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$50,000 VLOG.COM contradictory appraisals: dream domain or nightmare rip off overpriced waste? Spot the liars! Geo Godley sun 28 aug 2016

blog in progress

main point: appraisal valuations contradict each other: godaddy $1k, estibot & valuation $122k-with suspicious domain broker sponsored advertisements cahoots. Spot the liars! appraisals: aug 2016: - $10 only! oh dear! stay clear! most reputable w/ agnostic irresponsible disclaimers saying they don’t know shit.. thanks for nothin’: $1k […]

Youtube georgegodley ☠ pirated by “sam duff” 500,000 view ©opyright violation dmca piracy upload

Hi george. You dont know me but i remember you from reddit. ( not a hater) anyway i jusf noticed that someone has one of your vieos it has over 500 000 views.

how does the uncredited pirated version get half a million views when the original gets 27,000? oh the word […]

Tiger tiger club new years eve ripoff theft

NEW YEARS EVE TIGER TIGER CLUB RIPOFF £60 (=$100 USD) 2 tickets (TRAVEL WARNING until further notice) Tiger Tiger cheated me (like tiger woods!) out of another new years eve. Nice club but FRAUD SCAM: the ticket says no entry after 11pm (everyone is partying outside counting down the new year so who wants to […]