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RE-WRITE IN PROGRESS. This bio is being rewritten concisely. 

Geo(rge) Godley: world record earliest, most prolific vlogger lifelogger in upcoming documentary feature & series VIDEOBLOGGER.COM

One of the earliest, largest, longest running & most diverse personal autobiographic multimedia diary archives by an individual, spanning decades & countries, measured & based on quantity of artworks, audio/ music/ song recordings, documents, manuscripts, collectable memorabilia samples, video, files & hours catalogued for artistic, historic, (& hysteric lol) socioeconomic & entertainment contributions. First multimedia artist/ photo/ video blogger/ vlogger to record [#?] video hours, digital photo files & document pages.. & counting

Million photo memoir timelapse Geo Godley from wrongly terminated youtube/geogodley account from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.


-2010-2015: a few jealous, malicious internet/ reddit hater trolls slander, libel & defame Geo(rge) Godley, negatively manipulating comments, ratings, search results & dirty trick hoaxes to harm him. 
Thanks for the pube-lice-t, ah☀les! Anyone believing the bull’s shitlisted. Geo’s snobby 2nd mom disowned him for doing music & T.V entertainment, saying it’s full of “undignified low class scum who don’t matter“. Ironically, she cried to her old records & was a t.v addict, so Geo followed his dream to prove her wrong but they might prove her right.

-Fri 12 june 2015: after years & thousands of dollars in advertising, facebook unpublishes geo godley fan page linked to thousands of youtube videos with no explanation, while overpromoting infinite non age restricted?, adult, sexually explicit, commercial pages like, hustler, playboy, etc. The page is republished a couple weeks later. Geo thanks facebook & age restricts it just in case.

2008- 2013: After art, documentary, t.v & music productions, Geo(rge) Godley invests years & fortune into 2.5 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video Fullscreen network partner contract youtube/GeoGodley account edited episodes & travelogues, photo timelapses, music videos, family archives, vid cons, networking, marketing & promotion. In return, corrupt, heartless employees misrepresenting “the youtube team” false flag fraud, lie, cheat & steal the account wednesday 4th september 2013 while violating their own rules, overpromoting others’ sexually explicit provocative nudity, soft pornography & community guise lying germs of cervix violations to hundreds of millions of alleged views. This betrayal & unfair hypocricy marks the end of trust in youtube, nonprofit work & self censorship. 

oct 2011- 2013: XFactor USA t.v performance. Geo synchronizes, records, logs, copies, chronologizes, reviews, edits, converts, metadates & uploads 13,000+ multiple camera, multi daily videos to fullscreen network contract partner account, to be the world record most prolific vlogger. Youtube employees sabotage it with more false flag fraud, disabling multi upload functions & load more button & removing pagination, hiding 11,000 of 13,000 videos so only 2,000 are visible. Even Geo(rge) Godley, the content provider, cannot see or recover 10,000 of his own videos, lost metadata & titles. At vidcon, a youtube representative says “no more pagination because facebook doesn’t have it & no one wants to see more than a thousand videos [thumbnails] anyway”. More worthless waste, excruciating nonprofit work & youtube anti trust.

Summer 2014: Devastated, Geo files reports with the FTC, Justice department, Ripoff, & media organizations to warn others. Negligible fullscreen network paypal payments stop, seemingly in retaliation for whistleblowing. Over years, many T.V production companies ask to use George Godley video clips, offering almost nothing in return ($/£ 200) despite huge advertising budgets. Geo refuses more rip offs, wondering if underpaid t.v credits are better than nothing.
Late 2014: After complaints from others, youtube eventually enables videos to be seen in a hidden, limited, scrolling new playlist. Geo’s on strike till it’s all saved, visible & paid by the 13,000 monetized advertisements.

2015: Geo appreciates youtube’s positives; links, search results, partnership contract, inventor Peter definethelaw Weiss, but not the negatives: non profitability, abuse & neglect of prolific content providers (80,000 Anna refbatch Matskevich videos & infinite others also disappeared), waste of hundreds of millions of dollars on insufferable lazy oafs & community guideline/ terms of service violators to sit on their hemorrhoids, twiddle their thumbs & do nothing but talk trash, unbox & play with toys, rehash & plagiarize the snews & ©opyrighted music, makeup ‘titorials’, animal cruelty, indecent exposure & soft pornography, & harassment pickups & pranks. Everyone else is doomed to fail, boned up the frikkin shpankter not even lubed. Mysteriously offline, the show must go on: I’m over here now on,, vimeo & a myriad other sites, T.V, docu-feature films, photo comic books.

