to understand, you understand what I mean. Yeah. OK. And one more thing last night. So this is the the Queen’s, sil.. know why I saw it. Queens Platinum Jubilee 70 years anniversary, yeah. So they had parties and things, and 33m15 last night I was already to go out because I took a nap. Like you said, right. I I sleep. My nap is 3 hours and then I sleep three hours at night. So. So it’s, you know, it’s it’s problem. It’s not very good. Right. Three hours at night. But you didn’t go out? What happened was I was ready. I had my early dinner. Everything was perfect. And then daytime is no problem, but at night something happens to me psychologically because I’m living here like this is like. Like a fish bowl with the windows. Right? And I have to close the windows ’cause. There’s all this screaming. Arrrrgghhh!. Aaaarrrgh! So so it makes me, I, I don’t want to step out on that. At night time, something happens. I’m like no. It’s it’s a shame that you didn’t go out yesterday, yea I wanted to, because these days are not happening every time. But you know there’s always an excuse like, oh, it’s starting to rain. It’s raining. It’s very cold. After bring my jacket, the pubs close at 11. They the main problem is that the pubs, the bars. Close 11:00 o’clock so that’s always my excuse. It’s like, Oh my God, it’s almost 11. I don’t really want to go to a club. Are you serious. They’re closed at 11. What? What happened with London? Another dictatorship? No. It’s always been the pubs 11, the clubs three in the morning. OK. And the club is very, you know, the club is very loud and you gotta dress. I know. I know. You gotta dress up and you know expensive. Expense is ok, it’s just a pain, but it’s a pain ’cause. It’s very few now. They made them all casinos. We used to have Hippodrome used to be very easy. I had a membership for one year like 175 pounds back then. & you just walk in it, but now it’s like casino. You don’t know it, ’cause. 35m [Hayk shows ugly portrait sketch] No, that’s terrible Hayk. That looks so ugly, man, that’s that’s an insult. That’s insulting. I will make an ugly one of you too. hahaha. I just have to show the video. I don’t need to. I don’t show the video. I’m just kidding. No, but don’t make me look just disf-ing*******  thats terrible. No, it’s not you let’s start from. Yes, it’s it’s it’s the client. Yeah. I’m. So maybe you should try some funny cartoons adult humor, but you don’t have any Internet. I couldn’t even show you. Do you have Internet? How come this is this? Is this is this? you do have inter.. yes I have Internet but in my telephone in my telephone I can’t see a lot of graphical things. It’s too small to see these things you know. That’s why reading is very hard for me. So you know, I I gave you a gift for the computer. You never got a good computer. You gotta shift computer. Sorry sh*! I have a computer, but I don’t have the Internet. This is the problem. I have my computer. no internet for computer. You have to get sh* sh!.. anyway. I don’t wanna curse. 36m20 So I was listening to our conversations very nice man. Which one from which time which year. I have all the Facebook lives saved in one file so it’s easy to just click and listen sometimes right? ‘Cause they’re all together ’cause all the other ones. Yeah, they’re not together. All the other ones are all over the place, you know, in different areas, files. But so the Facebook live. Sometimes I listen to them. I’m like. That’s really good that you were there because if you were not there, I wouldn’t say all this info. We wouldn’t have all this information ’cause if I’m eating by myself, I’m not gonna talk to the camera like that. And and and you know, things that you can’t laugh by yourself, you need somebody to laugh with, a pal. So it was good you were there. yea but sometimes you need some conflicts too otherwise your stories are. There is, there is conflicts man. The tide came up and took all the stuff, you remember, all the stuff and and the women are difficult. That’s a conflict and you had conflict with my friends. You did you had conflicts there. You had the ship owner conflict, you had conflict with Bill. You had conflict with me with the camera you wanted and there’s tons of ******* conflict. I dont want anymore conflict. i want harmony. Ebony & ivory, I’m changing it. So [its not ©]. Yeah, but still, you know, people like characters which are very bad or very good or something. This is my life. That’s why it’s it makes people to be involved in that, you know. I’m living my life. I never like watching the box [boxing] where I don’t want to symphathize one and hate the other. Otherwise this box[ing] looks like just playing with the ball back and forth, back and forth. You you like the box [books] when you want very much much one to win, the other to lose. That’s why it makes it interesting, you know. hm. I don’t know. And you know about conflict, but still you you try to avoid this kind of conflicts. hey, I found a new way to tell people about the the injection being the deadliest injection in history. It’s the deadliest clot shot [clutch] in deadliest injection. Who’s gonna believe you? everybody. who’s gonna believe you? All the doctors said it. It’s it’s it’s, It’s there. But every the corrupt criminal media are keeping it quiet still they don’t want anybody to know but half the world knows already that the WEF and the WHO[RE] tried to push this just to get. The digital tyranny and cashless society. But one world government but and they’re trying still with climate change and with the monkey pox and all this, the war with the ******** they’re trying to destroy everyone so they could be dependent on this one world system. But anyway, my point is when I see people now you know how to tell it politely, I tell them. The [U.K] government is giving £120,000 pounds to every Injection victim. I don’t even want to say covid because now it’s going to be another thing. Now they’re gonna make you. They’re trying to bring this MRNA injection to to everything. Even. But it’s the most dangerous, the most deadly. technology and history, so it don’t ever take an M RNA shot, yeah? I don’t know what you are talking about. MR NA. What is that? That’s the technology they use with these so called vaccine. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a POS ***** ** ****. It’s garbage. It’s the deadliest injection in history and everybody knows now. Everyone knows. I wanna ask you when you were a kid, did you take any vaccines? That’s totally different system. Totally different technology. Are you sure? Ab[solutely] 1000% yes, man, this is M RNA technology. Totally different. You didn’t even check and and and. Also, even those vaccines caused a lot of damage. Like I think my inflammations and my arthritis came from the hepatitis B [shock] shot because it happened the same time I took it. & I searched & they do.. but your doctors never say about that, right? This is your opinion? No, it’s everybody’s opinion. Everybody. It’s facts, as soon as, a lot of people got autoimmune disorders, diseases from these things and. Listen you never told me that you went to the doctor to ask about your arthrisclerosis. 40m about that arthrisclerosis. Not sclerosis. Who told you you have arthrosclerosis. no, no sclerosis. Arthritis, rheumatism. Ok Rheumatism. Sometimes you say it’s rheumatism. Sometimes you say inflammation. These are two different things. No its the same thing. Each one is yours. It’s the same thing. Inflammation and arthritis is the same. But it’s it’s the same. You remember something happened with me when I was in London. Oh yea you remember you couldn’t lift your shoulder. You were like. Yea but it went away and now it’s three years I have no problems. Did you have injections when you were a child? Polio. Do you have the big one here? The big one with the mark. vaccines. I have vaccines which which is in my hand. You see here, where is it? Where is it? Can’t find it. I don’t see it, man. Oh, there little bit. Yeah. Is it there? Mine’s really bad. Mine made a freaking mess. They really made a mess on mine. See this one? 42m It’s not because they made it. [always devils advocate excuses coverup] It’s because your a body reacted like that. I don’t wanna show you because then i’ll be a marked man. Not that I’m not already, but yeah. Sorry? Who said it’s the? It’s the injection that did it? Yeah. Here. You see this ugly monsters they bited me. ugly black. What? Bugs. bugs, yea Ugly bugs. very.. Its like tanks. You know you can’t kill them. where? you have to press them. Press them, press them, and then you kill them. They’re tiny black. Where? Here, some somewhere in my house. They they found me. Like every year this season, they’re biting and they’re biting multi bites you see here. That that could be bedbugs. If it’s a line like that, it’s.. no no they’re flying, i see them & sometimes I catch them. I just kill them. But he’s very hard to kill. Are you sure it’s not bed bugs in your bed? No, no, no. Because.. In my bed, I don’t have this animals. OK, Because they’re red. I had them once in the Days Inn [days hotel- now Hilton] in New York City. I photographed it. And the red, they’re flat. You can look up in wi.. I don’t like wanna say Wikipedia, but for some things, Wikipedia is OK. Bedbugs ’cause they. You can see and they make a row. They make three in a row, sometimes 123 like that. Like that man. So Are you sure you should check your matress. Yea but mines are black. Maybe different countries has different colors. This animal reminds me, you know this red with with black points. What’s the name of that lady bug. [Lady book] Ladybug. Yeah. They remind me ladybug, but they are much worser. Ladybugs they don’t bite. But wait. So they look like a lady bug. Yeah, but that’s a bedbug. But are they flat flat? No, they’re not flat. They’re like ladybugs. Really. Exactly the same form. Only black and little tinier than ladybugs are. But but how can they bite you three times on your arm? Because they’re flying coming. I don’t feel them. They’re coming very softly sitting and you don’t feel them and they bite slowly, slowly, anastasing? your skin, that area and biting 3 – four times. I don’t know. Here. I feel like it’s almost. You know how many they are. do you see? Yeah. Can you find the the name of it and and send me the link on wiki on uh? Nobody knows nobody knows here I am asking they nobody sees only in my house has or maybe these ugly trees here. 45m they’re nice trees. They’re nice, but they have so many different bugs, bugs and there three days were like 5 million of these bugs are flying to my house. I don’t have air conditioner. That’s why they are flying to my house. One day I remember all my house was full of them. Bugs? Sort of sort of the the variety of bugs. They are ugly, they’re not biting, but they are so ugly. They’re like green yellow. Yeah, harmless, but there are, like, thousands, millions millions. Oh gnats. They’re like all my house, like, not thousand. Much more than thousand. Does that, light do anything, So are they like, no, no. See, EMS, they call them. No. See UMS because you can’t see them. No Seeum.. They little ones? No, they are Seeums. you can see them. They’re not big like flies. They remind me flies, but they are a little bit like lazy flies. They don’t fly very active. Gnats. That’s that’s why they’re just trying from one point to another point of sitting there. I have to kill them and wash the walls, its a mess. Gnat. Gnats? What is it gnat? its a type of bug I think we need an endomologist. But anyway. oh yeah might be. So uh yeah. You remember my idea? I told you in the last one of you in one of the last messages you said. No, it’s not my case that you could open a cafeteria where you you could. I’m not a cafeteria.. Make blogs blog Blogger cafeteria. You could call it bloggers cafeteria where people could come only for this purpose is to to be live in live show. Vlog cafe. vlog cafe. Yeah, really, nobody had this idea imagine you are the main Blogger like DJ, only not DJ at that moment, but Blogger. A vlogger who’s gonna talk to people inviting and telling them that you have cameras everywhere so they can talk to your blog & be involved and the prices could be fair, that people is sometimes enjoy being vlogged you know, if you could be famous so your restaurant would be full of young people coming to you. But. Later you can do this way that they have to be in line, not you. You’re not gonna invite everybody, but the one you choose. They have to make this a line. What’s the English word that? They’re putting themselves in the line. Yeah a line. Yeah. Queue. Yeah. Queuing. Queuing. Yeah, that’s the. That’s the French. English has a lot of French words. Like Q Queue. Yeah. Hey. Hey, there’s a gay bar here called Ku, which means Ass*** in French ***ASS BAR. Cul. Ku. They misspelled it. So. So it’s not too obvious. Other ’cause normal spelling is CUL, mo cul. It means ass*** in French, so the gay bar, they called it cul, but KU. But it’s, and I know the bouncer there. He’s a very nice guy. But I never told him this. I I don’t want to upset him by telling him that he’s working in the ass bar. I’m sure he knows. I’m sure he knows. But Are you sure it’s a French word? Maybe it’s means it means something else. No. i’m fluent in French man. I know French. i know you know, in french it means that, but maybe this Q it’s in Arabic and it means something else. Sure, any excuse will do yea yea. Because who would let you put such an insulting name on the name of bar showing it everybody? here! It’s the same to say F*CK? My bar’s called FCUK. Yeah, they do this here, man. The gay culture is above reproach. They have many rights that the straight people don’t have. Across, they had another one here 10 years ago. It said pendulum. OK, pendulum. I know. I know. It’s it’s it’s like. OK, so so they had this symbol like this, right the pendulum, they had a pendulum divided like this, 2 balls and and the and the penis, the cock, you know. They had this outside the bar like this, like in big, like that. Pendulum, Are you sure you get this for this purpose or maybe You found it, you made similarity with that. no no I took a picture so I can prove it, but it closed finally. Yeah, because now when the scizor looks like the same, I guess it’s ambiguous. It’s double meaning, right? Pendulum. And the penis. They did it together. So we could do the same thing with the vagina. Right. We can call it something different from vagina. We can say the flower and you make it look like a vagina. You put it, you make it look like a female genital. Yeah. Yeah, that’s like, it sounds like virgin. vagina virgin and making some similarities with this. Playing with the letters. Because pendulum is different from the genitals. So flower, you know, flower is is the genitals of plants. Flowers are plant’s genitals. Did you know that? No. It’s the sex organs of the plant. The flower. Are you sure? Yeah. It says it even in, in that.. its like a male organ or female organ? both. Both. That they got the female.. but it’s the sex organs of plants. So when you give a woman flowers it’s it’s perverted. yeah actually.. It’s an insult. You’re giving her sex organs. So what do you think about these beetles that they are taking from one flower and going to another flower, the bees.. aren’t they like how to say? prostitutes F*ing one & then F*ing another? No, because they do it by accident, right? Or maybe it’s on their feet. I think they know what they’re doing also. But I found out bee [honey] it’s not vomit, but it’s regurgitation. I looked up the, remember we we talked about honey vomit be[e]ing bee vomit in Greece. No. Yeah, there’s a video where we where we’re talking about. Maybe honey is is vomit. But I looked it up. It’s regurgitation, and I I looked up the difference. The difference between it’s a sh*t of the beetle. No, no, no. It’s, it’s regurgitation of the bee. But it’s. I looked up the difference. Vomit and regurgitation is different. Man vomit. Oh, I see. OK, yeah. But imagine a couple beetles are not so much precise & sometimes they are sh*tting on the honey.. We’re not gonna check right, we are not able to check. No. Imagine some lazy Beatles? They’re not making what you are saying, but they are going and sh*tting, t/making a piss & vomiting bees. Not Beatles, man. bees. a, OK. They filter the honey, they filter it and. regurgitation is it was never in the stomach. It’s only in the in the oesophagus. It’s a previous vomit is when it’s already in the stomach. That’s the difference. Yes, but imagine if some some Beatles are not some beats, Beetles, Beatles, bees, bees. OK, well, what’s what does it mean, beetle? It’s the other insect. It’s it doesn’t fly, it doesn’t go to the flowers. Oh, OK. OK. So it’s like the ladybird. Yeah, i see. It flies sometimes. It flies, but some of them fly, but not like the beat that goes to the flower. Not not the same. I see. I see. So you eat every day, honey. I stopped, man. They tried to sell me Manuka. They’re like manuka. Very special for your health. It can cure [prevent] cancer and manuka. But I said. But you have to know if you have a cancer then to cure it. Otherwise, why do you need the thing that doesn’t? But sometimes you know I am against what you are doing. Sometimes taking some vitamins that you are not sure you need them. We need them. But I don’t do it every day. I do it once or twice a week. Go to doctor and ask if you need that precise particular. It’s multi. particular vitamin. There’s too many. Otherwise if you are taking some extra than you need it harms your system. Yeah. If you take too much. That’s why I never take it everyday. I take it once or twice a week.. But I remember 20 years ago you were taking them right. No, no. in sochi I never took it. You had bunch of them man. Rarely, not, not not all the time like now. Now I have em once twice a week. I always have to make sure I get some because there there’s there’s too many man. There’s maybe 30 -40 vitamins that you’re supposed to get, I see. But Are you sure your body, your body needs these vitamins that you are taking? If you don’t need, don’t do it. It’s the same like taking some medicine in case. Maybe you have a problem. You will cure it. No if you look in the encyclopedia, I don’t wanna say the name again, but they say I checked, man, there’s a limit. I saw very serious programs, medical programs. They say if you don’t need that vitamin & you are taking this vitamin. You are causing problem to your body because it’s it pushes away other vitamins that you your body has. OK, I gotta look at. I gotta search. But in general, they said you need every day. They said. I don’t do it every day. Everybody needs the right needs he needs. But if you don’t need that vitamin E, never put it in your body. I don’t know, man. I don’t know. OK, we have to talk to the doctors. But I thought it was common knowledge. We need every. No, no, no, no. Otherwise everybody would take. Vitamin doesn’t cost a lot of money everybody would take. No they’re expensive man. [vegan organic] Go to your Doctor & say that sometimes I’m taking some extra vitamins. I don’t know if I need just to take is it good or it is bad. OK, go to serious ones. I’ll ask my next check up. When was your last check up like 10 years ago? I never do check ups. Never. You see, that’s bad, man. Supposed to check your blood, make sure everything is OK. Yea but if i feel good? Body has signals there is signaling you, telling you that you have problems you pain and other kind of things. It’s a sign that pushes you to go to the doctor. If not, then why do you need to go to the doctor? Unfortunately scientists cannot decide what’s the final correct way taking care of your body, because all the time they’re changing their point. This is the problem. One day when they say oh, this is the best solution to to to keep your body in a good condition and later on you found that no opposite. Yeah, I know. And because I.. like food every day, you have to take a food at one o’clock. Who said this, who’s right? And I’m never taking the same time. Whenever I’m. I’m. I’m hungry. I take the food. This is the right, you know, like like like calcium. How do you how do you know you got enough calcium? Because I have calcium OK iron i noticed in my multivitamin, there’s enough iron, so I don’t want to take anymore Iron. If I take one I take. I told you I’d take once or twice a week multivitamin OK, but calcium, calcium, ’cause. I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat dairy very much. Almost nothing calcium. It says take four a day. I only take one or two a week. I don’t take four a day because maybe it goes to your heart, causes.. who said 4 a day for the people who don’t who need it. on the bottle. are you sure you need it? Everybody needs calcium man and everybody without calcium.. yes, but they are eating in the food. Fish is the calcium. Other foods are have a lot of calcium. Yeah. But i didnt t[ouch fish a long time] you have to eat food. Not taking these vitamins. Yeah, but broccoli only has 5% calcium. I don’t know, man. I don’t know if you got enough. Anyway, I don’t eat. better go to doctor and get some consultations. Please. put your questions and go to the doctor because I’m sure what I’m saying. I’m always available for TV programs and I’m watching, asking my people and I know what I’m saying. And I feel like all the things you have with your muscles, this can be connected with your vitamin. I don’t take my take it once a week, man. Once, twice a week. But. But I remember in in one city you remember where last time you were bringing it to the breakfast every time and putting them into your body man. I stopped. I stopped. I only do it once, twice a week. But you did a lot. Yeah. Couple of years, maybe more. You did non stop and maybe now your body needs to get rid of it. That’s why I cut down. Doesn’t mean like in two days you got rid of everything you had before. OK, I’ll check. I’ll check, but I cut down now. That’s why I don’t do it much anymore. But I you know, I only started the vitamins. I started them. They say vittamins in England, but I started it just a few years ago, 10 years ago. I wasn’t taking them. I can check my because I photograph all my meals. I can check to see when I started it. I wonder when I started photographing all my meals, you know, I haven’t missed a meal. I haven’t missed a meal photograph. Maybe ten years I’ve gotten all my meals for 10 years. I wish I had. I wish I had had the childhood ones [meals] to see. When? When you like to see what you ate as a kid, it’d be great. I remember a few meals. So why? So you think Poland, huh? Poland is.. [sh] it’s it’s not OK. Even I go anywhere in the world. At first I go to Poland staying there five days and then move from Poland. It’s much cheaper, much easier. And you like Berlin, don’t you? Berlin. Of course I would go there for 10 days if that musician could join me or. If not then we’ve not been one day I spend there, then we take Berlin. Leonard Cohen. Yeah, I know. You know that song. Then we take Berlin. You don’t know that you will. Yeah, I know. By the way. He’s way of singing is very easy. Why don’t you sing. I don’t like that style. It’s I like. Then we take Berlin. I like that song. ’cause the baseline in the beginning. chung jing jung.. You know his song je t aime? cohen? With Vanessa Paradis. They are together singing. Oh I thought Gainsbourg & that other one who goes, “je vais et je viens entre tes reins, et je me retiens” [je t’aime moi nonplus]  she visits her. There is. I know that nice song. Fair use. That’s a rip off of. “je vais et je viens”. Alright man, so we’ll play it by ear again, I guess. So, so, so with the gift. Ahem. You just you kept the gift, you didn’t get a very good computer, right? You got a cheap computer. No camera, right? And now I feel like I did right, because otherwise now I I would never have this apartment and I don’t know where I could stay. And, you know, my expenses are now rising because of certain problems. oh. OK. 1h02m sh*t instead of saying sht I say sht. By the way, did you get a new computer for you? I got one last summer and you know, they left it downstairs. Somebody could. Man and my neighbors were moving out. I was just thinking, God, they didn’t take it. But I told I told Apple not to, I told them that they they left it without signature or anything. But you know, I’m still using my old one. I didn’t migrate my stuff yet because.. I didn’t understand. You lost your your computer? No, they left it downstairs unattended. Can you imagine anybody can take it, when they delivered it, they didn’t get a signature. So you got it or not? Luckily, I got it. But it’s dangerous they shouldn’t just leave it. Cause my box is too small. You know, I don’t have a good mailbox or whatever. But or maybe I should use another address PO Box. But no. I was gonna tell you as soon as I bought the new computer. They came out with another new computer. Mother f-ers [Now the truckers] they they’re doing on purpose. So. So I didn’t use it because I thought now I’m gonna. I’m using it for emergency. I’m gonna use it for editing because it’s much better than you know. They they get better every two years. They get better. So I’m still gonna use it. I still use it sometimes when I need to do two things. Like like this is just for general stuff, but I have to backup everything because they can die and you lose everything, right? So yeah, I see. And I’ve been downloading. So you have two computers now. Yeah. Well, yeah. I’ve got many old computers, but they’re all broken. They’re all got.. listen what you are doing with your old computers? They showed this guy. I saved them because they showed this guy. He collects them, he said. He was attached to his old computers. I don’t get attached. At least I’m not attached. I’m just keep saving them in case in case I need to in case I need to open final Cut 7 and then it doesn’t. The new ones don’t do final Cut 7, but the older ones do. Why do you need final cut 7, its  exactly the same that they are not changed a lot. No, there’s totally different. Some plug ins can be added and some maybe functions are added. No the youtube videos that they stole a lot of them got destroyed on my hard drives, so maybe if I have the file maybe I have the file and the uh. Maybe I can get them back this way. I gotta check. It’s just good to have them as I just have them for. Well, tell me your problems. I’ll ask my people if it’s possible to revive them. You you want your footages to be back? Some of the edited videos that took like 100 hours to edit. You know how I had 10 minutes? 10 minutes, lots of little cuts, right? You went like this. You went like this, in the in the restaurant you went [fast cuts]. I will tell you what to do.. where in Sochi you mean? No, no. Last couple in in Greece a couple years ago. There’s a video of you. I said don’t tell the, don’t tell anybody the secret that you’re going to tell me and you go like this. I was making noise with the microphone. I should have just covered it because it’s annoying. It’s going khhhkhk. But you went like this. you went. Why did I do that? Your advice to edit my video you said you should go. I can’t even do it. It hurts my arm, man. ’cause, I got an, i had an inflamation here recently. It’s goin away now. I put the hair dryer on. slice… I prefer old movie style, but there’s no, no edits or very few edits. I don’t like a lot of edits anymore. Yea but if youre directing a scene of breaking how you say breaking or nise en scene should be very much well organized. Then you don’t need editing. Editing is for not very well organized mise en scene. Breaking down or how did they say in English breaking? The scene you breaking or breakdown break breakdown. ok whatever. I like the old movie style because you know why? Because sometimes actors are not performing well. I like edits too sometimes, but I prefer no, less edits you know why? Because that’s that’s the natural way of seeing when your eyes see naturally the whole room. The full body like theater, right? Like like. Theater. Right, that’s what I like. yes. But sometimes people get tired of that style. That’s why you have to change be with the trend, otherwise nothing is correct in this film. One different the different styles are different. They wanna see close ups. some editings can be close up. Showing the hand opening the key or the.. Doing some work with hands and all of a sudden the expression of the face, how the eyes looks like. You have to sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I know directors who did one thing another. Another thing it’s. It’s a style you have to find your style or imitate the other people style. Here you go [scisors]. Yeah, Edward scisorhands. I didnt like that film I don’t know why.. yea..  