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candid candle cutie from Geo Godley New York travelogue

candle cutie flirt Geo Godley World record vlog from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.


Welcome to chronological archives & memoirs gradually posted & updated supplementing,, VIDEOBLOGGER.COM world record lifelog series/ documentary feature/ photographic memoirs, Million Photo Memoir, etc. Disclaimer/ “terms & conditions”: All rights reserved. Drama, comedy, documentary/ reality entertainment not always to be taken too seriously. By entering, viewing or having anything to do with this site or Geo(rge) Godley in any way, you agree to hereby release, absolve, indemnify, hold harmless & never sue Geo(rge)Godley &/or assigns. Just like everyone else’s “terms & conditions”..
PARENTAL ADVISÖRY: Intended for broad minded mature audiences, not minors, bigots, or hypocrites. Thank you for supporting free speech & expression less explicit than PG/R hollywood movies & HBO/ Cable TV..
Libelous defamatory hater trolls manipulating comments, ratings & google search results & any conflict or discrimination against this historic, loing, pe☮ceful world record blog & vlog is part of the story as fair use for the greater good.

Ambassador & Mrs Godley, Geo & bro at the Embassy residence in the Far East. A dedication to my parents, for everything.. positive and negative.. Dad said we were on different wavelengths but always wished me well to “get the show on the road”..the info superhighway.. I was brought up under a strict tyranny of fear, terror & everything forbidden; one moment they were nice, next short tempered, violent & abusive over the slightest nonsense with cruel unusual punishments, especially for ‘talking back’ communication. Retirement & a heavy smoking & alcohol related throat cancer laryngectomy made him a nonstop obsessive-compulsive, tree cutting, weeding ‘work’aholic taking it out on me through forced hard manual child lab☹r on the farm all day, most days including weekends, most vacations, 5 months a year, age 10 to 20.

dad geo wood stack vidcap Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 02.19

↑ Infinite chainsawed, axe split, stacked heavy wood in freezing snow, me, right, age 15, 6′, 155 lbs.; dad, wrong, left, 60+, 6’2″, 245 lbs. menacing frame & volatile temper masked by posed, staged smiles. If i didn’t, or complained, he’d get angry & might throw one, beat, belt, kick, cut off my allowance or disinherit me.. silence is golden.. Moron ‘about’ page F.A.Q.
A decade later, the result: before & after L㋡L

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version euro trip from geo godley on Vimeo.

After several jobs (see ‘about’ F.A.Q), found solace in art, music, & video, recording mom’s verbal abuse in original song “up the creek without a paddle” she unwittingly co-wrote & performed lead vocals on lol:  

Up the creek, Bahamas spring break, Summer love © geo godley million photo memoir timelapse from geo godley on Vimeo.

A career in audio engineering, arts & entertainment was the last straw for 2nd mom.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1-2 Neptun Romania Mykonos Greece Geo Godley Euro trip from geo godley on Vimeo.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1-2 Neptun Romania Mykonos… by georgegodley

I was supposed to be a square conservative businessman.. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. This was the overpriced, mouse infested St. Martin’s Lane London 2 bedroom ‘luxury’ apartment next to the 5 star Ian Schrager (Mondrian/ Sky Bar/ Delano) St. Martins Lane hotel, chronically ill from season affective disorder lack of natural light, carbon monoxide boiler flue & electric substation while recording & editing my channel 4 U.K t.v documentary series & soundtrack.

Youtube breach, wrongful termination & THEFT of 10,000 subscriber  & THEFT of 10,000 of 13,000 videos & metadata Fullscreen contract accounts was the last straw of years of unrewarded work, financial investment & trust. Moron ‘about’ page..

Ambassador & Mrs. Godley career diplomats

tribute to my folks for making it all possible- even if they wish they hadn’t! Dad’s diplomatic foreign service career slideshows coming soon.

Mom, Dad & Bob Hope in Laos. Dad spoke very highly of him; mom was less impressed, disparaging him for being an entertainer, which she considered low class and unacceptable, masked by her phony smile is in this picture. In my case there were no such theatrics; it was the chorus I would hear till she cut me off & disinherited me. Reasons: her mother didn’t allow her to be an artist/ entertainer either & her father disinherited her. (indirectly: left it all to granyaya who gambled it away). Note the SEXIST DRESSCODE: men wear coats, ties, trousers, women wear sleeveless half nude tops & panties (sometimes lol).

Dad getting sworn in as American Ambassador to Laos by Savang Vatthana, last King of Laos who was deposed by the Pathet(ic) Lao communists.

Dad in the Congo with Moise Tshombe (2nd left), president Joseph Kasavubu (center), & prime minister Patrice Lumumba (2nd right) before Tshombe & U.S/ Belgian authorities killed him, misinterpreting his anti-colonialism & neutrality as communism.