April 2015: Torn between #FAIL diplomacy vs. undiplomatic free speech like Howard Stern or Andrew Dice Clay whose achievements, fame & fortune outdo them all, Geo goes diplo undiplo schizo, videoing “YOUTUBE SURVEY ADULT COMEDY SATIRE GEO GODLEY april 2015 ” to finally get things off his chest. Next, the 13,000 youtube/georgegodley account is intermittently gone with “error” messages, seemingly in retaliation, so he puts it on private & vimeo. Dailymotion & a myriad other sites host every video youtube removes, irrefutable proof of youtube’s wrongdoing.

“Presenting facts and speaking truthfully is the best thing for our long-term relationships”-YouTube head of business Robert Kyncl

“boy, they’re really screwing you”- dad (Ambassador Godley), since unpaid audio engineering internship.

disclaimer/ small print/ sperms of cervix terms of service: sincere factual thoughts & feelings subject [not] to change without notice. Apologies for errors &/or omissions. If you view, you no sue


one of many meticulously crafted geogodley timelapses & edited episode/ travelogues ↓ someone at youtube wrongly terminated on the youtube/geogodley Fullscreen network contract account 4 sept 2013 (see blogs). That & the disabling of multi upload features, page numbers & load more button, hiding 12,000 of 13,000 youtube/georgegodley account video uploads marked the end of years of unrewarded hard work, financial loss & trust. Video cost: $30,000 (in 4,000 outsourced 50mb photo scans over 3 years) plus production & mastering. Youtube/geogodley production & promotion costs: tens of thousands, detailed account coming in book/ movie/ series..


EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version… by georgegodley

↑ One of many historic Geo Godley episodes/ travelogues as one of, if not the, first vlogger/ westerner in parts of eastern europe & ex-USSR/ CIS after the iron curtain ball call fall lol y’all. Full archive with personal, detailed commentary coming in book/ movie/ series.   
Most youtube/geogodley content was painstakingly self censored compared to top overpromoted youtubers’ community guideline violations & sexually explicit language & content: (lonely island jizz in the pants, pewdiepie profanity, kassem porn interviews, makemebad mayhem, not so sxephil sex sh!t, not so amazing atheist sex sh!t.. Kim Kardouchian’s lousy $5 million porno.. the list is endless.. ) FCUK cutthroat anti-competition oligopoly!

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1-2 Neptun Romania Mykonos Greece Geo Godley Euro trip from geo godley on Vimeo.

-XFactor U.S.A 2011 “I’m a stud” original Geo Godley song vocal performance & strip show got alot of news press ’cause they freaked out thinking i was nude lol (see “music” page)

-13,000 youtube/georgegodley video uploads a year 2012-13 despite many obstacles including extremely severe, discriminatory, unfair youtube censorship false flag strike termination threats while youtube violates its own community guise lyings with explicit sexual content & animal cruelty etc. proven in previous blogs & vlogs. disclaimer: i loe & thank Googlethere’s no way they’re the same company being polar opposites like Jekyl & Hyde! must be a renegade subdivision ‘enfant terrible’ lol..

-Youtube then disabled multi uploader metadata functions (“authentication expired”), page numbers (pagination), & load more button after 34 pages, HIDING & disabling public access to 12,000 GeorgeGodley VIDEOS!!! making it impossible & futile to upload/ metadate any more at that pace. (see ‘sat 1 june 2013’ blog

-Within 1 month from august 2013 to wednesday september 4th 2013, after years of good standing w/ no problems whatsoever, someone at youtube false flag struck 3 videos uploaded months/ years ago & breached & wrongfully terminated 2.5 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video Fullscreen network contract youtube/GeoGodley account without specifying what “community guidelines” it violated, destroying & stealing years of unrewarded hard work, metadata & financial investment & betraying all trust while hosting & promoting similar content & MUCH worse, contradicting & violating its own guidelines. Meticulously crafted videos including timelapses, edited episodes & travelogues & vintage historical foreign service recordings, metadata descriptions, tags, comments, annotations, playlists, subscriptons & links, were all terminated but remain on youtub’e servers. So less uploads while working on other projects