I couldn’t watch that film. 1h09 You don’t like very. Dark annoying .. the actor who was that actor? Johnny Depp the cokehead. Yeah. But he was bad. Very bad. I didn’t like that film. No it was a hit, he’s had lots of hits. But of Coke, cokester lokester. I dont wanna put him down. I liked… My favorite Johnny Depp film is a “private resort” with Andrew Dice Clay from the from the 80s. That’s his best work. What about his film with al Pacino with his scarface. He wasn’t in that. He was playing in mafia? A police guy in the mafia with Al Pacino. What’s the name? Did you see that film? I saw little bits on the advertisements. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t like that film either. I don’t like Al Pacino. I like Robert De Niro very, very much. And Al Pacino is oh, very simple, but he behaves like he’s great actor. Well he’s famous, he’s respected. of course he’s famous, but he’s not great. He doesn’t. He didn’t do much very fantastic job in Godfather or in smell of of of woman. Smell of a woman. Every actor could play. no Godfather. I don’t like violent films, but it’s considered a classic, right? So he’s got.. its ugly. If very old it’s. I mean, not old, but what’s the great thing in that film? I don’t know. The public loved it, the public and the critics applauded it. Ok public likes the Shwarzen*** [censored just in case]. Silver Stalone or van damn. You know who these guys are? Thats [godfather] another level. or belushi,  Steven Seagal, its ugly these films are..  1h11I liked DeNiro’s [dineros] funny movies and a dirty.. every I almost every yes. I like his funniest movies are great. dirty grandpa. Yeah. Focker family? Yeah, that one’s yea. I like his analyze this. Did you see this film? Yeah. Looks funny. But you’re. Analize this, analize that two different movies. Fantastic very funny. Yeah. Meet the fockers. Meet the parents yea. OK, what else? What else, man? That’s it. So you know you are not organizing your movies. I want to criticize you a little bit. You are wasting your time in scientific things that probably you could. On the website. I’m wasting my time transcribing and also on the website. I’m doing a lot of like right now. You know on my website. You know how I put like 100 independent media links so you can get all the truth that the old media is hiding, right? They’re complicit in all these. Crimes against Humanity Genocide & all that, I put all the new media links right. So so listen, listen. It’s 100 links. But I have to put the best ones up top and I have to make the links open. Of course. 1h12m30 Why do you do it at all? Just leave it. No, no, it’s very good for me because it brings traffic to my site. They appreciate it and they come back. I think they’re only coming for those links because my video views are very bad at the moment. I feel like 50 a day or something. On autoplay, it’s terrible. It’s not worth doing. But I’m still gonna keep it active anyway. But very little, though I’m very limited. I’m not putting stuff. I’m not putting edited stuff that in the future, they’re gonna tell me. I’m sorry. It’s no good because you put it online for free. So I’m not gonna put everything on there, but I just wanna tell you, I notice my view counts [unique daily visits traffic] went up like this now. Some days they they go up like 1000 or 500. [but its probalbly a bot although how can you trust google anal ytics criminal fraudsters who stole 13,000 of your videos & lie cheat & steal all the time]. Before I put the links that didn’t happen and I looked at and they’re only, I think it might be the links. But but I wanna. I wanna tell you all these links because there’s so many. There’s 100 about. To make them open automatically when you click on them. When you click on it. OK. Right now, most of them, you have to press and and and then open in new window you have to click and then you know on the computer you can say open in new window. You know, so you don’t go back and forth. I don’t know if you have this on your telephone. You probably telephone. It doesn’t do it. But on the laptop you can open 100 windows separate. Tabs. So I’m wanna make an automatic, but it’s gonna take many hours to do it. If you wanna do it to all of them because it doesn’t do it automatically. George, listen, you are spending a lot of time on trying to promote your website when you could make one film and go to the festival and make a lot of noise. People would start knowing you and coming to that film than spending or advertising your your website, I don’t know. Maybe. OK. OK, but OK, alright, I’ll do it. I’m doing it. Hey, what about 1h14 Tom Cruise new movie. Are you going to see that. Which one? I don’t remember any one. One cosmic film was OK one of the last films where there are only three or four actors playing in that film. No no he has new film man, a new Top Gun Top Gunk. No, I hate that film. Hahaha, what the original? original. Whatever I I don’t like this film. I don’t like even Rainman. Rainman is little bit too old. It’s so. I don’t know. I like one of his films that I saw maybe three or four years ago, about him as a cosmonaut. Did you see that film? No. In another planet. He with a lady. Nicole Kidman? Vanilla sky? No, no, no no, no, no. Eyes wide shut? Oh, by the way, ok that film is OK with Nicole Kidman playing with the blink of the eye? Eyes wide shut. Yes, yes, that that’s a good film. Haven’t seen those, just saw bits, just saw bits. Oh I saw it maybe three times. It’s a classical. It’s very good. It’s artistically done very well done. I just wanna say. Music is unusual and you know, I think this music is backward play. Played backwards. OK, you know what I mean? Yeah. eee Ooh ah hie aou . Like Swedish, there was this film and they made fun of Swedish. They played backwards talking. They have a Swedish person & he’s going hie hiem huu hieee [aspiration/ inhalation] hahah I like, sometimes bad music can be fantastic backward sound, very impressionistic. Top secret. OK, OK, OK. Enough. 1h16m40 Top secret with Val Kilmer,  he did it. Hey you know Val Kilmer’s in the new Tom Cruise movie he wanted Val Kilmer. So his his son is doing his voice ’cause. He had has throat cancer problem [I didnt know] and he can’t talk anymore Val Kilmer. He has no voice. He has to cover like that. So they use technology of his old.. Just like Roger Ebert had salivary cancer and he lost his throat, so. So they had a machine using your old like. Now they can use this, this recording in the future. If I lose my voice, they can use this. Oh yeah, yeah easily. You know that faces are replaceable now easily. One thing I wanna tell you.. imagine if you could put now instead of my face. Robert De Niro, and he will do exactly what I am doing now like this. Look, look. Haha hehe ha ah, All these movements goes to Robert De Niro face. So you are lucky you have a lot of videos from your young ages, so all this can be now. Now you can play as a young guy, you know that? I’m still young. Haha. No, I mean, when you were twenty.. forever young. Yeah. Forever young, young, nice music. Who’s playing that 85? Eighties, right, music of 80s. I was told that music of 80s is unrepeatable. There were so many stars in 80s. 1h18m15 When I see people in the street now with a mask, some people are still wearing masks three years later. All alone in the street. Nobody around or everybody. No mask. There’ll be one person with a mask by himself. And a lot of them, they look sick, you know, because they had the injection in the mask and a lot of them have there. You can see in their eyes a lot of them are sick, man. They’re like they’re like. And they’re walking like, limping or waddling. Ok there is I forgot the name the Greek name. The people who think they they have diseases. What’s the name of that disease? Hypochondriacs. Yeah, probably. These people are like that. No, they got sick from the injection man. Destroys the blood and the immune system. I show it on the site. But I wanna tell you one more thing. Tom Cruise. I’m not going to watch this film, you know why? Because because he pushed the the deadliest shot in history and the COVID FRAUD and the crimes against humanity. And he pushed this on his film set. He forced people to partake in this stupid lie. He made a an add?. I don’t know if he forced them to to get the injection, but he forced the whole thing, he promoted the whole thing instead of finding out the truth and standing up for the truth and the, he promoted the genocide. But maybe he didn’t do on purpose. Maybe he believed what he’s doing. Right, Geo, it’s not because somebody paid him or he’s on purpose tries to harm people. Some people believe what they are doing. Yea well, they shouldn’t. If they’re wrong, they should now he should stand up and he should stand up. But he’s not gonna do it because he doesn’t. He’s a slave to the movie system. If he stands up now and says anything, he’ll lose all his movie ship. Just like Gordon Sumner. Redstone. Fired him from Paramount. Remember, 10 years ago. He was. Yeah. He got fired from Paramount and he had to go looking for independent. Oh by the way, 1h20m20 Johnny Depp is back. He won the lawsuit. Yeah I saw it, yea I know. I know he won it. Yea but probably this is a theater. You know, this is a theater. Yeah, but they.. They tried to play this theater to make him very much famous. Now he’s now very much. Adorable and people start liking him. Oh, he won this lawsuit? Probably. Who knows. The knows the people that like him are his fans from before from those silly movies. & now back they are back to him even me for from the first glance I start like thinking oh he’s a good actor. Great. But later I thought maybe this is a theater, you know? I don’t watch this. I don’t watch the child kids films that he makes the pirates Caribbean. I don’t watch that stuff. Oh yeah. Yeah, ugly thing. No, it’s good. But it’s for kids and it’s not for adults. It’s not for us. I cant watch that. Yeah, or this Homes. And he had some bad movies in the past, too. But no, he’s a great actor. But but he made his reputation is ruined because. Cocaine. Coke Head. Alcoholic coke head is not good, is it for kids films? Yeah, but they forgive it in Hollywood, remember Robert Downey junior? He got away with it. He became. He became Iron Man after that. So they like, they they they don’t mind. They forgive that, they forgive that. So you might be all right. Haha You have traffic in front of your window? Yeah, a lot. Not only traffic, but some 1h22 car crashes happening almost every day. [mRna injection driver damage like the pilot scandal?] I see car crashes sometimes. I’m sitting & cars are go! [crash]. There’s not a lot of traffic though. Its ugly this cross Road is the ugliest in Yerevan in case of the car crashes. It’s regulated very bad and that’s why it happens almost every day. Sometimes cars are going. How do you say turning. Driving recklessly. yea. reckless endangerment. Yea. But it’s not too much traffic. I don’t hear, It’s not a million cars. OK, but sometimes it’s bad that there are not a lot of cars because when there are less cars than cars are going very fast. Trying to be in time and that’s why it happens these car crashes. Many years ago I had train going through that bridge, you see that bridge over there? Yeah. It was a train bridge and I we had trams [trans lol] going here every day I could have problems hearing. Its like brrrooa woaaa psh psh psh.. Something like that and all the time my house could go like goooo. Because of the ropes. Really, it’s wires that are connecting my house on the tram lines with trolleybus. Electricity. Trolley dolly. So you should think making proper films starting with the short film. Short film doesn’t cost to make any films. Only, we need probably one extra actor. We could find them anywhere we are traveling, where we are. it’s a shame that we have all the Technical Support, but we don’t want to do it and. And this science I know all from A-Z. All the scientifical approach how to make it OK, it makes you busy when you’re thinking about it? No, not me. But the audience. Let’s. When it’s a good start to go to festivals, meeting new people, organizing but blogging is great thing. You have to be a little more active. Hey Do you think the the word diary is better than vlog because many people don’t know vlog. Maybe I should use more than, but it’s too too long. Diary diary. It’s the same. It’s one one letter or more. It’s almost the same. But but it sounds like diarrhea in French. diarrhee means. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s why. Maybe. Also, video diary sounds like VD. The initial Vidi sounds more like intim. Something like.. no that’s good. They like him in team intimacy. But you know, I was gonna put V the problem with VD. It’s venereal disease. It’s sex disease, VD, video diary, By the way did that guy write you that he wanted to buy your website. Yeah. Now he wants too. He sent me another email. What he’s suggesting? 1h26 Nothing, they waste my time man, every month I get you know.. So give them my email. Say that this is my. I’m the client of this broker. Let me talk to him.. yea my manager is.. that’ll drive ‘em crazy. I’ll put them onto you. That’ll get rid of them. No, I’m fine, I’m. they’ll be like, Oh my God. Oh no. Good. Goodbye. I will start like I want Armenian dirhams. rubles. But a lot of dirams. Vlog is not for sale, but I don’t think I need those anymore. Those other sites I can, so I would get rid of them for you know. I know. 100,000. Yeah, $100,000. Actually, a million would be nice, but I know .net. Your mathematics is good 100 thousand, actually million. They are like 10 times more than, 1 is 10 times more than the other, but you you go like next to each other. It’s like. Unfortunately, I know the market a little bit. I know is $300,000. But of course.. only? only this much? Yeah he’s selling it for about that. I didn’t understand Dot com is 13 million and it’s not for sale and they just bought.. This is OK and now I understand. And they just bought for a quarter million, about about about that much. So .tv. the has ever sold is quarter million about. So that’s the realistic for .net. Can’t that area .net can go high, but it’s if it’s a long word, it’s not. Doesn’t go very high. Sex is a short word. But the problem with sex is it’s very niche, right? And it’s very it’s got a lot of people don’t want it because it’s gets blocked. It’s blocked everywhere. “They should be locked”. That’s what you said that in Greece you said about you were joking about trans. You were like “they should be locked”. I said oh, he’s joking. He’s joking. ’cause, I have trans neighbors. Also, I become. I become trans friendly now or LGBTQ Plus minus a WRXtv xyz. I see. So coming back to the subject, I started with the bar that you were not inspired with this idea. As I see. I have to edit man, I have to edit. I have to hit the beach. I have to flirt. I have to go live. I have to do so much things, the website. My hands full man. I’m open a fu.. one hour a day editing is enough. No, no, no, no, when I edit its.. [day & night] You didn’t do any editing today. You didn’t do anything yesterday, right? It’s Queens Jubilee. There’s always an excuse. Weekend I don’t do anything, man. During the week? Hey there’s that guy, he does. I know this guy. He does Street mic podcast. He goes live with a camera like this. Live to Facebook, YouTube and a Vimeo not so much the same time. Live. This camera, yeah. But you know 5G is a cancer risk. So I don’t know, man, I hope it’ll be OK, but he’s he’s he’s retiring next year, he’s going to Barbados, he says. But I see him all the time in Hyde Park, speakers corner. What is the subject is talking about? Whatever people are discussing and he goes with the microphone like this very official right? Not like me casual. He goes like this. He’s got a thing there. But he copied me, I think because when the thing on the back, you know ’cause I had on my back, now he put on his back big letters. He put his website and you know street mic pod.. now he put in big letters. You know what? PRESS. P-R. Hahaha! Because press are allowed to go everywhere, of course they they get killed too in some countries, but not here uh. But he goes up with the microphone like this and and he’s very official, right? He’s very formal, official. He’s always like this. He’s got the camera and he goes like this: “So we’re here in Hyde Park today to talk, to discuss with the people. Can you tell us, Sir, what say you about that?” it’s good.. Listen maybe you need, you know what? To do exactly the same but with very big microphone. Like, I don’t know. Like this big big microphone. It could be funny. You know. I missed it. I saw him at the protest last time. It’s like this. Look, excuse me. Yeah, with on it. Yeah, Yeah, I saw him. I missed a good.. it’s hard to catch with this, you know, it’s it’s hard to catch because it’s shaky and I’m not recording. I have to get everything, I should get the the interactions ’cause. I got him talking to me once and I don’t have it now. ’cause he was like I love, I love it man. He goes. Are you going to speakers corner tomorrow? I said no. I wanna go to Brighton to the beach. He goes. Oh no way. I said you’re not a beach bum? he goes no um. Where is it? Near London? Yeah, I told you last time man one hour away. Brighton? I didn’t know it has a name Brighton Beach. Brighton is in London. one hour. God, you must go crazy. No swimming, Sevan. How far is Sevan? one and a half hour. And you dont drive. But I dont like Sevan it’s very cold, I could not swim in the warm waters of Greece. So imagine how hard it could be in Sevan for me. But during a heat wave it would be OK heat wave. Even even you know the water is non stop cold. It’s freezing. It’s 17 degree when in Greece its 24, 25. Really. And you don’t drive, do you, you have no car. Yeah, but there are a lot of buses going there $2 one way & back. Not planning, Your Artur [R2] friend doesn’t plan to come back to to come to Armenia, right? Uh, Not until the Golden Apricot. Yeah, but why don’t you come when the Golden apricot will start it will be in one month. No, not this year. No, no, no. I have to.. Just show up, why not? Let him show up. I can’t. I can’t do it right now. Send your client. I’m desperate for swimming, man, desperate. Yea in Sevan you could swim [swing] by the way Sevan [7] water is not salty, you know that. No? All the water comes from the mountains and the water is sweet. They call Sweetwater. Sweet water. Marge Sweetwater [Back to school w/ Rodney Dangerfield] By the way, in our tap we have Sevan water. We are drinking Sevan water. Geo do you have the old stuff to be thrown away or?.. like what cameras? Hehehe. Yea. hey, can you see me still or not? Can you see me? Just barely. Oh over there. Yeah. OK, my picture is. Ah ok I can move it now I can see you. Now? yea, I can see you. Now,? a OK, I see. I see you. It’s not 180, but it’s almost 180. Yeah, I see you. why. The only camera that I’m not using why? a73? You want a73? No, just another older one. Which one? A73 is too progressive you, you better keep it for backup. Yea i’m using, I don’t even want to tell you what I’m doing, because then you’re gonna be like, “OK, so you have this, now I can have this”  No, no, no, no, I know that you need not two or even three. You need three exactly the same because you cant wait repair or whatever. OK. You need fast to take the other camera & start doing what you do. OK, so I can tell you. I respect it. So I can tell you the truth now I can tell you something that I wasn’t gonna tell you because I didn’t want you to know. 1h35  [sony] A1, 8K. Oh yeah. Yep. Now listen. Hahaha Give me the a73! Hahaha waaah! There you are. Yeah. I don’t think I will use the a73 actually, because I’m using this now. Hey, you know, this is so heavy, but I’m using it like this. I’m using it like this man in the daytime at night. It’s.. Ok why this lens, man, you can’t find another tiny lens? No, it has to be wide. I only have this and the other one, but the other one doesn’t zoom. Show me from this little bit turn oh it’s too big, man. Yeah, but it works. It works with I have a special mount. Very heavy duty [doody]. It works for a short bit. Right? When I talk to someone, I can do it for a little bit and then I go like this man when I’m. When I’m working here, look look. Yeah. Are you watching something else? Something happened? No, no, no, I’m fine. I go like this man. Hey, what’s up? And I can go like this. It works man. Yeah, but it’s not wide angle right? Yes, of course. Of course. It’s wide angle. That’s that’s the point. That’s why it’s so big. It’s stupid that they made it so.. 18 millimeter. I think it’s.. starting from 18 to 75? No, not 75 man. It’s 16 to 35, I think. But I was gonna tell you something um oh 8K vidcaps photos from video. You know, I take a lot of photos from video ’cause. I wanna make my books and all that. Photos from video. 33 megapixel 4 times more information than 4K. Coz 4K photos from video was 8 eight megapixel. How long you make a video? It’s 5 minutes? unlimited. 8K. unlimited. It goes for one hour on the card. It’ll go the battery.. yea but sometimes it gets very warm. You can’t make a video on & on. Yeah, there’s a menu setting. You can make it stay cool and it it it lasts as long as the battery. The battery lasts about one hour. Unfortunately, the battery and the memory is double [quadrouple] now so the memory is twice [4x] as expensive and the battery is twice as consuming. But you couldn’t get a tiny lens, why so large one? ‘cause they don’t have smaller wide angle autofocus [stabilizer, zoom], only manual focus, small wide angle. And it’s not Sony. I see. Yeah, this is the only one, unfortunately. & Look how stupid it is, Normally it’s like this, right? Normally it’s there to make it wide they make it longer, they make it longer to make it wide, it should be smaller. I don’t know why they made it longer. It should be longer to zoom, not to make it wide. Geo OK listen one thing very important I will tell you. One more, just one more thing, and I need a hood. I need a hood because on my window, it’s getting scraped. I put tape here to protect it. ’cause. It’s getting scraped from the window. The lens. This is my old lens. Which window? When I go to the window, it scrapes on the side. ’cause. I have to lean it to keep it stable, so I need a hood and it’s gonna be even longer with the hood. So you’re gonna say something? Yeah, listen, you have your cell phone, right? Yeah, but it’s on airplane mode all the time now because it gives you cancer. They said 5G gives cancer, I’m not risking it. Yeah, but what I’m suggesting if when your camera is here. Oh to watch it with the damn.. yes. Yes. No no.. otherwise how you gonna regulate it? Imagine you have your telephone on your hand. The camera on the chest. And you are just going like this, you know, regulating. Just looking on the cell phone. I’m good. I don’t need. Thank you. Whatever. I don’t consent to the 5G experiment. I have the cell phone only for emergencies. No, no, there is no 5G needed. You can turn off the Wi-Fi & having only connection with your camera and telephone. You have how many telephones do you have? It’s still Wi-Fi, man. It’s it’s still Wi-Fi, it’s still wireless. It’s bad, it’s dangerous. Wireless is dangerous. I’m gonna get a cordphone. No. No. I’m getting a cord phone now because even the wireless phone is dangerous. They said to stop. OK, everything is dangerous man. We’ll see, we’ll see who lives longer, we’ll see what happens. Aaarghh! Arrghhh! Hahaha sheez. First time I see you with the tie, man. No, many times I wore in the past. Every time youtube [always lower case coz small tech dont deserve upper case lol] gave me a problem. I put on the tie & I’d complain. haha id say youtu.. be all.. Every time they gave me a [fake] warning, a [fraudulent] strike, I’d put on the tie, like it’s a very serious situation. So what’s gonna happen with your relations with youtube? Are you planning to make a peace agreement? 1h41 I don’t think now with the COVID GENOCIDE, I don’t think they’re gonna be very open to any suggestion. Now they’re getting accused of genocide now, can you imagine? big tech [small tech] they’re getting accused. They’re sued. People are suing them, lawyers, they’re in big trouble now man [deep sh*t]. But with me, I just want my 13,000 videos back, they’re not gonna give them so they’re not trustworthy. It’s a bad company, very, very bad people. And with this genocide thing, it’s worse, you know, she was at the World Economic Forum, [W.E.F WORLD ENSLAVEMENT FASCIST FCUKUPS, Klaus Anal Swab Schwab dr  Evil Bond villain] Sue Wojcicki [Sue WoSHITski] Super jet ski these. The the the director, the CEO. That polish lady? Yea, they showed her on a video, and she’s saying, we’ve decided that, yeah, we can’t have any other information except what we tell you. So fcuk you man. Does she look sexy this Polish lady. She’s married with children. We can’t say that. So.. doesn’t matter. Maybe I can meet her and make friends. I want to sleep with her. Maybe when I sleep with her, she can go like. OK, I’ll keep all the videos to Geo back aah. Yes, please. That’s what this other guy said. “Sue, I can tell you have some sexual tension with me. Slide into my DMs”, this guy said. Slide into my direct messages. I don’t joke ‘cause she’s married. I don’t joke. Is she’s from Poland? Maybe yea back, going, but you know she’s.. You need to show me her photo. I will find her. Just look it up. Sue Wojcicki. [Super jet ski]. It’s everywhere, man. Sue Wojcicki. [Sweet jet ski.] OK, now we are talking later. Later. I’m gonna forget if you later. Just look around. I’ll ask you again to write her name. Suejitski ok I’ll write it on the paper, wait.. just look.. maybe I’ll meet her in Poland you know, it’s very easy. No she doesn’t go there, man. She’s.. just look up youtube ceo chief executive officer. OK. I send you a link.. ok whatever. I don’t wanna get involved.. Yeah, no. Maybe I will make friends with her. And you know, I don’t even know if she stole my videos. But I think she had something to do with it if she’s in charge, apparently it’s all automatic now. They just steal everything automatically. So it is you think it’s deleted or stolen? No, I think they keep it on their.. They keep everything. They keep everything, they keep all the.. That’s why I don’t like to give so much anymore. Because Surveillance is coming with the Chinese tyranny. So you know why? Why give them more? Ok another question if you will be sure it they are deleted you’ll be ok? No, I need them man my hard drives broke. I need some of them I can’t get. I see. I see. The big ones that I spent all the time on, they got dropouts. Yeah. but anyway, I’ll see, I have to see what I’ve got. There’s too much stuff I gotta waste time on that but anyway. OK and.. 1h44m14 Jimmy is asking me in Greece. He’s like, when are you coming? When are you coming, Jimmy? remember him? Yeah, i know. The guy who talks too much, he never shuts up. Yeah. Yeah, of course I remember him. He’s nice, but he does talk all the time, right? Yeah. Little bit like monotonic, he’s not different. He doesn’t talk about different subjects.. No he does but.. He’s not like everywhere. He’s in one narrow um. No, he talks different subjects but he never shut I noticed he never sits down for five minutes silent, not 5 minutes. He can’t, silent, like me I can sit down for one hour and not talk to anybody. Even if you’re near me. I can just sit there and appreciate the the sea the atmosphere on the bench. Right. 