Dad with totalitarian dictator, ‘alleged’ mass murderer, $5 billion USD embezzler, “president” Mobutu Sésé Seko Nkuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga. (Self appointed title meaning “the fearless warrior who goes from quest to conquest spreading fire in his wake”). And I’m worried about picking the right friends or career. Source: wikipedia

Mom looking better than ever except for the fur coat with her first husband CARE humanitarian organisation official Melvin Johnson (far right) who she married age 17 to escape her mother who “never cared about her [till it was too late] and lost her fortune gambling [with Frangistas]” (mrs Venizelos quote). Mom told me they divorced because she “got bored with him”.

Left to right: Chainsmokers ‘Uncle’ George Deas, who laughed like this: “kihkihkih!”, Mrs. Lefki, dad, granny ‘Yaya’, Mr. Lyberopoulos, anesthesiologist ‘Aunt’ Sonia Dea -emotional tampon & paid confidante mom (far right) telephoned & dumped on in any ‘crisis’ instead of a psychotherapist. A couple decades later she was still invovling her in unecessary self induced problems, phonetapped for evidence of dad’s extramarital aspirations. Tape recorded transcripts:

-This little bum [Geo] runs after every skirt  & is lying to us. He says he’s getting £10,000 but they’d never pay him for anything, he has no talent & doesn’t know music! All my life i supported my husband & this little bum having a good time with his money,it’s eating me up alive!
‘Aunt’ Sonia’s reply: “tell [Geo] he doesn’t step foot in the apartment again”. (Sonia & her son later inherited it).

Dad on mom’s money ocd: money’s everything to her because she never had it. [People] aren’t about money, but upbringing.

Mom telling the estate agent to lie & tell dad she can’t sell the other apartment:
-The Ambassador is selling our other apartment [because "the american embassy associated agency renting it are crooks"]. He knows that bothers me & does it on purpose like we’re starving or something. I won’t sell it no matter what, he can’t sell it without my signature. Half of whatever’s his is mine. [no prenup]. At some point i’ll all but hit him on the head for this. Tell him you can’t sell it becasue it’s the worst time to sell anything now.”

GET A JOB! phone conversation Ambassador Mrs. George Godley 1/3

GET A JOB! phone conversation Ambassador Mrs. George Godley 1/3 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

After forcing me to work 10 years hard manual child labor cutting trees, stacking wood, weeding gardens etc. 5 months a year most vacations on a 250 acre farm, my ‘folks’ tell me to get a job scrubbing floors at McDonalds, horrified i may never work again to even the score &/or blow fortune & future on a lil’ showjiz monkey biz like VIDEOBLOGGER.COM world record LIFELOGGER documentary feature film & series comin poon!
Dad’s hoarse voice is from alcohol & smoking related throat cancer laryngectomy. Their cold blooded sadistic tone fails to credit my several summer jobs with letters of recommendation: Average Adjusting ship insurance company Pireaus Greece age 15 (!), Halivourgiki steel company Pireaus Greece age 16, Hartwick College maintenance age 17, Olan Mills photography telesales age 19, Keyboard player & programmer, D.J..

-0:30 “got my DUH-Diploma” lol

-3:35 the £300 ($500) contract was from wealthy alcoholic drunk transgender Hans Christa Mattern’s Blue Anger german music group lol.. Never told ‘em ’cause they’d bust my balls for that too! A convenient ‘job’ from the School of Audio Engineering bulletin board just playing keyboards twice a week! she was hilarious.. see photos at the bottom of “thurs April 29 2010″ blog post

-8:25 “they’re courses that don’t lead anywhere”. That’s why i took ‘em lol just jokin’.. Buying time to get foot in the door.. to nowhere..

-11:10 Never promised anyone anything. They often put words in my mouth but arguing makes it worse.

-11:25 “in 3 months if you don’t have a job you can go to HELL-Ambassador Godley to 26 year old Geo Godley. What next? find out in book/ movie/ series lol

This is one of 200+ videos youtube stole by breach & wrongful termination of Fullscreen contract partnership . Other videos included Ambassador Godley’s last recorded diplomatic foreign service historic Vietnam war briefing speech before his laryngectomy, meticulously edited episodes, travelogues, timelapses, music videos etc. Youtube then stole another 10,000+ George Godley videos from 13,000 video

Geo Godley Hawaii travelogue flirt teaser trailer

Hawaii flirt from Geo Godley Hawaii travelogue from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

Tie dye flirt

tie dye flirt from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

Saturday night beaver fever beauty flirt Geo Godley oct 2014


Saturday night pizza beauty flirt Geo Godley from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

“NO VIDEO!” unfair selective discriminatory censorship while y’all record on cellphones

-”Yo bro, i ass-ume yer outa town, “this town ain’t big enough 4 the both of us” lol..stuck around for the funeral & will go next week because haven’t seen the goodleigh clan in “yonks”.. later bray -Geo

