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Youtube porn, oligarchy hypocrisy failed alexa ranks vs. boring censored failed vloggers: the end of an era: party's over assh☀le (party's just begun) thu 26- sun 29 june 2014

writing in progress- undiplomatic version

-Youtuber pioneers quit in 
oblivion as youtube overpromotes soft porn & lazy oligarchs to billions of (automated bot?) views with failed alexa rankings exposing the fraud: the figures don’t add up.
-Vid‘conned’: youtube theft of youtube/geogodley account & 11,000 youtube/georgegodley videos subject of cybersecurity data theft documentaries & reports. Please tweet/ facebook wsj tech section, nyt, wired, tmz, huffingtonpost, bbc, dailymail, tech blogs etc.
-Next: websites, tv, music, film, book festivals.. after getting screwed by youtube, who’s next..

youtube falsely struck & threatened my 13,000 stolen videos account with termination Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 02.31.03

↑ youtube false struck, wrongly terminated & stole my Fullscreen contract account(s) for fully clothed, blurred, covered women & NON community NON guideline violations while overpromoting these nude, pornographic asshles! it took years of unrewarded work & investment to get (& lose) what these rigged pornographer oligarchs get overnight! (probably automated bots like most top youtubers lol –pewdiepie profanity #FAIL alexa rank last week june 2014: almost 3 millionth, 100% bounce rate lol) fails to report the fraud while bragging about his alledged annu(s)al $4 million adsense salary scam..

con definition arrow up topScreen shot 2014-06-26 at 14.17.02
So i missed this year’s vidCON (“CON” = swindle, french definition: “cunt” lol  (see below lol) assuming it would be in july again not wishing to lose another summer dealing with phony, f(l)ake, counterproductive, negative aholes for nothing. Since last year’s vidCON amounted to nothing but a CON, the destruction & theft of years of unrewarded work & investment with the wrongful termination of youtube/geogodley fullscereen network contract & theft of 11,000 youtube/georgegodley videos, what’s the point? Vidcon youtube staff do nothing to help: when asked about false strikes & pagination failure “load more” button hiding/ theft of 11,000 videos, they destroy you while overpromoting soft porn & minors using sexually explicit profanity & violating ©opyrighted music & community guidelines?! (see below) It’s so sickening, you literally feel like puking on them.

thumbs_picdump-171-31con = cunt french translation Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 16.47.38







As ever, the usual schizo contradiction– the real insanity is outside the asylum: the few positive exceptions, nice people, helpful info & ideas exchanged, historic video footage.. but it’s too late, they sold out months ago. The usual gamble, who knows what might (or might not) have happened.. either way groundhog day/month/year history repeats itself unless you break the cycle. So it’s adieu youtube, not another penny or minute lost over this tragic waste of time & money. No point working & eyestraining e-marketing & promotion for dummies books when 11,000 videos are missing. Time to move on & take business elsewhere. In his video “Becoming a truck driver”, at 1min55, happycabbie says”the moment we stop trying to accomplish a goal is the moment we stop living”.. again ironically, the reverse is also true: we start living lol.. change goal, ahole! how bout the billions whose goal is to have no goal.. while we get screwed losing our lives trying to “make something of ourselves”..



rather than give them more undeserved unreciprocal publicity, just go to “most viewed” to see the sad face of youtube & to see their even sadder alexa rank #FAIL compared to playboy, hustler, youporn & the blandest blogs. Youtube’s #3 alexa rank is from using other’s content, but on their own these non cuntent providers fail miserably despite unfair advantage, nothing to aspire to or be impressed by. They dominate the “popular” (=”unfairly overpromoted” ) channels link box in everyone’s homepage margin, exposing a multimillion dud subscriber count who click “subscribe” & ignore just like facebook non”friends” & twitter non”followers”. A tiny fraction like 1% is it #getreal #internet:thebiglie lol.

Lazy effeminate loud obnoxious underage minors using inappropriate, non family unfriendly, adult sexually explicit profanity, ©opyright music infringement, community guideline violations with impunity, overpromoted & rigged to get 50 million views & a million subs while the rest of us get nothing but false strikes, threats of termination, unfair censorship, wrongly stolen accounts & content.. 

2min.20, etc; the more profane & less work, the greater the reward, but in our case, the opposite. youtube endorses, glorifies & overpromotes uderage lackeys’ profanity so join the club, ahole..