1h45 But but he can’t. Five. If after two minutes, he’s like, so. So. So when you go yesterday. And I did you see what happened.. you know McDonalds woooh. Remember that. You know it might be a problem with the depression, after depression, when they’re doing these pills, you are getting out from depression and start talking all day like 1, 2 three months you are nonstop talking and never let other people to talk to you. You are just when you start asking them. He stops you on starts asking the same question in different ways. I looked it up and that encyclopedia and it’s it’s a condition. It’s a disorder, you know, to have. You can’t shut up. Yeah. It’s a disorder. Polylalia or something. Pollylalia [compulsive talking], I think it’s one of those. I saved it. Just got a strange name. But but no, he’s a nice. Anyway, he sent me a thing. When are you coming? When are you coming? Do you know what I feel like answering? You stood me up many nights. You said you were gonna meet me and you didn’t. Why would I come back? But I didn’t wanna say that because he’s everyday he’s on that beach, so he’s no good at night time but in the daytime he’s very good. Very good. Yeah. Cause very few people are so regular as him in the daytime. Right. In daytime. He’s good, isn’t he? Yeah. So. he’s a good guy. So can you imagine if I told him, well, you stood me up at night time. Why should I see you again? But.. & the pigeons [conflict] too.. & he also said no camera on the beach. He was like, no, he he he uses his little camera. But he didn’t support me when I had problems with the gear. The big, you know, the other cameras. I said look, if I can’t, if there’s no camera on the beach, why should I come back? Yeah. He uses his. You remember that skinny, that anorexic woman that does the situps he’s videoing her from far, and they’re joking about her calling her “the bone”. 1h47m08 Yeah. Yeah. To kokalo. And what about the shipowner calling you o vlammenos? You didn’t like that, did you? You stopped talking to him after that. Not because of that, he’s always mean to me. I felt like it’s easy, you know, I have this talent to find out the way they are looking at me. Even one glance is enough for me to understand which kind of approach they want to show to me. all the time he was trying to, how do you say, plotting with me trying to put me into the tangles? Because you liked him. In the beginning you liked him, remember? You kept saying you kept supporting him. Every time I criticized him, you were like, no, he’s he’s very nice. in the beginning. OK, because I was trying to be helpful because in his situation I was feeling sorry for him, but then when he starts making some information, getting information about you all the time, asking different kind of questions for me, if this was easier to. Little bit lie then to say the truth, because “how much money he has? What is it doing? Where does he get this money?” And I hate these kind of questions. He asked me. I understood that this guy is quite dangerous. You know, if he’s asking this kind of things that why, why does he ask me? & Which kind of plans does he have? but i cant understand.. But I start creating, lying to him that these are your last money and probably soon you will be out of money and you are spending it without control. And this kind of bull******** I created. But yeah. I don’t understand why he called you vlammenos [flamencos] ‘cause that means a stupid person and you’re not stupid. OK, sometimes I would. I was playing with him like a stupid person. Funny person without deep meanings. Just playing with.. oh really? Service surface trying to be because you know sometimes when you are playing behaving too much wise people are feeling a little bit jealous. That’s why it’s easier to be comfortable its more comfortable to be little bit stupid. Otherwise imagine he looks very bad. I can’t see your face. Please, I can’t see your face. He looks very bad. His health is ugly. yea… and he’s the person who people don’t like. his surroundings didn’t like him. I thought he was wearing diapers because he had fat here underneath the over here, man. Here he was like there was a big something here. I thought it was diapers. No, I think it’s his body. Because it’s not.. he has this problem, by the way is he still alive. I don’t know. I’ll ask the Finnish girl. Maybe she knows, but I think he left the hotel right, I dont know. No, he was the the very bad condition. I could feel like he has only one or two years to live, he was in a tragic situation. Especially with five packets of cigarettes a day, that’ll kill you. And plus, he’s way of looking his way of taking breaths ahhh ahhh hhhha. And he couldn’t walk remember He got in his car. Yeah. He got in his car to go 2 minutes up the road. I think he had very serious diseases. Didn’t talk to us about, but.. poor thing. ’cause he was, yeah. He was he was rough. But he was a good guy. Overall to us, yeah, overall I mean overall he wasn’t. He didn’t seem like a bad guy. I don’t know what he did in Vegas when he said about the those bad things that happened over there, I don’t know, but his past. It’s a impossible to know everybody’s past. You don’t know what they’ve done in the past yea, but anyway. His website looks legitimate [“a little bit”] though I thought he was lying about the shipowning, but he gave me his website and it’s it’s real. if it’s his website.. OK, one thing that made me, uh.. believe that he’s rich guy, is this, that always these guys were coming to him all his friends, you could believe that he’s really rich. He’s influential he had very dangerous past he was mofiosi style [my fuse]. it was obvious his way of looking his way of behaving this relaxed way of talking to people without taking care of what’s happened All these managers of hotels being very much respectful to him. All that is to told me that he’s really something. But it didn’t mean that his human side is perfect, his human side told me that he’s a mean guy. Because mafiosis [Matthews] should be mean. You can’t be very much um, how do you say? kind to people, like in godfather. Al Pacino, very kind guy. He’s the perfect guy. Oh no. This is a sh****. This is impossible. He swore too much. Too much bad language. yea. Not Pacino. the ship owner. 1h52m50 He had very dangerous past. Actually, it could be interesting to talk to him about his past and record it secretly. That could be a show. Past. Yeah. No.. but sometimes it’s not your subject. You want only ladies and ladies. But OK, ladies are fantastic in the movie, but sometimes in between you have to put something else. Not only sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet stuff. Sweet, sweet. OK, sweet, sweet, sweet little bit bitter stuff and then again. Sweet, sweet, sweet. But not only. Sweet, sweet, sweet. It’s too much. It’s it’s. Even if it’s a serial. [cereal]. Whatever I ah, I keep thinking how to edit in a fantastic way all your stuff and probably I will give you a the best idea because sometimes I give ideas you don’t care about them. The ideas come when I watch other people’s films and I see how great it was done and how many prizes it got from the festivals. 1h54 But you don’t spend time on that. That’s why sometimes it’s it’s useful for me studying that conjunctions. uh. Whatever. You are living chaotically, I am living chaotically, But always we want to be organized and it never happens. Because it’s a joy to live chaotically. You know, whatever you want to do, you do it. No i dont like chaos, I like order, but it’s like.. but sometimes organized It means do something that at that moment you don’t want to do it. This is the problem. Whatever concerns to health you are organized by the way, whatever concerns to the success of the work, not very much because you are doing whatever enjoys you that moment. Not enjoys. I don’t. I don’t enjoy transcribing or doing the website all the time, I mean this much, but I want to I want the results, that’s why I’m doing it. Results. By the way, how do you transcribe  voice way or written way. I told you I’m using that software, but it’s full of mistakes. So then I have to correct all the mistakes. Oh don’t correct. Who’s gonna read your transcription? only you. I am!” [carpetbaggers film when Jonas Cord says he’ll direct the picture] This is for information, later you have to come back and use the footage, video footage, not the transcription. I need the outline. whatever it does, let him make mistakes. I need.. Why do you care about? I need an outline and I like my website to be nice and have all the transcripts very nice & people can.. Yea but you are transcribing it.. 1h56 oh, I think thats the bag [bug]. Look. Bug. Bug not bag Buh Buh bug. sh*t [Should] the connection stopped dropped. They don’t have “uh” in Armenian. I guess it’s, he has trouble saying “bug” he says bag. They didn’t teach them “uh” in that language. They don’t have “uh” bug bus. He says bag bas. It’s interesting certain languages don’t have certain sounds. Just like we don’t have some of their sounds and no one language should really dominate, but I guess it had to in the end ’cause you need one common denominator to communicate. But OK, thanks for visiting.,,, and a hundred domains. I’m going to try to fix the links on my site so you can go quickly without having to right click and open in the menu in new window or the right click thing. It’s a bit annoying even here. I’m like I have to hold it and open every. Every link, it’d be nice to just go. Tsh tsh tsh & they open up miraculously in different tabs. Different tab or different window? Yeah, it goes different tabs or different window. But it’d be great to just be able to go down them, It’s a lot of work, man, and then every time I change something, I gotta go through the, you know, move everything around again. HTML. It’s annoying. Unless I can find a way to copy paste it, copy pasta without HTML, but then it doesn’t open in separate windows, so i’ve noticed, or maybe anyhow I gotta play with it, it’s going to take hours if not days. & i got better things to do supposedly which never get done either, so I’m in a rut. 1h58 I’m in chaos. I’m in the concrete jungle. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of it. But I don’t wanna tell you. Yea, with all this tyrannical surveillance sht. I think. I cant believe [dr.] Robert Malone went to Greece didnt he, even he went there. I saw on his gettr his posting Mykonos pictures from the boat. From his cruise, is that a cruiser? Anyway, everyone is going down there. Justin Bieber’s wife got injection covid mRna fake vaccine injection damage. She got a brain blood clot and heart surgery from the injection, and he should say something. But he’s scared to lose his contract. Everyone’s scared to get fired, even him. Even he. I’m self sufficient, I guess compared to him. I don’t have that much at stake compared to well. He must have more at stake. Why? Why is he hiding the truth? Why is he lying to the public, not telling em? Or do we have to wait for the autopsy results anyway I’m just sick of all this MRNA injection damage and cover up and they’re using monkeypox moneypox *bull******* to cover up all that. Anyway we know what you’re up to. Bpppp. That’s what I say to you. Who wouldn’t. Uh, quality of your call? Do you think they? I’m not gonna tell you. ’cause. I think they use that. To trace and track you and and keep files on you, let’s keep all the best calls. No, I’m not gonna tell you if it was good or bad. OK, one hour, 50 minutes. I think that’s enough. ok. ok. Bye, man. Next time. Thanks. ok? whats that clicking noise. Anyway. Just a warm down now, the outro, god that hurt. Ah! Haha. Don’t hurt yourself. Yeah, I got up at 5:00 o’clock today. I’m wired. I could black out now & take a nap, and then I’ll be up all night and get another three hours of sleep. And I don’t like this three and three ship. I don’t like the three hour nap in the afternoon and a three hour night sleep. It’s not. I’m not sure that’s the best way to get. They say it’s better i read somewhere. I need the source though. Yeah, in one of these. Official books, right? Two sleeps is better than one. If they’re broken up, no matter what. Like 5 + 1 is better than 7 total. Six is better than seven if it’s broken up because it gives you a body double twice the rest but i dont know [rice powder]. That’s one theory. Must be people use their opinions as fact. So about Hayk [hike]. I was looking at, yea you know, we might collaborate again, it’s good to have a pal, a wing man, even if he’s imperfect, who isn’t. But, you know, I put all the pluses and minuses are pros and cons. And then you look at it, you know, you don’t wanna criticize too much other people when you should start with yourself. But uh. It is costing us both time and. Expense. What’s more expensive than time? What’s more valuable than time? Turn that down, ’cause. It’s humming, seeing this thing up. the usb thing hums. That’s why I don’t fist pump anymore. I’ll go over here. You see that side? You’re quite sure most people aren’t going to do this here. They might do this, but probably won’t do this, right. So when I fist bump I go. Although you could do something else with that angle, but hopefully not in broad daylight. Ahem! ahem! hem! Is that it? Lots to say. Lots of jokes to say. I’m glad I recorded this line finally.’cause, you know, I started off today. I was like, I’m just gonna talk for 10 minutes. I’m really not in the mood. I don’t have much to say. Bottom line is, if we meet up, what’s he expecting? Let’s agree everything up front, ’cause. To avoid disappointment & arguments. 2h02 [ring] Yeah, now you can’t see me. the charge went on off. OK, well, OK. I was gonna say goodbye. Wait share video every time you call, there’s no video, right? Your phone is limited. Now I have video I don’t see your video. Do you see my video? No, I don’t see your photo. Wait, I have to call back. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Allow. I got it, man. Agh I dint put allow. Yeah, I got. I didn’t put allow. Hello. Allow. I did put allow look. Yeah, OK. I didn’t put allow last time I said right before you closed there, I saw your face and it just went bpfft! Hehehaha! You know what you remind me of now with your face there. Can you hear me? Yes, i can. In Sochi, you were like “I have really young features”. Facial features. I have young facial features. hehe! You’re right back then. You’re still alright. But yeah, Sochi [so she] was a laugh. it was fun. Yeah. Do you remember I told you this project going back in 1925? 2025. I’m hungry for Hungary. I was getting. You know what I should have sent you, instead of that message I sent you a little too much. I should have just sent you the Hungarian flag [&/] or the Czech flag. But I don’t want Facebook to know anything about what.. you’re against the project that you, we might advertise our trip to Sochi for people to see the old film and understand that we are going to find this ladies live? We’ll never find, we have to call em.. & they could sometimes ask us to do something to turn the camera left right, to show them, to discuss with them. And you think it wouldn’t make extra. Extra public. Yeah, but I wanna see some other countries, man, I wanna see some other cultures. Yea but its worth it to go there for 20 days or something. OK one.. especailly when Sochi’s changed, imagine will be calling these ladies and bringing them back 22 to 23 years later they will look totally different. I wanna see Balaton, Lake Balaton although it’s shallow, I noticed there’s no diving man. It’s all shallow. Sure you can’t swim [swing] there. It will be very cold water. Sht r u serious? Of course, lakes [Lex] are very cold because they are in a high mountains. oh no. But how come Arizona has a lake? I’m sure that’s not cold. It is cold. really? Arizona in the desert? 2h06 or sometimes it might be not very cold if its in a low position, because imagine all the water comes to the lake is from the mountains. from the snow, it’s cold it’s always cold. in Nevada they got man made Lake Mead. Lake Mead man-made. In Las Vegas, I didn’t go, but I should have. Should have had look. Ok its not a lake its artificial basin. Yea. OK, man, so what’s the? you still don’t know what camera. [ca$h] and you don’t know too when. When are you going? Where are you? Where your friend is going? Your client is going. Can you imagine? I’m going up to people like this in the very strict places. Hi, how are you? Would you smile please. I’m like this. If they get nervous. What are you doing? Sorry. Sorry. This camera is excellent. 8G. You are lucky. You will be recorded in 8G. 8K. There was this guy. He’s like I’m a youtube celebrity. I got 60 people watching me right now. 60 people watching, now, whatever. Whatever happened. OK. OK, man. OK, so three o’clock. OK. So we’ll be in contact in 10 days. Maybe we’ll know more about. Yeah, at least in a month. Haha. Yeah. Sht It’s gonna be July in a month, man. Oh no. And I can’t. I’m not gonna say it. Say, on the Internet, anything what I’m doing or anything. ’cause don’t want the chinese surveillance tyranny [tear any] ship.. so well. You said you don’t have any old computers. Very old that you don’t use. i dont know. No, they’re all broken, man. Yeah, broken. I mean, broken. I can fix them. Pfft how. [Troubleshoot]. Sometimes I’m fixing by myself, or sometimes I’m asking some friends to fix. By the way, I have very good master [Mustard]. Yeah, they’re obscolete man totally useless. Computer fixer, how do you call it? Mechanician whatever. Why are you coming to London? If I will see you have some something I could come and take it to. To where, to gravel pit? Poland. Oh yeah. Gravel pit as well I could take. Do you have [Jeff] pigeons in Yerevan [your van] and too many pigeons. I’m sick of pigeons. Yea but they don’t bother, there are not a lot. Here there’s too many and and I throw things at them and I video at high shutter speed. I like to see the wings open. It’s unbelievable how fast their reflexes are. I think I told you. But. In, I see how fast they open the wings and they fly. You know, it’s too fast. I will tell you one short story about pigeons. When I was ten, I remember we did not have any pigeons in Armenia. If there were pigeons it’s because somebody was breeding them in their roofs and playing with them. They are flying and they were selling & buying pigeons. So if once you could see a pigeon, it’s like to see a big eagle in the on the in the sky of London, imagine. It was so rare and we could never believe we could see wild pigeons. 2h10 Wow, wild pigeons, and people could eat them, you know? They were killing & eating them. Yes. its on the menu here in the restaurant. Right here. They’re gentle birds. I like that they’re gentle [especially wood pigeons i really like]. They got their advantages. They’re gentle. They’re not killers. Like some of these other birds that kill. Yeah. So I like that about them, but they’re just annoying. But anyway, OK, how are we leaving it? You don’t know. You’ll tell me what you’re doing, and we’ll take it from there. Yeah. ok. probably that would be a good idea if you could think what you wanna get rid of? I could come and take it. I would need maybe three days to stay in London, not more for you not to feel bad. OK, we’ll see. Let me see what’s going on. Maximum 3. Sometimes two, because if I go by bus, I take it and take another bus [bath] back to France and then from France to Hungary and then from Hungary to Poland. Alright, alright, alright, OK. Alright. Man. Talk next. See you. So what next month? Yeah, it’s every month now. They say 10 days you there will be 15. That’s fine. Two weeks. we’ll know more Information about our plans about gravelpit your client plans and so on and so forth. 2h12 Always put like your clients plan and I will gravel pit. Understand everything. Say that you’re you know where your client clients gonna go or ask him, but you ask your clients where he’s gonna go. And but you said you want balcony, no balcony, no deal. You said right. Yeah, but if there is no balcony it’s very hard. OK, man. Alright. You’re too close. You’re too close to the camera. You’re like this man. Yeah, because now I can’t let the hold another way before I was holding. Now I’m charging. I have to keep closer to my hand. It’s not what angle is it? This is the further I can do. Hehe Then you’re like this? Yeah. Alright man. Take care. OK, see you around. have a nice time. OK, you too, man. nice evening. OK. Bye. Goodnight. Thank you for the call. Thanks for the footage. 2h13 Quality of the call i’m not gonna tell you the quality of the call coz you’re gonna use that against me, aren’tcha? Mofos. Face Bush. Maybe. All right. who knows what’s going on, who knows. This Clicking noise man!Alright, it’s ah. Fright light. It’s a Sunday, June 5. 2022 Sunday 5th June 2022. Queens platinum jubilee. I just missed it. I missed. I was out Friday. But I do, you know, food, shopping and stuff like that. And it was packed everywhere Saturday. I just blew it. And Sunday I was ready for my big entrance. My grand finale watever And it’s dead. There’s nobody around. There’s like two people in the street. So. Um, so much for that. The program was too vague or too cryptic. I went on that damn site, the genocide site and they were like. Well the Darby [derby?] there’s horse racing outside London i mean good luck trying to find that with your stupid hat. but anyway and. [clicking noise]. what is that? Have to.. Thanks for visiting, g-o-d-l-e-y [spelled out].,,, and 100 domains. The situation is I gotta get backing cracking and packing. And what else? There’s more, yeah I had alot of jokes to tell you, but I think I’m gonna save them for the live audience for the stage. My grand debut. Debut [day boot]. Grand entrance. I don’t know. Whatever. I’m just. Taking it as it comes [accounts] [take it as it comes- simon climie milli vanilli song]. Let’s have a minute of silence for atmosphere. And uh, is it atmosphere or ambience? Editing. What’s the difference between atmosphere and ambience in video production editing? I forgot, one of them is is background noise. And one of them is something else, so it’s good to know. But sht! [.     silence.      Silence. Ambience. Atmosphere.].   These people are yelling in the streets, shouting the streets, so it’s not very good ’cause you might not want that in the edit i’m just saying if I needed something, you know, for whatever it’s like. Cutaways, right? You gotta get those too. And.. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even move my neck ’cause. That would make noise, right? Anyway, so um. Situation. Yeah, I’ll try and clean up the links on the website. I’ll try to keep the website little active, but I don’t think it’s a priority anymore. Even though I put some stickers around. Yeah, and I didn’t put stickers around. I’ve got some people that put stickers don’t they’re just like [] They’re like, don’t ever contact us for our stickers ’cause that’s another, that’s another person doing that. The white, but in that case that’s a different site altogether. Tdot me the. Join the White Rose or the White Rose but anyway. The White Rose dot UK. Yea all these, I’m going to put all the top sites up i’ll put that at the top of my site and keep it that way for the Summer I might do it maybe another monthly update fortnightly is a bit much for almost no view. I mean, what’s 50 views a day, 1000? On the videos, my website gets thousands, right? a day or a week at least. A week it gets uh.. [We could get some]. It depends, but yeah, it gets a couple thousand a week where it gets.. Few 100. A month. Can you imagine? Nah it gets a few hundred a day. Few thousand a week or month at least, and.. But they’re not watching the videos, so why bother? That’s what I’m saying. All these live streamers that are just sitting there just sitting on their as***** expecting donations. For just sitting on their as*** drinking and just bull************ “yea well and today uh” and hiding the genocide, hiding the fraud in the crimes against humanity, the biggest fraud in genocide in history, and you’re hiding it. You’re covering it up, oh because you lose your sh****** youLube account. Wont you. Of course, that’s why you’re covering it up, because again, everyone scared to lose, to lose their sh******. Criminal backed. Criminally complicit media accounts arent they accept, except me. I’m not that fussed.  What’s it worth? What’s peoples lives worth? What’s genocide [DEMOCIDE] worth? Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber, you could mention it and you’re not ‘cause you’re too scared to lose your. Blood soaked blood money, aren’t you? Anyway, that’s it for now. We’ll play it by ear and see how it goes. I’ll be recording the new. What are these exactly? Episodes. Diaries. Or.. What are they, vlogs? vlog has to be online, Or can it be offline? Video log can be offline but anyway. It’s supposed to be online but. Oh yeah, another one. Justine Ezarik IJustine. I met her at youLube VidCon [see 2017]. CON, What does con stand for besides convention? con, to con someone out of something, conspiracy? convict, [confidence trick swindle cheat] vidcon.. yeah i met her she was very nice. She’s very sweet. I remember, I joked about something. She was fine. Now she got. “Vaccine” quote UN quote damage fake “vaccine” injection, M RNA injection damage. She got clots too. youLube, [Yourloop], that’s your work. Keep covering it up. Keep keep killing more people, keep hurting and damaging and killing more people. You do that. That’s good. Good for you. Good for you. Sue Wojcicki. [Super jet ski]. You do keep doing it. NOT. Now theyre gonna say I’m complicit if I say that. But you know it’s it’s it’s. It’s out of a bag ahole. [A whole.] It’s out of the bag. [dr.] Robert Malone said it. And the 1000, Thousands of other scientists, doctors and lawyers have proven. That you are a murderer. You aholes. “All you zombies show your faces” fair use comment. That’s a hooters song. And it’s very appropriate to the masquerade. Mask charade in the street. All these masquerade aholes wearing masks when you don’t need to, and that New York ahole who forced people to what’s his name? i put him on there. But you know, I don’t wanna waste my site, i dont wanna give advertising space to these aholes? Keeps dropping the connection, but yeah that ahole that just started it again in New York. What’s his name? New York City Health HELL Commissioner, who works with the W.E.F {W.H.O} criminals. Kakistocracy. Ashwin Vasan. Yea. He’s lying again, telling people to wear masks when they cause more harm than good and damage & kill. For a 99.9% harmless disease, 99.9% curable harmless disease and lied. Lied bunch of liars, bunch of [genociders] anyway, OK, even Vimeo doesn’t let me. Say this, right? So this is probably end up on rumble or bitchute, bitchute sucks as well. They don’t allow anything over 2 gigabytes the aholes. [& the video embeds dont work on phones]  Rumble allows 15 [gb] but converts it from 720 to 480. This will be 480 anyway by the time it’s too long, it’s two hours plus [blessed] now and odysee [obviously] you get 0 views.’cause such a.. cause no one’s there. Except for a couple people. Max Igan [Mexican]. Brighteon no ones there either. I put things up there, It’s like they’re not even there. And I don’t know how to autoplay them on my site, so I’m not gonna get any views from my site either. Right ’cause. No one’s watching him, so why should I do it? Why bother? Got better things to do. Pack your bag a hole. I’m out of here. Bye, thanks for nothing. Thanks for nothing. And I shouldn’t even put this up. But I don’t know why I bother, but. Bppp. That’s what I say, by the way. It’s funny to go bpppp [blow raspberry] outside the window when the couples are going by and they’re walking by and you just go bpppp and then they look at each other. Like who did that? Was that you? anyway just a joke. Anyway. OK. Thanks for visiting later. Maybe I shouldn’t end on that note. But that’s it for now. I know it’s a long video. But it’s uncut. If you want the circumsized version, that’ll be [extra] somewhere else, OK. & I gotta go through this. I could listen to the transcript. I got to correct the transcript and find all the good bits on this too do I. If there are any. Maybe they aren’t [hurt]. Anyway, OK, so sheez.. time is running out. Tick tock, tick tock. Do guys have a biological clock too? biological tick tick tocks a bad word now, thats chinese tyranny [journey]. We don’t want that um. terrible, all this is.. We’ve got, you know, the price of freedom is eternal vigillance, right? Who said that? You know, I gotta quote the source. OK. Thanks for everything. Bye and nothing. Because that’s what it’s all amounts to, apparently. But, you know, I think I did what I could. later. Thanks. Bye. That’s all for now. Right? right  or wrong honey? Who said that? OK. Byebye. Later aholes. [Very wholesome.] 2h25.00 end



GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT EDIT.”VAX” FAILURE: Drs Malone, McCullough, Yeadon & Cole Sound Alarm About Vaccines & Govt Tyranny,-McCullough,-Yeadon—Cole-Sound-Alarm-About-Vaccines—Govt-Tyranny:b Dr R M only:


“17,000 physicians and medical scientists declare that the state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.

We, the physicians and medical scientists of the world, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath, recognize that the disastrous COVID-19 public health policies imposed on doctors and our patients are the culmination of a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions, along with the financial trusts which control them. They have infiltrated our medical system at every level, and are protected and supported by a parallel alliance of big tech, media, academics and government agencies who profited from this orchestrated catastrophe.

This corrupt alliance has compromised the integrity of our most prestigious medical societies to which we belong, generating an illusion of scientific consensus by substituting truth with propaganda. This alliance continues to advance unscientific claims by censoring data, and intimidating and firing doctors and scientists for simply publishing actual clinical results or treating their patients with proven, life-saving medicine. These catastrophic decisions came at the expense of the innocent, who are forced to suffer health damage and death caused by intentionally withholding critical and time-sensitive treatments, or as a result of coerced genetic therapy injections, which are neither safe nor effective.

The medical community has denied patients the fundamental human right to provide true informed consent for the experimental COVID-19 injections. Our patients are also blocked from obtaining the information necessary to understand risks and benefits of vaccines, and their alternatives, due to widespread censorship and propaganda spread by governments, public health officials and media. Patients continue to be subjected to forced lock-downs which harm their health, careers and children’s education, and damage social and family bonds critical to civil society. This is not a coincidence. In the book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, leadership of this alliance has clearly stated their intention is to leverage COVID-19 as an “opportunity” to reset our entire global society, culture, political structures, and economy.

Our 17,000 Global COVID Summit physicians and medical scientists represent a much larger, enlightened global medical community who refuse to be compromised, and are united and willing to risk the wrath of the corrupt medical alliance to defend the health of their patients.

The mission of the Global COVID Summit is to end this orchestrated crisis, which has been illegitimately imposed on the world, and to formally declare that the actions of this corrupt alliance constitute nothing less than crimes against humanity.

We must restore the people’s trust in medicine, which begins with free and open dialogue between physicians and medical scientists. We must restore medical rights and patient autonomy. This includes the foundational principle of the sacred doctor-patient relationship. The social need for this is decades overdue, and therefore, we the physicians of the world are compelled to take action.

After two years of scientific research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared, we have demonstrated and documented our success in understanding and combating COVID-19. In considering the risks versus benefits of major policy decisions, our Global COVID Summit of 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from all over the world have reached consensus on the following foundational principles:

We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.
We declare doctors should not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatment.
We declare the state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated.
We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel and social restrictions must cease.
We declare masks are not and have never been effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus in the community setting.
We declare funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.
We declare no opportunity should be denied, including education, career, military service or medical treatment, over unwillingness to take an injection.
We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government, technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights be upheld.
We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.
We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.
Watch the full video below and DISCUSS with doctors and supporters here. If you have trouble seeing the video, here’s an alternate link. Doctors and medical scientists: you may sign the declaration here.”-

“Dr. Robert Malone – Global COVID Summit, VAIDS & Global Takeover – WHO Pandemic Treaty” “Google censorship [complicit]


NEW YORK CITY KAKISTOCRACY hell commissioner W.H.O employee Ashwin Vasan continues 99.9% survival covid CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ☭卍🐑💉☠️ tue 17 may 2022

*New York City hellth commissioner Ashwin Vasan covid CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY tue 17 MAY 2022
* *****

Dr. Mike Yeadon: On 12 Counts, Your Governments Lied to You About COVID

Dr. Peter Breggin, MD recently interviewed Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of D4CE.

