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♪ I'M A ST♥D ♂♀ X FACTOR T.V/ ✈LAST GOODBYE / ☎PHONE DON'T RING/ TALK 2 ❤ original s☮ngs & lyrics ♫♥㋡

It all started with classical piano lessons age 9, playing an infinite repertoire by ear & recall, school harmony singing, obsessive recording collection, production & audio engineering certification.. Hope to improve & contribute songwriting, vocal & production skills in this gradually updated discography. Wrote, produced & performed these songs, playing & programming most instruments (mostly keyboards & drums) & thank everyone who collaborated in this team effort lalalala GEO GODLEY ITUNES.

↓ The Tunecore media player widgets below stopped playing on tue 19 jan 2016 & were reported thursday 21 jan 2016. Apologies & thank you for your patience.↓ / SPOTIFY GEO GODLEY

TALK 2 U – Geo Godley from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.
TALK 2  (drumless) George Godley Videoblogger… by georgegodley

i enjoy/ feel like talkin 2/with
pretty soon the sky/ies will be blue
we are/say hi/ & i try coz there’s nothin better to do

 I’m a stud lyrics ©geogodley XFactor U.S.A stripshow performance & VIDEOBLOGGER.COM documentary feature film soundtrack!

↑ the original aired on FOX U.S.A to an audience of 10 million & a few million on youtube/Xfactorusa & spinoffs till they put the video on “private”. They freaked thinking i was nude lol. After much libel & defamation i set the record straight on E! & TMZ but should have shut up for more publicity lol! Plenty more libel & defamation takes care of that anyway..
At the begining of the Xfactor live audition i’m off key because i couldn’t hear the music & sang an octave too high! The ITUNES version is in perfect pitch with no autotune processing. They mispelled my name & refused to correct it t limit my online profile.. as soon as i saw this dirty trick i mispelled a bunch of geogodley youtube videos so they came up in “geogodly” search results. nice try chaps!  

studly! mr. stud! studly dude! you’re so hard!

i’m a stud with a thud & i’m gonna pick you up
such a hunk with the f/ch/junk, too much is just enough
rumors abound how i get around, hit the town, i/m comin’ over
i’m a stud not a dud & i’m gonna keep it up
i don’t ask for much we can do bill clinton stuff
liberal dude let’s get nude don’t be a prude i’m comin over

i’m a stud, roll out the red carpet
i’m a stud, & i never stop it
i’m a stud, & i can get it up/enough for you, OH!
i’m a stud, roll out the red carpet
such a stud, from my balls to my armpit
i’m a stud, and i can keep it up for you


in the bar on the street all the people that you meet
it’s never too soon to be a buffoon
some are stuck up, others are not
it’s pot luck, i’m gettin harder
like the birds & the bees can i pollinate you please
be wild & horny, be a tease
party’s begun, you’re the one, time for fun, i’m comin over
i’m a stud..

 Last Goodbye lyrics ©geogodley

♪ ✈ LAST GOODBYE ♫ original romantic music song, geo godly, geo godley from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

i wish i could be by your side just to see your smile
i wish i could look into those green eyes only for a while
years have gone & all went wrong, all that’s left is this song & you won’t even talk 2/with me
& now the only thing i hear as the phone leaves my ear makes my head ring.

goodbye, goodbye, you never replied, why did you have to fly
goodbye, goodbye, you could have said hi, would it have hurt to try
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, wonder if your’e still alive/lie
& if the world came to an end you still won’t be my friend, didn’t even say goodbye.

your image is fading just like a painting, blurring out of sight
it’s almost gone now it looks like sundown when it could be sunlight
was it so hard to be nice, a glimpse of you would have sufficed, you didn’t even wanna think of me
like infinite grains of sand my calls to you slipped through your hands
listen, since you’ll never see.

goodbye, goodbye, i meant to say hi my final words, adieu
goodbye, goodbye a minute of time was too much for you
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye you dont care if i live or die
& if the world turns there’s a chance we may be holding hands
didn’t even say goodbye

epilog/ outro:
you’re never home when i call you on the phone
now i’m here alone
once we were close the word that hurts the most is goodbye
goodbye goodbye, i’n hittin’ the sky/ start a lil sigh
feelin the sadness tonight
but still in the thrill ther’es a hope/ as i open my heart
the word that hurts the most is godbye

♪ ✈ LAST GOODBYE ♫ original romantic music song… by georgegodley

 Phone don’t ring lyrics ©geogodley

waiting for the phone to ring but you don’t hear a thing
hoping that you’ll call, silent picture on the wall
the phone don’t ring, it makes me think you’re with somebody doing something
the phone don’t ring & that is true so when your’e gone i think of you.

waiting for the phone to ring i don’t hear no dingaling
hopin for you to call silent picture on the wall
maybe you have gone away in my heart you will stay
all i ask is one thing, that you give me a ring

when the girl doesn’t ring, it’s a misunderstanding
blame it on the answerphone or the message at the tone
even if you don’t know me, how messed up can you be
all i ask is one thing, plug it in girl plug it in

the phone don’t ring…

waiting for a call that you don’t hear at all
your voice echoes in my head, i remember what you said
when the girl don’t call you, there’s alot you can do
hit the town & the club, then you get a backrub

don’t take no more, go out the door
stand on your feet jump into the jungle beat
how famous must i be then you will be cool to me
all i ask is one thing, plug it in girl

the phone don’t ring, it aint plugged in you’re with somebody doing something
the phone don’t ring & that is true so when your’e gone i think of you.
the phone don’t ring plug it in plug it in i miss your body & your thing
th phone don’t ring & that is true,  i miss somebody & that is you..