Staged fake? gross out toilet humor shit pranks = a million views a month ↓ probably fake coz unlikely someone with white shoes is inches away when taking a dump with nutella & camera

gravestonethe QUIT LIST: R.I.P in memoriam: forgotten, failed, quitters (quitting gambling = curing disease) who just can’t compete against rigged youtuber oligarchs living off google’s $200 million dollar promo package purse handouts. included are non quitters with the same fail result whether they quit ot not

WhyAreYouSavingThis_400x400bumbling nitweet Tony Thewinekone Huynh 27,790,452 views, 127,385 subs, 500 daily views. it can’t be his sexually explicit humor youtube dropped him like a hot dumpling for since they let makemebad be even more inappropriate lol.
Paul renetto Robinett on & off like a french robinet tap, tripple digits, when the house is in foreclosure youtube’s the last concern.. update fri 27 jun 2014: back w/ another long winded 40 minute ramble w/ 4 minutes of info blablabla lol
xGobohasbeen who? lol
nalts – youtube shitcanned his fail farts & hair transplants over shayturd’s age difference & injury risk throwing kids like rag doll muppets
pipistrello– shoulda known he’d quit a 200 daily view score despite nalts’ help & his “viewcount numbers don’t drive me” & “complaining about low viewcounts is dipped in loser sauce”.. guess the t-shirts didnt sell.. after eating tripe & gross grub, a health binge off to puerto rico w/ chica never to be seen again adios.
supered86– proof 35 million views, a quarter million subs & being in sexually explicit makemebad’s other channels link box for years gives only a few thousand daily views. Assinine content doesnt help either lol
thehappyhooker83: afro “sex worker” for lack of a less politically correct noun had better things to do than hassle cops & entertain for nothing after cuntstant multiple account theft & reappearances
Gary inmendham kosher- decent into sinking incoherent madness; the more shit he spews the lower the viewcount despite theamazingatheist sticking him in tjdoeslife other channels box
bespectacled fedora’d “the ugly one in the bak””but anyway” tommyfromthebronx went nowhere at forty f-cking f-bombs a minute
zipster08– once youtube’s overpromoted gayzer, mentioned on tv as “how the hell did that guy make it”, dropped like a hot turd after mamalocobooboo elder drag corpse makeup horror show
itschriscrocker- lost it all after britney hissy fit & gay pornos..  why beat around the bush when you can just fill it..
Thetemplemans  daily became weeakly; didn’t answer most comments, didn’t show work, interactions, drama etc, disabled recent ratings, didnt read e-marketting for dummies
what’s his face billy ray yamsen’s gay ex roomate who did the pretentious lame ass bogus viewcount & nonsubscriber scores.. willofdc.. history
the list is endless.. most everyone you know / met dumb enough to think something positive would happen.. including us lol..
“remember the quitter? neither does anyone else” but bet s/he had a better time.. 

conclusion: youtube lies, cheats & steals content (youtube/geogodley & 11,000 georgegodley videos) while promoting soft pornography & lazy oligarchs swearing profanity violating ©opyrights & community guidelines with failed alexa ranks compared to the blandest blogs, seen in previous blogposts. TIme to move on, this was a final record of youtube 2014.

Monuments Men: like the nazis, youtube steals art, accounts, content; in another teaser trailer Kate Blanchett calls stolen art “people’s lives”.. ergo, youtube steals & ruins lives & we need Kate to “steal stolen art” lol. All you complicit, silent, doing nothing to help right the wrong, expect the same when it happens yo you. When the nazis came after the jews you were silent, came after the gypsies you were silent, came after the gays you were silent, came after you, there was no one left to to be silent.

disclaimer: sincere fact based thoughts n’ feelings, subject to change without notice though that’s logically highly unlikely. Apologies for errors & omisions but how the hell would we know since Google/ youtube has no customer service/ public relations for contracted content conned.. Nothing against google, youtube, oligarchy, pornography, just fraud, anticompetition & theft. All this & more in VIDEOBLOGGER.COM documentary feature film..

don’t bite the hand that feeds you, blog the ahole dick that screws & starves you..


update fri 27 jun 2014: possible change of tone & attitude: from now on a more diplomatic version will be more tolarant, contsructive, productive, optimistic, positive, enjoyable, entertaining, informative, with possible ideas & solutions like waiting before sending angry emails..

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