Jan- Feb 2014: YOUTUBE THEFT? 10,000 METADATED VIDEO UPLOADS GONE from youtube/georgegodley 13,000 video account manager.
Despite 11,000 youtube/georgegodley video uploads missing & gone from the “upload” more button & no pagination, i continued to upload at least 1 selected backlogged video a day, trusting youtube’s video manager would at least let me, the content provider, see my 13,000 videos & metadata. On feb 14, 2014 I discovered the youtube video manager also hides & blocks access to 10,000+ metadated videos since it stops after 100 pages at 30 videos a page = 3,000 videos. So no one, including me, the content provider, can see 10,000 uploaded metadated videos (a year’s painstaking unrewarded work). Isn’t that deceit, fraud, theft? Sure feels like it, with the usual Fullscreen fail, sending you to a useless forum & bug report menu. That was the last straw; 3 strikes & youtube’s out: 1. years of unrewarded work; 2. wrongful breach, termination & theft of youtube/geogodley Fullscreen contract account; 3. theft? of 10,000 youtube/georgegodley Fullscreen contract account metadated videos. Next: bare minimum 2 vids a month per youtube/georgegodley Fullscreen contract & spread the word in movie/ series/ books & everyone you meet: conversation opener: “youtube stole my account & 10,000 videos, what would you do”..

YOUTUBE THEFT? 10,000 VIDEO UPLOADS & METADATA gone from video manager & load more George Godley 585 14 feb 2014


F.A.Q frequently asked questions: because hater trolls libel, defame & manipulate comments, ratings & search results.



-why do you upload such garbage?
youtube/geogodley episodes
were too much unrewarded hard work since they take 2 weeks to edit & don’t get promoted like those lazy top youtubers who do a fraction of that & get overpromoted to hundreds of millions of views for nothing, so

youtube/georgegodley multi daily vlog is part of an unedited world record lifelog, with 13,000 videos uploaded in 1 year 2012-13 till recent reasons mentioned above. One’s trash another’s treasure; every clip is a unique life bit of artistic, historic, informative, intrinsic, personal, sentimental value.

As of June 2013, since youtube isn’t paying off the way it is for others who are overpromoted & do far less work, I’m working on VIDEOBLOGGER.COM book, movie, soundtrack, series/ website, & other projects.

Inheritance isn’t financing these projects, according to the wikipedia definition. Every penny was earned through forced hard manual child labor dad’s farm age 9 – 21. The abuse overwork lasted over a decade, 5 months a year, most vacations (3 months summer, 1 month christmas/ new year/ thanksgiving, 1 month easter/ spring ‘break’), including weekends. Almost every day, all day, excruciating, tedious, time wasting, useless, minimum wage work: chainsaw tree cutting (deforestation), heavy wood axing, splitting & stacking, garden weeding, maple sap collecting, moo manure mountain manipulating etc..

dad plow machine Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 18.06 sharper cropped

Jekyll & Hyde dad: a gentleman in coat & tie, a dreaded nightmare in work clothes in Gargantuan garden w/ every imaginable vegetable, endless weeding, plowing, stone picking.. don’t be fooled, when the camera’s gone, so’s the smile..  

Even guests were given gloves, knee pads & put to work lol. Ten years later my european friends told me, “malakas eisai? min pas!” [r u a jerkoff/ wanker? don’t go!] I sent a detailed account in a book to publishers & a hollywood studio long ago, who ripped off the title into a corny fake horror t.v drama catchphrase: “Adopted! Abused!”. A well known publisher whose name starts with the letter “L” said “it would sell if you have sex with her” but my train wreck rain check lol according to mr. Antonopoulos in “Glyfada Greece travelogue 2010″ is why she disinherited me lol! I also worked several other jobs in my teens & twenties (shipping insurance office, steel manufacturing company, college campus maintenance, deejay, keyboardist musician programmer, audio engineer intern/ assistant etc.) before putting finances & talents to better or worse as eccentric artist.