Dr. Michael Palmer & Dr. Arne Burkhardt New Data Autopsy’s Reveal About The Covid Injections


THE COVID LIES, A working draft, April 10, 2022, by Doctor Mike Yeadon, ex Pfizer V.P.
I contend that all the main narrative points about the coronavirus named SARS CoV 2 are lies. Furthermore, all the measures imposed on the population are also lies.  In what follows, I support these claims scientifically, mostly by reference to peer reviewed journal articles. In 2019, World Health Organization scientists reviewed the evidence for the utility of all non-pharmaceutical interventions, concluding that they are all without effect. It is no longer possible to view the last two years as well-intentioned errors. Instead, the objectives of the perpetrators are most likely to be totalitarian control over the population by means of mandatory digital IDs and cashless central bank digital currencies.Testing healthy people should stop. If you’re sick, please stay home. Masks belong in the trash.  Covid-19 gene-based injections are not recommended and must not be coerced or mandated. It is not the purpose of this document to accuse anyone or to assemble the evidence against them at this time.
LIE #1: “SARS-CoV-2 has such a high lethality that every measure must be taken to save lives.” Essential to claim high lethality in order that unprecedented responses may seem justified. THE REALITY is that Early estimates of lethality were very high with, in some reports, an infection fatality rate (IFR) of 3%. Seasonal influenza is generally considered to have a typical IFR of 0.1%. That means some seasons, IFR for flu may be 0.3% and other times, 0.05% or lower. In practise, and this was usual, estimates of IFR for Covid-19 were revised downwards repeatedly and now are generally recognised as in the range of 0.1 to 0.3%. It cannot now be argued that it is significantly different from some seasonal influenza epidemics. Why, then, have we all but destroyed the modern world over it? Doctor John Ioannidis is one of the world’s most published epidemiologists and he has been scathing about the inappropriate responses to a novel virus of not particularly unusual lethality. Like most respiratory viruses, SARS-CoV-2 represents no serious health threat to those under 60 years of age, certainly not children, and is a serious threat only to those nearing the end of their lives by virtue of age and multiple comorbidities.
LIE #2: “Because this is a new virus, there will be no prior immunity in the population.” This remark, made repeatedly early on, aimed to squash any notion that there was a degree of “prior immunity” in the population. Prior immunity and natural immunity are only now, two years in, not considered “misinformation”. This was a straight lie. It’s pretty much never true that there’s no prior immunity in a population. This is because viruses are each derived from earlier viruses and some of the population had already defeated its antecedents, giving them either immunity or a big head start in defeating the new virus. Either way, a sizeable proportion of the population never had cause to worry.
LIE #3: “This virus does not discriminate. No one is safe until everyone is safe.” The intention was to minimise the numbers who might reason they’re not “at risk” people.This claim was always absurd. The lethality of this virus, as is common with respiratory viruses, is 1000X less in young, healthy people than in elderly people with multiple comorbidities. In short, almost no one who wasn’t close to the end of their lives was at risk of severe outcomes and death. In middle-aged individuals, obesity is a risk factor, as it is for a handful of other causes of death.
LIE #4: “People can carry this virus with no signs and infect others: asymptomatic transmission.” This is the central conceptual deceit. If true, then anyone might infect and kill you. Falsely claimed asymptomatic transmission underscores almost every intrusion: masking, mass testing, lockdowns, border restrictions, school closures, even vaccine passports. Asymptomatic transmission is epidemiologically irrelevant. It’s not necessary to argue it never happens; it’s enough to show that if it occurs at all, it is so rare as not to be worth measuring.
LIE #5:
“The PCR test selectively identifies people with clinical infections.” This is the central operational deceit. If true, we could detect risky people and isolate them. We could diagnose accurately and also count the number of deaths. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), at its best, can confirm the presence of genetic information in a clean sample and is useful in forensics for that reason. It involves cycle after cycle of amplification, copying the starting material at the beginning of each cycle. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, won a Nobel Prize for it and often criticised Fauci for misusing that test to diagnose AIDS patients, which Mullis insisted was inappropriate. In a “dirty” clinical sample, there is more than a possible piece of, or a whole, virus which might replicate. There are bacteria, fungi, other viruses, human cells, mucus, and more. It’s not possible unequivocally to know, if a test is judged “positive” after many cycles, what it was that was amplified to give the signal at the end that we call “positive”. In mass testing mode, commonly used, no one ever runs so-called “positive controls” through the chain of custody. That’s diagnostic testing 101. It’s a deception. You can be genuinely positive, yet not ill. There is no lower limit of true detection below which you’d be declared to have some copies of the virus, but declared clinically well. It’s an absurd idea.You can have no virus yet test positive (with or without symptoms). All of these are swept together and called “con”firmed Covid-19 cases”. If you die in the next 28 days, you’re said to be a “Covid death,” no matter what the cause.
LIE #6: “Masks are effective in preventing the spread of this virus.” This is mostly used to maintain the illusion of danger. You see others’ masks and feel afraid. Complying is also a measure of whether you do what you’re told, even if the measure is useless. We have known for decades that surgical masks worn in medical theatres do not stop respiratory virus transmission. Masks were tested across a series of operations by doctors at the Royal College of Surgeons (UK). No difference in post-operative infection rate was seen by mask use. Cloth masks definitely don’t stop respiratory virus transmission as shown by several large, randomised trials. If anything, they increase risk of lung infections. The authorities have mostly conceded on cloth masks. Some people speak of “source control,” catching droplets. Problem is, there is no evidence that transmission takes place via droplets. Equally, there is no evidence it occurs via fine aerosols. No one finds it on masks, or on air filters in hospital wards of Covid patients, either. Where is the virus? Many don’t know that blue medical masks aren’t filters. Your inspired and expired air moves in and out between the mask and your face. They are splashguards, that’s all.
LIE #7: “Lockdowns slow down the spread and reduce the number of cases and deaths.” The most impactful yet wasteful intervention, accomplishing nothing useful. Useful to the perpetrators, however, wishing to damage the economy and reduce interpersonal contacts. This measure was surprisingly tolerated in many wealthy countries, because “furlough” schemes were put in place, compensating many people for not working, or requiring them to work from home.This measure, though among the most repressive acts ever imposed on citizens in a democracy, was intuitively reasonable to many. This is an example of how far off-course uninformed intuition can be. The core idea was simple. Respiratory viruses are transmitted from person to person.  Reducing the average number of contacts surely reduces transmission? Actually, it doesn’t, because the transmission concept is wrong. Transmission is from a SYMPTOMATIC person to a susceptible person. Those with symptoms are UNWELL They remain at home in most cases with no action from the government. Transmission occurred mostly in institutions where sick people and susceptible people were forced into contact: hospitals, care homes, and domestic settings.This is because those involved in the vast bulk of human-to-human contacts are fit and well and such contacts didn’t result in transmission. Essentially, if you’re fooled by the “asymptomatic transmission” lie, then lockdown might make sense. However, since it is epidemiologically irrelevant, lockdowns can never work, and of course, all the voluminous literature confirms this.
LIE #8: “There are unfortunately no treatments for Covid beyond support in hospital.” Reinforced the idea that it was vital to avoid catching the virus. Legally, it was essential for the perpetrators bringing forward novel vaccines that there be no viable treatments. Had there been even one, the regulatory route of Emergency Use Authorisation would not have been available.In my opinion, while all these measures were destructive and cruel, active deprivation of access to experimentally applied but otherwise known safe and effective early treatments led directly to millions of avoidable deaths worldwide. In my mind, this is a policy of mass murder. Contrasting with the official narrative, the therapeutic value of early treatment was already understood and demonstrated empirically during spring 2020. Since then, a sizeable handful of well-understood, out-patent, low-cost and safe oral treatments have been characterised. There is no question that senior advisors to a range of governments knew that so-called “zinc ionophores,” compounds which open channels to allow certain dissolved minerals to cross cell membranes, were useful in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 and should be expected also to be therapeutically useful in SARS-CoV-2 infection. This is a starting point for all of the clinical trials in Covid-19,&, including especially ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (which are zinc ionophores).
LIE #9: “It’s not certain if you can get the virus more than once.” The idea of natural immunity was flatly denied and the absurd idea that you might get the same virus twice was established. This ramped up the fear, which might otherwise have passed swiftly. The government, speaking in uncertain terms on this question, were lying. Those with even a basic grasp of mammalian immunology knew that it wouldn’t be possible to get clinically unwell twice in response to the same virus, or close-in variants of it. Beating off a respiratory virus infection leaves almost everyone with acquired immunity, which is complete, powerful, and durable. Those infected with SARS in 2003 still had clear evidence of robust, T-cell mediated immunity 17 years.
LIE #10: “Variants of the virus appear and are of great concern.” I believe the purpose of this fiction was to extend the apparent duration of the p[L]andemic and the fear for as long as the perpetrators wished it. While there is controversy on this point, with some physicians believing reinfection by variants to be a serious problem, I think untrustworthy testing and other viruses entirely is the parsimonious explanation. I come at it as an immunologist. From that vantage point, there is very strong precedent indicating that recovery after infection affords immunity extending beyond the sequence of the variant that infected the patient to all variants of SARS-CoV-2. The number of confirmed reinfections is so small that they are not an issue, epidemiologically speaking.The variants story fails to note “Muller’s Ratchet,” the phenomenon in which variants of a virus, formed in an infected person during viral replication (in which “typographical errors” are made and not corrected) trend to greater transmissibility but lesser lethality. I do not rule out the possibility that the so-called vaccines are so badly designed that they prevent the establishment of immune memory. If that is true, then the vaccines are worse than failures, and it might be possible to be repeatedly infected. This would be a form of acquired immune deficiency.
LIE #11: “The only way to end the pandemic is universal vaccination.”It’s NEVER been the way prior pandemics have ended, and there was nothing about this one that should have led us to adopt the extreme risks that were taken and which have resulted in hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of wholly avoidable deaths.The interventions imposed on the population didn’t prevent spread of the virus. Only individual isolation for an open-ended period could do that, and that’s clearly impossible (hospital patients and residents of care homes have to be cared for at very least and additionally, the nation has to be supplied with food and medicines).All the interventions were useless and hugely burdensome.  Yet we have reached the end of the pandemic, more or less. We would have done so faster and with less suffering and death had we adopted measures along the lines proposed in the Great Barrington Declaration and used pharmaceutical treatments as they were discovered, plus general improvements to public health, such as encouraging vitamin supplements.It was NEVER appropriate to attempt to “end the pandemic” with a novel technology vaccine. In a public health mass intervention, safety is the top priority, more so even than effectiveness, because so many people will receive it.It quickly became apparent that natural immunity was stronger than any protection from vaccination, and most people were not at risk of severe outcomes if infected.
LIE #12: “The new “vaccines” [experimental graphene H.I.V & spike protein mRNA gene modifiers} are safe and effective.” I feel particularly strongly about this claim. Both components are lies. Separately, the clinical trials were wholly inadequate. They were conducted in people not most in need of protection from safe and effective vaccines. They were far too short in duration. The endpoints only captured “infection” as measured by an inadequate PCR test and should have been augmented by Sanger sequencing to confirm real infection. Trials were underpowered to detect important endpoints like hospitalisation and death.These agents were always going to be toxic. The only question was, to what degree? Having selected spike protein to be expressed, a protein which causes blood clotting to be initiated, a risk of thromboembolic adverse events was burned into the design. Nothing at all limits the amount of spike protein to be made in response to a given dose. Some individuals make a little and only briefly. The other end of a normal range results in synthesis of copious amounts of spike protein for a prolonged period. The locations in which this pathological event occurred, as well as where on the spectrum, in my view played a pivotal role in whether the victim experienced adverse events, including death.There are many other pathologies flowing from the design of these agents, including, for the mRNA “vaccines,” that lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations leave the injection site and home to the liver and ovaries, among other organs.Though many people refuse to accept or even look at the evidence, it is clear that the number of adverse events and deaths soon after Covid-19 vaccination is astonishing and far in excess, in 2021 alone, than all adverse effects and deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the previous 30 years.
Mike Yeadon’s original PDF & website are full of copy pasta errors so had to be corrected to match original.


Dr. Robert Malone Statement- creator of the deadliest mRna clot shot tech


They created an illusion of a pandemic so they could use drugs & vaccines to kill people

WHO & Global Predators Plot Global “Health” Tyranny

* *****
*New UK government data shows the COVID “vaccines” kill more people than they save
*500,000 Americans killed by covid fraud “vaccines”
*U.K government £120,000 compensation for covid fraud “vaccine” damage
*CORRUPT CRIMINAL New York City “health commissioner” QUACK “Dr”. Ashwin Vasan CONTINUES COVID FRAUD CRIMES tue 17 MAY 2022

Previous links, “vaccine” adverse events & deaths report links, Legal notice of liablity for crimes against humanity

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report U.K “vaccine” side effects to (+44) (0)800 100 3352

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Non covid fraud great reset tyranny news:
orinal date 8 apr 2022

Dictators destiny ☭☠️

Ceaușescu karma, history repeats itself

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 13 may 2022 843pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 155S03

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation fri 13 may 2022 843pm GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 155S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.> world premiere monday 16 may 2022 ~ 4pm utc          

automated rough draft transcript [correction, outline, timestamps, funny errors, bold highlights, production notes etc. coming soon]