-”Wassup ma brotha from anotha motha?? Lol can’t believe you’re still around…good for you!! Yes, no longer in town. I am in xxxxxx next few weeks so sadly will miss the festivities/funeral/burial. And the meet up with the various xxxxxxxx. But.. you and xxxxxxx can represent me. Hope you film all of it and post it online. Send me the links when you do. xxxxxx is still around, you should give her a shout and pop over and say hi if you like. She’s a cool chick… Good luck in xxxxxxx, let me know how it goes!! –bro



 2 most dreaded fascist words barked at me at the family pre-funeral dinner by a cousin presumptuously speaking for, instead of to, everyone else recording on their cellphones to share on social media (twatter, facebush, instascam, youlube..).
I asked him later: “is everything okay? was there a misunderstanding? something on my blog?”
He said: “no, i don’t follow your blog, maybe i should/n’t.. it’s not appropriate”.
me: “I wasn’t gonna record [the funeral] tomorrow”.
him: “not tomorrow or ever! if i see anything online, that’s it

Why only me, perpetually persecuted & not y’all? Always a bully throwing his/her weight around, threatening me to not record others who DO record & want to be recorded. Civil human rights free speech/ expression violation & discrimination.

aunt nan funeral blurred faces medium

meet la famiglia..’s new facial makeover offer you can’t refuse lol..

vlogger shitturdlist no phone zone inductee (but everyone else does whatever they want) lol

disclaimer: thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Not to be taken tooo seriously depending on my mood. Just like everyone else’s terms & conditions, like youtube who stole 10,000 georgegodley videos, we do whatever we want on our site. Except we [puck-puck-puckaaaa!] chickened out & didn’t video.. right? Stay puned lol. 

-”Yo shmo, I saw xxxxxxxx who’s banned from the premises.. for saying he “xxxxxxx”. Are we next? lol Aunt xxxxxx said “your’e welcome any time by invitation only”. Hangin out w Bob b4 goin back. xxxxxxx said Aunt Nan was banned too?! S[a]tan “first thing tomorrow morning”  Lxxxxxxx wasn’t there. Later a-lol! -Geo”


Geo Godley after hours night flirt social networking 'love you camera & clothes' Ella lol 8195

Geo Godley after hours social ‘love you camera & clothes’ Ella lol 8195 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.

Ben Stiller Focker & Geo Godley new weekly blog n' vlog format wh☺㋡p pewdiepie alexa ass, mon 28 sept- fri 3 oct 2014

Ben Stiller Focker George Godley 5671 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG on Vimeo.


-GALS: update, thoughts, feelings, hits & misses
-☎ CALLS, Email, Facebush, Twatter, etc: business, promo/ marketing, NBC/ media 10,000 youtube video theft report, comic book stores, friends, family etc.
-EVENTS: highs & lows, mis/adventures, social commentary, walk n talk, etc.
-MEALS: fine whine, dine, 69 lol
-EXCERCISE: gym, outdoors, stretch
conversation openers (or closers lol)
-SQUIRTS: optional rain check but it rhymes lol
-CART☺㋡NS: comedy sketches & doodles outdoing Seth McFarlaine family guy & Bobby Crumb
-♪ TUNES ♫: acapella, melody, harmony, studio recordings, productions
-PO♀NS: rhymes lol
eat yer heart out Hugh Hefner, Nobu Araki etc.

whoopin youtube/pewdiepie’s 6 billion alleged alexa ass.. ↓ vs youtube:pewdiepie Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 11.40.11 alexa outranks #2 top youtuber 6 billion view pewdiepie 3 days after happierabroad blog post update; NEW weekly blog n' vlog format mon 22 sept 2014 outranks #2 top youtuber pewdiepie Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 20.57.33

Finally some positive hope! After the fri 19 sep 2014 Winston Wu blog post update & youtube/happierabroad comment, goes from 10 to 5 millionth in 3 days, outranking 7 millionth 6 billion view youtube/pewdiepie! Thank you Winston, if it’s you..


cmin p㋡n

DCIM152GOPRO Nepalese flirt


FAST2HOST SUX SHIT I.P BLOCK Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 04.40Fastst2host was supposed to be an alternative to youtube’s unfair selective censorship & content theft. They charge way more than the competition & godaddy yet keep blocking your i.p address, falsely stating that you hit your website 21 times in 200 seconds when you did NOT. When you ask for support, they blame viruses or ftp which your apple mac computer doesn’t have. They email “We have to protect our servers, it’s a common misconception apple macs don’t have malware”. Just a record of the HELL you go through and where your life went. 

YOUTUBE GRAND THEFT LARCENY of 80,000 Anna "Refbatch" Matskevich videos; discrimination vs. mental disability thu 21 aug 2014

↑ Youtube stole another 6,000+ Anna “Refbatch” Matskevich videos she painstakingly uploaded all summer 2014, bringing the total to about 80,000 stolen videos; one of, if not the, largest individual online video blog theft ever & just the tip of the iceberg of infinite youtube stolen content. First, as if it’s not anti-competitive enough, youtube replaces account u.r.l’s with indecipherable code: her last stolen account, “God Soldier”, was forcibly forgettable 

Anna refbatch theft 21 aug 2014 Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 19.45.28
“This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.” translation: “it’s our website, we do whatever we want & are accountable to no one.” dishonest, above the law, civil & human rights violation mumbo jumbo illegal precedent.

