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Youtube bogus fraudulent ©opyright lame claim FAIR USE DISPUTE, i don't love lucy Lucille Ball Geo Godley thu 25 AUG 2016 C0300,1 diplomatic & undiplomatic versions

For my birthday, fresh out of fake false flag fraud strikes while unfairly giving real violators billions of page refresher bot views, youtube sends fake phony fraudulent ©opyright lame claims on fair use videos. Unfairly overpromoted old turks profit by stealing ©opyrighted content & blabbing over it ’cause that’s all they’re capable of, but we get shit & […]

Frivolous youtube ©opyright DMCA fair use incidental background music vs. deliberate infringement re-upload theft fri 17 july 2015

Hi GEORGE GODLEY WORLD RECORD VIDEOBLOGGER.COM LIFELOG, Due to a copyright claim, you are no longer monetizing the following YouTube video[s]. It is still playable on YouTube, but the copyright owner could choose to show ads on it [them].

Video title: sun 17 jun 2012 George Godley London U.K DSC_1820.mp4
Copyrighted song: Just A Little Bit
Claimed […]