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Porn 'star' Rocco Siffredi herpes world cup sex 'abstinence' glorified by "news" media ITN, Dailydot.. jun 2014

Slow news unworthiness week: ITN & Dailydot “snews” glamorize Socko Riffraffedi’s youtube video saying he won’t have sex during the sucker world cup. Check his cock, your twat & butt for sores & warts when he pays to bang you on video; in this old lukeisback interview he says he has herpes so it’s not the world cup he waits to clear up, heads up for the flare-up!

rocco siffredi herpes lukesisback interview bit Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 03.16.37

“Let me tell you a secret: in this business everybody has herpes, myself included. Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female. It’s the smallest thing you can get, it’s really nothing serious. Now and then it shows up on your body, then you get small blisters or ulcers on your mouth or genitals. Sometimes it returns once in two years, sometimes two times a month. It’s called Herpes Simplex. “My doctor said every fourth person on earth has some kind of herpes, a quarter of the total world-population.” –Rocco Siffredi herpes interview: (middle of page):

disclaimer: once again top overpromoted youtubers like amazingatheist publish videos with explicit sexual language with no age restriction to get their addsense pennies, so why should we suffer unfair censorship. we can be just as disgusting as y’all & moreso if need be..

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