People don’t matter to youtube except for cutthroat elitist oligarchs given everything for nothing but a few selfies, pornstar interviews, pranks or unboxing ®™ trademark © infringement violations. Youtube’s legacy to everyone else is abuse & neglect.

More proof in previous blog posts: 10,000+ stolen youtube/georgegodley fullscreen contract youtube videos & stolen geogodley investment account.

the usual youtube disclaimer: It’s our website, we do whatever we want violating all rights with no accountability whatsoever. Sincere fact based thoughts & feelings. Apologies for errors &/or omissions. (unlike youtube who never apologizes for anything especially the evil harm & damage they cause)

↑ you’ll be pissed too when they do it to you

update 27 aug 2014:
from her husband Maxim Belov’s account: 

“Russia erases by fabrications freedom of speech”

Published on Aug 22, 2014
“On 15-th of August 2014 at 2:30 P.M. Anna Matskevich was detained by local moscow police of Kuzminki district and forwarded to psychiatric clinic , because of slander against her by pro-islamists teenagers. Inspite she tried to apply for some witnesses , nobody interefered against islamist’s action in post office where Anna came for to ask help against the hooligans. It is understandable just because of US-Russia political confrontation , all people , using english langauge on russian territory , are considering as pro-west agents and the society together with state machine immediately start reprise with them. On Monday 18-th of August In moscow psychiatric clinic № 13 (address : Stavropolskaya 27 Moscow) they will decide what kind of fabrication they can construct against Anna. Of course it is all the same to both sides : as russian and west – nobody will interefere , because there are’nt any interests. One human means nothing. On Monday I will try to contact to staff of the psychatric clinic and will inform you about developing sircumstances. Your sincerely, Maxim Belov”

“Soviet restyled repressions as real face of Russia”

Published on Aug 24, 2014
“On 15-th August 2014 my wife Anna Matskevich was attacked in moscow district Kuzminky by hooligans , who blocked her in post office and called police , which also blowed Anna and forwarded her to the psychiatric clinic with lie accusations. On 19-th August she was brough to so called court hearing under strong psychotropic medicals. My opposing that the staff of the clinic used strong psychotropic medicals before the hearing and that Anna is in the clinic by fabrications by paid liers were ignored by the Judge from local moscow “Lyublinsky” court Mr. Matlachov A.S. , who made decision for forcible treatment of Anna Matskevich in the psychiatry clinic. I visited Anna next day after hearing : she informed me , that it is forbidden for her even to move inside the room ,were she is isolated. It is also vey limited for her just to wash her face , she does not get back her glases , inspite her dioptry is – 8 ! A contacted to her doctor to Mrs. Sevryukova T.A. and pointed on those things asked not to break Anna’s human rights on minimym civilization. On 21-st August I contacted to Deputy chief doctor Mr. Fedin E.Y. He did’nt advice me to make cassation appeal against Anna’s psychiatry imprisonment and allowed only she sign the cassation appeal.

The Moscow psychiatry clinic № 13 in soviet time was an instrument of KGB against dissidents. I hope Russia does not turn to that way.

P.S. 23-rd August 2014 (some addendum)
Anna before used to do video records in english language on moscow streets , what cased hate of crowd to her , because mostly people don’t understand english, especially west mentality. People in Russia , who use english mostly are lowers or representatives of some west business branches.

Anna Matskevich is still in the so called “watching room” , where the clinic staff continues to make psychotropic injection of her by “Haloperidol” inspite of my protests about that. When I pointed this again , the “nurce” answered ,that I should apply for her doctor in public hours only on wensday. Your sincerely, Maxim Belov

P.P.S. First detaining of Anna Matskevich by moscow police was on sport training in Kuzminky park without any reason with fabrication about inadiquate behaviour about two years ago. Second police detaining of her was at french embassy in Moscow, near of square Bolotnaya at time, where russian opposition was making demonstration against Putin’s dictatorship on 6-th may 2013. A lot of people were blowed by police and accused in actions against state. Some activists were sent to psychiatric clinics.”

another account: “”

update: thu 18 sep 2014 Published on Sep 13, 2014

“Russian Federation recoverd soviet fascistic style of reprisal with otherminded and dissidents. By injection of neuroleptics and tranquilizers during long time it is possible to undermine health and lead a sacrifice to distrophy and death. After this fascism by medical poisoning of Anna Matskevich , she can’t move as she did one month ago. Maybe modern jews have forgotten Hitler’s time ,when a lot of jewish people were put in concentrated camps , where nazis used them for different kind of experiments .
Anna Matskevich just wants to be released from these inhuman barbarian experimnets on the personality , dignity , health.
The application against lawlessness of police together with paid liers ,participated in the fabrications against Anna Matskevich was sent to the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and to the Office of Moscow city government. Ofcourse it all the same to them – they just forward all claims to responsible for legal bureaucratic failure structures of Ministry of internal Affairs or to police structures.Non-governmental Human rights organizations are afraid to interefere in the break of human rights on territory of Russian Federation , because only organization appointed by President of Russia for “control” of human rights can decide about existance of rough human right’s break…

At the moment the world is approaching to final maybe collapse between East and West. So nobody will be worried about the fate of the people repressed just for video records on moscow streets.”

