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L♀NDN S♥MMER 2010 3/3 personal social flirt vlog LONDON SUMMER bulgarian lady 0:07 hare krishnas chant 0:09 what style is that fringed? let’s see 0:12 annoying gypsy accordion players give gay guy a hangover: “if i did’nt have a hangover i fucking do now” 0:18 aren’t you scared you might catch something i heard they have diseases soho square tramp 0:25 cheers, hello girls 0:28 wacked out girl with excessive facial piercing in underwear & lacy suspenders 0:36 J Roldan colombian artist athlete ‪ 0:40 phoenix gardens anything below weist height has been urinated pissed on 1:08 garbage can rubish bin eater 1:14 birthday calls west end boys dissonant laugh 2:22 google adsense account 2:32 tiger club picadilly 2:53 brad bj visits messy apartment in trainers 3:25 fancy a shag & george michael lookalike 3:42 homeless guy never changes pants bacteria protection 3:55 old ass smoker pushing her luck 4:00 deep breath 4:03 aw flowers for me thanks 4:07 dont put this on any dodgy sites cause this is my daughter 4:20 black bodybuilder bonded by blood premiere, oasis gym pool, cleaners, 4:22 peeping tom 4:30 invertebrate razor calm exoskeleton 4:35 aussie cuties, rikshaw 4:44 proof of date september 2010 herald tribune newspaper, wholofoods garbage eater 4:45 lookin sharp gay guy pink dsquared dean & dan shirt 4:48 sick pigeon dirty contaminated water bad hair day ecolab spirigel hand sanitizer
covent garden say hi to london crowd east european balkan bulgarian lady woman 4:52 final cut pro my ass 
not responding quitting crashing disorganizing avchd clip import in browser 5:15 when you finish talking 5:22 rowse acacia honey random girls pizza women 5:30 how can you breathe that garbage smoker inhales exhales cancer caricnogen risk puff 5:36 “fcuk that black ass i love big booty” 4:22 katiesopinion lookalike 5:45 nam restaurant dean street 5:45 seven dials hottie, food for thought eater 5:45 frindly italian girl 5:50 Antony Costa blue music group all rise flyby boy band ‪… 6:06 snacking walking east euros 6:08 russian supermarket gal tourist 6:10 hare krishna govinda tali vegetarian meal shot with ladies in background 6:12 old vynil record store doesn’t let you listen to the records 6:15 unfriendly women covent garden neil street 6:19 photography harasser bully won’t let you video yourself with friend 6:20 on of london’s many legal brothels whore house with “model” advertisements all over entrance wall & doors, greek street 6:24 thierry henry professional footballer soccer player lookalike 6:25 golden square camera photophobe 6:28 chipotle burrito camera prohibited by some staff while other pose happily- they make up & enforce their own laws & rules as the mood strikes them as everywhere, customer harassment & intimidation 6:30 persian pussy iranian hottie charing cross road, random ladies 6:57 we got models over here 7:10 romantic rainy umbrella couple public street hug snuggle cuddle 7:10 look at this dust in here dusty duvet bedding and you wonder why everybody’s sick with asthma, where’s this dust coming from, i just washed it 7:15 italia? 7:19 king of fruits durian exotic tropical fruit, neils yard covent garden 7:23 wipe the sink 7:29 fishnet stocking to turn us on 7:33 typical leafy green plant english pub dean street soho 7:34 russian mother & daughter 7:38 stop smoking its killing you! coughing smoker looks worse for wear falling apart 7:44 loud cellphone mobile phone talker in bookstore excuse me i’m trying to read 7:50 scandinavian conversation opener skol to me fan fi fan la flikka 7:54 creepy ice cream man… tottenham court road 7:55 escort prostitute phone booth cards & man apparently reading or calling them 7:58 geogodley worm’s eyeview walk tottenham court road 7:58 i washed mine too hot hairy pretty persian puss iranian girl 8:05 russian friendly brunette late for work life is dangerous so its okay to smoke & risk getting cancer 8:44 forgot my credit card in the pin verification machine, hard drives hi 8:47 unfriendly smoker hot brunette walks by, charing cross road 8:49 scruffy disheveled unkempt tramp mumbling 8:51 goin emo bitch 8:53 cockblocked by crowded table in basaba thai restaurant wardour street, pretty persian puss hey you wanna go out some time? 9:15 what i really wanna do is like go around with my camera & like video people like this- beautiful syrian woman eating dinner with jordanian galpal
production notes: 
2.23 gb 470 minute ‘fast connection opal’ upload. LONDON SUMMER 2010 part 3 hdv 1080i50 quicktime straight conversion (not through menu conversion) from 7gb apple pro res 422 LT avchd export. 
-audio compression removed intro fade in- remember to re-fade 
-about 1% ratio stuff shot/ stuff used.. may be a waste of memory cards


