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Greek beach flirt Glyfada Greece travelogue excerpt ?eo ?☺dle♥ 9944

Greek beach flirt Glyfada Greece ?eo ?☺dle♥ travelogue excerpt g9944 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

continued in Geo Godley Glyfada Greece 4K travelogue & 8- 42 megapixel full frame photo diary.


10,000 missing metadated youtube/georgegodley videos recovered, saved & ironically rehidden lol sat 12 sep 2015

rough draft in progress, please check later

It took 2 weeks to recover & save 10,000 previously inaccessible youtube/georgegodley metadated videos through new playlists.

wordpress #fail blurs photo unless you click on it Private playlists & offline because: 1. piracy prevention 2. privacy retention 3. geogodley account termination 4. stopped fullscreen payments despite monetized […]

“NO VIDEO!” unfair selective discriminatory censorship while y’all record on cellphones

-“Yo bro, i ass-ume yer outa town, “this town ain’t big enough 4 the both of us” lol..stuck around for the funeral & will go next week because haven’t seen the goodleigh clan in “yonks”.. later bray -Geo”

-“Wassup ma brotha from anotha motha?? Lol can’t believe you’re still around…good for you!! Yes, no longer […]


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