“so sad to see “medications” ruin the patient, hope she recovers.. thank God she has you to care for her.. did youtube steal 50,000, or 80,000 of her videos? did she, or youtube close the 30,000 video refbatch account?”

Youtube porn, oligarchy hypocrisy failed alexa ranks vs. boring censored failed vloggers: the end of an era: party's over assh☀le (party's just begun) thu 26- sun 29 june 2014

writing in progress- undiplomatic version

-Youtuber pioneers quit in 
oblivion as youtube overpromotes soft porn & lazy oligarchs to billions of (automated bot?) views with failed alexa rankings exposing the fraud: the figures don’t add up.
-Vid‘conned’: youtube theft of youtube/geogodley account & 11,000 youtube/georgegodley videos subject of cybersecurity data theft documentaries & reports. Please tweet/ facebook wsj tech section, nyt, wired, tmz, huffingtonpost, bbc, dailymail, tech blogs etc.
-Next: websites, tv, music, film, book festivals.. after getting screwed by youtube, who’s next..

youtube falsely struck & threatened my 13,000 stolen videos account with termination Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 02.31.03

↑ youtube false struck, wrongly terminated & stole my Fullscreen contract account(s) for fully clothed, blurred, covered women & NON community NON guideline violations while overpromoting these nude, pornographic asshles! it took years of unrewarded work & investment to get (& lose) what these rigged pornographer oligarchs get overnight! (probably automated bots like most top youtubers lol -pewdiepie profanity #FAIL alexa rank last week june 2014: almost 3 millionth, 100% bounce rate lol) fails to report the fraud while bragging about his alledged annu(s)al $4 million adsense salary scam..

con definition arrow up topScreen shot 2014-06-26 at 14.17.02
So i missed this year’s vidCON (“CON” = swindle, french definition: “cunt” lol  (see below lol) assuming it would be in july again not wishing to lose another summer dealing with phony, f(l)ake, counterproductive, negative aholes for nothing. Since last year’s vidCON amounted to nothing but a CON, the destruction & theft of years of unrewarded work & investment with the wrongful termination of youtube/geogodley fullscereen network contract & theft of 11,000 youtube/georgegodley videos, what’s the point? Vidcon youtube staff do nothing to help: when asked about false strikes & pagination failure “load more” button hiding/ theft of 11,000 videos, they destroy you while overpromoting soft porn & minors using sexually explicit profanity & violating ©opyrighted music & community guidelines?! (see below) It’s so sickening, you literally feel like puking on them.

thumbs_picdump-171-31con = cunt french translation Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 16.47.38







As ever, the usual schizo contradiction- the real insanity is outside the asylum: the few positive exceptions, nice people, helpful info & ideas exchanged, historic video footage.. but it’s too late, they sold out months ago. The usual gamble, who knows what might (or might not) have happened.. either way groundhog day/month/year history repeats itself unless you break the cycle. So it’s adieu youtube, not another penny or minute lost over this tragic waste of time & money. No point working & eyestraining e-marketing & promotion for dummies books when 11,000 videos are missing. Time to move on & take business elsewhere. In his video “Becoming a truck driver”, at 1min55, happycabbie says”the moment we stop trying to accomplish a goal is the moment we stop living”.. again ironically, the reverse is also true: we start living lol.. change goal, ahole! how bout the billions whose goal is to have no goal.. while we get screwed losing our lives trying to “make something of ourselves”..



rather than give them more undeserved unreciprocal publicity, just go to “most viewed” to see the sad face of youtube & to see their even sadder alexa rank #FAIL compared to playboy, hustler, youporn & the blandest blogs. Youtube’s #3 alexa rank is from using other’s content, but on their own these non cuntent providers fail miserably despite unfair advantage, nothing to aspire to or be impressed by. They dominate the “popular” (=”unfairly overpromoted” ) channels link box in everyone’s homepage margin, exposing a multimillion dud subscriber count who click “subscribe” & ignore just like facebook non”friends” & twitter non”followers”. A tiny fraction like 1% is it #getreal #internet:thebiglie lol.