0:00 terry templeman clone 0:02 silhouette sunglasses 0: 03 dubai airport united arab emirates terminal 3 0:05 tapas bar cutie 0:16 sexism sexist color dresscode flip flops 0:25 gate 206 0:30 unfriendly antisocial snob 0:35 emirates airbus a340 500 & flight attendant cabin crew 0:57 seychelles mahe airport 1:19 seychelles hilton 2:53 african fruitbat 2:55 disclaimer 3:05 hilton flower room décor 3:15 seychelles national flower 3:23 wash your ass 3:28 emma 3:29 hilton buffet 3:50 tmobile t-mobile fail 3:53 emma fail 4:24 I would like 2 make love with you 4:44 manager 100% cancellation penalty rip off scam corruption 8:25 terrible roads, blind corners, dangerous traffic non pedestrianised 8:27 rare bird 8:31 palm spiders 8:35 beau valon beach 8:42 serafina 3 legged dog (from car accident, saved by local hotel guy when vet wanted to kill “euthanise” her) 6:50 camera shy brits 7:06 nicoletta 7:28 english dentist guy (find name) 7:41 cutie 7:48 mut 8:14… 8:40 just when I was hoping there’s no pigeons.. 8:46 beyonce type 9:00 francaise 9:29 josephine baker coffee complexion type 9:50 african mega snail 10:15 pacific & co pocketless polyester 10:35 laundry overcharge solution 11:06 velbon ultra lux I f destroys sony cx550e. the end of sony cx550e camera: a lil water & it’s destroyed beyonf repair r.i.p ripoff 11:15 rough sea steals snorkel & goggles 11:24 roach motel 11:29 turtle doves hand feeding 11:30 sea removes beach 11:40 death injury discaimer: lose your rights while they keep theirs & forbid vlogging, photography & videography 11:53 buffet bash 11:56 blenny 12:00 the end of sony cx520 camera: one splash & it’s destroyed beyonf repair r.i.p ripoff. Not even water resistant. 12:03 2 ladies of the night.. comin p☺☺n

seychelles africa flirt social flirt show seychelles hilton cancellation fee cancellation penalty ripoff theft scam con conman fraud five star hotel hilton hotel geogodley george godley. geo godley travel adventure factory youtube culture widescreen dubai airport sexism sexist dresscode airbus a340 airbus a340-500 emirates dust fruitbat fruit bat african snail cockroach disclaimer

Documentary features: 3 x 80′, 1 x 80′
Series: 10 x [26 x 30′]

2 of 200 wrongful termination Fullscreen network contract youtube/geogodley account [2007-sept 2013] videos & metadata transcripts stolen & falsely accused of “community guideline violations” youtube hypocritically commits. In august 2017, #FRAUDSTER #youtube lied, cheated & stole 13,000 more Fullscreen network contract georgegodley account [2007- aug 2017] videos & metadata transcripts to censor criticism, competitton, & posthumously exploit stolen content.
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More bogus bullshit youtube & lady KaKa turdviews negate any credibility or integrity

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