Power’s gone on this [sony XRS-XB22 wireless & wired speaker bluetooth carcinogen], isn’t it, it only gives you a certain amount of time on it,  Otherwise then it doesn’t work anymore properly or it doesn’t. Level’s all low. No, it’s not working at all. Play. Thats as loud as it goes.. Alright. It’s not. I gotta unplug it, you see. Built in. So it’s Friday, May 13, 2020 two 840. PM 43 PM thanks for visiting George and 100 domains. I shouldn’t be on here, but. I I hate being here in here and I hate being out there, so I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do. I mean, if I was just ready, I could step out. But I’m not. And I don’t need the stress and hassle, so I start my son stuck here and I don’t want to be stuck in here on a Friday Saturday night, especially when I’m I am ready, wide awake to go and I’m not tired or anything. So why? But this has got hikers. It’s midnight over there and you should crash soon and. I sent him a thing about. No, sorry. No videos. No videos today, mine is on. Yours is on. Wait, wait a second. OK, there you’re right. Listen, you are talking about which uncle you had uncle with biological uncle or the uncle from your. Adapted matter no biological when my my biological mother’s brother. Yeah, but I already told. I think I already told you. Right. He got injected and he died a few months later from and they blame it on the. Mixing injection, but they blame it on the fake virus. But you’re the 90 where? When did that happen? The 99.99% survival virus. But in his age group 99.98 per or whatever. Anyway, the point is, and my brother, my, my, my, my friend Bob, the American friend, you know. Yes, I remember. His father died last summer, right. Frank, I didn’t know. Yeah. You know, when I saw it on Facebook, I didn’t think of anything. ’cause. This was early in June. I wasn’t as smart yet. I didn’t put. I didn’t wake up yet in June. I wasn’t. I heard something about nothing. In August, I woke up, so I forgot all about it. And now I asked him last, you know, I said, did he get the? Vaccine anyway. Yes, he got it. And that killed him, obviously. ’cause. Why did he die right after hello. And then the same with Maria’s uncle. Now, I told them not to get it. They they forced him to get it. Maybe he got it. And now he’s hard as finished. OK, alright. Well, what does it mean in a heart is finished. What? What happened? Writing to understand heart maker or. Yeah, like Elton John pacemaker. You know that thing that it makes it beat the electronic OIC. It’s not working anymore properly and deep doesn’t guarantee you long life. And if you didn’t take the injection like Elton John, maybe he got right. He got 20 years ago, he got one because of the cocaine. His heart was ******** from cocaine, but he didn’t. I don’t think he got the injection even though he went, he advertised it on. TV. Are you frozen? It froze. I didn’t hear you. It’s not for one minute. So I didn’t hear you. Yeah. OK. It was frozen for me too. And listen, but you are sure that this is because of vaccine, huh? Well, it happened right after. OK? If we have to just look at the facts. It happened right after or, you know, it happened after after, right. Anyway. So this guy that I was talking while you were writing me some messages and this guy is “vaccinated” [bullshit] as well two times and has very serious heart problems before before the vaccination. So. So it should happen. Something should happen with him too. But it didn’t happen with him yet. Not yet. We have to wait till five years. 510 years. We’ll know. But OK. Hey, are you OK? Yeah. Listen, I will. I had that for one. Suggestion for you. Do you remember I was talking about? Now it is changed. No, no more hostile. She’s. It’s a change. His mind no more, no more, no, now, he said. It’s a cloud club dinner club for St musicians. Not only not only not only. Oh. Come on. Yeah, it’s very important. I will tell you why. Listen, I’m finding looking for very beautiful girls who are singing in the streets. Who comes from other countries to lead and play music in big cities like London or New York or Los Angeles. So I invite them as a musicians to stay in the club in the night. So this helps them to save their money, not to spend their money on hotels, but stay in the club in a dinner club where they have to sink. and this is gonna help us collect people gonna have a dinner and so for musicians you don’t pay any money just let them the night in the—– Play music in big cities like London or New York or Los Angeles, so I invite them as a musicians to stay in the cloud in the night, so this helps them to save their money, not to spend their. Money on hotels but stay in the club in a dinner club where they have to sync. Andy’s gonna help us collect people with gonna have a dinner and social musicians. You don’t pay any money. Just let them stay in the night in the club. Maybe it’s a little bit not precise way of what I wanna tell you. By the way, they gonna perform with Houston music as good musicians. They will be very good to perform with your music for free. OK, this idea doesn’t make you maybe doesn’t have to figure. You know, I have to think about it. But you have to see. But look, this is saving your money not to spend on musicians you have always. Train musicians who are ready to perform so and you help them just to stay the night in your club. You club. It keeps it’s another nightclub, but let’s say. So that’s community community. Let’s say it’s a community community. OK, alright, man. Hey, you’re probably tired, right? It’s almost. It’s midnight there. Yeah, but then fine. So what else? I was gonna tell you. The moment there’s. So, yeah, I think it’s a very good time to start thinking to get real estate because solar is losing its power. Doing everything I’ve been following a lot of stuff. Did you see on my website I go to a lot of stuff. You don’t go. You should have a quick look. ’cause I save you a lot of time searching **** because I put I put the. Stay there. Coming up with no shirt but the bottom line is you know WHO is Chinese and Bill Gates, tyranny WHOWN they want to continue. They want to continue and you know the COVID was. I I don’t be careful ’cause. I don’t know. Maybe even vinial. They don’t like it when I the letting me. They took down one video where I was going a bit crazy about Bill Gates. They took off that one where I was saying go get there, that maybe they took it off. But but all the other ones they left up so, but I I know they don’t like this. So what is now the comic situation in London? It’s over, yes, but they want to continue with climate change. This is the whole point, right? Is it too late, man? Maybe it’s better in the daytime for you. I don’t want. No, it’s fun. But he said so. Yeah. I was gonna ask you about your friends who’ve made this. Arthur. Arthur, your friend are too list prances trying to go somewhere or he thinks feel that he will have problems in. In the borders with this vaccination. Go coding. It’s not an accident where it’s over fake vaccine. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a *******. Oh yeah. OK, great. Chris. Yeah, it’s it’s. Who wants me? We didn’t get this vaccine. What is your friend’s plans? He thinks he can travel now. They stopped the stupid, the fake test. They stopped there for Greece, but it’s not. It’s not in America. No, you still have to do the fake test for America. So I can’t control you think our tool wants to go to America or to Greece? Yeah, Jack, I will see. I don’t know yet. I only talk to him. You. Talk to Arthur. So you are asking about my friend. My friend Mike or my friend. From 20 years ago, there was a guy who. No, not talking, but I’m gonna ask. Computer order is, by the way, now in our meals and a good situation. In this case that a lot of girls available these.’cause that’s what we have in the streets now. It’s very peaceful and you can meet a lot of girls. They are talkative. You want to make friends you know. Usually go to any demonstrations you have been learned. Then you will have a chance to meet Nice ladies. This is the best way to to meet the ladies. I did it. You know my last video on my website is that 4 hour video demonstration protest and I brought the big camera. And I was so. Interactive. No, no, no, no. I was so dumb. I screwed up because I’m. I’m saying hello to the women. For example, there’s one woman alone. And I didn’t even notice. She, she’s pretty. I didn’t even notice I was like, it took too busy doing this and then OK. And I’m looking at the video. I’m like, why didn’t I stay there a few minutes? Because you were in another rolls, another passion like revolutionar. I’m a revolution focker. I’m not a pleasure. Agitator or activists? I don’t want to be too much active this, but yeah. OK, so yeah, one problem I have right now. What is that? A couple things, man. The one thing is, uh, if if, if, if me or that other guy goes anywhere. What do you mean? Oh yeah. Arthur Arthur. From Verna sentence. Yeah, he’s he’s, he’s. He’s sometimes. I see him in the gallery, but. Yeah, but yeah, if if he. There’s there’s other questions, you know, like. 10 million. My problems break under return. Or yeah, to get the test or something like that, or to come back in, they can say if this time, then yeah, as they say, fake. Whatever. Rise again. Of course. They gonna stop you with tests with other sheep. Who knows what’s gonna happen? OK? And another problem. It’s Friday night. And I I can’t. No, I’m never ready to go outside to to, because if I go outside then I have to start drinking. You know, the, you know the culture here. They’re standing outside the pubs. I know if you don’t drink your big strange, I mean, yeah, but you could drink some soda stuff or or just water coloured water. Make it like your, did you say put some some fruit in your drink and it will make you like you are drinking. These killers, like the pink fake fake out. If you go to these pubs, it’s it’s good to buy something. So you’re not. I mean, if it’s outside, you don’t have to buy it. But if I buy something so I can hold something. So I’m not just standing there. What do I do if I buy beer? I gotta. I’m gonna be drunk in. A few hours after, So what water I buy mineral water? Yes, OK you can do this. You can buy the beer, but not during that beer and put it this beer into your pocket and get out from your packet. Another fake dear. Fake beard and and then cry like you are drunk. Just playing. I want to show that you are drunk and ladies are OK with drunk people. You know, sometimes they they trust drunk at little bit drunk, tipsy, tipsy guys, then very much so sober once. I find out that when you are drunk, ladies are more gently with you then. The silver ones. So you don’t have pubs over there. Do you have bars here? We have thousands, thousands and thousands. It’s too. Too many. But you don’t go, you see. You know, you know my chase, I’m stingy. I have this problem. This is a real disease. And one more thing. I find out that this stage in this is not a problem of character, but it’s probably a brain problem. Sometimes I ask myself if I will have $1,000,000, would I spend $10 a day in the bars? I say maybe two or three dollars. It’s like, I don’t know your. Not stingy, frugal, frugal. Maybe frugal. Yeah, but it’s a really serious problem. You know, the extreme will say this is your last day. Word. Morning. Did you have $1,000,000 pending? I would go and ask excuse me, how much is this phone now or no? Could you make it up twice? I would still disturbed like your billing. The person you’re modest is the opposite of extravagant. It’s a problem. You know you have to count. You have thousands and thousands and you have only two days of life. You have to divide into two days. It’s. So my my problem is. Uh, I don’t feel like going outside in in the crazy all the hullabaloo, the mayhem, the, the crowds. OK, it’s very crowded. Fine. Can tell you why. Because you live in the middle of crowds, this area where you live, you see them all day round. If you would live somewhere far away, you would just imagine to get there where you are now to enjoy this crowds. But when you live in the middle, you you just. She’s so so tiresome. Is that why I’m hesitant? Because I even Friday I decided Friday, Saturday. I want to go out, but every time I’m like. Another problem is when you are up early in the morning or you are getting prepared very much too much energy you are spending on turn waiting for that moment when you walk out. This is making you annoying. It’s too much responsibility makes on you want to feel. If I will go out and nothing’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be a. Where’s The Dirty bad for me and that baby dad kills seeing you this discussion. Yeah, I made a new friend this week and somebody was they saw my. Camera or my suitcase? Better background blog. I made a new friend. I sat down for maybe two hours. We spoke with him and some lady. And I was thinking good. I made another friend, right. I made a new friend. So then at the end I say so Saturday night, do you go to the bars? You go out somewhere? He’s like, Oh no, never. I’m like. Here is unexpected answers can can can happen in the life sometimes you think oh it’s in my type. Maybe this is real. My typing all of a sudden he will say something that will shock you. I was like, no, no, not even when I make new friends. They’re not gonna be there on Saturday night. They’re not. They’re unavailable. They’re, you know. Hey, people should be sometimes flexible. I told myself I am the champion in flexibility. Hey, also one more thing. One more thing man. Everybody is injected right lot half the people are injected. Yeah. So they go to my website, I show them my website and then they see on my. I’m very rude on my website about you. No, I thought, you know, I put a sheet. You know, I had three sheep. You know, the sheep, right? For the wolf, so I put that. I put three sheep, then the injection. And then a skull and bones, right? Just show what’s happened. I know it’s just kind of bad, though. It’s satire. OK, but but they see this. And then when they see me again, I notice they changed before. Before going to my website, they’re like, hi, how are you after my website? And and and if I have and people are looking at the telephone, they look at my and then they look at their telephone. I can usually I’m thinking when I can tell if they went to the website by their face, if their faces like this. Jill, tell me seriously. Did you have this kind of problem like talking to a beautiful girl that you want to kiss her every part of the body? And you are giving them your website and and you have a chance to have this relation and after they see your. For website they just dream you have this problem many times many times. So why do you think you have a safe word? Why don’t you have a safe website especially for this kind of girls? Because I surgery correct one where you are talking about. Big science fair something. It’s a very faithful, unconcerned don’t you have very conservative boring? I I will do that when I have a relation with them. Next day I would give the real one. Hey, show was gonna toss it or. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Because they search me on Google. I never. I never use Google Now I found other search engines like Quant QQW. I’m using that new word. Yeah, I’m using that one that’s French, but I hope it’s not. Tyranny. But anyway, I’m if they search me, they find they maybe they see The X Factor video and they think I was really naked. Yeah, ’cause today I got an email from. I got a messenger thing from my cousin. American cousin, right? Yeah. She’s 20 years older than me. She’s a doctor. Very serious. Doctor, right? Yeah, but she’s anyway, she said ’cause. We didn’t talk in 10 years. She used to give me Christmas card every year. She used to send me family Christmas cards. So they liked me back. But then they stopped ’cause. I didn’t send them. I forgot to send. And I saw her at a funeral a few years ago, but my point is she never talks to me. Even like on Facebook, I sent a hello. And they’re not gonna answer, right. And today, now, many years later, she sends me a thing. Is this your photo? And there’s. It’s two emojis. I saw my telephone. I thought it was smiling. Laughing emoji. You know, emoji. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But then when I looked on the computer, it was bigger. It wasn’t laughing. It was one was like this like that. And the other was crying. Like a lot of crying. Yeah. So either she saw The X Factor video and she thinks I had my. Or she saw I had some on my website. I had little bit, you know, little. You know what I mean? Like sex in the city and not showing everything but little. Yeah. So if you find out where which photo maker? She sent the bad link. It’s not opening, but I’m thinking what to tell her if because I know it’s not anything. I I never showed everything. Right? So. Say that you can’t open the link. Where is it in the video or in the photo? If it’s a photo shows no problem, I think you don’t have some and you can say it’s a plague, like faking that Photoshop Deepfake. Yeah. Yeah. I was thinking of some. But I want to say to not make an argument because you can say one thing and then she says this and then you say that. And then I wanna do this. So. So. So I was gonna say one thing just to make everything like one good thing to say. Everybody has advantages and disadvantages. And family love is unconditional or or or. Yeah. Yeah. You really find out who your friends and family are when you’re in in a, you know, sometimes in life. They said this in life, general. They said, you know, when things are going bad for someone that he finds out who his real friends and family are, right, ’cause they’re supposed to be there for you when you’re in trouble. Right over here. You know, so if it’s a silly photo, whether you’re, I mean, come on. But he did he write something bad according to that photo or no. What made you feel that she is disappointed because she put she just put your photo? And then she put two emojis 11 like. And one crime photo? Which photo? That could be, but the the photo it says or something and it goes to you. You look. It’s it’s either extract or or maybe some little bit to provocative ones that I put on my website. You know, I put bold, funny maybe, maybe just the virus virus. Sometimes viruses traveling from one message to message to another message. He wrote it to you by mail or by Facebook. Facebook. I said messengers. OK. I I was thinking so many things to say, right. Like another thing I was gonna say, but I’m not gonna say it. Other way I put I could go that they hired me. They told me to do it. Yeah. My mother told me to do it. You know, my mother in Greece, she told me to do everything. But she she’s a village person. She doesn’t know better. But she told me to do it. Do it. And she’s anything I want. She says do it. Of course. This is my actors designation. I I was hired to perform this role, so I did. Sometimes you can play a murder. Whatever Hitler. You can play. You can play. Whatever. So it’s after position here. He has to play any roles that directory suggesting. So you were suggested that. That’s it anyway, so they they stopped the the test. Now to the gravel pit and all that. Anyway, So what are you doing this summer? Where are you? I was thinking to do something. Yeah, I want to go to the first Poland and then make some more somewhere more. First World War. So under. 2. 3. And remember, when the water came up and you took my you saved my. Yeah, yeah, you membered that twice man in and and I’m not sure. That’s what I mean. So much, but virchis, that was the worst. Remember verticies up it came all the way up and I was swimming and it was all the way to the. Yeah yeah, to the to this places where we’re laying down tonight. Get to the camper van. Remember the German camper van. Oh yeah, yeah, the restaurant. But remember, Eric? Yeah. You picked it up. The whole ******* beach was flooded. So yeah, all of a sudden they’re part of it. Anyway, part of it ’cause. Yeah, ’cause. It’s very long. It didn’t cover the whole entire, but it took a big part. And if you weren’t there, if you weren’t there, my, my stuff would have been washed away. Right. So you might be. By the way, if I change that message message, did you check out all these messages in videos? There’s some of them. Could be nice, right? I did I I got to. You know, I’m gonna have to sit down many. Oh man, you you need person like me to start watching it over and over and putting some some notes. Otherwise alone. You’re not gonna be able to do it in 10 years because you are here too many, too many. But remember this ten years you gonna spend for that you have to. So it’s it’s it’s going faster than you can. Look over them. Do I say Craig? Catch up. Yeah, you are videoing sponsored. Then you are editing. This is made and it will grow and grow and grow. And it’s not just that it’s it’s not worth putting on the Internet. I get a few 100 views. It’s a ****. I’m not gonna get any money, nor any traffic ’cause. They have to be able to say well, even though they have to be short term because now area and short life is everybody wants to see it like in five minutes. The the two did you have for two hours. They want to see them in seven minutes and that’s it. Otherwise, nobody has this go hours to see and watch to wear slowly. Going sitting down, slowly talking. It’s. There’s some people who like slow motion fumes, but not. Majority Majority wants to do it like Snapchat. For example, today I wasted the whole day trying to load my chat. I have a chat with somebody let’s even even ask. For example, we have a chat, it goes back maybe 5-6 years, right? And I wanted to say that or it may be video photo, I don’t know. Should I video it? But it doesn’t let you. It goes really crazy after a few years it doesn’t load properly very well because you couldn’t copy. Just make the copy and to make it all over the the words you mean the the chat that is written, right? Yes. Let’s say our chat right for example. Easily you can copy it. Just making a blue bluing it, blowing it down, highlight and then making copy control. Would you have your Mac, Macintosh, apples? Apple V. No, we space cutting paste. Yeah, but but OK to load it. Do I have to scroll 1000 times back to six years? I think yes. You see, I did that and it took six hours today and and and then I didn’t do **** I didn’t save it properly. It didn’t. It wouldn’t let me come back down. And I don’t feel like spending another six hours photographing it or video. I don’t know. Should I do video or photo? Anyway, I’m thinking, but I wanted to see no video, no video. It’s not. Good idea where I can stay with you? I have to scroll another thousand times down now. I scrolled up 1000 times. I got six years of chat and and then I went. How do I save this now? They should have a button that lets you save it, man. Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna ask some people, my people how it’s. Cut symbol to do. Maybe I should. Yeah. You can’t do all copy paste. You know Apple all Apple C, Apple V because a lot of them are photos and videos, right? So it’s not gonna copy paste all the photos and videos, but anyway. Right, Copy control A would work. Control all word. Then it could be and then I’m taking word. Unknown website where I want to copy all this information. For example it includes all the photos and other things and then I paste it on my message on my. Telephone. So I have pulled the photos on the details. Everything that it’s sometimes it’s annoying and I keep deleting all these photos that is included because I want for example I want some information that it was there. Can you please? OK I will find it out. I’m gonna tell you. Can you show your face? Can you show your face? It’s too close. OK. Please. Anyway, OK well. Turn prepare to talks, so that’s fine. But he’s OK, right? Yeah. I went to Brighton last weekend. I went to the beach. Page break. Crazy. I should have taken you there. You know, I’m a few years ago it was heat wave here. All July was too hot. I should have gone. I should have gone to Brighton. ’cause, you can swim. It’s possible to strike Brighton anything around and not one hour a week on the train. I see. I see. And when it’s swimming place? I didn’t know that he loved the people swimming there. Ocean, or in the C 45 minutes away, Brighton very nice resorts. Nice, nice beach. But I mean, the beach is not sand, it’s stones, big stones. But it’s still very nice compared to or nothing and end it when it’s heat wave. When it’s too hot the water is fine because you weren’t cold water. When it’s too hot anyway. So it’s it’s no problem. I don’t know this all these all these decades I was here, but the beach girls sleep or eat slowly goes like enough things. Uh. A paper. No, it was shadow for a bit. But yeah, I think he dropped so fast. So you can’t walk in the shallow water. You have to just dive now. You can’t go now, ’cause. They’re standing up. They’re standing up. Most people, they’re standing. But you think they have people on the seaside, right? I hope. You are not alone there. Not full. Yeah. This is a good start when. I’m not sure this with me. I’m more for seeing you know, it says. So social, social, it could be rotating or if you want some, if you wanted some peace. Hey, crush.’cause this guy was laughing behind me. He was going. Right behind me. I was like, oh, God, shut the F up. What happened man? Is it calling? Ready to call? Size. Get Kirsten didn’t hear anything. The best minute where? I know. Me too. Again. But now it’s OK. Hey, what were we saying? And one kept laughing like this. It’s like shut the ****. You have to ignore, otherwise conflicts are everywhere everywhere. Anyway, I’m surprised you are not the giving Kimbolton to some societies in London. There are so many societies by interests. For example, there are people like. Show group T people who were and they get together all the time and they’re making some. How do you say something in? Summer tours. Versions lyrics, curtains or how do you say no fun case for when they go to? Before Easter Day, you have a dinner. How do they call it? Banquet. Wait. Yeah. Anyway, yeah, they they have Karl Marx tour here. They said they said the best thing Karls Marx the best gift Karl Marx gave to to the world is he died. That’s the best thing. Seriously. Seriously, they said. WHO? Tedros you know. So there are Marxist these guys, they’re all like the Chinese, that tyranny, totalitarian tyranny. They want to control everybody injected. Did you see that Jewish guy? You know the WAFL, count Schwab? You know him, Klaus? Not Charles. close, you know, close clouds. You don’t know what WFW World Economic Forum. You know any of this **** because you you don’t have any? No, I know. Of course I know. Economical’s. Anyway. They’re trying to continue this ******** and trying to force everybody to, to. And I know I can speak. So tell crowds crowds is dead. He died. Cannabis freeze. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not. Better you’re moving. Anyway, man, I’m telling you, man, the the. OK. We’ll talk another time, buddy. I put everything on my website. I don’t wanna repeat everything, but it’s tyranny and they’re trying to continue it now with the climate, they they tried the virus fraud. Now they’re gonna try the climate fraud all to bring the digital passports to bring the Chinese tyranny. WHL wants to do this. They’re trying to sneak in the plan. Demik. Treaty to force everybody to do what they say, but then people are trying to fight back. It’s great. I don’t know how they can do it, but I’m telling you whow, EF, UN and EU, they’re all trying to be Chinese Communist China tyranny and and don’t tell me that. Don’t tell me communism in Armenia was fantastic. ’cause now. With the with the digital identity shift, and they’re going to force you to get injected them and kill you if they don’t like you. If you say anything like like critical. So injection thing, it killed a lot of people, right? And they knew. Don’t do that, but. Turn the situation when you your knowledge will be not enough to tell something bad against them. You will be very damn you will be very much slow, so you will be busy with hard work. So you will be never able to sing and understand that they are bad. On the top top. I mean, they know what they’re doing. Try this theory. By this theory they are not interested that you will have free time to to to to get. Here’s to be developed so then to everything for you to have very narrow view of vision of life funds. Listen there that material life will force you to think only about nice food about nice. Electronics House and all your time you will be dedicating to this to to get this. Material things. Now this is the situation everywhere in the world. Ask somebody’s some ideological thing, some creative things about beauty and this and that. No, people are busy with work, hard work because they have to work to work there. We don’t know what’s up, but the battle is. No end in the world. So my advice is watch out with dollars. Go and get some properties. Some real estate, only real estate. Because about gold, I would never recommend just for the state anywhere in the world, but better than the places where it’s safe. America, maybe America real estate in America. I don’t know if the prices are now good or bad, but. Because now China is trying to put the dollar down. According to every prices as accountancy it will go, it will sink not very deep but it will lose during this five coming here about 30% of the value it has now. The dollar is losing every or 3%. Did you know that? No. Every year equal, it’s losing its value about 3% against all the goods in the world. I mean, the rally states who the transportation while materials everything 3% dollar is always thinking why because they are producing too much you know I mean they should produce they they they should print nutso. Might as they do, they should print some quantity, but not as much as they are doing. Last, let’s say 5060 years. Periodically they are putting little down every year, so we can’t understand it. We just see the prices are going up, but the prices are the same. According to their value. Why the two days rising? Why the row state is rising? Because dollar is sinking not only dollar euro all the currencies in the world. That’s why currency is not the good way to preserve money. Real estate is the safest. Tell me joke. Because each problem as well, well state as our growing 5% a year every sometimes yeah it can go down but if you calculate in a long term long term long term it’s it’s 5% and. Almost 5% a year, so if you. Minus 3% of value of dollars, so it’s 2% a year. It goes up. What’s a silver? Maybe you have more good specially surround. You would recommend you want to do because I’m not a professional, but I’m in that as well. I have some knowledge is so. But still no think about it and. Make consultations with them because it’s a shame to lose it. Increase what happened this year because these two years is gonna go faster because China and some other countries try to rush or dollar start making their operations in their own currencies and it means dollars. Will be less important and yours as well. Would you? Would you? Would you ever go to China? No, I have a friend in Hong Kong. I really. I wish I went now. ’cause. Now it’s too late. It’s too dangerous now. Right? But before it was free, wasn’t it? A few years ago, I could have gone. Enjoyed. Yeah, but what to do there? I don’t know. Because it’s there’s no European people, very few foreigners, right, very few foreigners. But yeah, you. Chinese ladies stories there will be couple of non Chinese, some of us it will be it will be very much competitive. There will be very much and obviously snob high, yes snobby but Taiwan is still free, right? But but there’s this guy, there’s this guy Winston Wu. He’s on the Internet he’s got. You know how I found him? He’s got a website,, and the whole his whole life is about telling people it’s much better in in Russia. How to get a girlfriend or a wife that his whole thing? Is this, right? So you don’t like because he’s easy. Just easy snap. Better. But it’s easier, cheaper. And your friend? If I’m chameleons of dollars, it would be the best place to flirt for me. Could be. Maybe. Let’s say you’re sober. Inground France or this this type of or our merica? But you know how each if you’re modest builds better Russian. You know how I found them many years ago I searched stud. Yes. I’m a stud. My song. I wanted to see. Yeah. I wanted to see if there’s other songs with that title. Or if my son was there, so I put I’m a stud and and one of the things that came up it said I must study in the Philippines. So I clicked on it, I clicked on it and it went to his website. So that’s how I found out about him. And he says he writes beautifully. Right. Like he did, you know, trip to. Russia, like us, and he did like maybe 100 page. You know the document, you know, but very well written. Very nice, but it’s too long to to it. I I can’t. I don’t wanna read 100 pages, you see. But he should. He should. Speak about Riddick. Yeah, I would buy it if it was on your book. It’s so good, right? So he has one thing about Taiwan. He is from Taiwan. He’s a Chinese. Chinese. Yeah, but now he got short and he doubled in size. Now I think so. It’s not good. But anyway, he says. He says Taiwan is the most unfriendly, snobby, terrible people in the world, he said for him, and he’s from there, he’s from there. It happens. You know, it happens everywhere. You leave, you criticize because you are rejected every time you are rejected. You think it’s because you are living in the wrong place and somewhere else it’s beautiful. It’s much, much better. All these people are like that. Probably make one tool to Russia. And he was young. He was successful. He spent very few money and got a lot of nice ladies. That’s why he’s gonna keep telling that Russia is the best. Russia is the best. OK, Moscow is probably not the best because now the prices are high and you not gonna be very successful in Moscow if you are spending the same money as you. Many, many years ago now that crisis are totally different. So that’s why I remember last time I was in Moscow. It’s not so easy. It’s only the only chance you will have some drunk lady Try to flirt me in Red Square when last time I was there with there were too much external gun. They were talking loud laughing and I was little bit confused. That’s why it was not active. So some other guys got damn and I was feeling very shape that I lost them. They were about 25 or whatever and very beautiful, very attractive. I keep thinking I’ve made some activities because I was. It was strange all of a sudden they start flirting. You just came and started talking, laughing and they start hiding and getting my hands or whatever. I feel like what’s happening man. It’s not because it was just my luck that at that moment, that’s the moment and place corresponding to the situation that the thing happened and this is the thing that we’re in brush. It happens much often than other places. If it would happen once in a million years. Masco probably every 10 days you will get the situation if you are in a right place. The right places, Red Square or some brand very twisty where people are drinking, having fun and decent that happy where people happy with the places where make people happy. Probably this is the reason maybe in the Soho as well you could get some. Beautiful ladies in a correct situation, if you are in the right place. Hey, further if Arthur, if they don’t let him back in the country, he needs immigration lawyer, right? To come back to London without a taste test. No, because everything is so crazy at the moment. They can make up any reason and say you can’t come in anymore. They can say Brexit finished. You don’t get your, you don’t have your papers. They can say they can say American. The standard situation every Greek can travel to London without any visas. Battle situation is a little bit different. I think far too. No, but wait, maybe they said they they should have for us to trust with people, especially order as soon as they leave to last ten years or something. Before break Brexit, they were there so they can keep living there as long as they want. Because to for people like Michael, my friend who lives in Poland situation is this. He can live in London only six months a year. Look OK, duck duck. OK, look, it’s good to have immigration lawyer number just in case, right? So so we should always have, right? Regulations are anywhere Internet just go making quantity as you said, put the the sentences immigration in London after Brexit, for Greeks for example, or some other other situation. People who lived long. Great, great passport in London. Conde live longer. What’s the? What’s the regulation for this type of people? You have to help with want to understand what you want and then it will enlarge in your ideal with special orders and putting the authors who. Check it for you if you want. And I even they can say we didn’t like a website. You can’t come in anywhere. No, no, no, it’s it’s impossible. It’s website. What is the business freedom of speech. They. They’re never gonna do it. Especially when your website doesn’t break the security of the country. It’s just. I think it’s a small thing. It’s it’s. It could be like, let’s say this guy whose name, but I don’t remember. Down stick. What? Julian Assange? Yeah. He because he was opening some secrets to very military Shelly. Complete military, military, military stopping. So it’s only because that even after that. Remove speech. He could just be trying to say. It’s not my idea. Somebody else gave me and goalkeepers. No, I mean in R2 skills. We’re talking about your friend. He has no reason. No reason. Absolutely. Americans. He’s happy. He’s. Yeah. He’s got American. They can come in for 90 days anyway, right? Yes, I was in America. And as in the Greek another 90 days, I think more half a year. It’s not bad. As soon as they leave there longer than five years, I know. Yeah, it’s all to matically. You can stay as long as he wants. It’s only for newcomers, newcomers. They can stay there 90 days or what? Their regulation. Usually they say half a year. 19 years for the half a year, I mean every three months you have to be there and then back and then then for three months you have to spend somewhere else and then back again. You can come, but not for monthly there, but for your, for the case of your. Frankly, he’s crazy to stay there. I have some Polish. I know from Poland they live in England and they work somewhere in England. Nobody stops them. Nobody said you are a Polish. You have to go back so they keep living there and they work. Maybe it’s because of the work. Yeah, I will take Durham. Ember II introduce you to the ladies name was Magda. That. Gypsy Skylab lady. She didn’t work, I think. Oh no, she was scared. Taking care of bold Grady, maybe that’s the work she. She does, and that’s why she lives there. Another reason I don’t like to go out so much. Remember we went also with you and also with my other friend. Sometimes you go out and if you don’t talk and nobody talks to you, you’re just standing there all night. OK, one thing is this. You scared me. That you, your friend scared me. Calling the Greeks never talk and eat. Stop, meet paralyze me. I was thinking. Oh really? It’s it’s a shame. So you find will try couple of times and they will ignore me. I will be. Just as a loser. And that’s why I was always trying not to bother, not to talk, not. But in reality, it’s not right thing you told me. Really. Because I remember last day. Me and your friend are to went to that club where it was opening something you remember. Sure. Ladies were talkative, very much crying. I felt like I could do something and I was not dressed well and I was shamed that maybe they will feel under just. How? From nowhere. Who’s this guy from nowhere? That was I was. That’s why I was confused. And some of these birds are so loud. You get a shot, so you’d be shouting all night. Yeah, but the last thing we went to that place opening that I, I don’t remember. It was her dress opening or or or fashion club opening hearing member that. Yeah. But give that play. You didn’t talk to anybody. Madam did nothing I did. I did I I was contacting some but I felt like something could happen. And only because I was confused that maybe Greeks are like that. I should never disturb them. And that made me like it’s not good, is it? It’s no good. Anyway, I never think of it as a. Stomach exercise to shout all night that it’s like it’s going to instead of sit-ups. I I mean I did some setups in the Swiss ball. Yeah. You know, the Swiss ball. There’s a ball and then you can do sit-ups on it. No, I’m just. What does it give? It’s supposed to make your stomach. You know, I mean, you’re barely to go down. Yeah, get defined like before, right? But I’m thinking shouting in the bar all night. That’s also good for the stomach. Does your stomach right? But you have to have to shout with stomach, have to have someone to shout with. He magin you are alone. Anyway, man, **** I think there’s so many nice places like in Poland where I was attending. Letter. Russian speaker theater, English speaker, theater, English speaking. Pull up. They were so many. You go on people. If you will give very passive they will talk to you. Did you did you go to Lemon? Yes. Yes. In the streets. Saint Petersburg. Where ladies, ladies and ladies are not from lending rat. Only every from everywhere to tourism, German lady said. I talked every time I made, by the way, my, my. You take my, my love. I loved her so much. I kept contact with her for a long, long time. But did you go to Saint Petersburg or no. Oh yeah, have you been? Two times that I loved it. I loved it. You know, you don’t know theater boost, do you? Theater Bush, St. Petersburg now I went there. But anyway, OK, why are you asking? Because one. Because there’s a nice theater with like a. So it couches all these women were sitting in couches and you could go talk to anybody. You could walk around. I never saw this, Sir, except here. Maybe Cafe Nero outside. They let you sit there for free and they’re two. You can go in there. Hey, what’s up time? It’s normal when you talk to ladies in the streets it’s it’s never forbidden. It’s even it’s it’s. It’s very fashionable when you talk, when you don’t talk. This is strange for sometimes they see who’s this guy not talking weird. So so your friend Bill. Bill bill. Increase the guy who said you’re pulling the fast one in Greece. Bill. Remember 75 year old. Test. The Great American. You didn’t like him because he said you were. You pulled a fast one. You tried to pull a fast one. Your bill. OK. Yeah. I hear you know what he said. He said beer gives you high blood pressure drinking beer. Really. So that’s why I’m hesitating to drink beer now. I’m like **** man. I don’t want to, you know, one second days. It’s OK. I know I have some friends who are drinking paint bottles a day and they have no problems, man. ’cause here. They do pints, right, or a bottle. OK, if you go out Saturday night. OK.**** man. Hey, what time do you a big problem for me also is, is meals, dinner, dinner time is big problem. You know why? You know why Friday? Saturday. It’s a big problem because if I don’t time it correctly then I don’t go out. OK, listen, if you are eating a lot your tires, you. Yeah, but keep with you when you this Friday night for Friday nights to be ready to go out, eat your food and sleep. After that, for two hours in the afternoon and then you will be up all night. Before, when I was a student, I used the restaurant was 6:30 to 7:30 right? So dinner was always around. Then 6:37 o’clock dinner, and then by by ten o’clock 9:10. O’clock. I’m out. I’m in the bars. It’s perfect. But now dinner is 10:00 o’clock. And then by midnight, I’m like ******. After ten people want to sleep because food is tiresome, it makes you sleep. It’s because your stomach is working so hard and you read that it you want to sleep. Yeah. And you were right about the nap. I took a nap the other day. One Saturday, remember I said Saturday? I’m always one Saturday. I slept in the afternoon and I was all night. I was like. If you take a nap and that’s why I’m the problems. If you have a nap, it’s no problem. And and also I I drank some juice some. Visible and spend the Berry juicy so you know how much fructose is in this. It’s natural sugar, right? No added sugar, but there’s so much natural sugar in it. It was. I was up till 5:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel like sleeping. It was only truth or some. Some vegetables. Vegetables. Yeah. Yeah, vegetables and nothing more. Yeah, hard chemistry. Yeah. Yeah. No, no, no. It’s it’s like I always check. I check ingredients, expiration dates and temper temper. But but they break. Hey, you know that I got some popcorn yesterday. So I checked the ingredients are no I always I know. OK, so expiration date now for the tampering I checked to see if the air is tight. If it’s airtight. Yeah. So it was airtight. And then when I got home. It was. There’s no longer excitement, so the Arab was out, right? So it’s no longer fresh anymore. So. So now, does that mean the popcorn I have to eat it fast or like, in, in in? No, it’s OK. I eat without thinking about it, and it’s not correct. It’s. I mean, I don’t think about freshness so carefully. Sometimes things can be leaked. Not so fresh. I I don’t eat fresh things. Tomatoes are very old. Right. I don’t know, maybe 30 days old tomatoes I eat and it’s fun.**** in the fridge. It’s almost crumpled tomatoes. My apples are camper. I mean, I had tomatoes cake. I change styles right. Like I I got this time. I got heritage tomato. It’s it’s very special style here. It’s heritage. It’s called. Very nice. They have a mixed pack. Organic, yellow, orange, red. Right. OK, so I had it in the fridge two weeks and then after like. After 10 days, one of them yellow, it was all full of mold, disgusting all fuct up. Right rotten. But the others were OK. So I hope you wait. You didn’t all them away, alright. The rest here. Hey. Hey. This this stop, Sir. This drops volume. It stops being loud after. Well, you know it doesn’t. They gave this to me for free at the Sony in Greece and it only works for a little bit. If it’s too loud, it stops the volume drops. Because the it’s not well charged. Disappear and never let. So I have to pull it out and then put on the the speaker here. Or sometimes it lets you redo it very much. I should have tried it again. So again, I’m gonna tell you this, this idea that occurred to me. One second, one second enemy. 20%. Sorry, let me turn it off ’cause, if it picks it, it’s OK. One more time, one more time. Yeah, this idea is this, this idea that came up at the beginning of our conversation is the cafeteria that you gonna open. It will help you to make some. Gigs light logins with this musicians discussing about life, not about music only, but about life, about their lifestyle. They’ll tell unusual stories. Only St musicians have very bitter life. Very unusual. Life always. I talk to them. I made them barely. As I never met a street musician with average stories, airy, crazy stories, very unusual stories love stories, whatever. But of course most of them will be ladies you might once in Greece with the lady you remember the street musician. Syntagma Square now remember from Boland? Yep. Did you talk to her? No. You did. No, no. Imagine if she could make blogging with you. You would talk and it will be online. It will will be your own and you will be staying next room or next floor or somewhere. It has to be very compact maybe. One room or maybe two rooms, one kitchen, one room, and you were freaking room for you. And that’s it. You don’t need help, Harry. Huge apartment or whatever. But it could be much nicer if it could be on the 1st floor on the 2nd floor. So think about. Good day. Good idea. And you could shoot films even with with this. People and they could pay you money so you could go to earn money. You could live there. You could turn your own fruit. You could have special kitchen where all these people could come and teach. Somebody knows how to make nice foods. At course they could be involved in this. This is like a reality show. OK, so tiring you, but still I’m just the. Thinking is I see this. I see this idea. OK. I don’t feel like you are in in this. One day you will come in. You have to add it first. I have to add it. I did final cut on my last one. I did I I know basic final cut. I know now. I mean the ten I know final cut 710 years ago. But now I know final cut 10 little bit. You don’t need to have the last final cards at. Let me just list standard things I like. No, no, no, no. Yeah. I mean a few things. OK. But now it’s like there’s always a problem. Now they’re telling me. Hurry up or do this, you know, before the summer is finished, you gotta do this and then. Arthur singer. Hurry up. It’s why I say that you need to end to do all these things because there are some good board them things you’re not gonna spend your summer time just doing that. That’s why a person next to you could help and watch it over. Delete koupit, make notes and some duration and some certificacion. OK. Here. Speak about it and. So our neighbor. But you do it every day, you dedicate at least one or two hours to work average. You go to your videos, so that’s what I want to ask you. One more thing. So I have conversations like this, for example, OK like this for example. Yeah, this is one hour conversation. So. I need to I need the transcript. I’m otherwise if I don’t have the transcript, I have to sit there with my final cut and listen. Can you hear me? It stopped it again. Keep every time I move this damn cable. Even though we grill a tape and all that, she keeps disconnecting the piece of. Jesus. OK, you’re back. OK. Can you hear me now? It’s OK. Yeah. So the question is transcript, correct. Let me know if I will eat tribal. Thank you. Magic. One time, my freezing will be saved. No, I thought you were faking talking. You’re like, imagine if I’m like. So I think there’s no audio, but you’re being quiet. Goes fast. You know, sometimes you freeze. We. You. Yeah, yeah. And then and and the audio going. How? My stomach is getting worked out. Let’s get it shipped. So what? What was the subject you were talking about? Transcript. I have to do transcript. Otherwise I have to sit there with final cut and listen to every word. And then I don’t know. New outline man. I guess I could put little the best bits. There’s some transfer some apps that. Without any efforts, just give them this out. You want it gives you, so return everything written. It’s full of mistakes I have to correct it. But anyway, OK. How many so? Hey, what if what if all the injected gets sick and and have problems? What are we gonna do? Just forget about get your math. But all my friends, all my family and friends are except you. But no time to be sick. And my son Lee is well, I mean, my aunt, my sister, still the family there injected after this psychologically prepared for the worst. I don’t want any shocks. Look, look nice. Trade car. You. You remember this guy? I was. I didn’t talk to him because then the problems with him. And now as soon as he has heart problems, by the way, he’s hard. Problem was before injection. Being so already 20 years he has but last three years he has very. That bad situation and he was injected recently and he didn’t change his life yet. Yet we have to wait a couple years to know. Don’t Remember Me always. We have to go into his Orient. We have to be lated by him. If he still lives. So everything is OK with this injection. No. Everybody is different, man. So just like allergies. Everybody so serious problem with this heart that. Believe me, if you will have a Greek, do you disagree? Pause new English if you will have this new remember he will just go pass away because his problem is very serious. So that’s why you see slides. So I feel it’s not so as much serious as they say. Delete me. It’s not so serious because I I would be not so much enthusiastic if I if that could be really so much serious because my sister my. She she got this vaccine two or three? Two. Is very. The word soft. No, they said 30. No, no, no salt. Third is the strongest 10 times stronger than the other two. They said. Sometimes I really like you. Six months. No, no. Somebody said I I got all the evidence. I saved everything. I heard many times. The third one is the worst. It’s 100. It’s 100 units. The other ones are 1020 units. The third one is the way I’m gonna check out because this is surprising for me. Some news. It’s a news, I mean. That said, one could be and of course, and of course they’re all different because they they made, they put the the the date, the the deadly ones, they put in some places they said let’s test it here. Test it. They they they they’re all different summer deadly. Some are not deadly they there’s a whole graph and they showed what’s going on but anyway. Anyway, OK. Another thing, what do you think about changing the melody of very famous songs? Take the same chords and same lyrics. Trying to find another melody, absolutely not mentioning the any any lines of the famous melody. Isn’t it a good idea to try to do something? Because this way you have lyrics already ready made and cords ready made. Kids creating another melody. Sometimes you get help you to find another music. OK, Mr, just strip. Your strike would be internationally. You know that. I like that song, but yeah, me too. But I played some Russian people. They hate it because it’s, you know, it’s tyranny. Everything is fairly no, not right now. We, we we got lucky. We, we we would you’ll see when Tierney comes. You’re not gonna say the same thing, man. OK, wait. So very much flexible. They can just be around because doing the companies meeting I was living like companies that was special is the most capitalist in the company said. That’s why I feel like companies didn’t bother me, of course. He pulled, suffered a lot that that, that’s me. But that was before technocracy that you said you don’t want to go to China. You said it. You not answer. It’s not because of purple, not only because of cameras. Because of Chinese journey slavery. No, that’s no, no. It’s not my lady type I like, it’s it’s not. It’s not a good time. Below G wave talking Asians are not my type, but we are sort of Europeans. It’s hard to say, but still I feel very much European. Like I can’t understand their humor, their kid, their type of light means they are too much polite, sometimes so much polite that you don’t know what to do. You have to always feel like. No, that’s Japanese Japanese cohort. No Chinese go ******** though they’re very rude. Trump is it opposite. How come Korean? Right, so, so not all of them are. There’s a billion. 