Lazy effeminate loud obnoxious underage minors using inappropriate, non family unfriendly, adult sexually explicit profanity, ©opyright music infringement, community guideline violations with impunity, overpromoted & rigged to get 50 million views & a million subs while the rest of us get nothing but false strikes, threats of termination, unfair censorship, wrongly stolen accounts & content.. 

2min.20, etc; the more profane & less work, the greater the reward, but in our case, the opposite. youtube endorses, glorifies & overpromotes uderage lackeys’ profanity so join the club, ahole..

Staged fake? gross out toilet humor shit pranks = a million views a month ↓ probably fake coz unlikely someone with white shoes is inches away when taking a dump with nutella & camera

gravestonethe QUIT LIST: R.I.P in memoriam: forgotten, failed, quitters (quitting gambling = curing disease) who just can’t compete against rigged youtuber oligarchs living off google’s $200 million dollar promo package purse handouts. included are non quitters with the same fail result whether they quit ot not

WhyAreYouSavingThis_400x400bumbling nitweet Tony Thewinekone Huynh 27,790,452 views, 127,385 subs, 500 daily views. it can’t be his sexually explicit humor youtube dropped him like a hot dumpling for since they let makemebad be even more inappropriate lol.
Paul renetto Robinett on & off like a french robinet tap, tripple digits, when the house is in foreclosure youtube’s the last concern.. update fri 27 jun 2014: back w/ another long winded 40 minute ramble w/ 4 minutes of info blablabla lol
xGobohasbeen who? lol
nalts – youtube shitcanned his fail farts & hair transplants over shayturd’s age difference & injury risk throwing kids like rag doll muppets
pipistrello- shoulda known he’d quit a 200 daily view score despite nalts’ help & his “viewcount numbers don’t drive me” & “complaining about low viewcounts is dipped in loser sauce”.. guess the t-shirts didnt sell.. after eating tripe & gross grub, a health binge off to puerto rico w/ chica never to be seen again adios.
supered86- proof 35 million views, a quarter million subs & being in sexually explicit makemebad’s other channels link box for years gives only a few thousand daily views. Assinine content doesnt help either lol
thehappyhooker83: afro “sex worker” for lack of a less politically correct noun had better things to do than hassle cops & entertain for nothing after cuntstant multiple account theft & reappearances
Gary inmendham kosher- decent into sinking incoherent madness; the more shit he spews the lower the viewcount despite theamazingatheist sticking him in tjdoeslife other channels box
bespectacled fedora’d “the ugly one in the bak”"but anyway” tommyfromthebronx went nowhere at forty f-cking f-bombs a minute
zipster08- once youtube’s overpromoted gayzer, mentioned on tv as “how the hell did that guy make it”, dropped like a hot turd after mamalocobooboo elder drag corpse makeup horror show
itschriscrocker- lost it all after britney hissy fit & gay pornos..  why beat around the bush when you can just fill it..
Thetemplemans  daily became weeakly; didn’t answer most comments, didn’t show work, interactions, drama etc, disabled recent ratings, didnt read e-marketting for dummies
what’s his face billy ray yamsen’s gay ex roomate who did the pretentious lame ass bogus viewcount & nonsubscriber scores.. willofdc.. history
the list is endless.. most everyone you know / met dumb enough to think something positive would happen.. including us lol..
“remember the quitter? neither does anyone else” but bet s/he had a better time.. 

conclusion: youtube lies, cheats & steals content (youtube/geogodley & 11,000 georgegodley videos) while promoting soft pornography & lazy oligarchs swearing profanity violating ©opyrights & community guidelines with failed alexa ranks compared to the blandest blogs, seen in previous blogposts. TIme to move on, this was a final record of youtube 2014.

Monuments Men: like the nazis, youtube steals art, accounts, content; in another teaser trailer Kate Blanchett calls stolen art “people’s lives”.. ergo, youtube steals & ruins lives & we need Kate to “steal stolen art” lol. All you complicit, silent, doing nothing to help right the wrong, expect the same when it happens yo you. When the nazis came after the jews you were silent, came after the gypsies you were silent, came after the gays you were silent, came after you, there was no one left to to be silent.

disclaimer: sincere fact based thoughts n’ feelings, subject to change without notice though that’s logically highly unlikely. Apologies for errors & omisions but how the hell would we know since Google/ youtube has no customer service/ public relations for contracted content conned.. Nothing against google, youtube, oligarchy, pornography, just fraud, anticompetition & theft. All this & more in VIDEOBLOGGER.COM documentary feature film..

don’t bite the hand that feeds you, blog the ahole dick that screws & starves you..


update fri 27 jun 2014: possible change of tone & attitude: from now on a more diplomatic version will be more tolarant, contsructive, productive, optimistic, positive, enjoyable, entertaining, informative, with possible ideas & solutions like waiting before sending angry emails..

