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Hügh Hefner/ Nobüyoshi Araki style freedom of sexual expression, PG/R entertainment: Hollywood, Cable, HBO & Sarah Juststickher Porker’s sex in the city did it, so can we, in the name of entertainment, acting, comedy. My wild phase before calming down into a loving relationshit.

One of my all time classic birthday parties with Rüssel, BJ (his bro) & eastern european ladies on our way to Greece. Darn I forgot to blur the breast but comeon you dont cover a tasteful work of art. Dont be sexist: since mantits are ok to show, so should women’s-equal rights.

I developed a taste for tasteful artistic nüde photography. Even you hypocrites should know the difference between this sensual erotic shot & your filthy fantasies- which i also developed a taste for.

All time classic joyous moment blurred for PG-13 rating. Maybe photoshopped the clothes off to simulate nudity, how would you know. Gosh I was happy occasionally then..what a romantic vacation.. Stay pooned to see my throbbing lovepole since Sacha Baron Cohen set the precedent in feature film BRÜNO. Blame it all on him. Then again maybe this is as far as it goes. Will i regret posting this or not using a higher quality camera with bigger image sensors..

One of my all time favorite “dates” when we were “seeing each other” (great metaphors we all use) who went to Japan for bigger better deals. She blew my mind among other things..This hotty will raise your pulse in the PLAYERS GUIDE & beyond..

Boy is she pleased to see me.. or something else.. gosh east european ladies are so friendly compared to y’all! After much torment in my life I finally felt appreciated.. all i wanted was some nice people.. boy were they.. how can you turn down the boneus plan.. Blurred for PG-13 rating. You never know she may be fully clothed and its all photoshop trick photography..a figment of your twisted imaginati㋡n

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