-My mother(s) never hated me, she hated you, the audience & entertainment field people, out of snobbery. Recordings prove she called ya’ll the “scum of the earth” & warned me to avoid you & that profession because she considered it “low class, unacceptable & undignified no matter how rich they are”. Ironically, she cried with nostalgia to her old records sobbing “you need it” & was a T.V addict lol.. The main reason she cut me off was I followed my dream to prove her wrong but your hateful/ libelous/ defamatory comments etc. may prove her right.

-why do you have long hair & informal clothes?
=EQUAL RIGHTS, AH☀LE! Why subscribe to fascist, sexist human rights violation hair & dress codewhile emancipated women wear anything they want at formal functions, half nude cleavage & crotch to booty. Be fair! or.. oversized loose fitting light fabrics, silk, open buttons, loose tie, bright colors, short sleeves..


-”you make women uncomfortable” LOL DREAM ON LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
ΠΑΡΑΓΚΑ, ΜΥΚΟΝΟΣ NATURISM med med Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 21.42

MYKONOS 3SOME NUDE BEACH Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 21.36

VERY FEW compared to all those who don’t including these lovelies posing nude with me in Mykonos! You must be blind, deaf, dumb or jealous, failed math & can’t count lol.. The camera & you, the audience, cause the discomfort. Most of my flirts & interactions are smiling, laughing, pleasant enconunters despite a few defamatory libelous liar trolls wishing otherwise! They censor free speech by calling a hello ‘harassment’! WRONG, AHLES! Many overpromoted successful youtubers are well paid for their much worse “pick up”, “prank” & “social experiment” videos. Theamazingatheist’s “don’t take this the wrong way” video says, “so what, who gives a FCUK if you’re uncomfortable”. My approach & behavior is way more polite & if they don’t want i don’t insist. So go cyber bully & harass them, while they ignore you like you don’t exist.

turkey flirt turkish women tue 5 feb 2013 George Godley London U.K DSC_0543.mp4

Iranian flirt Bahar 1/2 sun 22 july 2012 George Godley London U.K DSC_5867.mp4

vlogue flirt italian tue 22 may 2012 George Godley London U.K DSC_9708.mp4

cafe flirt tue 24 july 2012 George Godley London U.K DSC_6085.mp4

Milanesa beauty flirt George Godley London U K MVI 0729

beauty flirt sun 24 mar 2013 George Godley London UK MVI_6217e

CNN: “Say hello: Talking to strangers can actually help you live longer.” take that, hater trolls!

-why don’t you upload 1080p?
I did, it takes too long if you’re uploading alot. Plus, why give all for nothing while others get all for nothing. The goal is to be the most prolific video blogger lifelogger, not the most cheated overworked fool.

-you must be lonely.
We wish! Better than you in my face & space. Living in a loud obnoxious overcrowded environment, & stressful relationship(s) with hardly a moment’s peace.. don’t flatter yourself that everyone needs you when they avoid you lol!

-what next?
Fullscreen network emailed me saying to continue uploading on youtube/georgegodley, but EVEN THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT COMMUNITY GUIDELINE ‘ahole smoker choking me with passive smoke’ & ‘flirt cockblock psycho bitch from hell’ violated to warrant youtube/geogodley termination. No one knows what the hell youtube’s talking about! Both those videos & anything youtube removes are hosted on dailymotion & vimeo, which proves how wrong & out of step with reality & society youtube’s extreme censorship is, probably to eliminate competition since they strike & terminatie sooo many accounts (see reports) while overpromoting others who violate those very same guidelines -& waay worse! hence.. i give you..

http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM coming po☺n ..
& so will y



[↑ dailymotion often won’t change thumbnails, has no custom thumbnail upload, fails to save tags or open new link windows; vimeo disables url name, embedded video resolution selection, HD & replay, limits uploads; youtube breaches & wrongly terminates fullscreen contract accounts, disables multi uploader metadata, load more button & pagination, hiding 12,000 videos; can anyone do anything right?! wake up & smell the I.T stone age poontang lol..]