Porn 'star' Rocco Siffredi herpes world cup sex 'abstinence' glorified by "news" media ITN, Dailydot.. jun 2014

Slow news unworthiness week: ITN & Dailydot “snews” glamorize Socko Riffraffedi’s youtube video saying he won’t have sex during the sucker world cup. Check his cock, your twat & butt for sores & warts when he pays to bang you on video; in this old lukeisback interview he says he has herpes so it’s not the world cup he waits to clear up, heads up for the flare-up!

rocco siffredi herpes lukesisback interview bit Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 03.16.37

“Let me tell you a secret: in this business everybody has herpes, myself included. Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female. It’s the smallest thing you can get, it’s really nothing serious. Now and then it shows up on your body, then you get small blisters or ulcers on your mouth or genitals. Sometimes it returns once in two years, sometimes two times a month. It’s called Herpes Simplex. “My doctor said every fourth person on earth has some kind of herpes, a quarter of the total world-population.” -Rocco Siffredi herpes interview: (middle of page):

disclaimer: once again top overpromoted youtubers like amazingatheist publish videos with explicit sexual language with no age restriction to get their addsense pennies, so why should we suffer unfair censorship. we can be just as disgusting as y’all & moreso if need be..

Youtube termination of 40,000 refbatch videos & coughlan firebomb threat; 25 million monthly view nigahiga & all top youtubers outranked by 150,000 monthly view adult blogs; dedicated server news update wed 11 jun 2014

refbatch terminations Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 03.43.07

-Youtube closes (steals?) all refbatch Anna Matskevich accounts with another 40,000 videos AGAIN- (+ 30,000 refbatch videos = 70,000+ total) due to ©opyright claims from.. herself?! or schizophrenic alter ego; “that was the other guy/ gal..“ They hide her new account u.r.l with the forgettable code number “” as she uploads another 1,000 vids in 5 days like nothing happened. “Refbatch Batchref“. There’s something comforting about her resilience & “4 hours ago” new denture shit eating grin lol 

↑ update fri 20 jun 2014: youtube closed that account too with the same suspicious false? dm©a notice.

mommy & gregger 2 037












P5110253refbatch P5150174 15 may 2013 wed










refbatch sgrgnrsrefbatch











All that’s left of Anna Refbatch Matskevich’s 70,000+ vanished videos, cryptic content, thumbnail theft & mad metadata is whatever ‘no-lifers’ saved lol..

↑ youtube content kleptomania side effects: dazed disorientation, ghastly gaze, messy mane, slobbish sloppiness, brain boggling baffled bumblings

-Youtube terminates unsavory iconoclastic conmeandian Rick the dick self proclaimed “walking ad for abortion” Cough loogie’s accounts AGAIN, for allegedly threatening to “firebomb your house & watch your family burn”. Terminated accounts coughlan666, 616 & 000 had millions of views & tens of thousands of subs thanks to larger channels he verbally attacked to solicit a mention. And the odd youtube overpromoted low res feature on homepages before he did that “jizz on google chairmen’s wives photos” video. He promptly opens yet another account like nothing happened with the usual satan incarnate user i.d DickDoNasty DickDynasty666 & begs us to spread the number of the beast ↓

-mean spirited spaz(zy) gimmeaflakeman says Shayturd Disney Maker network ain’t worth it, is a negative experience, take $300 a month while ignoring & doing nothing for him, so he won’t post until end of october contract. He fails to appreciate they gave him 30 million views for sloppy, mediocre content while others like yours truly working far harder barely got 3 (on each account). We used to communicate in comments & video responses but that changed when he said “i won’t mention you unless you get cancer or do an incredibly good or bad video” while he hogged the audience while mentioning other drab whack jobs like Gary inmendham. Since then, i get motion sickness nausea from his jerky hammy voice, hyper tension & toilet humor. His cancerous cantankerous comment comes back to haunt him as the Fuckushemale Daiichi nuclear disaster wreaks radioactive wrath on his thumbnails ↓

-150,000 monthly view adultfyi & mikesouth adult blogs consistently outrank 25 million monthly view Nigahiga & ALL top youtubers’ alexa rankings:adultfyi vs. nigahiga vidstats Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 13.59.19 mikesouth vs. nigahiga vidstats Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 14.00.1948k & 29k vs. 79k globally & 11k & 6k vs. 58k U.S thanks to bounce rate, daily page views & time on site (automated bots? lol). Text outranks video.

-r.i.p thewinekone Tony Huyn quits youtube for 6 months plunging to a few hundred daily views despite 27 million views & 128,000 subscribers. #fail lol

-Web designers & developers suggest an unlimited “youtube account style” dedicated server website for $/£/€20,000 in 5 months. Packages include:

OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 – 4 cores
Storage: 2 x 300 GB hard drives
Bandwidth: 10 TB per month
$1,700/ year

OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 – 4 cores
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 2 x 2 TB hard drives
Bandwidth: 20 TB per month
3,300/year, regular cost $4,000/year

Adult content is allowed just like cable tv, hollywood movies & top alexa ranked sites like Playboy & Hustler. Playboy allegedly pays $200,000 a year for:

Apache 2.2
DNS services provided by UltraDNS neustar
Reflected Networks provides managed hosting services
The Sender Policy Framework.
Jetpack digital
Open 247 RealMedia Open Adstream
CDS Glocbal
Gomez platform
Facebook, Quantcast , Analitics, ComScore, VoiceFive
jQuery UI
RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader
YUI3  JavaScript and CSS library.
JW Player etc……..

discliamer: this ain’t no two bit gossip site; just sharing personally significant info, entertainment, thoughts feelings & opinions based on facts. apologies for errors & omissions.