99% yeah, no, no, no. But the culture is not like Japan, where they’re like, huh? Yeah, yeah.[gg1]  Lady Japanese. Whole cycle. You say I went to restaurant. It was very expensive. I spent $2 there. Why are Korean women so they’re very beautiful. Did you see Korean? Some women, north, North Korean. Two very clearly. Yeah. I don’t know why, but they look different. They look, they got a special look. OK. Different ideas you say? Like Koreans are beautiful, summer, say, jump to me. Singapore, Singapore ladies are beautiful because they. Airplane Singapore. Interstellar own cancan? BioWare. Yeah. Yeah, it’s Singapore Airlines flight attendants. Very pretty and. Singapores which country to Korea? Malaysia. OK, which what is the most famous city in Korea? North or South? Oh, I don’t know. Something similar. What is the next more touristic? Nor does he ever be. No, I don’t think so. Not correct. When I was small, I think, yeah, we stopped yesterday. I didn’t know that Korea, somebody told me maybe I’m wrong, he told. Another way I understood, but I saw the Koreans. I didn’t wanna say it because I I don’t wanna sound gay, but even even the the male soldiers in Korea, their faces like like. But. Like like like like a perfect doll. They got this very special look. Like it’s it’s like, perfect maybe. Dance for her at propaganda or whatever, everywhere you can find one perfect face the other side. And. By the way, do you watch films? Any films? Last month because of this tyranny thing that’s coming with the WH or they want to continue with the kovid ******** and the the climate is the virus fraud and the climate fraud they want to use this to bring the Chinese tyranny. It’s it’s happening. I can’t. I can’t concentrate on on the fiction anymore, but I’m. I’m so. Yeah, but it’s a waste. Sometimes I feel like you have to do it more. You know, when I eat here I have. I have films that I watch on the Computer II watch, you know, love boat. And for breakfast. Love boat. You know, love boat. Is it a yes 1980s series series? It’s television series and I watch old movies here and Seinfeld. I watched the whole box at Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and stuff like that. Seinfeld was number one TV show for 10 years from. In the 90s in the 90s. But they keep playing it. They get, like in America, every time I went to a hotel, he was on the TV even even like, even now they keep replaying. Is it a culture or something like no games, no 20 minutes? That’s what I’m looking. They they have one title for the 20 minutes, but there’s there’s four characters. And I’m trying to see if they have four little stories inside because sex in the city, they had four characters, four stories in 20 minutes, four stories. Yeah. And they keep intercutting. Right. They show you one story, then they show you the 2nd and the 3rd, and then they show back to the first one, second, third and then back to the first one. They don’t show one story. Finish it. And then two second story. I know the reason. I know the reason. You might get bored, break, take a cut. It. Yeah, of course. Is that right? Is that right? It’s it’s a. It’s because some people like 1 actor and because of that actor they have to watch their father’s actors. Yeah, one of them, he’s bold, right. And Seinfeld, he’s bald and fat and short and glasses. And I was thinking this is because there’s millions of people like that and it’s to attract those people, yeah. Where when there are many, many stories, so you are forcing her for the fans of one story to watch all the other three, four stories. This is why it’s easy to to feed the food that people don’t like. You know, sometimes it’s. So with the fireplaces says sex in the city should be like 4 short stories, right? Stories? Short shorts? But then if you will make small short films, it will be not so much popular toward a larger, larger audience. That’s why it’s better to mix them and give it. Then it’s millions will be watching instead of twenty 250,000. He told you have 1,000,000 for example just multiplying so so in my show it’s mostly my point of view. My my diary. So it’s a problem for 20 minutes then if it’s just one story. If you could be in the story of four people you will have four times more. Talking about mathematically. Unless I make them out all 5-5 minutes or so. Could be different not only about ladies flirting, but about politics, about some, some kind of crazy things, and some some, some certain things, some scientific things. You. It’s so crazy things no longer are doing a lot of crazy things. Lot of unexpected things. OK, you are tired. You have to go out, right? Things I don’t have to eat first. ’cause. I didn’t have a proper dinner. I just had. For meeting every five hours, right every I have a snack. What are you doing me away so I can listen to my mail program, OK. Stop it. Stop. You’re like this. What is it? Keep doing that. I didn’t touch the cable, did I? Gorilla taped on everything. It’s fine, man. Why? You’re currently offline. Fresh. How was your call? I can tell you ’cause I think you save that information so you can harvest my best Qualls face Bush. Your connection was restored. What are you saying? I don’t know. Whatever. Maybe he’s calling. So that’s it folks. Shouting. But I just wanted to be loud and clear and that’s all. I keep thinking. You know, don’t wanna be mumbling. Where is it man? Yeah. What happened? It’s my my charge battery. That’s true. OK, next time it’s not gonna show. I have to call you from the telephone, I think. But for the video. No, there is. I don’t see you today. That’s fine. Assuming with your video. I see both of us. What’s shrink? I think I have to call you, right. Remember last time that it only works when I call it. OK, I know that rule here. You have to do this. You have to make a video call, not adjust audio content. Changing it into video. This is why I made the audio call and then chasing to video call which which doesn’t let. I think you could you could. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Please comment, very nice. If you are making video call, it’s OK you should not do. How’s your cold and changing? Whatever. So should I get transcript all these conversations or just the the best bits? Just write down in middle outline, not every word man. Why do you want to transcribe? It became a habit. I started him instead because I do very good job. You can have every word. I put it on my website. I put like 10 page ******* conversation. You can see everything. But even then you need outline ’cause. Nobody wants to read 10 pages, man. So you need both. You need out right? Plus all the *******. But it takes it took me days, man. Sometimes. Wait. What? What did you just go and put your opinion about this, this dialogue? No, I want. I want to breathe. We talked about this, about this, about this. But I want to. I want to be watching kids and understanding what what happened. For example, look at let’s let’s just say one more time, Greek Episode 920 nineteen. I put all the best bits in there. Yeah, for 20 minutes. Make a 20 minute show all the best fits. Is that it? But you want to put their feet in video cards, right? All the best bits, yeah. Well, you’re talking about cuts, about, not trust striping. Now first I have to transcript to see what the hell zone them. If I don’t have a transcript on that line, then I don’t know what the hell is on them, right? Summary, You could go sit making sure. No, no, no, no, no, no, because I need to know the spot 30 minutes, blah, blah blah. That’s the point. Put that in. If I have an editor or if I’m editing, I got all the good bits. 20 you see? I need the time stamp and the. Yeah, but that’s a huge, huge work, man. I did it already. I did know I have a lot of it, but you know, I’m gonna do it all. One thing. You got the wings for four hours. How many days you can turn transcribe. Right now I’m using the automatic. Hey, you know the automatic one that I use the software? It’s Bill Gates is a company. And it only works, it only works with the Internet. You need Internet connection, so I think he’s watching everything. No, not but I think the story not had not but. But their story, they’re storing everything. I don’t care because it’s out there anyway. But no, but OK, so it takes it takes. Let’s say when that were. So it takes one hour to for it to make all the mistakes. Then I have to sit there typing. Maybe it takes Me 2 hours to correct it for three hours to correct it. Look, this is duration. At one day videos or one week video. This is very important to divide into your hours and see how many hours you need to make one month. Jobs.**** it, man. Forget it. You don’t do any of that. Only the best, best, best parts of your videos and work on that next, like every day with you. Because every day videos you will not be able medically you will not be able to even 20 people will be not able to transcribe physically if you haven’t. Maybe that will help you too. Up too fast to make it faster. You did one month worth or not for what? Remove this for transparent transcribing. All this footage is. One month of details. Did you do one month video? One month video transcript transcript. Many months, many months. Hey, you know what happens? I I lose my day sometimes. You know, if I go out for lunch. And then I gotta do the food shopping and then I gotta go to the gym and then come back. So do you do everything on the weekend? Because I used to do all that on the weekend. Now I’m doing it in the week and I lose my days, man. Like laundry. Laundry. OK, here, get laundry. Laundry takes 4 hours. You do this in the data. If I have to do it in the day because I hang my clothes and and and it gets too damp in the room, it’s gonna give me inflammations. If it’s too humid. Doing little by little everyday, maybe 10 minutes at laundry. Tell meets every day. I have laundry 10 meter. Maybe one hour of photoshopping, one hour working one hour or shopping. My day goes. I’m just going through my desire which if I want to do that, I do. It’s not just leaving for next days morning machine, not to force yourself. You use laundry machine. No. My hands. Yeah. Yes, man. I am gymnastics. Yeah, but your skin is gonna get ******** men too much sharing. Unless you wear gloves. It’s not good for the skin, though. There’s detergent all the time. No problem. Only one finger is left. Even faster with one hand I only need one. Yeah. Nothing to do, sport. So many people are walking sticks here, man. So many people, they they walk. I think it’s from the chick. I don’t wanna make a joke about it, but but look, half of them it is and half it’s not so. So I’m showing them. And yesterday they got angry. I said I said the wrong thing yesterday. There was someone in wheelchair and I give my sticker to show them the information. Right. So so she goes. She goes. No thanks. I’m fine. You know what I said? You know what? Don’t you see? You know what I said? I said you don’t look it. And she got angry. She goes, she goes. Excuse you. She really. I said. Oh, ****. Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. I shouldn’t have said it’s rude. OK, but you you don’t look. Yeah. I mean, you’re not fine if you’re disabled. You know you. Really not totally fine. And, you know, just thinking out loud. But you, you gotta be careful now that I’m start changed. They say people could be ignored as disabled. You should never see as they are disabled. You should see them as normal, you know sometimes. The group with them and you can see that there. Disabled, you know, sometimes beating the police. Come. Since you said, you know I’m playing. I’m. I’m. I’m tweaking everything for him to understand that I don’t see him this table. Cortana, turn up the volume on this thing, right? There’s no volume. You see no volume, right? Yeah. This is maximum volume. There’s no volume on the messenger ship, right? No volume slider. I don’t know. OK. So one more thing. Yesterday I took a I came out of the gym, I went to a Mexican restaurant. And just before I go in, there’s this guy. I know him. Ten years. He’s a I think he’s homeless. I’m not sure, but he’s like, he’s rough, right? And he’s sitting like that. And I just went. I just went, Oh well. And he ignored me. So before going to the restaurant, I took a picture of the street, the whole street. And he’s in the corner. He’s in the corner over there. I’m getting the whole street. And then he gets up and he goes, hey, hey. So I go inside the restaurant and he’s making a whole problem with the. With the with the waitress, he’s like I said, look, I know you. 10 years yours. Let me. I I got the whole street. He goes. Well, I think you can. I see it please. I I wish I got it. You know, I had the I was recording the whole thing, but I had my back here, my bag. UK. Yeah. Next time after remember turning to remove the bag and to get his face because you can’t see his face. I was getting just see what I mean? I was sitting down. He was standing up. I forgot. I have to do this. To catch the whole thing. Why is it cutting me off all the time? This freaking Jeannette Fiber is no good man. Cussed, costly cuts you off. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s rising people. I didn’t. I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear. It was frozen. Say it again, please. OK, so there are some Japanese photographers. Go to the faces and unknown people and charging them and taking a picture. Maybe this is the style you are doing with with videos you know no, I’m very careful now, but the law here is very good for street photography. The street is allowed, man. That’s the law. So anyway. There is no load that can stop you taking pictures of anytime you want any people you want in the street from far, far. There is no police who can come and grab it from you and checking what did you do if he’s gonna put you in a court. So the court should ask you to bring. He would say I never did so. Alright, man. OK, so next time I I prepare something because today was spontaneous. Hey. This evening today. So it’s a Friday crowd. Enjoy. Now I’m gonna start. Quote acting soon, so think about your friend are tools people Yeah. Hey, just one more question, OK. I have my daughter. Yeah. We’re not. We’re not going on Saturday. Can you see me? So I’m gonna have this tomorrow. It’ll be Saturday. I’m gonna have this. I’m gonna go outside for lunch or whatever. OK, this will be very happy. Because for some reason anyway, I try. Anyway, the point is, I’m going to have this, OK? Yeah. I’m not going to be dressed for club, but a lot of bars here. You don’t have to dress up. You can miss some bars. They let you in shorts and sports. So I’m gonna be like this. It’s gonna be eight o’clock. I’m gonna be hungry. I’m gonna have to have some dinner. If I bring my dinner here and watch a movie or whatever finished, I will never get out again. So I have to stay up with this **** like I am. Stay outside, right? I have to eat outside and I have to go to the bar like this and I don’t wanna get this dirty, so I have to have something like a bag to put it in so I can put on the ground. So I’m not. Holding it all the time is that is that the case is that is that the solution now? When I go out without that hands-free. Hands free, but nothing. He’s the camera at one tiny camera in the night, and that’s it. You don’t need anything in the night. Better to change your clothing if you want. Really serious, beautiful ladies. Because this type of clothing, you show them that you are just casual. It’s too much casual. Change. So you you should have something in your bag, maybe some other type of closing to thinking, and that’s, I don’t know, sometimes there are some ladies who like yours. This time in the evening, but in the afternoon it’s fine. It’s fine. But in the evening, I don’t know. Maybe there are some style bars for it’s it’s OK now. This casual bars around here, yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. But your bed will be always bothering you. Yeah, it’s, it’s. I miss the days when I was a student, I had nothing hands free and my wallet was this big tiny. And that’s why one Canberra tiny camera you were back in time to go out. That’s that’s the best way. You show me batteries though. One day, two batteries, extra batteries. And you didn’t like the the little, the little sunny, and it’s very good for certain things. But the evening it’s it’s the people with the. Where is right for you to be free and it’s just not done camera time, so it’s good in your hands. But as soon as you put it here, they’re like what? By the way, I was gonna ask somebody to create subject telephone for example. This is my my remote control. Yeah, yeah. And that Elton as usually hear the camper right behind. Right. Imagine a click could be somewhere in the corner here. I was thinking I could always beat you as he tried watching some something in my cell phone and figuring some things with the person next to me. Would be a chance to put the camera which will look this way. Nobody would guess I’m videoing them but I will. I will be regulating here where the person is next to me. Over there. It’s like I’m watching a football or something. But the sons the same time I’m videoing, but if you’re talking to someone in front of you then you gotta go up. People like excuse me. I’m listening. I’m listening. Yes. OK. Thank you. It’s. Way to to beat you if even if it’s possible. So you can put two video cameras, one here, one little bit like different corners. This way you can pick anybody from anywhere, like close ating nobody would guess. Two or three meals a day, breakfast, dinner or two times to sometimes wants times 3. The days may be tiny, tiny, a lot. When I’m at home, I I go like just. Scurvy take those three. I, I’m. I eat almost every day. Bold eggs, tomatoes, sometimes some greens. My parents were very strict, so they had very precise meal hours. Nine o’clock breakfast, one o’clock lunch, 7:30 dinner every day. Exactly. Delete this when they say it’s very important for help. My. Reclosing server. I might steal. No, not between meals is bad, not between meals. It’s not. It’s supposed to eat the regular regular. It’s it’s your clock, isn’t it? You’re eating all the time between meals. I don’t know. I don’t feel any better when I eat different times. How come you don’t get fat? This is the problem. Sometimes very late. Do you think you have worms? Worms. Worm. This is Maria Carlos had tapeworms. ’cause she to get something. It’s a. It’s a type of people, you know, if your body is using this type of like all the time. This type of strike people never get that. And one more thing, one more thing. I found out I figured out now. My my inflammations my condition, you know my rheumatism thing. It happened one year after my hepatitis B vaccine. Give me all these things. It’s possible after that. After hepatitis B vaccine and I searched it and they said many people got this. It’s one of the effects possible. It’s possible. How could you get me the vaccine? I don’t know. I just think it’s still still, it’s in your glass. It made it made an ordinary meal disorder that I have these inflammations now and the only you know what I do to get rid of him. I put the hair dryer. Leaves, like all the time with his hair dry specially in front of the in front of the in front of people. Excuse me, excuse me. We’re having a party here. I have invitation. You understand? Sing with Shawn. Stage on stage. I got a concert. I have a concert. We’re flirting, ladies and no, excuse me. Showings at the lady, something giving her to keep that hair dryer showing the video camera. Oh man.****. Alright. Hey there, Armenian girl. I grew up with in that when I was in the Lebanon. I found her on Facebook. She wanted me to call her, forgot to call me. She had she had the injection hope she’ll be OK, but she looks anyway. Contacting with that girl, I said hello and then she. She said. Can you call me please and and then I said OK, I’ll try and I forgot. I have to eat. Jessica, my girlfriend from England and you contacted her. You talked to her by telephone, but she disappeared that I forgot. I found a number. I got it. I got your the one you gave me. I got it. If you want. I think I sent it to you. OK. Could you call her again? I can try, but I think I tried before in there. I I I think it’s not happening. But OK. If I find it become I’ll look at my document. I look at my the so many people to column but yeah you wanted you have the number anymore. Name and last name. I don’t have probably telephone, but the address I’ve got the telephone, man. I saved everything so you could just say hello. Maybe she’ll show up. But you know stories with her. Parakeet. She’s very, very nice lady at our time, talking to companies who she likes to hang out with people. She’s very creative, smart, nice and very sexy. She had no problem having sex on this. That I don’t. No now. But she was before. She was very, very sociable, sociable pain. Sochi, insert. See. You said that about those chair cats, ladies. We went to the shop. Yeah, she had black hair. I put her on the cover of my Saatchi book. A little picture of her and and and I went to say hello. But you know, they’re they’re from another religion. So they don’t, you know, they don’t fool around. But you were like you talking in front of them. And because they didn’t speak English, they didn’t understand you. But you were like, I’m making, I’m videoing them. And they’re like, yeah, no problem. And then you say you say, yeah. They want to go out and to have sex and. And they don’t understand you. Can I speak English? Although sex, everybody understands the word sex, right? So, but I don’t think they got it. We should go to Sochi, Sochi, delaying, he told the time. It’s a shame. Gravel pit go. No, not again. Not again. But you hate it. I thought you would. You don’t like swimming there? You’re like you. You started saying. Oh, the water is yellow. Yeah, that’s so much swimming. But ladies, ladies are the most important. Cities where there are beaches, the ladies are always available. This is like a rule. This is regulation. They got angry a couple times like I used to. I can’t show that. I can’t point this big camera people. Some people don’t like it. Big camera, even when they’re getting me with their telephone. Smart not pointing to the faces, but in the usual way. Just hold the key. Yeah, it’s like. One of my favorites that you did that I remember is this. Like you are juicing something. Look, there’s something. Bring a screw up. Fix it with which crew directors ever bring a screwdriver? What else? The 90s rage? Getting beat matches. Yeah. So music. She gets angry, said no, it’s broken. Problem problem. I got a little hammer. I got a little claw hammer for the coconuts. Small hammer. Word. You’re fixing in the behind. The camera is pure. So, OK, OK, so it’s digital, but I’m pretending the film is coming out right. What happened? Probably. Oh ****. Oh man. What’s the big circle? It’s our fleet. Summer like Lindsey spoke. Yeah. Word. OK, we should make some shows like this, you know. Converter. Baker next time. Hey, thanks. Thanks for the. Will be in contacting week or two. OK OK. Bye bye. Cheers. Very good. So I’m too tired to go over any links right now. Go to. Thanks for visiting George This is the ambiance. Let’s have a minute of ambiance. That’s where the window shut. Imagine what I do now is I put on the C. Yeah, I went to that website. I went and I got a whole bunch of different seas. Right. See recordings about 10 hours loan. Any kid I’d like going with atmosphere as well. I don’t just want the see the water. I want the air to put in the punch. And you can. So you need to cover everything up. So yeah, I did it. I’ve done in my past. I didn’t my say shells video when they were drilling and making my life miserable, and I even had. Met with the headphones, but I I forgot to do it all these years here, you know ’cause. Justin bothered, but it it’s a it’s a lifesaver. It’s it’s it helps. And of course your plugs. For sleeping. But anyway, thanks for visiting George. Godly Geo daily video, and 100 and 100 domains. It’s. Friday, May 13, 1033 PM. Another wasted but not totally wasted, but another limited Friday night should should be in here. Shouldn’t be here, but I was so I just made just making the most of it. I should be out there. But I dread it. Why am I change? It’s not just age. It’s some lots of things, lots of factors, right? Other interests? Other. It’s just other feelings. Yeah. You feel different? There might be a whole bunch of things. No, no, ’cause. I had this lots of times in the past two all ages even. When I was a student, there was times when I didn’t. Yeah, but it wasn’t all the time. Like this so. It’s not depression, is it? I’m not depressed at all. I’m I’m very euphoric. I feel really. Yeah, fine. I don’t wanna. I wanna say I all the time so. Anyway, thanks for visiting. I’m gonna put this up as an update anyway, even though it’s very limiting. So long version edited is that you know the short version takes too long to edit. I’m not going to bother right now. As for a few 100 views, there’s no money. OK. If if that so I just put something, just keep it active, I’m just gonna put it up, I think even though it’s, I don’t know if they allow it, you know you’re not allowed to. Say what you think or feel, or if it’s not doesn’t match. Let’s see the truth, man. How about the truth? It’s the truth anyway. This is trying to show. Thank God I don’t like this. I gotta go. That’s that’s enough. More later. Another time. What’s happening? What’s up, nick? That’s for me to know and you to find out and you not to find out what’s happening here. It’s bad. It’s bad anyway. I think that’s it for now. Do I have anything else to say? Lots and lots of **** to say, but I’m unprepared. I wasn’t gonna do this. So you have to check back if you want other stuff. So now that’s it. Goodnight. Thanks music. This is George, Godly and hike my friend from all the previous episodes. He’s in Armenia. Launcher and scrounger. That’s kind of a nickname we gave the these. Talks not just grind the lounger, he’s a scrounger. He he accepted it and he. You know, I I brought it up as a joke and he started using it all the time. Sorry to kind of stuck. See what it’s like. Maybe I should show it? Show my window. A bit hesitant, but hesitant. Everybody is very standoffish now because of the. Logging, I think. Tough ****. He’s not. See whether people aren’t. She’s not standoffish. The neighbors are. Maybe they saw something. Maybe they don’t know. Maybe it’s the injection thing, because they criticize the injection, so it’s awkward. They’re like, what’s? I don’t wanna think anything less of you. Steve Kirsch is injected. Robert Malone is injected. Fake vaccinated. They’re fine, but you know. We love those guys. With the work they’ve done and the. Why is there saving? Check. But.

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