Should you sell video ©ontent to T.V for almost nothing for credit, notability. résumé/ cv, reputation, social status.. updated sun 8 june 2014

From: XXXXXX <>

To: “‘’” < >
Sent: Monday, June 2, 2014 12:55 PM
Subject: Mentorn Media
Hi there
I hope that you are well.
My name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and I work for a television production company called Mentorn Media
We are currently working on a new six part series for channel 5 which is called Angry Britain.
One of our episodes will contain a feature on bouncers.

I would really like to use this clip that you uploaded for the show.

Are you the original owner of this clip? Would you please allow us to use it?
If not do you know who is?
I am working on an extremely tight deadline so I would really appreciate it if you could please let me know your thoughts as soon as you have a moment.
My email address is and my number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Many Thanks


Many T.V production companies ask to use my ©opyrighted clips. (see previous blogposts like channel 4, adidas netherlands, spring break clip.. ) They always offer a pittance; a couple hundred bucks or quid (pounds). I occasionally bargained up to a few hundred or thousands (jamiroquai headbut german channel, greek boat clip..), but now refuse on principle; ripped off & cheated online and T.V? what’s left? movies.. & they f. you there too! Shouldn’t content providers get a piece of big budgets?

Yesterday Mentorn media emailed me about another clip & i thought, maybe a change in attitude would make content & résumé/ cv “notable” [not able lol]. Turning down so many offers makes a résumé look rather empty & unremarkable when it could be full & impressive! Then they offered a paltry £100.. Comeon chaps, you can do better than that! or not?

Youtube’s theft of geogodley account & T.V offer account emails were luckily videoed, photoed & copy pasta’d for the résumé/ c.v. lol


Hi Xxxxxx, yes that’s my clip, i usually ask to be well compensated since youtube stole one of my heavily invested accounts & 10,000 videos off the other by disabling pagination, “load more button” & “video manager”. What can you offer, what kind of license, non exclusive, & what about releases? Would i get credited on the program so it can go on my résumé / c.v? -Geo-rge Godley

Good Morning!
The type of licence that we require is non exclusive so you retain all rights.
I am sorry to hear you have had this trouble with youtube.
We can offer to pay you £100 if it is used in the final show and we can provide you with an end of the show credit.
Would that be ok?
Xxxxxxx————————————————————————————————————————————–Xxxxxxxx, i would need a few grand to make it worth my while, don’t other people get that? what about releases of the people in it? -George
update sun 8 june 2014
comment under video:
Angry Britain 3 hours ago

Hi there, very keen to speak with you about this clip for a new TV show I’m working on. Please email: Yyyyy (different from previous Xxxxxx) ASAP thanks
angry britain bouncer
To: ”” <>

Hello, i saw your comment under “★Bouncer pushes racist woman 1/2 Gay Pride sat 7 july 2012 George Godley London U.K 00331″ … I would like to contribute & have it licensed for your show but am wondering what i get in return besides an end credit for my c.v. Considering you’re a leading big budget tv production company. Isn’t it worth a few grand? i’ve been working & creating content for almost nothing long enough.. sincerely Geo Godley.————————————————————————————————————————————–

conclusion: yes, when it’s the highly regarded, larger audience (than a puny youtube account & website anyway) selective medium of television & reputable production companies, it’s more about wikipedia/ imdb / c.v/ résumé despite the meager pay.. Unless exclusive, ask for better compenstation & keep all rights, non exclusive license only. T.V credited content is more ‘notable’ than limited web & better than nothing.. During my channel 4 U.K documentary my dad said he was proud of me & despite limited payment.. “it will be good experience”.. sadly, a decade or so later, no change, nothing seems worthwhile, but apparently the ride/ journey is the destination.. so bend over.. pack your bag.. & get screwed when you could do the screwing..

rough draft- writing in progress (starts off undiplomatic Pg-13/R & ends up edited all polite except for the proverbial metaphor of what’s happening to us lol ↓ )

8inchblack-lg                                                                       ow! ouch! hey!

update wed 11 jun 2014: no reply after this blog post -lol- think it affected the outcome (pardon the pun).. oh well, one less negligible hundred dollar bill/ quid note & t.v. credit.. back to the ol’ drawing board.. or not.. then they replied that “it would be great to have your clip in the mix but we don’t have that kind of budget”.